Dubya's Daughters Disciplined

George W. Bush was furious as he pranced in front of his two teenage twin daughters seated in front of him. Dubya's famous Texas temper was really showing, as his face was contorted with rage. Even his normally calm wife, Laura, had a very severe scowl etched upon her face. The twins, Barbara and Jenna, were looking very downcast and frightened, as they knew what type of fate probably awaited them. They really hadn't meant to have caused all this uproar. Dang those infernal reporters that were following them around! And who called the cops anyhow? (btw, a question that Dubya desperately wanted an answer to also.)

"Guhls, what in the world has gotten into yawl," Dubya yelled at them. "Don't yawl know that Ah got a country to run heah, dictators to get shet off, a stankin' economy, and all sorts of other problems. Ah gets enough grief from that Al whats-his-name, without
having to put up with it from mah own famly. Why can't yawl behave right, like your uncle Jeb's daughter down in Floridah does? Dagnab it, you all are gonna drive me to drink, if you don't straigten yoselfves out, heah." Looks over at Laura, and winks, mouthing "just
jokin, dahling." Obviously the President is very agitated right now. It would NOT be a good time to spring a surprise on him!

Laura speaks up then. "Yes, girls, we are very disappointed with you all; haven't we raised you to know better than this? This activity is outrageous, particularly because you let the press get hold of it. Your father is having a hard enough time with the Democraps right now, and doesn't need any more grief from you two. Jenna and Barbara, you have hurt us deeply by your actions, and now... now, I'm afraid we're going to have to hurt you as well."

Jenna said, "Oh please, mommy and daddy, we're sorry. We won't ever do such a thing again. Please let us off with just having to listen to one of Dad's speeches, I mean a lecture. We didn't mean to get caught, really we didn't." She looked at her parents and batted her
eyelashes at them, complete with mournful looks, and even a few tears. Then she put her head down, folded her hands in front of her and looked like the repentant schoolgirl she was trying to be.

Barbara added in, "Oh yes, mother and father, we're both so, so sorry to have disappointed you both. We know the evils of drinking, and should have stayed out of that bar, but there were some cute looking guys in there, and...". She stopped suddenly, as Dubya's head jerked up on hearing the word 'guys'. "Never mind that," Barbara
continued. "It's just that we never get to have any fun around Crawford; it's such a dead town. Why they roll up the sidewalks at 5 pm every day here, and that's just NOT any good at all for a healthy teenage girl's development. You have to Know that!"

"Now just a dadburn minute heah, guhls," Dubya burst in. "Did yawl evah thank that's why we done moved to Crawford, and not back to Dallas, or to Houston with Gramps and Granny? You ahn't supposed to have fun; yore mah young'uns. Nope, yo momma and me, we aims to keep a tight rein on yawl, till you git mahried, that is. And it's gonna
be a lot tighter from now on, right momma?" Laura nodded her head yes, not a signal the girls wanted to see. After all they were usually able to wrap Daddy around their little
fingers, being his little darlings and all; he was a lot of holler, but not that much follow through, normally. Mom, on the other hand was different. She really did have some bite behind her bark. And it was beginning to sound a lot like there would be a lot of biting
done here today. Both Jenna and Barbara, almost instinctively, put their hands under their bottoms, in order to help protect them.

"Yes, dear, there WILL be some changes made in the future around here. It's obvious that we haven't been strict enough on our lovely daughters recently, and that is going to change. But we need to think about the present. Girls, I believe you know what is to happen
next; we're going to have a double header for each of you today, one that you'll remember for a long, long time. Now, get ready for your doses of good, parental medication, administered the Republican way, with compassionate conservatism."

The girls faces grew white with fear at hearing these words. They knew, even better than the Democrats, what their parents meant by compassionate, and it wasn't good for their bottoms. As they stood up, they watched their father begin taking his big, black cowboy belt off his pants, and saw their mother reach for that solid wooden hairbrush on the bookshelf. Barbara and Jenna both realized they were in for a severe "whuppin", and tears began running out their pretty eyes, in anticipation of the blazing pain their fannies would
soon be experiencing.

"Ah'll take Jenna fuhst, dahling, and you handle Bahbarah," Dubya told Laura. "Now git your butt over heah, Jenna; I'm gonna ware youh democrat, er ass, er butt, out with this heah belt. And you momma's gonna sizzle your rear end with that thehr hairbrush, my dahling blonde headed baby. Aftah about ten minutes or so, then you two will trade places. We don't wanna be accused of nepotism or favoritism or whatever that fancy word is, you know."

