A Date to Forget

Jason Walton was very glad he and his fourteen year old friend, Garry, had reconciled their past problems over the “recipe” incident involving the Baldwin ladies, and Grandpa Walton. Although he still bore the remaining marks of the ferocious switching Grandpa had given him, some three weeks ago, and it still hurt considerably when he sat a certain way, Jason was convinced that he would never drink the recipe again, at least by stealing it. He felt Garry shared his passion for giving up a life of larceny and drunkenness also. In fact, the boys’ friendship had become stronger, if anything, over this incident. Garry had even confided to Jason that he really did have a desire to date Jason’s thirteen-year old sister, Mary Ellen. It was a simple matter for Jason to discover she felt the same way about Garry; after all, he was the star pitcher on the town baseball team. Thus, when the big church social came around at the end of the month, Jason got to play matchmaker, and was successful.

On the appointed Saturday night, Garry showed up at the Waltons, wearing his Sunday best. He gulped, somewhat nervously, as he saw Grandpa Walton sitting in the living room, along with John and Olivia, Mary Ellen’s and Jason’s parents. Neither of them were overjoyed about the prospects of Garry going to the social with their oldest daughter, but they had no strong objections either; in fact, Grandpa was the one who had convinced them that Garry would most likely be the perfect gentleman tonight. That, and a conversation John had had with Garry’s father earlier in the week, which he was about to relate to Garry.

“Now Garry,” John began the obligatory predate lecture all fathers seem to give when their daughters are concerned, “we expect certain behaviors out of both you and Mary Ellen tonight. Her mother and I have already discussed those with her, but we’d like to make sure you understand them as well. Okay?” John looked directly at Garry with a fierce glare that made him want to melt down into a floor crack. What in the world had Jason gotten him into?

“Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Walton. I learned my lesson awhile back, when the old Mr. Walton, er, uh I mean Jason’s grandpa had that ‘discussion’ with me. I do plan on being the perfect gentleman tonight, and behaving myself just fine with your lovely daughter, Sir.” Garry blushed, as he replied, and thought he was really doomed at the ‘old Mr. Walton’ remark, as Zeb (Grandpa) sat up straighter on hearing that one. “Why, I’ll hold the door open for her, and I’ll pour her punch, and if we come across any puddles, I’ll put my coat down for her to walk over them. I surely wouldn’t want you thinking otherwise, Mr. Walton; honest injun.”

John smiled slightly, and replied, “Well, I’m sure you will, Garry. But just in case, I had a talk with your daddy earlier this week, and he gave me his blessing on this. IF Anything, Anything at all, goes badly tonight, he gave me his permission to go ahead and tan your hide, myself. And I intend to do just that. Now, I know that even though this is a church barn dance, that sometimes people bring extra ‘refreshments’ in to partake of; I’ve been to a few of these myself. I do NOT want you or Mary Ellen drinking anything but the punch the church ladies have prepared, do you understand me, young man?” Garry glumly nodded his head yes; what else could he do? “And Mary Ellen is to be home by ten-thirty tonight; none of these late night shenanigans for you two. And you’d better not be doing anything more than holding hands with her, or you’ll be answering to me, Garry. My little girl isn’t ready for other things yet!”

Garry blushed again on hearing these last remarks; after all, he was a growing boy, just beginning to sow his oats, so to speak, and he had been looking forward to getting a few kisses from Mary Ellen tonight. Well, he thought to himself (but didn’t dare say out loud) what the old man doesn’t know couldn’t hurt him. “Yes sir, I understand perfectly sir. And you have my word, I won’t be touching Mary Ellen tonight, other than while we’re dancing. And even then, I’ll keep a respectable distance from her.”

“I appreciate that, boy,” John replied. Just then, Mary Ellen made her appearance on the stairs, followed by her grandmother, Esther. She was dressed in a plain cotton frock, but she looked absolutely glamorous in it, Garry thought. Esther had picked some flowers earlier, and had put them in her hair. Although Mary Ellen was more used to wearing overalls, and liked being a baseball player more than a lady, it was obvious to Garry that she was a young lady, at least tonight. John and Zeb both beamed at her, and Olivia walked over to her, and hugged her.

“Thank you for helping, Grandma,” Olivia said. “Mary Ellen does look beautiful tonight. And you, young lady, remember what your father and I said to you earlier. I expect you to behave like the lady I know you can be, Mary Ellen.” (In the past, Mary Ellen had been known to exhibit non-ladylike attributes quite often, so this was the reason behind the warning.) “And remember, you are to be by ten-thirty tonight; after all, tomorrow morning is Sunday School and Church. Your father has just talked to Garry and let him know how we expect him to behave, so I don’t want to hear any bad reports on either of you from the WMU ladies at church.”

