Marcia's Trick, Our "Treat"

Marcia Brady couldn't believe she could have gotten into this much trouble, over just a simple halloween prank. Everyone knew that Mrs. Landers was just an old meanie, and a prude on top of that. Just because Marcia, and some of the other girls, had dared to wear a short skirt (too short, it seems), Mrs. Landers had reported them to the assistant principal, and now they all had a week of detention. Well, they certainly weren't going to take this lying down, without some sort of revenge. And since Halloween was here, what better way than to redecorate the outside of Mrs. Landers' house?

The girls arrived after sunset that frightening night, parked their car down the street (to avoid detection) and stealthily crawled down to the Landers' yard, armed with several rolls of Charmin'. Jean and Audrey and Lynnette and the other girls were equally as determined as Marcia to gain satisfaction at the expense of Mrs. Landers. It would indeed be sometime before she would measure another girl's skirt length, they were all certain. As they approached the house, Marcia went ahead first, with the ammunition; she was going to start the rolling, and the others would follow her, and add the finishing touches. Yes, they had planned this out ahead of time. After all, Marcia belonged to an architecht's family, and if there was one thing she understood (besides boys), it was home design.

Marcia started unrolling the toilet paper at one end of the house, having taped it down to begin the journey. She progressed very rapidly, and was thoroughly enjoying herself, and was completely engrossed with the task at hand. As she finished first one roll, then another, then another, she began to think what a relaxing feeling all of this was, and how she wouldn't really even mind the days of detention any longer (even if her parents found out about it, which they hadn't yet.) She was so involved in her decorative work, that she didn't hear the other girls whispering at her, even when they became more frantic. Suddenly, Marcia noticed the glare of a flashlight on her face, and suddenly she realized she wasn't alone any more; as she looked up, her worst fears were realized. Mrs. Landers was her company. Then, even more sickening, she heard from the distance, a car speeding away.

What could Marcia do? She was caught redhanded, with the evidence still in her hand, even. She simply looked at Mrs. Landers, unable to speak even, much less move. Here she was, caught wrapping a teacher's house with toilet paper on Halloween! How could she ever explain this to Mom and Dad, especially if the detention problem were brought up? And Mrs. Landers did NOT look at all amused; she probably didn't even appreciate Marcia's decorative skills!

"Marcia, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" Mrs. Landers asked. "Just what are you doing with all this toilet paper, and all the other pieces that have already been put around my house? I think you and I need to go inside and place a call to your parents,
Marcia. Perhaps there are other incidents that they need to be made aware of that have happened at school recently." Marcia merely knodded glumly, as Mrs. Landers led her into the house, and made the dreaded phone call.

Shortly afterwards, as Marcia was on the way home, in the back of the family station wagon, and Mom and Dad sat silently in the front seat, she began weeping. This was NOT going to be one of her better nights, she was already sure of that. Both her parents were very apologetic to Mrs. Landers, and made it clear to both her and Marcia, that there would be heck to pay when they got back home. It was very apparent that soon Marcia would not be just red handed, but very red bottomed as well. The fact that her parents hadn't spoken to her at all on the way home seemed to add to her impending doom; there didn't seem to be much of an opportunity for Marcia to get out of this one.

As they walked into the front room, Carol told the other kids that she and Mike were going to be "speaking with Marcia in the study." They already knew Marcia was in some sort of trouble, from the way their parents had left suddenly after the phone call earlier that
evening, but didn't realize it was leading up to this. Alice was going to wait for Cindy and Bobby in the kitchen, when they arrived back with their loot. Peter and Greg suddenly remembered that the opener of the NBA season was on the radio tonight, and decided they should listen to the game on the radio upstairs. And Jan decided that her book report, even though not due till next week, couldn't wait another moment to be finished. Thus, Marcia, and her parents were left alone in the study.

"Young lady, and I'm not sure if you're indeed one of those tonight, we are very, very disappointed with you," Carol told Marcia. "These actions tonight are certainly NOT something we condone, and we will NOT tolerate them. You, at least your fanny, will be paying dearly for this, Marcia." As Marcia began crying, somewhat in earnest now, Carol said "Save those tears for later, little girl; you're going to be needing them then. Now, come over here, right NOW!"

Marcia hesitantly walked over to Carol, who had sat down on a chair, and stood beside her. She moaned as her mom pulled her jeans, then her panties, down to around her knees, and then pulled Marcia across her lap. Carol then began spanking Marcia's upturned bottom, hard, with her hand, across both cheeks, alternating from one to the other. As the heat grew in Marcia's buttocks, she began squirming across Carol's lap, but Carol had a secure hold on her, and wiggling wasn't easy. Her fanny was subjected to the full force of the spanking, and began reddening as it continued. Carol had been working out, and lifting weights recently, and her new found strength and endurance were readily apparent, at least to poor Marcia. The fire began to grow, and spread, as Marcia's crying became harder, and her legs began kicking. Despite this, Carol continued the consistant, rhythmic splatting of her cheeks, flattening them out with each smack, and covering her upper thighs as well.

Her bottom soon began to resemble cherry jello more than soft, girlish flesh, and it was apparent that she would have to sleep on her tummy tonight.Finally, Carol stopped the blistering onslaught on Marcia's behind, and picked her up off of her lap. Sadly, for Marcia, the punishment wasn't over for her yet; in fact, the worst was yet to come. Now,
it was Mike's turn to "adjust Marcia's attitude." He was determined to do that in a most painful manner, with his belt. As he took his belt off from the pants loops, and doubled it over, Marcia simply stared in wide eyed fear. Despite her physical discomfort (which was
considerable right now), she knew what that belt was capable of doing, as she had felt its not so soothing effects many times before. Her legs became weak, and,if she could've managed to run out of the room, she would have. Mike took no mind of this, nor of her
already blazing bottom, as he bent over over the back of the chair, leaving her fiery fanny jutting up into the air.

He then swished the belt back, and brought it down HARD across Marcia's aching cheeks, causing waves of pain to shoot through her body. This was repeated several more times (two dozen total); each one caused Marcia to shriek, and dig her hands into the chair legs. The agony she was enduring was almost unimaginable, especially since this belt whipping was following such a thorough hand spanking (sixty licks in all) from her mother. As Mike finally finished, Marcia's bottom was fire engine red, and white blisters were showing already across it. It was apparent she wouldn't be sitting comfortably for a long, long time. In fact, she probably wouldn't even mind if Mrs. Landers made her stand in the corner the next day!

Finally, Marcia's punishment was over. Her bottom had been badly beaten tonight, and she was going to have an awfully sore seat for quite awhile. Her behind was already beginning to swell, and those cute bikini panties, and short dresses, she so much enjoyed wearing,
wouldn't be an appropriate clothing choice for the next few days at least. Moreover, she would have to face all her brothers and sisters tomorrow at breakfast, probably standing up, and undergo all their ridicule. And ALL the other girls had escaped. This would certainly be one Halloween Marcia would long remember, as much as she would
love to forget it!!