Marcia's Revenge - Part B

Greg turned and watched Jan slowly stumble her way to the stairs, and begin climbing them, obviously suffering horrible pain. Her face was red, as he suspected her bottom also was, she was sobbing, the tears were still flowing down her cheeks and she was frantically rubbing her butt with one hand, while holding on to the stair well with the other. Her ascent up the stairs to her bedroom was a very slow, agonizing one, and Greg was indeed feeling sorry for his little sister. Almost as sorry for her, as he feared for his own comfort and well being.

"Greg. Into the study NOW!" Carol demanded. "Your father and I have some very important business to conduct with you, young man. And Marcia, our witness, most likely would like to be lying down in her bedroom, on her tummy, as soon as possible." Greg, with downcast eyes and a look of genuine fear on his face, slowly walked into the study, to face his dad and the waiting paddle. Tears started forming in his eyes, as he knew his butt would soon be busted, but good. Marcia looked up from her couch, and mouthed a silent "Itís okay" to Greg. But it wasnít; it was far from okay.

"All right, young man; what you did last night was completely and utterly out of bounds," Mike said, as he began lecturing Greg. "When we have to punish one of you kids, that is a private matter, and no one elseís business. The fact that this was your sister, whom you spied on, makes this even more disgusting. I am very, very disappointed in your actions, Greg, and you ARE going to be punished most severely. Your mother and I intend to see that your bottom is throbbing with heat and pain for a long, long time, young man. In fact, youíre going to be feeling more like a little boy who has gotten his rear end busted, more than a young man, believe me. And Marcia is going to see all of this happening to you, Greg."

With that, Mike motioned Greg over to the chair, and then handed Carol the paddle. Greg, seeing this, blanched with fear, and said, "Mom, arenít you going to use your hairbrush on me?" Carol smiled grimly, and replied, "No Greg; your father and I have decided your bottom deserves a more solid punishment than my brush could give it. Iím going to paddle your bare bottom black and blue with your dadís fraternity paddle here; then, your dad is going to blister your butt with his belt, young man. Now come over here and assume the position, across the chair back."

Mike had repositioned the chair, so that when Greg bent over it, his rear was facing Marcia. This was indeed horribly humiliating for him, even if there werenít any physical pain involved; but he knew there would be a considerable amount of that also in a few minutes. Marcia, although she had been furious at Greg earlier (as furious as she could be, with all the pain she was suffering) did feel some sympathy for him. She was indeed wishing she could now be in her bed, not just for the added physical comfort, but because she really didnít want to witness Gregís beating. Nonetheless, here he was with his bottom bent over facing her, about to get it paddled and belted, after it had been bared. Marcia shivered with concern for Greg, painful reminisces of her own paddling and, she had to admit, a certain amount of excitement.

Carol reached down and pulled Gregís warmups down to his ankles, then slowly pulled his briefs down to beneath his knees, exposing his bare bottom. Gregís muscular legs were topped by his equally muscular hips and buttocks; it was apparent that he had an athletic body. Carol picked up the paddle, rubbed it against his bare bottom and then swung it forward with maximum force. CCCCRRRRRAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!! The paddle connected with Gregís bare bottom, driving him forward into the chair; the holes in the paddle dug down into Gregís skin, leaving tiny blisters. Carol, although not nearly as big as Mike, was still able to swing that big board with stinging emphasis; the effects from her might not have been as great as from Mike, but she definitely was a solid second place paddler, as far as Greg was concerned.

As Carol pulled the paddle away from Gregís bottom, a reddish tinge was already making its appearance back there, very visibly. Gregís bottom had been a pale white, in sharp contrast to his well tanned legs; now, it was going to have some color of its own. Marcia winced as the paddle impacted Gregís behind. She had a much closer and direct view of his punishment than she had Janís, and could really tell how badly that one must've hurt. The impact also brought back her own painful memories of the encounter she had with the paddle last night. Carol said, before continuing, "Okay, Mister Greg, youíre going to learn now just what watching your sister getting her fanny fired up can cost you. That was just a preliminary lick, young man. The main event is about to begin."

Carol began pummeling Gregís poor, defenseless posterior HARD with that cruel paddle. She alternated from cheek to cheek, often using both arms to swing the board, as well as putting her back and legs into the swing as well. She really laid some solid licks onto Gregís bottom, and he was frantically wiggling his bottom and stomping his feet, trying, in vain, to relieve the intense pain and horrendous heat he was suffering. It really did feel like several firecrackers had exploded inside his bottom!!!








