Peter at the Principal's Office

Peter Brady could NOT believe he was in sooooooo much trouble for such a small thing. As the 14-year-old boy sat in the chair facing the assistant principal’s office, he thought back to the events of the past half-hour. True, he had been holding hands with his girlfriend Valerie, even putting his arm around her waist. And yes, there had been one small kiss out in the hallway, but he thought that was hardly any reason to get bent all this much out of shape. Now both he and Valerie were in deep trouble, all because of the stupid school rule outlawing Public Displays of Affection. Sadly, for them, Ms. James happened to be on duty in the hallway when this event occurred; she promptly wrote them both up, and escorted them to Mr. Robinson’s office. Valerie was inside right now speaking with the rugged, and mean, assistant principal. Peter felt sorry for her, because she had rarely ever been in trouble at school, but she certainly was now; alas, he realized, so was he.

Suddenly he heard a loud explosive noise coming from within the office, followed by more of these, and unmistakable sobbing.






Peter then saw the door open; Valerie came out, the tears streaming down her pretty face, as she furiously rubbed her sore bottom, trying to relieve the burning pain obviously present back there. Mr. Robinson admonished her as she left, "Don’t forget, young lady; the discipline slip is due tomorrow, signed by your parents. Or we’ll be repeating this procedure." Valerie looked at Peter with a mixture of sadness and anger; Peter had no idea whether she would ever speak to him again or not, but right then, that wasn’t the most pressing problem on his mind. He did admire her slowly walking out of the office, however, as she wiggled her little fanny on the way out the door.

Then, Peter was brought back to reality, rather rudely. "Mr. Brady, get your rear end in my office, right NOW!" Mr. Robinson loudly shouted at him. Peter jumped up and went into the office hurriedly, thinking bad thoughts about that old battleaxe, Ms. James, the entire time. He knew that Valerie had already suffered greatly at the hands of Mr. R’s paddle, and now he was about to have to endure that same pain. As he walked into the office, Mr. Robinson came in behind him, closed the door and then sat down behind his desk; Peter was left to stand in front of it.

"Now, Mr. Brady, you know about our rules against PDA, I suppose," Mr. Robinson began lecturing Peter, who could only nod his head yes. "These rules are there for a reason, young man; and they are meant to be followed. If we allow boys and girls to walk around out in the hallways embracing one another and engaging in ‘liplocks’, why, all resemblance of order would disappear. I’m sure you understand that, right, Peter?" Peter wanted to argue the point, and say that he was only holding hands, and only lightly had kissed Valerie, but thought better of that and again simply nodded his head yes. "Now, Miss Valerie has had her bottom thoroughly warmed, young man; she is indeed going to be a very sore little girl, I believe. If I were you, I wouldn’t be suggesting she sit on a hard bench next to you in the morning before school.

And, since we believe in equality of the sexes here at our school, I think you should have your bottom warmed also, Peter." Mr. Robinson got up, picked the paddle up off his desk and walked around to the front where Peter was standing.

Mr. Robinson practiced swinging the wooden paddle through the air as Peter helplessly watched. His paddle was certainly ominous looking, almost as much so as Peter’s dad’s was, at home. The paddle was about 30" long, 3-4" wide, and ½" thick, with about six holes drilled into its business end. Peter knew poor Valerie must have been hurt tremendously by her hard paddling; he only heard the impact, but her feeling it must have been awful! "All right, Peter. Bend over my desk, with your arms on top of it, and hold to the other side. I’m about to set your rear on fire, just like I set Valerie’s fanny on fire a few minutes ago. We’re going to teach you students how to behave properly around here. Oh yes, just as I told her; you are to take the discipline notice home tonight, and you WILL return it tomorrow, signed. Do you understand me, boy?"

Peter followed the directions given, bending over and assuming the position; he again nodded affirmatively about returning the signed discipline notice tomorrow. Sadly, he remembered his parents having told all the children that a spanking at school meant much, much more of the same at home. He wondered glumly if Valerie’s parents felt the same way; he certainly hoped not, for her poor bottom’s sake. After all, it was such a cute bottom.

Mr. Robinson raised the paddle high in the air, and swung it mightily, connecting squarely on Peter’s upturned bottom. This process was repeated four more times, as Peter received the same five, painful licks that Valerie had gotten; and they did HURT!






Peter felt the tears coming to his eyes and the breath leaving his body, as that paddle made its agonizing impact on his bottom. He grunted, and began moaning, as the pain settled in back there. This was bad, really, really BAD!! When Mr. Robinson told him he could stand back up, his hands immediately flew to his seat, and began rubbing, trying to put the fire out; this was a futile effort however. But Peter could certainly see why Valerie was rubbing so hard when she left the office, and he surely didn’t blame her one bit for doing so. Like her, Mr. Robinson again told Peter to be sure and bring the discipline slip back tomorrow, signed, as he left.

