Peter Brady - Student Teacher

Peter Brady nervously walked into his junior American literature class at the exclusive girls’ boarding school outside of Boston. Although he had only been here for nine weeks, doing his student teaching in preparation for becoming certified, he was already admired by both the faculty and students. He had already established a reputation of being a very thorough teacher, always presenting interesting and knowledgeable lectures, and showing his students many aspects not covered in just the textbooks. Since leaving the Brady home, and becoming a man on his own, Peter had dedicated himself to the teaching of bright, young minds in the lore of all the great American authors. He found the Lewiston Academy for Young Ladies a very good place to do this. He was, after all, still a red-blooded, young, American male.

All the 16-17 year old girls in his class thought he was the most darling of teachers. His boyish good looks (he was after all only 22), curly black hair and somewhat statuesque build made their hearts flutter. One girl in particular, Katja van den Berg, a foreign exchange student from the Netherlands, was really struck by him. She would do almost anything to get Peter’s personal attention. From the first day of classes that term, she along with most of the other girls in the class, had thrown themselves practically at Peter’s feet. While he found this amusing at first, and certainly flattering, he was now beginning to see potential problems with the girls’ affections. Katja had claimed for herself a seat in the front row, directly in front of where Peter lectured; there she sat each day, with her uniform miniskirt pulled up as high as it could go, offering a display of her curvaceous legs. It was fairly obvious to anyone who walked into the room that Katja was flirting with Peter, err Mr. Brady.

This was the problem facing Peter as he prepared for the class today. Katja’s behavior in class was becoming unacceptable towards him. After all, he was the teacher, and she was the student. He liked the fact that she thought of him as a rather handsome, rugged teacher, and he definitely though of her as a cute, charming and very pretty young lady. But her behavior was causing a problem for him in the classroom; moreover, her grades were slipping, largely due to her overly friendly attitude towards him. Peter had visited Dean Davis yesterday afternoon, seeking counsel from him on how to best handle this problem. The dean had advised him about the school’s corporal punishment policy, advising Peter to utilize this method immediately, before the problem worsened. Thus, Peter had sadly decided, after class was finished today, he and Katja would have a “private tutorial session”; this would not be a pleasant experience for either of them.

Peter remembered back to his own childhood and adolescence; he had been spanked often, and hard, by both his parents, and with many different implements. He also recalled several punishments his brothers and sisters had suffered, and even though he did not get to actually witness most of them, he certainly had heard them being administered, and did se the results of these whippings, at least indirectly. He surmised that all his siblings had grown up to be fairly normal human beings, despite having had endured many paddlings, sessions with the hairbrush and worse. And besides, Katja’s parents had signed the right to use corporal punishment when she enrolled at the school. He sort of doubted if she was a complete stranger to having her bottom warmed.

When Katja arrived that day, Peter told her that he wanted to speak with her for a moment after class today, and that is was important. She smiled cheerily, as always, and replied “Sure Mr. B; whatever is important to you must be important to me too.” She then took her seat at the front of the room, after bouncing around the room, showing off her buxom bottom and breasts to the best of her ability, for Peter’s benefit. Peter smiled to himself and wondered if Katja would have the same attitude following their after class discussion that she had now. He doubted it.

Class went relatively well today; most of the other girls, except for Katja, had settled down, and accepted Peter as their teacher. Oh, they still had crushes on him, but kept them fairly well in check; they did respect his authority. But Katja seemed to deliberately go out of her way to antagonize Peter. She was chewing gum today, the third time this week that he had to call her down for this offense. She also spoke out of turn, was whispering to Valerie across the row, and had passed a note to Renee. In addition, she had not prepared her questions from yesterday, which was supposed to have been done as homework. Her reply to Peter as to why she hadn’t was “Jay Leno had been so good last night that I just had to watch him, and I simply ran out of time. Besides, one little bitty homework assignment isn’t going to make that much difference.” Peter resolved that his decision to discipline Katja later today was the correct one; her behavior today just made that decision more correct.

