Mary Ellen Misbehaves Once Too Often

Olivia Walton looked around the kitchen with dismay, as she returned from Godsey’s General Store this Saturday afternoon. Her oldest daughter, 14 year old Mary Ellen, was supposed to have cleaned the area up while she was gone to the store, but obviously this hadn’t been done. Dishes were still on the table, and the floor was still messy with breakfast crumbs; this was more than two hours after the large Walton family had finished with breakfast. Olivia thought back to the last several weeks, and decided that it was high time that she and Miss Mary Ellen have a warm, intimate mother-daughter discussion. She smiled grimly and started up the stairs to her Mary Ellen’s room.

“Mary Ellen, are you up here,” Olivia shouted as she climbed the stairs, look of fierce resolve on her face. She was determined to get to the “bottom” of Mary Ellen’s disobedience, in a most painful manner. “I need to see you right NOW, Mary Ellen! We need to discuss some things, young lady. It seems your memory could stand a refresher lesson.” Olivia reached the girls’ bedroom, and pushed the door open, to see Mary Ellen lying on her bed, face down, reading one of those movie magazines.

“Oh, hi Momma,” Mary Ellen looked up momentarily. “What’s going on? Do you know how glamorous these movie stars are; I wish I could go visit them out in Hollywood. Why, they have breakfast in bed, and everything.” Mary Ellen looked dreamily back into the movie magazine, completely unaware of her mother’s angry gaze, as Olivia stood there with hands on her hips looking down at her daughter.

“Mary Ellen Walton, look at me!” Olivia demanded in a loud voice. “Speaking of breakfast, I believe there are some things you have forgotten about breakfast here this morning. Did I not tell you to clean the kitchen up and wash the dishes while I was gone, young lady? But when I came in just now, the kitchen looked every bit as messy as it had when I left. What do you have to say about that, Mary Ellen?”

“Oh yeah, I was supposed to have done that, wasn’t I?” Mary Ellen flippantly replied. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it before time for lunch, Momma. Come here and just look at the latest hairstyle. Can I get a permanent like this, Momma? That way I’ll look almost as gorgeous as a Hollywood star. And aren’t these dresses just wonderful. Imagine me walking into Ike Godsey’s store, and showing the entire lower part of my leg? I bet the boys would go crazy, wouldn’t they?”

“Mary Ellen, you will clean up the kitchen now, not later, young lady. Put that magazine down, and get downstairs NOW, missy!!” Olivia was really beginning to get angry now. “What’s more, you’ve been getting just a little too uppity, lately; I think it’s time that you were brought back down to earth, and Walton’s Mountain, young lady. Now, get going, now!” Olivia pointed downstairs toward the kitchen, as Mary Ellen looked up at her with dismay, and even defiance.

“It’s NOT fair, Momma!” she cried back at Olivia. “All the other kids get to do what they want on Saturday morning, why shouldn’t I? You’re just being mean to me. You never want me to leave this stupid mountain. Well, I’m NOT going to stay here my entire life, and waste it away, just because you have, Momma!” Too late, when Mary Ellen saw the angry glare on Olivia’s face, she gulped and tried to apologize. “I’m sorry, Momma; I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. It’s just that I want to travel, not just to Hollywood, but to New York City and even London and Paris. Can’t you see, I’m just not meant to stay on this stupid, old mountain, forever! Why, I’m destined to spread my wings and fly!”

“Mary Ellen Walton, I am appalled at you for thinking that way!” Olivia said as she walked over and pulled Mary Ellen up off the bed. “The only place you’re going now is the kitchen, after a stopover in my bedroom, young lady. And, since a star is a glowing body, well then, you are going to become a star shortly, I promise you!! Your bottom is about to get a good, hard spanking, my dear daughter; one that you’ve been deserving for quite awhile, I might add.” Olivia began pulling Mary Ellen by the hand to her bedroom, when Mary Ellen suddenly jerked away.

“Momma, you must be crazy!” Mary Ellen shouted at her. “Why, I’m too old to be spanked. “That’s just for little kids like Jim Bob and Elizabeth; I’m practically a grown lady. You wouldn’t dare spank me, would you, Momma? I mean, I would just perish, if my friends found out that me, a potential movie star, was still spanked. Please, don’t do this, Momma!” Mary Ellen was practically demanding that her mother stop with this ‘foolishness’ right now.