Later that evening at the Brady home, Peter asked to speak with Mom and Dad in the den. He hated to do this, but knew putting it off would only make things worse. "Mom, Dad…", he began. "I..I have this notice from school that one of you needs to sign for tomorrow." Peter handed his mom the disciplined notice, and waited anxiously. Carol looked at it, a frown grimacing her face, and then handed it to Mike, who also read it, and began scowling.

"Well, son, what do you have to say for yourself?" Mike asked Peter. "I certainly hope your Valerie was worth all the trouble you’ve gotten yourself into. You remember what your mother and I told you about getting into trouble at school, don’t you? About how we told you, that if you got punished there, it would be worse here?" Mike was really scolding Peter now, and causing tears to already be forming in his eyes. "Why don’t you step outside, and let your mother and I discuss this, and what actions to take; we’ll call you back in here in a few moments, son."

As Peter left the room, Mike turned to Carol, grinning somewhat. "Well, I guess our little boy is growing up, dear. And already getting into trouble on account of a girl." Carol replied, "Mike Brady, that’s not fair. I bet Valerie got paddled good too, and she’s having this same conversation with her parents. So they BOTH have gotten into trouble." Then Carol began to chuckle also. "Well you have to admit, this is somewhat comical, almost; that is NOT the best of school rules for budding adolescents, I don’t really think," Mike said. "Yes, I agree with you, honey," Carol replied. "But still, Peter broke the rule, and was punished. And, like you reminded him, we have an obligation to carry through with this at home. I think I should handle it though, since this is not a horribly serious infraction." Mike nodded his head in agreement, and went to tell Peter to come back into the room.

As Peter came back into the room, Mike left the room, leaving him alone with an again angry looking Carol, who stood there with arms folded. "Well, young man, it appears that you have gotten yourself into some difficulty here," she told him. "You knew the rules, and you disobeyed them; and if that weren’t enough, you also got poor Valerie in trouble as well, didn’t you?" Peter replied, "Yes, but it’s a stupid rule, Mom! Valerie and I weren’t making out or anything like that, and we Like each other. And yes, she…she got paddled also. I am really sorry about that, cause she’s a girl and all…. And it must’ve really hurt her lots and lots, cause it wasn’t too great for me." Carol glared at Peter, and could tell he was truly sorry for Valerie being punished in this way, and her heart softened a bit for him. Still, he had done something wrong.

"Well, Peter, I don’t believe you’re the person who should be deciding if it’s a ‘stupid rule’ or not. In fact, neither your father or I should do that; the school has made the rule, and it should be followed. So you are going to be punished here at home also. And I think it would be awfully supportive of you if you called Valerie’s parents tomorrow evening, actually this evening, but I doubt if you’re really going to feel like talking for awhile, and tell them you’re sorry for her having gotten into trouble. It might help ease some of the pain she’s having, Peter. You are grounded for the next week, mister; you come directly home from school and do your homework. You may leave your room only to come to the dining room, or go to the restroom. No telephone, no television, no stereo. But I think this weekend, you may use the phone to call Valerie, if you’d like. And IF she’s allowed to talk on the phone. Do you understand this, Peter?"

Peter replied, "Yes ma’am. I understand what I did was wrong, and it has caused all sorts of problems for Val, as well as myself. And thanks mom, for letting me call her this weekend. I just hope she’ll let me talk to her." Carol reassured him by saying, "Oh, I imagine she will be willing to at least listen to you, Peter. Now, for the rest of your punishment…" She motioned Peter over to the couch where she was sitting. "You know the drill, Peter. Over here, please."

Peter sadly walked over to his mom, and laid himself down across her lap, his head resting on one end of the couch, his feet on the other, and his bottom in the middle. Carol helped him up a little, then pulled his pants and underwear down to his upper thighs, exposing a still red, and already bruised, rear end. She then reached behind her, and took the solid wooden hairbrush that she had used so faithfully to spank the kids with. Holding Peter down securely with one hand, she began smacking his naked tail with the hairbrush, applying it all over back there with maternal authority. Smack smack

smack smack smack smack smack

Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack

Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack

This continued until Peter had received about 30 smacks from his mom’s brush. The fire in his bottom was reignited, and there was a bright red glow to it by the time Carol had finished. Peter was sobbing, and really feeling the painful effects; he knew he would be sleeping on his tummy that night, and probably many nights in the future as well. Finally, Carol had finished, and told Peter to get up, pull his pants back up, then go to bed, which he gladly (?) did. Gladly, except for pulling his underwear back over his blistered bottom; that HURT!! As Peter went upstairs, he remembered what Mr. Robinson had told him about not asking Valerie to sit on a hard wooden bench before school tomorrow morning; and he grimly thought to himself, that I won’t be doing that either. Still, despite all his suffering, he had a warm feeling all over him, thinking about the lovely Valerie. He just hoped she had the same warmth for him, and not just in her bottom!!