As class ended, and all the girls filed out of the room, chatting happily, because this was the last class of the day, Peter reminded Katja to stay behind. Katja willingly did this, glad to have some privacy with her favorite teacher; she was looking forward to receiving some personal attention from him, but soon would have a different desire. Peter leaned back on his desk, immediately in front of hers, and surveyed the pretty, charming, young lady carefully, before beginning his lecture. His jaws were clenched, and his dark eyes shining intensely, as he folded his arms. Katja was becoming rather excited just by looking at this handsome man standing in front of her, and was smiling her warmest smile, gazing up at him.

“Katja, do you have any idea why I’ve asked you to remain in class today?” Peter asked her. She shook her pretty head no, tossing her hair lightly back and forth, as she did so. Peter thought to himself, you’re certainly making this harder for me, Katja; but a teacher must do what a teacher must do. “I see; now you’re playing the silent game, and being the shy little girl. Well, it’s NOT going to work, young lady. I am fed up with your attitude, behavior and lack of preparedness. Today, Katja, I am going to spank your bottom, HARD!! We’ll see if this little attitude adjustment does anything to improve your conduct and work ethics, young lady.”

Katja, on hearing the word spank, gasped; although she had been spanked before, by her parents, this was certainly different. And to be spanked by Mr. Brady, of all people; she would just die of embarrassment! “, please, Mr. B, not a s..spanking. I’ll be good, really good, from now on, I promise. Please d..don’t s..s..spank my b..bottom, Mr. Brady.” Katja looked up berseechingly at Peter, big crocodile tears already falling from her pretty eyes. She instinctively put her hands underneath her bottom, as if to protect it from a painful encounter. Katja couldn’t believe this was happening to her!!

“No, Katja, you can stop the tears for now; there’ll certainly be enough occasion to let them flow later. I have put up with quite a bit from you, young lady, and nothing I’ve done so far seems to have worked. So, you’ve earned yourself a good, hard spanking, little girl.” Peter paused for effect, letting these words sink in. “Today was the last straw, Katja. Your talking, passing notes, etc are completely inexcusable. And your remark about watching Leno, instead of doing your homework, while admirable because of the honesty, is still utterly unacceptable. You have earned yourself a very warming trip across my lap, Ms. Van den Berg.” Peter was really quite angry by now, and his tone of voice and body language indicated this, frightening poor Katja.

Peter got up, walked around his desk, and took a large ruler out of the drawer; it was wooden, 18” long and 2” across. He slapped it against his hand once3, and the noise caused Katja to jump. He also took a plain wooden student chair out from behind his desk, and then came into the middle of the room. “Katja, you are aware that Lewiston permits corporal punishment of its young ladies, in severe cases of misconduct. Also, if you recall, your parents gave the school permission to do this when you enrolled here. Dean Davis and I discussed your behavior, and we decided this was the best course of action. That is, unless you’d rather be suspended, and we tell your parents of the entire sordid mess. What is your feeling, here, missy?”

“OH NO, Mr. Brady,” Katja screamed. “Please don’t tell my parents; they’ll kill me, I just know!! I’ll take the spanking, but please don’t suspend me! My parents already think I’m out of control, and that would just make them believe it even more. They… they might even send me to a nunnery, or something. No, I…I’ll take the s…spanking, Mr. Brady.” Katja couldn’t believe she was hearing what she was saying. She certainly didn’t want a red hot spanking from the hand of her favorite teacher, for many reasons. But she was truly afraid of what her parents would say or do, if she were suspended from here. She’d most likely get the painful whipping anyhow, and lord knows what else they’d do.

“All right, Katja; come over here and bend across my lap, please,” Peter instructed her, as he began rolling up his right shirtsleeve. Katja meekly obeyed; she watched that strong arm, that she had admired, come into view and wondered what it would feel like across her bottom in a few minutes. Peter sat down on the chair, and guided Katja across his lap; her miniskirt (shorter than school regulations, and worn especially for Peter) slid up on her back even higher, and her pert, rounded bottom stuck up in the air. Peter thought to himself that this was certainly a very well developed 16-yr old female; Katja reminded him of his older stepsister, Marcia. Quickly, he put these thoughts out of his mind, and steeled himself to perform the task at hand.

