Marcia, The Unappreciated Artist

This is the second in a series of “What Should Have Happened” episodes from the Brady Bunch television series. In this one, one of the other girls in class had drawn a rather uncomplimentary picture of the teacher, and left it in Marcia’s desk; the fact that Marcia had already put her name on the paper, then left it implicates her in guilt. Her protests serve to get her into even worse trouble. In the show itself, Mike and Carol take Marcia’s side in the manner, despite agreeing to her punishment of having a week’s detention. This version has a considerably different outcome. Please read, hopefully enjoy and comment on it. Thanks. Robbie

“Mr. Brady, I’m sure you must realize the pain this drawing has caused Ms. Smith. She is one of our finest teachers, and, well, seventh grade English teachers are difficult to find, and retain. I’m afraid I have no choice but to punish Marcia for this highly inappropriate drawing,” Principal Davis told Mike, who had been summoned to the school. “Now, Marcia has told me that she did not draw this, but it does have her name, in her handwriting, on it; and it was found underneath her desk. So, really she must be punished, and severely punished, for this misdeed.”

“Yes, Mr. Davis, I agree with you. Marcia certainly knows better than to do something like this. She will be thoroughly disciplined at home, believe you me; neither her mother nor I will tolerate this type of behavior. I am quite upset with you, Marcia, and fully support your principal in his punishment of you,” Mike told her sternly. “Moreover, Marcia, I am really ashamed almost that you won’t admit to your wrongdoing. That’s just not like you, young lady!”

“B…but Daddy, Mr. Davis… I really didn’t draw that picture, honest,” Marcia said haltingly, and tearfully. “I’ll… I’ll admit that that was my paper, and I had written my name on it; and it was underneath my desk. But I didn’t do that drawing. I could never, ever do something like that to one of my teachers. Honest, Daddy, that’s… that’s the truth! Pleeeeaaaassseee, please, believe me.” Marcia was now crying.

“Marcia, I would like to believe you, I really would,” Principal Davis told the pretty 12-yr old girl. “But unless you can tell me who did do this, all the evidence points to you, I’m afraid. Now, is there anything else you would like to tell me, young lady?” He waited a moment to see if Marcia would give him another name, but she only shook her head no, miserably.

“Very well, Marcia. You leave me no choice. You are to receive seven hard licks with my paddle, one for each grade you have experienced while in school. In addition, you will write an apology letter to Ms. Smith, which you will give to me in the morning, signed by your parents.” Principal Davis was determined that Marcia would have a severe punishment, both for her, and the other students, who would surely hear of it. He did NOT want other students to start doing unflattering ‘portraits’ of his teachers! “And I think the next five afternoons, you should be in detention hall after school, for an hour. Is that satisfactory to you, Mr. Brady?”

Marcia blanched with fear and disappointment at these words, but Mike simply agreed. “Oh that sounds fine to me, Mr. Davis. You go right ahead and set her fanny on fire! I only ask that you leave some skin, for her mother or I to work over, when I get her home. And I promise you will have one superb letter in the morning, won’t he Marcia?” Mike fixed a very angry glare on Marcia, causing her to almost shake in her shoes. “And those five days of detention, well Marcia certainly wouldn’t be doing anything that enjoyable at home either those afternoons, Mr. Davis. I just hope she can manage to sit still here at school, on those hard desk seats.”

“All right, girl! Bend over my desk, as far as you can; grab hold on the other side with both hands. And remember, these are going to HURT!” Mr. Davis picked up his paddle, and rubbed it across Marcia’s miniskirted bottom a few times, then hoisted it high above his head, and swung it downward forcefully, across her bottom.

The last lick, he delivered with an extra dose of power behind it, really sinking the paddle deep into Marcia’s pretty, but now distressed bottom.

Marcia began crying earnestly with the application of that first lick. Mr. Davis could really swing that paddle. He was setting her fanny on fire, and that was for sure! Each lick seemed to double the rising temperature back there, and triple her agony. Even though these were given across her skirt, unlike what she experienced at home, on her bare bottom, they still burned and hurt badly. After the third lick, her bottom felt as hot as the oven, when Alice was baking a cake. By the time five licks had landed on her sizzling seat, she imagined an angry hive of bees had been set loose back there, and were stinging her unmercifully! At the conclusion of the paddling, she was certain that she would never be able to sit down again, and was really dreading the next five days. Marcia was blubbering like a baby, and her tears formed quite a large puddle on the floor underneath her feet. She could barely manage to stand back up when told to do so.

