Peter Penalized for Poor Passing

This story is the next in my series of “what should have happened”, in the Brady Bunch television show; the featured character in this one is Peter. As many of you might recall there was an episode where Peter broke one of Carol’s favorite vases, by tossing a football inside the house, which was against the rules. He recruited the boys to help him glue it together, which temporarily worked. What if he had NOT been able to get any help. Let’s see what might have happened then. Please review, and thanks in advance for reading. Robbie

Peter Brady was in trouble, BIG trouble! He had been tossing the football around inside the house, despite his parents’ rule against doing this. On one overly exuberant toss, Bobby had failed to make the reception (it was badly overthrown), and the result was a broken vase. But, this wasn't just any vase. Oh no, it was Mom’s favorite, a family heirloom from great Aunt Susie! Peter immediately solicited the assistance of Greg to help him ‘repair’ the problem, but Greg was unwilling.

“No, Pete, I’m not going to help you out here. You know the rules about playing in the house as well as I do. And besides, I’m not even sure the vase can be put back together again,” Greg told him. You’re just going to have to suffer the consequences; and boy, are there going to be some! I feel sorry for you, little brother. Oh, and a word of advice. Don’t try and blame this on Bobby. Mom and Dad don’t take too kindly to that type of thing, I know,” Greg advised him sadly, remembering when he had tried this.

“Oh man, how could I have been so stupid,” Peter said to himself. “I know I’m no Joe Namath, and there wasn’t enough room to throw the long pass in the living room. I guess I’ll just have to try and fix things myself, but how?” Peter suddenly had an inspiration. He had seen the effects of Super Glue before; surely it would hold the shattered pieces together, and make the vase look as good as new! Eagerly he set out to do this project, glad that he had saved his bottom a painful encounter. After about an hour of tedious gluing, he had what he thought was a reasonable facsimile of the original vase.

A few hours later, when Mike and Carol came back from a party they had attended, one of the first things noticed was the vase. Mike looked at it, and said “Honey, look at the vase; there seems to be something a little wrong with it, I think. Maybe we should move it farther back on the table.”

Carol went over to more closely survey the vase, and found some obvious cracks, where the pieces weren’t precisely glued together. “Oh Mike, this… the vase has been broken! Look at these… these cracks! Oh Dear!” Carol was practically crying, because of the sentimental value the vase held for her. Then the unthinkable happened! She picked the vase up, and, since the glue had not yet dried completely, it fell apart again. “MIKE! What am I going to… how did this happen?” Now she was crying!

Mike quickly went and hugged Carol; he didn’t know how it had happened either, but he had six pretty good possibilities of what might had taken place. “KIDS!! Get in here, NOW! I’ll get to the bottom of this, honey, and someone’s bottom will be paying for it, I promise you! Obviously, one of the kids was playing a little too roughly in here, and accidentally broke it, then tried to repair it. Well, they all know better than to do something like that!” Mike was furious himself, by now.

All of the kids, including Peter, denied knowing anything about this incident. None of them wished to experience the up close and personal, warm wrath this had provoked in both their parents. The girls even cried some, since they were also sentimental, like their mother (and the vase was from their side of the family). Greg looked at Peter with a mixture of contempt, and sorrow, but did not tell on him. Bobby was too fearful for his own hide to divulge what had taken place earlier in the afternoon.

Finally, a few days later, Alice was sorting dirty clothes preparing them for the laundry. She felt something unusual in Peter’s pants pocket, and reached in to see what it was. To her surprise, she found a piece of the broken vase! Peter had evidently put it in his pocket, while he was attempting to glue the vase back together, and forgot about it. Alice debated as to what to do with this; should she tell his parents, or what?

Alice finally decided that to bring this incident up to Carol would only hurt her feelings, even more. And she didn’t need more of those. As it was, she had somewhat recovered from the loss of the vase, and Alice felt this would only cause needless pain, on Carol’s part. However, she was determined to cause some needed pain, on Peter’s part.

That afternoon, when the kids had come home from school, Alice asked Peter to go into his room; she wanted to discuss something with him. Peter gladly did this; he was more than willing to offer her advice. Little did he know what she wanted to discuss; in fact, he had no idea of it! Well, he was in for a very WARM surprise! Alice took the incriminating piece of pottery with her, as well as a heavy wooden spoon.

