Late from a Date - Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Marcia Brady nervously glanced at her watch as she and Rick, her date for this Friday evening silently, and with the lights off, pulled up in front of her parentsí house. It showed 12:30 am, and she gulped with fear. Her parents had a strict curfew of 11:00 pm for the pretty 16 yr old, and she knew she was in big time trouble. "For goodness sakes, keep the car engine quiet, Rick; maybe, just maybe, they are in bed, and I certainly donít wonít to wake them up! And please let me have another squirt of your mouth spray." Why, oh why, had she agreed to drink that one beer, she wondered; it had seemed so harmless an hour ago. But now, with the prospect of facing her parents, it seemed utterly foolish. After spraying her mouth one last time, she kissed Rick good night and got out of the car, carefully closing the door so there was no noise.

Marcia took off her shoes and began tiptoeing up the sidewalk to the front door. Her miniskirt swayed gently in the cool evening breeze, even though it fit tightly across her buxom figure. She was indeed a very cute girl, and many boys admired her beauty; she also was quite friendly, and was indeed considered a good date by everyone, parents included. This is because she was very intelligent and excelled at all school activities. Her parents, Mike and Carol, were indeed very proud of her she thought, at least until tonight. Her siblings on the other hand, particularly younger sister Jan, had an envious streak for her and her accomplishments. She bitterly thought they would be happy to see her in the mess she had created for herself tonight.

She opened the door and quietly slipped into the house,and her long, waist length blonde hair whisked back and forth, as she cautiously looked around the living room. Seeing no one, she breathed a silent sigh of relief and continued towards the stairs. Suddenly a light came on and she heard a voice, freezing her in her tracks. "Marcia Brady, do you know what time it is?" her dad asked in an angry tone. She turned around to see both Mom and Dad standing in the dining room, with arms folded, glaring at her. "Uhhh, itís pretty late isnít it Dad?" she answered haltingly. "You could say that, Marcia; isnít the watch youíre wearing, that we gave you for a birthday present, working any longer?" Mike replied. "Y..yesss sir, it is; I guess itís about 12:30," Marcia replied. She wished the floor would open up and swallow her down into the earth.

"And what time were you supposed to be at home, young lady?" Carol demanded of her daughter. "Well, I guess earlier than this, mom." Carol then walked over to Marcia, taking her by the arm and guided her into the kitchen with Mike.

"Yes, missy, you certainly were! An hour and a half earlier to be exact. And just why, pray tell, are you so late?" Marciaís eyes filled with tears, and she began trembling, frightened by her motherís angry tone. "I donít know, mom; I guess the time just got away from us. Please donít be mad at me. Iím sooooooooory," she wailed. "Itís a little too late to be sorry, Marcia," her dad replied. "You are supposed to be a young lady, who can keep track of the time, not a little girl any longer. And yes, we are angry. Disappointed also. We didnít know if youíd been hurt in an accident, or what had happened Marcia. Didnít you have enough concern for us to let us know what was going on?" Mikeís voice was really angry, and getting louder. Greg, the oldest boy, and Jan, who had been lying awake waiting for Marcia to tell her about her date (she never did, but Jan kept hoping) had crept to the stairwell to observe the remaining events of the night. Marcia, fighting back sobs, said "Iím sorry daddy; that was very thoughtless of me, and Iím sooooooo sorry; please forgive me, mommy and daddy; plllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaassssssssse."

"We will forgive you Marcia, but this is going to involve more than youíre just saying youíre sorry; youíre going to be punished young lady," Carol said as she sat down in a kitchen chair. Marcia paled as she saw her mom pick up a heavy, wooden hardbacked hairbrush off the table. "No mommy; donít spank me please; Iím too old for a spanking." Carol replied, "No, youíre not too old, little girl! As long as you live in our house, youíre expected to follow our rules; and to suffer the consequences when you choose not to do that. Now get over here, right now." Marcia looked back at Mike, her pretty blue eyes appealing to him for mercy; Mike simply shook his head no and said, "Marcia, youíve earned yourself a good fanny blistering, and thatís final. Do what your mother says, young lady."

As Marcia haltingly moved to her motherís side, she began crying softly, well aware of the intense pain she was about to suffer; she had had "discussions" with Momís hairbrush before, and knew it HURT. Carol looked Marcia in the eye and started to scold her some more, when, all of a sudden, she exclaimed "Marcia, what in the world is that I smell on your breath?" Marcia managed to stammer out, "Uhh..uhhh, spearmint, I hope mom." "Excuse me, young lady! I donít think so. Mike, come over here and smell your daughterís breath, and tell me what you think it is."

