Cincy's Comeuppance

When Carol had finished with Bobby, she left him sobbing, lying face down on his bed, with his bright red bottom facing upward. Carol was satisfied that between Alice and her, young Bobby would be awfully careful about running through the house again. As Carol walked down the hallway, she looked at her hairbrush, and realized it hadn’t finished being utilized yet this particular time. She still needed to ‘discuss’ the events leading up to Bobby’s spanking with her youngest daughter, Cindy.

Carol walked back into the kitchen, and saw that Alice had returned from the store. “Alice, I know Cindy wasn’t in here with Bobby, but do you think she could have played a role in this mess? Surely, he had some excuse to be running through here like a wild Indian.” Alice said, “You know, that’s just what Bobby told me. He was an Indian, galloping away from Marshal Cindy. And I did see her by the patio door, for just a moment, before she ran the opposite way. I would say Miss Cindy deserves some attention from that also, Mrs. Brady,” Alice said as she looked at the hairbrush Carol was carrying.

“Yes, Alice, you’re absolutely right,” Carol said. “My youngest daughter is about to have a painful encounter between this brush and her bottom. We have got to get these kids to behave responsibly.” Carol then walked over to the sliding glass patio door, opened it and yelled loudly, “Cynthia Brady, get in this house NOW!!” Cindy, playing out in the back yard, on hearing her full name being called by her mother, jumped and immediately began coming back inside. She knew that Cynthia meant serious problems, most likely for her behind.

Cindy came back into the kitchen, with a puppy dog look on her face, and a loving smile. “Yes, mommy, what do you want?” When she saw the hairbrush, she had a sinking feeling in her stomach, and pretty much knew what her mother wanted. She instinctively rubbed the back of her shorts, and wished she had thicker ones on today. “I’ve been really busy playing this morning, mommy; and I’ve been really, really good too. Haven’t I, Alice?” Cindy desperately hoped the friendly housekeeper would support her assertion, but she somehow doubted it.

“Well, that’s not what I hear, young lady,” Carol said. Cindy inwardly shuddered at the ‘young lady’, which almost always meant serious problems for her bottom. “Now, Cynthia,” Carol continued, “Alice tells me that you and Bobby were playing outside, when you chased him into the house. He then ran into Alice and made this… this disgusting mess,” Carol scolded Cindy, as she waved her hand around the kitchen. “Is that what happened, little girl? Because you know how your father and I feel about you kids running inside the house.”
“Yes ma’am,” Cindy sadly said. “We’re not supposed to run in the house, I know. But I wasn’t mommmmiiieeeee. I stopped outside, and didn’t follow Bobby inside. He was the one who was running, and he should be the one who gets punished, not me!!” Cindy looked up at Carol, her big, blue eyes imploringly pleading with her to escape a spanking.

“Bobby has been punished, Cindy. And so are you, young lady! Even though you didn’t actually run in the house, you played a part in this. Now let’s go into the living room; Alice, why don’t you come also,” Carol instructed both the other people. “Cindy, you are going to have a hard lesson in how to behave properly inside the house, I’m afraid.”

Cindy began walking slowly into the living room, already with tears forming in her eyes. She was the baby of the family, in age, and certainly was a baby when it came to getting spanked. Cindy had had many a painful trip across her mother’s lap in the past, and she was really dreading this upcoming one, and the hot bottom that would result from it. As she walked into the room, Cindy’s mind was wondering if the hairbrush would be used, and whether or not it would be on her bare bottom.

Carol sat down on the sofa, smoothed her dress out, then gave the dreaded command, “Cindy, come over here and lie across my lap on the couch, please. You’re about to get your bottom blistered, young lady.” All the other kids were away from the house at the moment, and wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, while Bobby was still in the corner in his bedroom; spankings were only done in private in the Brady household. “Now Cindy, you are to going to find out what happens to little girls who continuously disobey their parents directions about playing inside the house. Your bottom is going to be paying the price for your indiscretion, young lady.”

Carol began spanking Cindy with her hand, over her shorts; though just the hand, it still hurt badly, and soon had a fire building back there. Carol covered all of Cindy’s buttocks with her hand, and each lick seemed to explode inside of Cindy’s rear. Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack

This continued for about three dozen smacks, and had Cindy blubbering with the hot pain she was feeling. “Owwwwwwwww; mommy, I’mmmmm sorry,” she wailed. “You’re hurting me soooooooo much; please stop, mommmmmmmmmmmmie; plllllllleeeeeeeeeaaassssssseeee!! OWWW!! OUUUCCCHHHH!!!! Oooooohhhhhhhh, booohhhoooooo!!!”

Carol grimly stopped the spanking for a moment, slid her hand underneath Cindy’s shorts and panties, and pulled them down to below her knees. Cindy’s bottom, already a bright red, was left sticking up defenseless in the air, and Cindy really started crying loudly. “NOOO, not my b..b.bbare bb..booottom, mommmmiee; I..I’ll behave b..better, I pr..proommise!” Despite her pleas, Carol continued to bare Cindy’s bottom for the next part of the spanking. Alice, looking on, gasped at how red her bottom had gotten, even though she had two layers of clothing protecting it, and genuinely felt sorry for Cindy now, with no layers of clothing.

“No Cindy; you know the family rules. All spankings involve your bare bottom in this family. And we’re NOT going to start making exceptions now, young lady!!” Carol again began spanking Cindy’s bottom, harder this time, with her hand; she really flattened it out with each spank. Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!
After a dozen of these on each cheek, and Cindy’s upper thighs as well, Carol again stopped. Cindy’s bottom was indeed a very bright red by now, and she was having intense pain back there; her tears were making a wet spot on the sofa, as she pressed her face down into it.

Carol then picked up the wooden hairbrush, and began rubbing the bristles across Cindy’s blazing behind, causing Cindy to shriek even louder. The agony from those bristles was almost unbearable. After about thirty seconds of this, Carol turned the hairbrush over, and began applying the wooden side, VERY HARD, across Cindy’s upturned bottom. “All right, missy, you’re going to now get ten good hard spanks with this brush on your bare, flaming fanny; one for each year of your life.”

By the time Carol had finished, Cindy’s bottom was as red as cherry jello, and wiggling around almost as much. It was very, very HOT; in fact, Alice could almost see the heat rising from it, and it was absolutely glowing!! Cindy was crying uncontrollably, and almost choking on her own sobs. She certainly did have one blazing, blistered bottom, and it was surely on fire!! Carol helped her up off the couch, pulled her panties and shorts back up over her seat (roughly, which hurt Cindy even more) and finished the scolding. “Cindy, you have just gotten your fanny spanked like a little girl. I hope you will remember this the next time you decide to misbehave, young lady. Because you are a young lady now, and not a little girl any longer. Now I would suggest you hurry off to your room before any of your brothers and sisters come back, and see you like this. Understand what I’m saying, Cynthia?”

Cindy nodded miserably and said, “Y.Y…Yyyeeeeessss M…M..maaa’amm.” She then walked painfully up the stairs to her bedroom, crying and rubbing her butt furiously the entire way, trying to relieve the pain in it. At the top of the stairs, she again turned back to her mom and Alice downstairs, and tearfully said, “I..I’m really, reaaaaaallly, mommy, an..and Alice. I’ll t…trrr..try to be”

Carol replied to her daughter, “I know you’re sorry, Cindy. And I also know you’ll try and do better from now on. Now why don’t you go lie down in your room, and Alice or I will bring you a cool rag to put on your bottom in a little while, okay?” Carol then got up to get a cooling rag for Cindy’s bottom, took it upstairs to her, and got Bobby from the corner to come down for “kitchen duty.”