"Owwwwwwwwww!!!! Mooooommmmmm, plllllleeeeeeasse, stop; nooooo morrre, mom!!! YYYEOOWWWWW!!! Aaaaaarggghhhhhhh, I canít take any mooooooooreeeeee!!! Youíreeeee killing me, mooooooom. Iímmmm sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy!!!! Pleasssssssssse, stop!!! Ouch! OOOOUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!." Greg was practically blubbering with pain, shortly into the paddling. He really hadnít realize his mother could swing a paddle this hard!!!

Despite Gregís pleas for mercy, Carol continued beating his bottom with that paddle. Each lick was delivered with at least the same amount of force as the ones before, if not more. Not only was she not weakening as the paddling continued, she was actually growing stronger; at least Greg would vote that way. Several of the licks were given so severely, it took all of Gregís strength just to remain in position; his breath left him many times, and his sobbing became convulsive. Finally after twenty excruciatingly painful licks, Carol put the paddle down, and motioned for Mike to take over the spanking duties.

Marcia was absolutely horrified at all of this awful pain her mother was inflicting on poor Gregís bottom. She had watched it change colors, very rapidly becoming a bright, burning red with hot blistering blotches covering it. Then, as the paddling continued, large, painful, black and blue bruise began appearing all over back there. Greg was certainly going to be eating his meals standing the next few weeks, she was sure. And this paddling did rekindle the fire in her bottom as well. Marcia was very uncomfortable sitting up, even though she was on the soft cushions of the sofa. Her bottom had by now regained its sensitivity, and she was finding it extremely painful to sit; watching Gregís bottom redden and sizzle only added to her misery.

Mike took his large belt up from the floor behind the desk, and walked over to Gregís side. It wasnít one he wore; there was really only one use for it, which poor Greg was about to experience. This belt was about 3" wide and Ĺ" thick; Mike had doubled it over, making its new length about 20", more than adequate to cover Gregís throbbing bottom. "All right, son," Mike said to Greg, "as I told you before, Iím awfully disappointed in your choosing to spy on your sister. That was NOT the type of thing I would expect one of our sons to do; I thought you were more of a gentleman than that. Your sister had behaved very badly, and truly deserved all the painful punishment she received. But she did NOT deserve to have you seeing her bare bottom being beaten, blistered and bruised. Now she is going to get to see your getting that treatment, young man."

Mike lifted the belt behind him, took a step back, then strode into Greg, swinging the doubled-up belt full force into his blazing bottom. He connected with a powerful, burning blow, leaving a red welt across Gregís backside, leaving Greg delirious with the newly introduced pain, and Marcia crying for her poor brother. Marcia had always had sort of a crush on Greg, ever since the families had been blended together, some five years earlier, and she couldnít stand to see him suffering so.







Mike slammed that belt into Gregís bottom and upper thighs a full three dozen times, before laying it down. When he had finished, Gregís bottom looked like the top of a distorted barbeque grill, which had a full set of coals roasting underneath it. Gregís bottom was crisscrossed in angry, red welts, many of which were broken; tiny drops of blood were oozing out of them. This, along with the bruises and blisters already formed from the effects of Carolís paddling gave Greg a truly patriotic bottom all over; it was bright red and blue; but instead of white, there were also some dark blue, even black bruises appearing.

Greg was beyond pain by the time Mike was finished. He had NEVER, EVER felt anything like this, and never, ever had any desire to do so again. He was even beyond crying, by the time the beating had finished; he had no tears left, it seemed. However, he had done a lot of crying, even screaming, as Mike had been applying the belt to his butt; it had been a truly horrible experience.

Marcia was heartbroken, and filled with pain, both her own, and for her brother. The belt was very rarely used in the Brady home, and she resolved that she would avoid it at all costs. She sat there rubbing her own bottom, as she watched Gregís get torn up. Each blow caused her to wince mightily and close her eyes, which were constantly overflowing with tears. When Mike had finished with Greg, he simply told Marcia she could go back to her room; she ran out of the study as fast as her blazing bottom would allow her, just to escape the awful demonstrations she had just witnessed, both on Janís and Gregís bottoms.

Greg literally could not move. The pain was so horrendous he could only lie across the chair, sobbing; what little tears, if any, he had left, he was bawling them out of his eyes. Mike helped him to stand up, and pulled his underwear back up around his waist, very roughly. This caused fresh spasms of pain to travel through Gregís body, as the fabric came into contact with his blazing, beaten and swollen bottom. Greg then had to painfully take the long, LONG and agonizing walk back to his room, where he finally collapsed on his bed. He bitterly thought to himself that no girl was worth all this misery, not even his beautiful stepsister, Marcia.