Mary Ellen and Garry, after telling everyone goodbye, went on to the church for the social, the words of warning still ringing in both their ears. They did have a fine time at church that evening, so fine in fact that the time got away from them. When they finally left the church, and began the walk back to the Walton home, it was already ten-thirty, though neither of them noticed it at the time. The night was warm, and the moon was shining brightly. Garry had already decided that he did like Mary Ellen really well, and was determined to steal a kiss from her underneath the stars, as they walked hand in hand, home together. They had both managed to stay away from the more potent punch some of the older boys had brought to the dance, but the also had noticed the romantic overtures these boys were making towards their dates for the night. Garry, for one, wanted to be just like the older guys; Mary Ellen wasn’t really sure if she wanted to be like the older girls.

As they were walking, and talking sweetly to each other, they came up on a large tree stump beside the road. Garry convinced Mary Ellen (it didn’t take much work) to sit down and rest for awhile, and look up at the sky. He put his arm around her, and tried to snuggle her next to him. At first she refused, but soon his boyish charms overcame her good reasoning and she allowed him to pull her body next to his. He then began kissing her, which she enjoyed at first; but, when he tried to put his tongue into her mouth, she objected to this, and began pulling away from him. “Garry!” she screamed at him, “what type of girl do you think I am!” As she pulled away, his hand tightened on her dress. In the slight struggle that developed from this, he tore her dress from the collar down to the sleeve; this didn’t look too wonderful for the two youngsters, as they knew there would have to be considerable explaining as to exactly how this happened. Worse, Mary Ellen did manage to escape and began running away, laughing, into the night (she hadn’t noticed the torn dress yet.) As Garry chased her, she tripped on a log in the road, stumbled and fell into the stream running alongside the road. While Garry was helping her out of the creek, he accidentally tore her other dress sleeve, and even fell into the stream himself.

As the youngsters surveyed the situation, when they both got out, they were aghast. Here they were, both soaking wet, and Mary Ellen’s dress was torn considerably, on both sides; indeed, on one side, it was torn badly enough to expose her bosom (if she had had one). It was now that they looked at their watches, and discovered, much to their dismay, it was already eleven-thirty. They realized that they must have been walking very slowly and paying lots of attention to the stars and other things, but knew that her parents probably wouldn’t think the same thing.

Garry and Mary Ellen hurried on to the Waltons’ home, aware they were already an hour late, but they hoped to lessen John’s and Olivia’s fury by making as much haste as humanly possible. On the way, they tried, vainly, to think of some suitable excuse for their tardiness, but, alas, were not able to come up with one. They completely forgot about their both being wet, and the torn dress Mary Ellen was wearing. This had indeed turned out to be a date to forget, even though it had begun as a promising night for both of them.

As they reached the Walton’s house, they saw, to their dismay, both John and Olivia waiting on the front porch; and they did NOT look happy. Before either of the kids could say a thing, John thundered at Garry, “Boy, it’s time you and me went into the garage for a serious ‘discussion’ on the finer points of leather crafting. What do you mean bringing my daughter home over an hour late, Garry?” Then, John noticed Mary Ellen’s torn dress, and really got angry. “And what is the meaning of that torn dress; you had told me you would be a gentleman tonight. Looks like you need to be taught some manners about how to be a gentleman, Garry; I don’t know of too many of them that go around trying to tear their date’s dress off of them. And don’t worry. While I’m tending to you, Mary Ellen’s mother is going to be making quite an impression on her about how to behave like a young lady, I promise you.”

An angry John Walton led a frightened Garry off towards the barn, intending to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget. John had been worried sick about his daughter, Mary Ellen, not coming home for over an hour past her curfew time, but when he saw her torn dress, and soaking wet body, he got MAD!! He knew Olivia, his wife, would tend to his daughter’s backside very effectively, but right now he had business to perform on young, 14-year-old Garry’s. As they headed off towards the barn, Mary Ellen was left sobbing, standing next to her momma; she was unable to offer any defense for poor Garry, which made John even more determined to execute the sentence at hand (or on the bottom, as it were.)

As they entered the barn, John demanded “Boy, just what do you mean, keeping my girl out till all hours, and trying to rip her dress off of her?” Obviously, he was very upset, and Garry rapidly came to the conclusion that he really didn’t want an answer to his question. He simply replied, “But, sir, we didn’t do anything wrong, honest. We were just walking home looking at the stars, and I guess the time got away from us.” “Shut up, boy; I don’t want to hear any flimsy excuses. I was a boy once myself, and I know good and well what you were doing! And I DON’T like it one little bit. Now you’re going to get it, mister; just remember your daddy has already given me permission.”

With that, John simply pointed towards the saddle block in the barn, motioning Garry over towards it. Garry had an awful feeling down in the pit of his stomach, as his own daddy had taken him to their barn many times in the past; he didn’t think he was going to be enjoying the next several minutes at all, and was very certain he would be more than happy to stand for the singing at church the next day. As Garry bent over the block, John removed a large leather razor strop from the barn wall, and doubled it. “Garry, your paw doesn’t whip you on your pants, does he?” John asked the frightened boy. Glumly, Garry raised back up and unbuckled his pants, letting them slide down to his knees, before again bending over. John walked over to him and pulled his undershorts down also, exposing the boyish bottom, which was now twitching in nervous dread. “All right, boy, this is for taking advantage of one of my little girls,” John roared as he raised the strap high in the air, swishing it down across Garry’s unprotected bottom.


