The Aftermath

Marcia Brady had just endured an extremely painful spanking from both of her parents, because she had come in home 90 minutes late from a date, and had drunk a beer while on it. Carol had thoroughly blistered her bottom with the hairbrush, then Mike had added some very hard licks with the paddle. Since this was late at night, all the children were supposed to have been in bed. However, unknown to them, Greg and Jan, Marciaís siblings, had slipped down the stairs and observed the entire ordeal. Greg, a healthy, normal 17 year old, was quite thrilled at seeing his sisterís bare bottom, despite its unnatural bright red shade. Jan, only a little more than a year younger than Marcia, at first was enjoying her punishment; however, as it progressed, and Marciaís pain and suffering grew, she began to feel sorry for her sister. It was obvious to both of them when the paddling was finished, that Marcia was going to have a terribly battered and sore rear end for quite awhile, and would need lots of pillow support for sitting the next few weeks.

Then trouble soon began for Jan and Greg. Mike and Carol turned to help Marcia up to her bedroom; Marciaís walking was a little unsteady right then, for obvious reasons. Carol and Mike both looked over at the stairwell, and saw the two onlookers. "Greg, Jan; what are you two doing out of bed at this time of night? And what in the world do you think youíre doing down here?" Mike demanded to know. "Uhhh, I was thirsty and just came down to get a glass of water, Dad," Jan stammered. "I donít have any idea what Greg is doing out of bed." Marcia, still crying and furiously trying to rub the sting out of her fiery fanny, notices them and turns a bright, livid red as she realizes what they mustíve seen.

"Jan, you know better than to fib to us, young lady," Carol exclaimed. "Did you and Greg witness Marciaís spanking? If so,Ö.Well, you are both going to be truly sorry for this!" "Oooooooooh, mom; if they saw my bare bottom getting punished; IíllÖ..Iíll just die, thatís what Iíll do," Marcia cried.

Carol put her arm around Marcia to comfort her somewhat. "Itís all right, dear; they are going to pay for what they did. And youíll get to see them making payment too." Carol fixed an angry glare on both Greg and Jan.

"Yes, Marcia; you will have some revenge in this matter. Your brother and sister had no right to see your bottom getting torn up, and theyíre going to have considerable discomfort of their own for sneaking down and watching," Mike consoled his eldest daughter. "And as for you two," Mike stared strictly at Greg and Jan, "I suggest you get back to bed right now, and enjoy whatís left of a good nightís sleep, because youíre NOT going to have another one for quite awhile. You two are lucky; itís already very late, too late for a spanking tonight." Marcia wondered why her dad was saying this now, instead of earlier; it would have certainly enabled her to sleep much more easily.

As Greg and Jan began to turn to head upstairs, their father said to them, "You two, immediately after breakfast in the morning, are going to get a really, good bottom blistering for being out of bed so late, and especially for spying on your poor sister getting her bottom warmed. Iím particularly disappointed in you, Greg. A young man your age should NEVER want to see something like that. Agreed, honey?" Mike turned to Carol, asking her. "Certainly, Mike," she replied. They always supported each other when disciplining the children. "You two are going to have bottoms every bit as red and hot as your sisters; and furthermore, Marcia is going to get to watch you being spanked, in person!" Greg blushed hotly at hearing his motherís last statement, and Jan began crying softly.

Greg trudged back into his room and flopped down on his bed, disgusted at this new turn of events. Was it really worth the painful humiliation he was going to have to suffer in the morning just to get a look at his sisterís glowing bottom? As he thought back to that bright and burning bottom bouncing all around as the hairbrush and paddle flattened out her cheeks, he smiled shyly to himself. Yes, it would be worth it!

Jan, meantime, was already shaking as she thought about what would be happening to her in the morning. Her big sister, despite her envy, was a good big sister. Marcia was always sharing with Jan, and usually willing to listen to her whining; she often even gave Jan advice, which more often than not was good. She felt ashamed of herself for spying on her big sisterís whipping and ultimate, painful humiliation. She wondered how Marcia could ever forgive her. Then, she remembered tomorrow morning again. She was going to be spanked severely for her misdeeds; and Marcia was older, and better equipped to handle the hard paddling she knew she would be getting. Perhaps Marcia could forgive her, after her own bottom had been set on fire.

Marcia meanwhile was slowly and painfully climbing the stairs. Each step up was pure agony; her bruised and battered bottom was throbbing with pain and still causing her to sob. Momís hairbrush and Dadís paddle had certainly made their mark on her fanny, and Marcia resolved NEVER to be late again, and certainly NEVER, NEVER to drink beer again. She was certain sheíd never be able to sit down again; at least the next day was Saturday, and she wouldnít have to go to school. Marcia opened the door and saw Jan sitting on her bed with a guilty look on her face. "Well, I hope you were satisfied, nosy!" she yelled at Jan. "Did you get a good look at my bottom?" Cindy, the youngest of the Bradyís, stirred in her sleep and Marcia became a little quieter. She certainly didnít want little Miss Blabbermouth to know about her punishment. Jan, sobbing quietly, said in a whining voice, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Iím so sorry. I shouldnít have been watching you get spanked. That was mean of me. And Iím so sorry mom and dad hurt you so badly. That was one, HARD whipping you got. Can I do anything to help your pain? I really, really am sorry, Marcia."