“Okay, missy; you’re going to have your bottom soundly spanked for all your misbehaviors. When I’m finished with you, your fanny is going to be on fire, I promise. You’ll be reminded of this spanking for quite awhile, Katja, every time you sit down.” Peter then raised his right hand and crashed it down hard on Katja’s left buttock cheek, leaving an imprint on her dress. SSSSSSPPPPPLLLLLLLAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!! He then raised his hand high again, and smashed it down on her right buttock cheek. SSLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!! This continued for several minutes, as he alternated from one cheek to the other, and also devoting attention to her tender sit spot. After all, he could still remember from his parents spanking of him, how to hurt a person.

Spplllaatttt!! Smmaaaassshhh!!! Whhhaaaaamm!!! Crrraaccckkk!!
Kaaaaaappppaaaaam!!! Smmmaaaaccckkkk!!!
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Finally after several minutes of this intense spanking, Peter stopped. Katja’s bottom was already beginning to glow through her panties and light colored skirt, and he could feel the warmth coming out of it also. In places where he had struck her, and there wasn’t any protective clothing, her bottom was already changing color, becoming a bright, hot pink shade. Katja was crying for real now, and it was readily apparent she was suffering from the agonizing pain Peter’s pain had inflicted on her bottom.

“OOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Ohhhhh, it h…hh…hhurrrts sooooo ba..baaaaad back there; please, pllllllleeeeezzzzzzeeeee ss.stop, Mr. Brady. I…i…I’ll b..bbeeeee g…gg..goood, I promise.” Katja was really wailing, the tears she was crying wre making a puddle on the floor, her legs were kicking about wildly, and her hair was in tangles.

“Well, Katja, I’ve heard ‘I’ll be a good girl from you before,’ and it hasn’t proven to be true. So now, you’re going to get a GOOD spanking from me, little girl,” Peter replied, as he tightened his grip around her waist. “Your bottom is pretty hot now, missy, but I believe I can, and should, still increase the temperature considerably.” Peter then flipped Katja’s miniskirt all the way up onto her back; he studied her panty-clad bottom for a moment, with all the redness emanating from underneath them. He realized that Katja’s bottom was a very strong feature of hers, and was silently glad that she enjoyed prancing around the room in front of him, showing off her “well-reared attributes.”

Katja grimaced and shut her eyes tightly, as Peter picked up the ruler and laid it across her panties. “Please, Mr. Brady,” she pleaded. “No more!! I’m burning up already, and my bottom can’t take any more pain. Pl..please stop.” Her fanny was already red hot, but Peter intended to make it hotter yet.

“No, Katja; you have behaved like a six year old girl and now you’re going to be punished like one, instead of the sixteen-year old you are. I hope you remember this as you’re undergoing this painful encounter. This ruler is going to finish setting your fanny on fire, Katja; by the time I’ve finished with it, your bottom is going to be a deep fire engine red! I’m going to give you sixteen smacks with this ruler, missy; one for each year of your life. Maybe after this session, you will be a little less smart-mouthed and do your assignments more effectively.”

Peter lifted up the large ruler and slapped it down hard, across Katja’s buttocks. The large ruler covered a good portion of both cheeks, and soon did indeed have her seat sizzling. He also gave her some across her already very tender sit spot, and even got her upper thighs a couople of times. Katja’s bottom was certainly on fire well before the sixteenth, and last, of these licks was given, and she was screaming from the horrible pain. SSSSSSMMMAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!
And so on, until all sixteen were delivered!!

As Peter put the ruler back down on his desktop, he could hardly believe poor Katja’s bottom! It was a very deep and bright red, showing through the thin panties; blisters had already begun to form, and bruises were also showing. It was absolutely radiating heat away from it; he could hold his hand several inches above it and feel the heat coming off from down there!! Katja certainly had gotten one battered, blazing bottom, that was for sure!