Olivia could scarcely believe these words from her oldest daughter, but soon regained her resolve to teach Mary Ellen a most painful lesson. As she again grabbed her by the arm, and began pulling Mary Ellen into her bedroom, she really started scolding poor Mary Ellen unmercifully. “Young lady, I am NOT going to put up with this type of language from you. Not only am I going to spank you, I’m going to do a ‘double feature’ on your poor bottom, since you are so intent on becoming a movie star. You’re also going to be learning how to write and learn a script, young lady, plus I have some other ‘attractions’ in mind for you. As I said, you’ve been working your way towards this for quite some time, and I intend to see that you are paid in full, little girl!!” Mary Ellen flinched at these last words, as she realized her goose was about to be cooked.

Olivia led Mary Ellen into her bedroom, and over to the bed. As Olivia sat down on it, she pulled Mary Ellen face down across her lap. Mary Ellen’s long, straight brown hair fell down across the bed, and towards the floor, and her cute, pert, 14 year old bottom was left sticking up into the air. Mary Ellen began to feel tears falling from her eyes, as she realized what was about to happen to that bottom, and she suddenly became very repentant. “Momma, I’m soooorrryyyy,” she cried. “I promise I’ll be happy here from now on, and I’ll do my chores on time. Pleeeaaasseee, pllllleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzee, don’t spank me, momma!”

Olivia grimly smiled down at her daughter’s bottom, as she reached for her old, wooden hairbrush on the bedstand, the same one her mother had used on her bottom when she was Mary Ellen’s age. It was solid wood, about 3 inches across, and the bristles had long since began to fall out, but the bristle side was not the one about to be used. “No, Mary Ellen, I’m going to blister your backside thoroughly with this brush; you’re not going to be sitting comfortably at all for some time, by the time I’ve finished, missy. And your rump is going to be well roasted, that’s for sure.” Olivia pulled up Mary Ellen’s thin, cotton dress up onto her back, exposing her panty-clad bottom, then, sickening Mary Ellen, pulled her panties down to around her knees, thus leaving her bare, defenseless bottom on display. Right now, it was a pale flesh color, but already wiggling in agonizing anticipation of the blistering that was about to happen. Soon it would become a bright, blazing red.

Olivia picked up the hairbrush and began smacking Mary Ellen’s bare bottom with a tremendous amount of ferocious force. She made sure all Mary Ellen’s cute bottom was covered by that brush, including her most tender ‘sit spot’ and her upper thighs as well. Again and again it fell on her fanny, quickly coloring it first pink, then dull red, then a bright, shining red. Heat waves were rising up off Mary Ellen’s bottom, as the temperature there rapidly rose, and blisters were already appearing. This most severe spanking continued for at least fifteen minutes, and Mary Ellen’s battered behind must’ve gotten over two hundred smacks from that hairbrush. The sounds of that hairbrush impacting Mary Ellen’s soft flesh could be clearly heard throughout the house, not to mention her loud wailing as her bottom was set on fire. And set on fire it was!! By the time Olivia had finished, Mary Ellen’s rear end was a brightly shining shade of red, and blazing hot!! Her bottom resembled an overripe tomato more than what it really was, and Mary Ellen’s pain was almost indescribable. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and her tears had soaked the bedspread on John’s and Olivia’s bed.

Olivia helped Mary Ellen up from the bed, and told her to pull up her panties; she then smoothed her dress down in back. And then, after having Mary Ellen stand in the corner for about fifteen-thirty minutes, and get her crying somewhat under control, Olivia uttered words that sent shivers up and down her spine. “All right, young lady, now you WILL go downstairs to the kitchen and clean it up properly. After you have used soap on the dishes, I am going to use it on your fresh mouth, little girl. The rest of the afternoon, you are going to be sitting at the kitchen table, Mary Ellen; while there, you are going to be studying the script for life, the Bible. This evening, your legs are going to be reacquainted with one of the trees outside, at least a part of it. When we have finished all of this, I think you will think more highly of your life here on the mountain, and less of the glamors of Hollywood, Mary Ellen.”