Marcia looked at her sisterís contorted face, and decided she was genuinely sorry. Besides, Jan had a very "warm" date coming up in the morning. So she held her arms out to give her sister a hug. The two girls embraced in the middle of the room, and showed their love and concern for each other. "Yes, Jan, if you donít mind, could you get me a cold rag to put across my fannie? Every inch of it feels like itís on fire, and I just know I wonít be able to sleep tonight. Please, Jan," Marcia asked sweetly. Jan was only too glad to try and help her sister; she knew she was going to be having the same burning bottom in the morning, and she knew Marcia would be there to help her. As she went into the restroom to get a washrag wet with cool water, Marcia began the painful process of getting undressed and ready for bed. She hadnít bothered to put her panties back on; in fact, she now realized they were still downstairs because she had kicked them off. Goodness gracious, she hoped Alice, the housekeeper, discovered them in the morning before any of the other kids did. Alice had seen her spanked before, and, while the other kids had known when she was spanked (how could she hide it?), until tonight, none of them had ever actually seen her spanked. Suddenly, she had a wicked looking grin. She was certainly going to enjoy seeing Jan getting her bottom warmed in the morning; and Greg, oh my, her heart fluttered.

Marcia carefully took her miniskirt off, wincing as it rubbed against her blistered bottom. She then simply flopped down on top of her covers, lying face down on the bed, crying again. Jan came out carrying the cold rag, and gasped at the sight of Marciaís upturned bottom. While she had seen it from the stairway, this was her first look at it close up. "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you poor girl," Jan exclaimed. I knew Mom and Dad had done a good job on you back there, but I never dreamed they could have done this good a job. Your bottom is beet red, Marcia; there are blisters all over it. And bruises too. Your poor bottom has really been beaten badly, and itís still blazing too," she said as she bent down to put the cold rag across it. (She could still feel the heat rising from its surface). "Oh Marcia, can you ever forgive me for spying on you?"

Marcia winced again as the cold rag made contact with her HOT bottom; she could almost imagine steam coming off from back there. "Yes, Jan, certainly I forgive you. After all, it wasnít your fault that I came in late and had drunk that beer. And besides, Iíll be seeing your rump getting roasted in the morning, remember," she reminded Jan. "And you are trying to help me, by bringing the cold rags. They do help some. Now get some sleep, little sis; youíre going to need it in the morning." With that, Marcia, lying on her stomach, closed her eyes and attempted to go to sleep. She knew she would be sleeping on her tummy for at least a week. Jan, heartbroken at her sisterís agony, and shattered by her own fears, also laid down, closed her eyes and attempted to get some rest. Neither girl slept that well this particular night, for obvious reasons.

The next morning, Marcia awoke, still with a fire burning in her bottom. She was very, very sore and thought she would ask Mom if she could stay in her pjís that day. She knew she wouldnít be going outside for any reason; even though her parents hadnít formally grounded her, she was, in effect, grounded due to the pain and humiliation she was suffering. Marcia decided to remain in bed, until the other kids had finished breakfast; she really didnít want to have any company.

Jan also woke up, with a fluttering of butterflies in her stomach. She did NOT want to have to go downstairs and face Mom and Dad, because she knew that her bottom would be thoroughly blistered soon afterwards. She lay in the bed, tossing and turning, and trying to come up with a solution to her problem. When she looked over and saw Marcia, still lying face down on top of the covers, with her bare bottom sticking up in the air, Jan gasped with dismay. Marcia's bottom was still fairly red, but now there were white splotches where painful blisters were forming, and also many dark blue bruises showing. Her entire fanny was covered with them, as well as her upper thighs. Jan shuddered at the pain she knew her sister was in, and even worse, at that same sensation waiting for her.

Greg awoke that morning with mixed emotions. While he was dreading the upcoming spankings (he knew Dad would really fire him up good, and Mom was really ticked also last night), he also was reliving his excitement from the night before. Greg had often thought Marcia, his stepsister, was one HOT babe, and when he saw her very HOT bottom last night, he became convinced of it. Although he did feel very sorry for her because of the intense pain she was suffering, he also had to admit that he enjoyed seeing her bright red fanny shaking all around, and wiggling frantically. He was sorry, slightly, that he had watched, and he did have some guilty feelings. But the main thing Greg was sorry about was that he got caught, and was soon going to have his own bottom battered.