That ride home was pure agony on poor Marcia. Her bottom was forced to sit on the hard seat cover in the car, which did nothing to soothe it. She was sobbing the entire way, and Mike was glaring angrily, but silently, all the way home. This was NOT going to be good for her, once they did reach the Brady house! Marcia knew that her father’s request of Mr. Davis earlier, ‘to leave some hide’, was not an idle threat. She had felt her parents’ punitive measures in the past several times, and was certain she would be feeling them again tonight. After having reached home, Marcia was sent to her room, while Mike and Carol discussed the day’s activities.

Carol eventually came into Marcia’s bedroom; she was carrying her solid, wooden back hairbrush in one hand, and scowling. This caused Marcia to shrink back onto her bed, because she knew what that meant, and it was NOT good news for her rear end! “Marcia, your behavior today has greatly disappointed both your father and myself. I cannot believe you would draw such an uncomplimentary picture of your teacher; that is just not like you, young lady!” Carol exclaimed. “Now I know that Mr. Davis paddled your bottom very thoroughly, but both of us feel you deserve some additional ‘warming’. This is NOT going to be repeated, do you understand me, Marcia?”

Marcia was positively aghast at her mother’s words; she really couldn’t comprehend any additional pain on her already fiery fanny. “But mommy…. I really, really didn’t draw that picture, honest! I don’t know who did that, but…but… it wasn’t me, honest,! Please don’t sp..spppaaannnk me m..morree, mommy! My bottom can’t take any more. P..pllll…lleeeeeeaaaassssseee!!!”

“No, Marcia, darling; your bottom has earned all this pain you’re experiencing, and will have to suffer from. I intend to completely blister your bottom, and really set it on fire, little girl!” Carol waved the hairbrush in front of Marcia’s face, as she was scolding her.
“Now, you get over here, and put yourself across my lap, sweetie; I’m going to sizzle your seat, but good!”

Carol then got the chair from in front of Marcia’s desk, sat down on it, and patted her lap. Marcia, slowly and tearfully, moved across the room, draping herself across Carol’s lap, assuming the position for a painful hairbrush spanking. This one, unlike the one in the principal’s office was to be on her bare bottom. Carol slowly rolled the miniskirt Marcia was wearing up onto her back, then moved her thin panties down to around her knees. Her bottom was already aflame; Mr. Davis had certainly used his paddle with colorful effects! Nonetheless, as Carol held her hand next to it, and felt the heat radiating off of it, it was about to be considerably more fiery!

Carol rubbed the bristled side of the hairbrush across Marcia’s sore seat, greatly increasing the pain she was feeling; this act alone rekindled the fire back there considerably. But this wasn’t the bad part; oh no! She then turned the hairbrush over, and began smacking Marcia’s bottom with it, forcefully, going from one cheek to the other, paying special attention to the lower part of her buttocks, where they met her thighs. Soon, Marcia’s backside was a fire engine red, and painful blisters were beginning to pop up all over back there!

Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack
Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack
Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack

This relentless hairbrush spanking continued, and thirty ferocious smacks were landed on that poor, unprotected bottom. Marcia was bawling loudly, and suffering tremendously; the fiery pain she was experiencing was nothing like she had ever experienced before, in her young life. Her bottom was ablaze, and glowing like a furnace! As each smack flattened out her cheeks, she felt sure the brush was going straight through her tail. By the time her mother had finished this ‘warming’, her bottom was hot enough to fry an egg on, she was certain. Her crying was uncontrollable, and she knew she would NEVER, EVER be able to sit down comfortably again! Marcia squirmed as much as possible, but Carol had a firm grip on her, and movement was limited. Her bottom could find no escape from the heat being applied to it!

Finally, Carol had finished the spanking. If Marcia thought Principal Davis’s paddle had hurt (and it did, badly), that was just a preliminary to what her mother’s hairbrush had done to her bottom. Carol helped her up, then said “All right, Marcia. Now you will stand in the corner, skirt up, with your bare bottom on display, for the next half-hour. I must say, it is certainly ablaze! I trust you will remember this spanking for a long time, little girl; I’m sure you will each time you sit down for the next several days! And remember, NO RUBBING!” Carol then turned, and walked out of Marcia’s bedroom, leaving her alone in her pain and misery.

All right, we all know this is NOT what happened. Eventually, the true artist was discovered, and Marcia did get to have her slumber party. And of course, we all know that Marcia would never, ever lie to her parents, right? Anyhow, it’s fun to speculate as to what might have, even should have, happened. Hope all of you enjoyed this.