Vince Finally Snaps

Vince McMahon was absolutely livid with rage, as he stormed backstage at the conclusion of Smackdown. He had just been kayoed by "Mr. America", and he was FURIOUS, particularly at his daughter, Stephanie. "How could you have done such a thing, Steph? You know how I feel about Hogan! Bringing him back the first time was bad enough, but a SECOND time! What on earth has gotten into that brain of yours, young lady?" Vince was particularly upset, because Mr. America was, in fact, his hated rival, Hulk Hogan, whom he had unceremoniously "retired" from action the week after Hogan had defeated him at Wrestlemania.

"Dad, I.. I didn't know. Please believe me, dadddddddeeeeee," Steph implored in her high pitched, squealing voice. "I didn't realize who Mr. America was, really. I...I just had to get a big star out there to counteract Eric Bischoff and RAW. Honestly, Daddy, I wouldn't ever, EVER have hired him, if I had known he was really Hulk Hogan. I don't like him either!" Steph hoped her father would believe this, despite the fact she still had her Hulkster baseball cap, from the mid 80's.

"Stephanie, I don't... I just can't understand all of this. How could you possibly have signed someone, sight unseen, to a contract having a nontermination clause in it? I really thought I had taught you better business practices than that. I guess I haven't done such a wonderful job.
Hmmmmm, maybe Shawn would like to become a co general manager, or perhaps the ONE, for Smackdown. I just can't let this one pass, Stephanie. When you messed up your marriage to Hunter the first time around, I forgave you.
When you messed up the Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho storyline, I forgave you.
Why I even forgave you when you messed up MY storyline with Trish Stratus!
But this.... well, this has just gone too far, young lady. I'm going to have to take some action!"

"DAAAAAAAADDDDDEEEEE!!!!" Steph was choking back sobs, and big, crocidile tears were running down her cheeks. "Please don't fire me! And...and you know how Shane has always treated me. Why, if make him co GM, I'll...I'll just wither away to nothing; I know that! And you wouldn't want all my hard work, and improvements". looking down at her breasts, "to go to waste would you? I'll do anything for you, Daddy, if you'll just let me keep my position. After all, I am your 'billion dollar princess, aren't I?' "
Stephanie flung herself into her father's arms, sobbing, and batting her big puppydog eyes at him, knowing this tactic had always worked, at least on Vince, her entire life.

"Stephanie Marie McMahon!" Vince shouted at her, as he pushed her away.
"This is NOT going to work this time, little girl. I should have listened to your mother when she told me how I was spoiling you, by letting you run wild, and not disciplining you, when you were younger. Well, I intend to change that this evening. It's time you learned some respect for me, and for this business, my darling daughter." Vince slowly removed his belt from his pants.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO, Daaaaaaaaaaaddddddddeeee! NOT THAT, please!!" Steph genuinely began to cry, as she saw her father remove his belt. She had seen him use that on Shawn before, and knew it was not a pleasant experience.
And she had felt her mother's hairbrush, and paddle, on her bottom in the past, and did recall many times when Linda had urged Vince to whip her.
"I'm really, reeeeeeeeaaaallllllly soooorrreeeee, Daddy! And I'm... I'm too old to be spanked. Please, can't we discuss this later, Dad? After you've cool...errrr, collected yourself, and are thinking more clearly. And I need to get a cold pack and put on your face, where that mean Hulkster slugged you." Stephanie was desperately trying to get herself out of this predicament.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we will NOT talk about this later, young lady!" Vince, on hearing Hogan's name mentioned, rekindled his anger, particularly when it reminded him of his aching jaw. This had not been the best of weeks for Vince, as his wife, acting on behalf of the Board, had proclaimed Stone Cold Steve Austin, the co GM of RAW, the past Monday. "First your mother brings Austin back, and now you have brought Hogan back!! My family is turning on me, it seems. And, as I said, I must have failed in my teaching you earlier in your life. Well, I intend to make up for that NOW! You have a choice, Stephanie Marie; either I use this belt on your bare bottom, here and now, or you will be sitting in the office at Stamford from now on, and Shane will be the GM of Smackdown. Which is it to be, young lady?"

Steph, on hearing this ultimatum, sadly realized her fate, and acknowledged the fact that she had pushed her father too far this time. "Daddy, please, not on my bare bottom; it will HURT too badly!" But she knew she was doomed, as she said this, and began walking over to the desk. "I'll do better, Daddy, honestly. PLEASE?" Stephanie was beginning to cry in earnest now, because she knew what was about to happen to her gorgeous rear end.

Vince simply pointed towards the desk, with his doubled up belt. "Bend over the desk, missy. Stretch all the way across it. I am going to sit your butt on fire, little girl." As Steph resignedly leaned all the way across the desk, Vince walked over and lifted her skirt up onto her back. He stared, fascinated, at his daughter's panty clad bottom, and wondered when she had grown up. Then, he slowly pulled those panties down to around her knees. "All right, Stephanie. This is something I should have done a long, long time ago. And I do intend to make up for lost time, little girl!
You've got this coming to you!"

Vince lifted the belt up high into the air, and slammed it down across Steph's buxom buttocks, HARD. There was a red splotch left, as he removed the belt, and Steph audibly groaned with the pain. He continued to slash her bottom with the cruel belt, time and time again. All of her fanny was covered, and soon turning a fiery, fiery red. Her screams filled the office; thank goodness the crew had all left for the night. As the belt continued to pummel her posterior, Steph suffered pure, complete agony. Her father was a very muscular man, and long weightlifting sessions had strengthened his arm considerably. The searing pain was overcoming her, and puddles of tears were forming on the floor. Her body lay limply across the desk, as Vince continued raining blow upon blow onto her tortured tail.
Finally, after about sixty hard, slashing licks, he stopped the beating.
Stephanie's bottom was a bright, fiery scarlet, and the skin was broken in many places, with blood oozing out. Her bottom, already an ample size, was beginning to swell to a much larger size. Bruises and blisters were already showing back there, which would serve as extremely painful reminders of this session for days to come. She was sobbing uncontrollably, almost choking on her own cries of despair.

"I trust you have learned something from this, Stephanie. As your father, I have a responsibility to ensure you have done the best job you know how to do. Now, perhaps, you should compose yourself somewhat, and then we'll go to the hotel for a nice meal. Yes, we'll have room service, and you may eat on your bed, sitting on your pillows. I trust that will be more comfortable for you than being in a hard chair, downstairs. And I suggest, you come up with some ideas, by in the morning, as to how to best rid ourselves of this 'Mr. America' situation you've put us into now. Otherwise, I might just have to have another 'tutorial' session with you, yong lady!" Vince slowly saunters out of the office, putting his belt back into his pants, as Stehanie is left alone in her pain and humiliation and tears; but she is still the GM of Smackdown.