Jenna walked slowly over to her dad, standing next to his chair. When she arrived there, she immediately bent over the chair, without being told (she had done this many times previously) and grabbed hold in the front of it, making sure she had a secure grip. Dubya flipped her skirt up onto her back, and wondered when his little girl had growed up so much, when he saw her buxom bottom, covered by her panties. He almost panicked when he saw the bikini style of panties, but then he remembered she wasn't a 10 yr old girl any longer. He slowly pulled her panties down to around her knees, as Jenna began crying in earnest because of the embarrassment. Dubya then looked over at Laura to see how she was progessing with Barbara.

Laura had seated herself in another hardbacked chair away from the sofa. She patted her lap, and Barbara obediently went and stretched across it, face down, her hands at one end on the floor, and her legs at the other one. Obviously, this was a drill that both girls were
well versed in, so there wasn't any lost motion. Laura then pulled Barbara's dress upon her back and looked down with dismay at the very small panties, covering her rather voluptous bottom. Laura had observed the twins' bottoms more often, and more recently, than Dubya, plus she wasn't impressed that much by their apparent remorse. She then pulled Barbara's panties down below her bottom, having her lift her body up slightly to assist her. Laura then picked the hairbrush up, looked over to Dubya and signalled she was
ready to commence the spankings.

And start they did!! Wham!! Wham!! Wham!! Over and over again that solid hairbrush crashed down on Barbara's unprotected bottom, reddening it up from the first blow. The smacks were spread out all over her fanny, and soon heat was definitely rising off of it;
blisters began forming, and Barbara began wailing. The Secret Service had cordoned off the study here at Crawford, as was normal, but today extra sensitive tape recorders and telephoto lenses had also been banned from the Presidential compound, for very good
reasons. Laura kept paddlling Barbara with tremendous force for a good ten minutes, well over 100 smacks. Her butt was a deep beet red, and jumping all over, by the time Laura finished her "application of parental justice," and Barbara was indeed crying more like a little girl than the young lady she was. She would NOT be sitting at dinner tonight, that was for certain.

Jenna wasn't faring any better with her father. Although his bark might have been worse than his bite, when Dubya got angry, he had a viscious bite. And he WAS angry!! Dubya took his thick, wide, leather belt, doubled it in half, and began whipping Jenna's upturned
bottom ferociously with it. Time and time again, that cruel piec of torment lashed down onto Jenna's posterior, whistling through the air, and cutting into her flesh like a hot knife through butter. Jenna's bottom soon began to look more like her parents' prize
possesion, the barbeque grill outside on the patio, as angry red welts began popping up all over it. Some of these searing applications even found her naked thighs, and Jenna was really jerking each time the belt connected on her butt. She was sobbing convulsively, by the time Dubya had finished his "marksmanship" training, after about ten minutes, and probably at least sixty lashes. It was doubtful that she could withstand any more
punishment, but also obvious that she would have to do this.

At the conclusion of "game 1" the girls had to exchange places for the second game of the "doubleheader". Jenna wobbled over to her mom, her bottom burning with each painful step, and blood starting to ooze out places where the belt had broken her skin. Barbara
practically had to crawl over to her dad, as the heat in her bottom was too excruciating to walk even. Dubya had to help her stand up and bend over the chair. Laura took a beaten Jenna across her lap, and admired her husband's handiwork. She thought to herself, if only
those people who think he's a bumpkin could see this, they would change their minds.

Despite their awful agony, and already blazing bottoms, the twins endured another ten minutes of pure hell on their poor posteriors. Jenna's bottom was really lit up by Laura's hairbrush, and Barbara's butt got really torn up by Dubya's capable belt. They were both
completley beside themselves with pain after this horrendous beating they had received, and were convulsively choking on their sobs.

Afterwards, Dubya simply said, "Well, Ah hope you guhls have larned a good lesson heah today. Yohr momma and me cetainly don't enjoy taring up yawl's bottoms, but we'ah still able to do so, i reckon. Ah don't wanna heah bout yawl goin' to a bar agin, till yawl tuhn
twenty-one, heah me!"

And to this very day, neither Jenna nor Barbara have had an "adult" type drink, as far as anyone knows. After today, Dubya probably won't care any longer, since they're no longer minors. But we shall see, shan't we? the END (living end for jenna and barbara)