Marcia's Revenge

The next morning, after breakfast, Alice took Peter, Bobby and Cindy with her to do some shopping. Mike and Carol had Greg, Marcia and Jan come with them to Mikeís study. Marcia was still suffering horrible pain from the spanking and paddling she had endured the night before, and she knew that would be the case for days to come. Greg and Jan were extremely nervous, even scared, because they knew they were about to suffer the same fate. As they entered the study, all three kids viewed Carolís hairbrush and Mikeís paddle, lying on his desk, which were employed just last night. Marcia shuddered as she saw these again, reliving in her mind the painful events from before, and the present reminders she had of them. Greg closed his eyes and sighed heavily, and Jan begin to feel tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Well, Greg and Jan, do you understand what you are here for this morning?" Carol asked them. "Yes, mom, we were watching last night when Marcia got her paddling. And spankings are supposed to be a private affair, for just that kid," Greg softly replied. "Very well put, Greg. Now you are going to pay the penalty for your little spying game. And Marcia is going to get to watch you two have your bottoms blistered, just like you watched hers. Only she will have our blessings," Carol sternly told both Greg and Jan. "Now, Greg; you will wait outside in the living room until your father and I are finished with Jan."

Greg sadly began walking outside, mouthing a silent "Iím sorry" to Marcia, and giving Jan a supportive pat on the shoulder. Jan paled with fright, and began crying, as she saw Carol walk over to the plain chair in the middle of the room, carrying the evil looking hairbrush. Marcia sat down painfully on the sofa in the study, very thankful for the soft cushion, on which she put her hot bottom. Carol motioned for Jan to come over to her; when she did, Carol took Jan by the arm and bent her across her lap. "All right, Jan, you broke one of the family rules, and disobeyed your dad and me. Now you will be paying for this, young lady. In a few minutes, your bottom is going to be blazing and blistered, and youíre going to be having intense pain. I promise youíre going to be crying like a little girl, and wishing you had never watched Marcia last night. Do you understand me, Jan?"

"Y..Yes, mom; Iím soooo, so sorry for disobeying you and dad. I..I shouldnít have been spying on M..Marcia last night. Iím sooorry, Marcia," Jan softly said to her mom and to Marcia. "I deserve toÖ to have my bottom reddened, mom; I behaved very badly and should be p.ppÖpunished severely," Jan managed to haltingly say.

"And so you shall be, Jan," Carol said as she rolled Janís tight miniskirt up around her waist; she then moved Janís very long, waist-length hair off to the side, leaving her panty-clad bottom on display. "Since you were behaving like a little girl, youíre going to be spanked like a little girl, Jan, on your bare bottom!" Carol then proceeded to pull Janís panties down to around her knees. As her bare behind felt the cool breeze from the air conditioner, Jan began crying, and the tears really came; this was partly due to the humiliation of having her bare bottom on display, and partly because she knew her fanny wasnít going to be cool much longer. Marcia looked sadly at her sister; despite the fact that Jan had watched her getting spanked, she really didnít wish this much suffering on her younger sister.

Carol picked up the hard, wooden-backed hairbrush that she had employed on Marciaís bottom the night before so effectively, and briskly rubbed the bristles across Janís bare bottom. This was done to increase the sensation in her bottom, as well as increasing the blood flow at the surface. Jan quickly drew in a breath, as this stinging sensation began to intensify across her bottom. She knew only too well, from past experiences, that this was only the beginning of her suffering. Carol, after having rubbed Janís bottom for a minute or two, turning it a pinkish red, then began spanking the upturned fanny with the back of the brush. Time after time she slammed the wooden brush down hard on Janís rear, alternating from cheek to cheek; the painful blows flattened out Janís bottom each time they hit, leaving a spreading, reddening blotch, and heating it up considerably. Each time the brush connected, it sent waves of pain from Janís bottom throughout her body, causing her to buck up as much as possible off of Carolís lap, kick her legs and cry out loudly.

Smack!! Smash!! Splatt!! Smackkk!!! Smmaaacckkk! Smmacckkk! Slaaaaam!!! Smmmmmaaasshhh!! Sssplllatt!!! Smmmmaccckkkk! SSSMMMAASSHHHH!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!

As Carol continued spanking Janís poor bottom, the pain, and heat, back there grew considerably. Her bottom soon was a blazing, bright red, and indeed had gotten extremely hot. It soon was looking like a watermelon, with very red meat showing. Jan was becoming frantic with her crying, and puddles of tears were forming on the floor underneath her.

OWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Mommmm; please stooooppp!!! Iím burning up!! Ouuuuuuuccchhhhhhhh!!!! I..I..Iím sooooooo, so sorrrrrrreeee!!!

Pleeeeeeassse, mom; Iíllllllll be gooooooood from nooow on!! OWWW!! My poor b..bbooottttom!!! Moooomeeee!! It hÖhh..huuurttts so baad!!

Despite Janís wailing and sobbing, Carol just kept peppering her bottom relentlessly with that awful hairbrush. She stopped three times, turning it over and giving Jan another "rubdown" which magnified the pain tremendously. Jan indeed had a blistered, blazing, battered butt by the time Carol put the brush down, after sixty extremely hard licks. The fire in Janís fanny would have certainly made for an excellent cookout!