Mike came over and stood next to Marcia, then made an even more ferocious glare. "Marcia Brady, have you been drinking beer?" he demanded to know. Marcia dropped her head, closed her eyes to hold back the tears and timidly replied, "Yes sir, but I only had a few sips of one. And it tasted horrible!" Mike was fairly livid by now, as he almost shouted, "Havenít we told you NEVER to have a drink, young lady; not EVEN ONE!! Not only are you late, but youíve been drinking also. I think this calls for some extraordinary punishment for your bottom, little girl. You are really going to get a hard, hard whipping tonight."

Mike then left the kitchen, going into his study and came back out shortly carrying his old fraternity paddle. This was a 30" long (with about 15" of spanking surface), 4" wide and 1" thick. It had a taped, two handed grip on the handle, and a dozen holes drilled into its business end. Marcia turned absolutely white when she saw Mike appear with the paddle; she knew what horrible, horrible pain that would inflict on her poor bottom. "Nooooooooooo, daddy, not your paddle, plllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeee!", she began crying. "Anything but that, dadddddddddddd; Iílllllllll just die, if you hit me with it!" "Marcia, youíre going to get your bottom busted with this board in a bit; and that will be for the beer you drank. But first, your mom is going to light a fire in your bottom with her hairbrush. After sheís finished blistering your fanny a fire engine red, then Iíll bruise it black and blue with my paddle." Mike began rolling up his right shirtsleeve as he was telling her this, and simply pointed towards Carol.

Marcia tearfully turned towards Carol, who simply patted her lap with the hairbrush, an oval shaped object about 4 " across. She stood by Carolís side, as she had been taught, in order that Carol could prepare her for the spanking. Meanwhile, Greg and Jan crept down the stairs to get a closer view of the action; Jan was delighted with the impending spanking of her sister, and Greg was becoming rather stimulated. Carol reached out and slowly pulled Marciaís short miniskirt up around her waist, leaving her panty-clad, well- shaped bottom and long slender legs on display. "I hope you realize that youíre going to be spanked like a little six year old girl, instead of a sixteen year old young lady, Marcia. Youíre about to be lying over my knees, with your bare bottom sticking up in the air, being spanked with my hairbrush. Youíre going to be bawling your eyes out, young lady, as this brush paints your fanny a bright, fiery red." With that, Carol slipped her hands inside the waistband of Marciaís panties, and slowly pulled them down to below her knees, leaving her cute, curvy bottom completely on display. "Moooooooooooommmmmmm, noooooooooo; not my bare bottom; Iím ssoooooooooo embarrassed. Itís going to huuuuuuuuuuurt soooooo much. And Dad is watching too; please, pllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaase not on my bare hiney." Marcia was really wailing by now.

"Marcia, you know the rules; ALL spankings are bare bottom. Your dad has seen your naked fanny before, and Iím sure heíll see it again. In fact, heís going to see it up close and personal tonight, when he paddles it. Since you have insisted on behaving like a little girl, thatís why youíre being punished like a little girl. Now, across my knees, Little Girl!" Marcia, crying already, lowered herself across her motherís lap, presenting her plump bottom as an inviting target for the brush. Carol raised the hairbrush, and rubbed the bristled side briskly across Marciaís bottom, causing it to sting and tingle considerably. She always did this first, to make sure the culpritís bottom was at utmost sensitivity for the hairbrush.

Carol then turned the brush over so the flat wooden side was resting on Marciaís reddening bottom. She then began spanking her soundly with it, going from left side to right side, back and forth; the brush, since it had so much surface area covered almost all of Marciaís plump bottom cheek on that side each time it connected. The brush really flattened out Marciaís cheek, and caused excruciating pain to spread through her body, in waves. Carol also placed several well-aimed smacks right across Marciaís tender sit spot, where her thighs met her buttocks. Marcia bucked up each time that evil hairbrush connected with her tender tush, and Carol had to really exert some effort to hold her in place. But she did do that, and also managed to keep Marciaís hands out of the way, as she tried to protect her sore seat.

SSSSSSMMMMMMMMAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!! Went the hairbrush over and over again on poor Marciaís bare bottom, as she bawled her eyes out, and cried loudly. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK On and on went the terrible spanking, till Marcia was certain her bottom was going to break in half. She kicked, squirmed around and did everything possible to relieve the burning, searing pain in her bottom, all to no avail. Every few minutes, Carol again turns the brush over, rubbing the stiff bristles roughly across Marciaís blistered bottom. And it is certainly glowing with heat, thatís for sure!!

"Yeeeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwccccccchhhhhh!!! Oowwwwwww! Pllleaaaaaaaaaseee mommy, stooooop!!! Iím burning up; youíre killing me back there!!!OUUUUUUCCCCHHHHHHHH!!! Donít hhhhhhhhhhhittt meee agaaaain, mommie. Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssseeee sstttttooooppppp!! OOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marsha was absolutely beside herself with pain; she was screaming loudly, and begging for mercy between convulsive sobs. She had reason to be doing this. Carol was really painting her bottom a bright, bright red with that horrible brush. Her bottom looked like a bowl of cherry jello, wiggling all around like it was, and it was blazing HOT!! Still, Carol kept bouncing the hairbrush HARD off her scarlet bottom, and even hit her thighs several times with it. Finally, after 90 searing smacks, Carol put the hairbrush down, and let poor Marcia just lie over her lap, sobbing uncontrollably. She was practically choking on her sobs, and obviously in tremendous pain. But poor Marcia still had a date with her dadís paddle.

Carol allowed Marcia to lie across her lap for several minutes following the end of the hairbrush spanking, with her flaming bottom on display. By this time, Marcia had much more pressing matters to consider other than the fact that her dad was watching her badly blistered, 16 year old bare bottom. In the stairwell, Greg was transfixed over this colorful sight, and Jan even began to feel some sympathy pains for her big sister. Marciaís crying eventually became more under control, and she was merely blubbering, not wailing. Mike brought another chair out into the middle of the floor, and helped Marcia get up off of Carolís lap, a very painful exercise indeed. She had to lean on the chair in order to stand, because the pain was so bad, but she managed to do so.

"All right, Marcia," Mike began. "Your spanking just now was for being 90 minutes late, one smack for each minute. And originally that was the end of what we had planned for you. But now, because you drank the beer, youíre going to get your bare bottom paddled. Bend over the chair, Marcia, and grab its legs in front. Iím going to finish beating your butt." Numbly, Marcia bent over the chair and obeyed her dadís command. Her bright red bottom was sticking up in the air, in a very defenseless position. Mike took the large paddle, with its painful holes, and rubbed it across there. Marcia shuddered, as even the mere touch of the paddle sent waves of painful spasms across her body. After a few moments, Mike raised the paddle into the air, and slammed it full force across Marciaís aching fanny.




This went on until twelve very ferocious licks had been delivered to poor Marciaís bottom. Mike could really swing that paddle; he had gotten quite a reputation while in his fraternity, and Marcia could well attest it was justifiable. Each lick, which landed squarely across both cheeks, caused Marcia to bend her legs and scream in pain. Her bottom felt as hot as the oven, when Alice was cooking a delicious meal in it. And those holes stung like a hundred bees had swarmed onto her rump. Mikeís follow through with the paddle drove her forward, and Marcia had to really struggle to keep from being pushed over. Again, she began crying loudly and sobbing convulsively, because of the intense pain she was suffering. She even began to hiccup, which she hated; but that was always the result of a hard spanking.

Finally the cruel paddling was finished. Now, instead of a flaming red, Marciaís bottom had large blotches all over it, where blackish-blue bruises would soon appear, and which would remain for days. Marcia was certainly going to spend the next few weeks looking for pillow to sit upon, that was for sure. She was wishing that this would have been another football hitting her in the nose; that was a much more pleasant experience.

"Well, Marcia, I certainly hope youíve learned your lesson tonight, little girl," Mike told her. "Your bottom has gotten a good beating tonight, all of which you earned for it. If you are going to be late again, I trust you will let your mom or me know of that well ahead of time, young lady. And the next time you even think of having a beer, think about how your butt feels right now; then decide if itís worth it or not. Do you have anything else to say now, little girl?"

"IÖIím s..s.soo s. ssoorrrrry, mommy and," Marcia managed to stammer out. "I..I waasss a t..terrrible little girl, and I..I de..deserved to have my b..bootÖbottom b..buss..bustted like I did. P..Ppllleaasse forgive mÖme, m..moommm and daaaaddd. Oooooooooooww, I hurt soooo, s..soooo muuuch back there," Marcia sobbed.

"We do forgive you Marcia darling," Carol said, as she tenderly helped her beaten daughter up from the chair. "Despite your behavior tonight, you are still our girl, and we care about you a lot. Why donít you go up to your room, and try and get some rest, honey. Tomorrow, youíre going to be awfully sore, but things will be better."

Carol and Mike turned and started to help Marcia to her room; just then they saw Greg and Jan in the stairway. But thatís another story, for another time.