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X-men Evolution stories

The X-men Family chapters 1 - 99 (zip-file)

The X-men Family chapters 100 - 200 finished (zip-file)

Other X-Men Evolution stories

]Download zip-file containing:

What SHOULD have happened in 'Badda Bing Badda Boom" 1
What SHOULD have happened in 'Badda Bing Badda Boom" 2
What SHOULD have happened in 'Joyride' 1
What SHOULD have happened in 'Joyride' 2
What SHOULD have happened in 'Joyride' 3
What SHOULD have happened in 'Joyride' 4
What SHOULD have happened in 'Rogue Recruit'
What SHOULD have happened in 'Walk on the Wild Side'
What SHOULD have happened in 'Fun and Games'
Dare to Blame
Mystique's Identity Crisis
Tricky Treaters

Mighty Duck fics

download zip-file containing:

Childhood Memories - Wildwing
Childhood Memories - Duke
Childhood Memories - Grin
Childhood Memories - Tanya
Nosedive's Punishment
What SHOULD have happened in 'Phil in the Blank'


Download zip-file containing:

(Impulse) Impulse's First Spanking
(The Lost Boys) Test
(LOTR Movieverse) A Play for Attention
(LOTR Movieverse) A Thousand Year-Old Grudge
(LOTR) To kiss an Elf
(X-Men Movieverse) Oh Boy
(X-Men 2 Movieverse) Enflamed
(X-Men 2 Movieverse) In His Place
Holy Spanking, Batman
(POTC) A Job Well Done

Miscellaneous anime

Download zip-file containing:

(Final Fantasy 8) Bedcheck
(Final Fantasy 8) Busted
(Chouja Reideen) Bedtime Story
(Fruits Basket) A Game of Cat and Mouse
(Rurouni Kenshin) F
(Fushigi Yuugi) Irresistible Force
(Sailormoon) King of Hearts
(Rurouni Kenshin) Sakura Maiden
(Sakura Taisen) Military Discipline
(Sakura Taisen) Kanna Claus
(Rurouni Kenshin) Surrender
(Sailormoon) Target
(Wish) A Secret Wish
(Yuu Yuu Hakushou) - Penalty
(Sailormoon) Road Kill

FIC - Final Fantasy 8 - Final Fantasy Fantasy (Prologue, chapters 1 -4 - unfinished)

FIC - Obedience School (Crossover - 20 chapters - unfinished)

FIC - 'Robin's Diary' 1- 99 (Batman)

FIC - 'Robin's Diary' 100 - 146 (Batman - complete)

FIC - Robin's 'Cat'astrophe - part 1-8 (unfinished)

FIC - 'The Spanking Law' parts 1-15 (unfinished)

FIC - Hero High parts 1 - 18 (more being added as completed)

FIC - Seigi (Crossover - 22 chapters - complete)

FIC - Trio Trials (Sailormoon - 34 chapters - unfinished)

FIC - From The Ground Up - (Crossover - 3 chapters - ungoing)


Katja's and Haruka's Bonevo series

A Bonanza/X-men Evolution crossover

Click here download the zip file containting parts 1 - 100

Click here to download the zip file containing part 1 - 176 finished


Haruka's and Jubes' X-men Movie perverse

Download zip-file containing:

FIC Movieperverse Parts 1 - 41 (this story is unfinished and will remain unfinished)


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