Marcia stared with horror as her sisterís bottom turned first a healthy pink, then a glowing red, followed by a bright red, before it ended as a deep, dark red. She remembered back to the night before, when her bottom had been going through these stages, and shuddered with concern, fright and pain, both for her sister and herself. She wished that Jan didnít have to undergo such horrible pain, but was certainly glad it wasnít her bottom that was feeling it again. Greg, waiting outside in the living room, could clearly hear each smack landing on Janís bottom, and the accompanying yell of pain that went along with it. He winced each time, as he thought, soon, Iíll be in that position. As the spanking continued, and Janís seat became sorer and sorer, Gregís nerves grew more and more jumpy.

Finally, Carol was finished pummeling Janís posterior; but, sadly for Jan, her posterior was still to receive more pain. After the sixtieth lick, Carol again vigorously rubbed Janís battered behind with the cruel bristles of the hairbrush, causing her to practically choke on her convulsive sobs. Her bottom was heated up practically to the broiling point, and Jan was one broken, young lady. Following this, Carol let Jan lie across her lap, bawling her eyes out, in tremendous agony. After about ten minutes, when Jan had again regained some control, Carol helped her up to her feet, leading her over to the chair in the middle of the room.

When Jan reached the chair, Carol pushed her over the back of it, leaving her bare, blazing buttocks jack-knifed up into the air. Jan was almost numb from pain, but she still had some feeling left, regretfully. Marcia started crying again when she saw the results of Carolís ferocious hairbrushing on Janís bottom; that deep, deep dark red and wriggling flesh was more than she could bear to look at, given her recent experiences. Mike walked over to Jan, standing off to her right side, and pressed his fraternity paddle to her aching bottom. The mere touch of it caused Jan to jump, from the pain. And he was about to do a lot more than merely touch her with it, she knew.

"Well, Miss Brady, I hope you know that your bottom is about to be busted apart with this board," Mike began scolding Jan. "You had no right whatsoever to even be out of bed that late, much less spying on your poor sisterís misfortune and pain, young lady, and now youíre going to be taught a very painful lesson for what you have done. Are you prepared for this most severe paddling, Jan?"

"Y..Yeess," Jan managed to stammer. But truthfully she was not. Her bottom burned with the intense heat from Carolís hairbrush, and she was virtually overwhelmed by waves of agony. Her knees were knocking together, and if she hadnít been bent over the chair, she probably couldnít have remained standing. Nonetheless, as Mike rubbed the paddle across her bottom, the holes in it pushing down into her bare skin, it was evident she was about to get a bad, bad butt busting, to all in the room.

Mike pulled the paddle back high behind me, and strode forward, delivering it into Janís bottom with much force, landing across both cheeks.


Jan yelled with pain as the paddle sunk across her bottom, with the force almost driving her through the chair. She was seeing stars by now.

Again, Mike drew back and delivered a powerful blow, striking the upper parts of both buttock cheeks, with tremendous force.


Jan struggled mightily, trying to remain on her feet, and somehow did so; but she had to put her hands back to rub her beaten bottom, which Mike did not approve of. "Ohhhhhhhhh NO, you donít, missy, he yelled, as he slapped her hands away. "If you do that again, Jan, that lick will be re-given." This frightened Jan badly and she resolved to not do that again.

The licks kept coming with an agonizingly, repetitious pattern. Mike gave Jan nine very hard licks in all, some of them only aimed at one of her cheeks, doubling the pain she felt. And the last two were given with both hands gripping the paddle, driving the breath out of poor Janís body! These paddle blows were certainly very powerful and were going to leave bruises that would last for some time. Jan was going to be a very, very sore little girl for the next several days.

Marcia couldnít stand watching her sister getting paddled this way; she had to turn her head away, and winced noticeably each time the paddle connected with Janís bottom. Even though Jan had spied on her, and watched her take a horrible whipping, Marcia still felt some sympathy for her sister. She found herself crying, right along with Jan. However, some of Marciaís tears were for her own tender bottom, which was still throbbing with the pain and heat of last nightís festivities.

Greg literally jumped each time he heard that paddle connect with Janís rear (and he could hear it very clearly) ; he knew only too well the excruciating pain she was suffering, and which he soon would be also. He very much felt sorry for her; after all, he had enjoyed seeing Marcia in all of her suffering, as her bottom became hotter and redder. Jan, while she might have enjoyed her sisterís distress, obviously hadnít bargained for the pain she was now having to endure. And Greg very sadly realized that what was about to happen to him would make Janís pain seem pale in comparison.

After the ninth, and final, ferocious lick to her bottom, Jan was simply devastated with the pain she was suffering. Her bottom literally felt like it was being broken into, and was so, so on fire; she imagined a beehive had been set loose on it, with the stinging and burning. Carol walked over to her, pulled her upright to a standing position and roughly pulled her panties up over her swollen seat. She then took Jan by the ear, and continued scolding her, as she pulled her towards the door. "Jan, I hope you have learned a good lesson today. What you did last night is intolerable; you should be ashamed of yourself, young lady. You had no right to see your sister being punished. Is that understood, Jan?"

Jan was unable to answer, as Carol opened the door; she was in too much agony to even stammer out a simple answer. Greg was overwhelmed when he saw the distress, pain and tears all over Janís face, and the look of fury on his motherís face. In the background, he could see a furious, and determined Mike, still holding the paddle, and a sobbing, frightened, hurting Marcia, sitting, very uncomfortably on the sofa. Carol then began talking to both children; "Jan, go directly to your room; you will remain there for the rest of the day, until, or unless, your father or I tell you that you may leave. You are going to stay there the rest of the weekend. Greg, itís your turn now, young man. Come into the study, for your punishment."