“Peter, guess what I found in your pants pocket this morning, when I was preparing to do the laundry? I think you, or rather your mom would be very interested in seeing this, don’t you?” Alice asked him, as she pulled the broken piece of porcelain out of her dress pocket, and held it out to him. “Do you recognize where this came from, Peter? And I’m wondering, how in the world did it wind up being in your pants pocket?”

Peter gasped in amazement, as he saw this piece of the vase. So that’s where that missing piece had went, he thought to himself! “Uhhh, that kind of looks like a piece of Mom’s broken vase, Alice. I guess it… well it sort of….” Peter decided to tell Alice the entire story; she could figure it out anyhow, so it was useless to try and get out of it. “You see, Alice, Bobby and I were playing catch in the living room, and well, one of my passes was overthrown, just a wee bit, and Bobby couldn’t make the catch. Then, I… I guess I got scared, and tried to glue it back together. Well, I didn’t do such a good job, as you saw; in fact I had a missing piece. I guess that is it. I’m sorry, Alice,” Peter hung his head, in sorrow, ashamed of what had happened, and fearful of what might happen now.

“Peter, I’m not the one you need to be apologizing to, I don’t think. And I hope you will tell your mom you’re sorry. But first, you and I are going to have a discussion, young man.” Alice then took the wooden spoon out of her dress, and waved it in front of Peter. “This spoon is used to beat food products together, to make them into one substance, Peter. But tonight, I intend to use it to beat your bottom, like a little boy. Unless, you’d rather me take this piece of the vase to your dad tonight, and tell him where I found it, that is!” She suspected, correctly, that Peter would do almost anything to avoid having his father know about this particular piece of evidence.

“Oh no, Alice; please don’t tell Dad, or Mom! I’ll do whatever you want! And I will tell Mom later, how sorry I am that I broke it, honest! Peter was rather frantic, in his begging at this point, as he knew what his fate was if his parents were told of this. He would rather take his chances with Alice, that’s for sure! “What do you want me to do, Alice? I’ll mix together all the food, the rest of the week, and clean all the pots and pans; I’ll do whatever you want, Alice; just don’t tell Mom and Dad, please!”

“No Peter; I’m not going to tell your parents. And you’re not going to be helping me in the kitchen this week, either. You ARE going to go across my lap, and get your bare bottom blistered with this wooden spoon! Alice told him. “Now pull your jeans down to around your ankles, then get over my lap, mister! I’m going to paint your fanny a fiery red, and set it on fire. You know better than to play in the house, Peter, and you WILL be punished severely for that! Come on, let’s get with it!

Peter sadly realized his fate, but still thought it was a better alternative than facing Mom or Dad, for punishment. He slowly pulled his jeans down, then assumed the position across Alice’s lap. This wasn’t a first, as Alice had spanked him before, but not since Dad had married Mom. He blushed with embarrassment at having to do this, but did so without fussing, as that would only make matters worse.

When he was across her lap, Alice pulled the waistband of his underwear down, in back, exposing his bare bottom. She then picked up that wooden spoon, and began smacking him all over back there, with a great deal of force.

Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack
Swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat swat
Smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash smash

After forty hard smacks, the last four particularly vicious, Alice put the wooden spoon down, and told Peter to get up and stand in the corner. She would make sure none of the other kids came upstairs, or knew about this spanking, and would come get him when supper was ready to eat. She also reminded him that she thought it would be gentlemanly of him to tell his mother what had happened, including the spanking; but that would be entirely up to him!

Peter had completely forgotten how strong Alice was. She was certainly capable of, and did so, setting his bottom on fire. After the first dozen smacks, he was squirming and crying already, and the heat was beginning to build up. After the second dozen, it was almost unbearable, and he was certain he had been blistered badly. The third dozen was pure agony, and he truly felt as hot as a furnace, or the oven Alice was now cooking supper inside. Then those last four!! OH MY!! He felt as if that spoon was practically going through his seat with each of them. He was even GLAD to be able to stand in the corner, since that meant he was no longer getting spanked.

Did he tell Carol? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for future developments.