When John had finished giving a full dozen licks across Garry’s bottom, it was a brilliant tomato reddish color; deep bruises were already beginning to appear back there. This was as bad as any whippings Garry had ever received from his dad, and even made Grandpa Walton’s switching from before seem mild. Garry had managed to take the first few without crying, but by the end of it, he was sobbing loudly, and certainly in terrible pain. His bottom was surely going to be horribly agonizing to sit upon for the next several days, and this night would not soon be forgotten. John put the strap down finally, and sat down, waiting for Garry to catch his breath, and get himself under control. He also didn’t want Garry to see, not even to hear what was going on out in the yard with his date from the night.

“Well, Garry,” John said after a few minutes, “I hope you have learned a good lesson tonight. It’s not wise to mess around with a daddy’s little girl, under any circumstances, wouldn’t you agree?” Garry managed to stammer out, still crying, “Y..Yes S.S…Sir. I…I’m soorrrrry I wasn’t the perfect gentleman with M..Mary Ellen.” But he thought to himself, if he had to suffer this much pain for nothing, he would make every effort to get a kiss from her, at least, in the very near future.

As Mary Ellen waited in the front yard, and saw Garry being led into the barn by her daddy, she became very concerned for him. She couldn’t ever remember her father being this angry, except maybe with her oldest brother John Boy, some time ago, and that was over a girl also. She really felt sorry for Garry, and wanted to do something to help him, but couldn’t get her voice to say anything. Suddenly, she was brought back to reality, as her mother swatted her across the bottom very hard. “And what do you have to say for yourself now, young lady?” Olivia wanted to know. Mary Ellen only then realized that Garry wasn’t the only one in trouble.

“Momma, we didn’t do nothing wrong, really. We were just having fun, and didn’t realize how late it was getting,” Mary Ellen started explaining. But her mother’s angry expression showed that she wasn’t going for this story, even though it was mostly true; Mary Ellen had deservedly developed the reputation of not telling the whole truth at times, when it suited her purposes. Olivia began leading, practically dragging, a very frightened and reluctant 13-yr-old across the yard to the large pear tree in the middle of it. Mary Ellen knew only too well from past experiences the “fruit” of the tree would not be a tasty treat in instances like this, and began sobbing even before they had gotten over to it. “Please, momma; not a switching. I’m sorry, and I’ll be good, honest to goodness. Don’t switch me momma!”

“It’s too late for that, Mary Ellen. About one hour too late, I believe. And your dress, and being soaking wet; and here I was actually beginning to think you had become a young lady! Silly, silly me; and sore, sore you!! Now pick yourself out a switch, Mary Ellen; and it had better be a good one!” Haltingly, Mary Ellen looked at the tree, which she had climbed so many times, to select a proper limb; she knew that if her mother didn’t approve of the one she chose, it would mean only a worse whipping, in the end. She chose one, about three feet long, broke it off and offered it to her mom. “Well, don’t just stand there with it, girl; strip off all the leaves,” Olivia demanded. “I don’t want anything to be in the way of that switch and your skin.”

A trembling Mary Ellen began removing all the leaves and small twigs away from the long, limber switch. As she was doing this, she began hearing the sounds of the strap connecting with Garry’s bottom out in the barn, and the accompanying sobbing from him. Mary Ellen swallowed hard, closed her eyes tightly and began sobbing herself, as she stripped the switch. When she had finished, she again offered it to Olivia, who accepted it this time. “Very good, young lady. You have chosen wisely. Now, I said I wanted the switch to connect directly with your skin, so before leaning against the tree, pull your dress up all the way in back.”

Mary Ellen reluctantly pulled her dress up in back, exposing her panties, which she knew she would soon be relieved of, and leaned up against the old tree's bark, holding to it tightly. Her tears really began flowing now, as she knew what she was about to receive (and it would NOT be pleasant!) True to her thoughts, Mary Ellen felt her mother sliding her panties down to around her ankles. Then a horribly agonizing few minutes of searing, hot pain commenced, as Olivia whipped that punitive limb across her backside, time and time again. Not only was her bottom getting striped by it, but also the backs of her legs, from thighs down to almost her ankles.


Finally after about fifty cutting applications, Olivia decided Mary Ellen’s backside had suffered enough, and put the switch down. There were angry red welts all over her bottom, thighs and calves. Mary Ellen was in intense agony, that was certain, and her cries were quite loud. In fact, Grandma Walton even looked out the window to see what all the commotion was about; she smiled approvingly when she saw Olivia holding the switch standing next to a beaten Mary Ellen. Her skin was even broken in places, and blood droplets were oozing out. Yes that pear switch certainly had had a disastrous effect on Mary Ellen’s tender posterior. Glumly, she realized, the marks on her calves would be visible for quite a few day, and all the kids at school would know that she had been whipped, and whipped badly. She gasped, and realized that Garry would also know that as well. Mary Ellen really did admire him in a strange sort of way, and NOT just because he was the best pitcher on the team now. Oh well, perhaps later, after hers (and his) bottoms had healed somewhat they could show their feelings more so for each other.

The End