Bobby's Blistered Bottom



Bobby Brady, the youngest of the Brady sons at 11 years old, was a constant bundle of energy and motion.  He was always running through the house, usually chasing or being chased by one of the other kids, which was a big no-no in the Brady household.  This particular day, he was playing cowboys and indians with Cindy, his ten year old sister, and was “galloping” away from the town, which he had just plundered; Cindy was in hot pursuit of him, as the town marshal.  Alice, the Brady’s live-in housekeeper/cook was in the process of preparing a cake, as Bobby ran into the kitchen.  He wasn’t really paying any attention, and he ran right into Alice, causing her to drop the bowl with all the cake mixings onto the floor; the bowl broke, and everything spilled all over the place, Alice included.  Cindy saw all this, and pulled up to a stop, before coming into the kitchen, but Bobby was already there, and easily the culprit.


“Bobby Brady, what in the world do you think you’re doing, young man?” Alice yelled at him.  “You’ve been told over and over NOT to run in the house, haven’t you?  Yet, here you are, going lickety-split, all over the place; and just look at the MESS you caused!”  Alice was really very upset, as she looked and saw almost twenty minutes of preparation lying all around her; she was making this cake from “scratch.”


“Oh, I’m sorry Alice,” Bobby began to explain.  “It’s all Cindy’s fault.  See, she was chasing me for no good reason, and…”.   Bobby turned around to place the blame on his sister, but saw no one there.  “Hey, where did you go Cindy?  Look at the mess you caused Alice to make in here!!  I hope she makes you miss dessert tonight!”


“That’s it, mister,” Alice said grimly. “Cindy did NOT cause this, and I did NOT make the mess!  This is your fault, and you’re going to be punished for doing it, Bobby.  I’m sick and tired of warning you not to be running in the house, and you just added the straw that broke the camel’s back, little boy.”  Alice reached inside the cabinet drawer and took out a large, wooden mixing spoon, while staring at  Bobby angrily.  “Now, you’re going to get it, but good, Bobby!  Come over here NOW!” Alice yelled at him, as she walked over to a kitchen chair, and sat down.


“What are you talking about, Alice,” Bobby protested.  “You’re not mom or dad, and you CAN’T spank me!  And besides, I’m too old for a spanking anyhow.  You don’t really think I’m going to let you spank me, do you, Alice?” Bobby asked.  But he was walking over towards her.  Unknown to either of them, Carol, Bobby’s mom, had just come back from doing some errands; she stood silently just inside the door, listening and watching to all the events that were transpiring.


“Oh yes, you are, little boy.  If there ever was a bottom that deserved to be blistered, it’s yours, Bobby.  You ARE going to learn NOT to run around the house, like a wild animal.”  Alice grabbed Bobby by the arm, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and flipped him across her lap.  She then began spanking his underwear clad bottom hard with her wooden spoon.

      Smack!!   Smack!!   Smack!!!   Smmmaaaccckkk!!!   Smackkkk!!



This continued till she had give Bobby’s bottom some three dozen hard smacks; she covered all of it, and even his upper thighs as well.  A bright reddish tinge was showing through Bobby’s white briefs, and he was sobbing; the tears were really coming from his eyes.  


When Alice had finished, she let Bobby up off her lap. He jumped up, and began dancing around the kitchen, rubbing his sizzling seat furiously, trying to relieve some of the stinging heat.  “Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!”,  Bobby yelled.  “What did you have to do that for?  My butt is burning up; I hate you, Alice!!  You shouldn’t oughta have spanked me so hard; I’ll get you for this!”  Bobby then pulled his pants up, stuck his tongue out at Alice and made a face at her, and turned around to run out into the yard, and his treehouse.  He ran straight into his mother, standing there, glaring at him with her arms folded.


“No, Bobby, she shouldn’t have,” Carol told him angrily.  “She should have warmed your bottom much hotter than what she did, which I intend to do in a few minutes.  Get up to your bedroom right now, young man; you and I are about to have a little ‘discussion’ on proper manners.  And I think you’ll be remembering it for quite awhile, little boy!  When we’re finished, you’re going to come back down here and clean up the mess YOU caused, Bobby.  And YOU are the one who will NOT be eating dessert tonight, young man!!  In fact, I imagine whatever you eat will be from a standing position, by the time I’ve finished with your fannie!  Now, GO!!”


Bobby gulped, thought about arguing with his mother, but then realized the serious anger in her voice, and decided no to do that.  He sadly walked away, heading towards his room, still rubbing his already roasted rump, and realizing it was about to become much worse.  “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Brady,” Alice began.  “I hated to do that, but Bobby just ran one too many times, and I felt some action was needed.  I really hope you don’t mind me taking matters into my own hands, or spoon, as the case were.”


“Mind?  Why certainly not, Alice.  You know Mr. Brady and I both support you when it comes to disciplining the kids,” Carol replied.  “To be truthful, Bobby has had this coming for a long time, and all of us, you included, have been a little lax with him.  You certainly had every right to spank his bottom; in fact, if anything, you should have blistered it more, I think.  His behavior was against our rules, and he knows that.  And the way he talked to you afterwards; why… I… I just hope I can teach him the folly of speaking to you that way.  Bobby is going to be an awfully sorry young man by the time I’m finished with him.  Now why don’t you drive down to the supermarket, and buy a nice cake, or something, for dessert tonight? Bobby and I will be having our little “warm” meeting together.”


Carol headed towards Bobby’s bedroom; but first she stopped in hers, and picked up her wooden hairbrush, a tool she intended to use very severely in a few moments, and not on Bobby’s hair either.  She walked into his room, patting the hairbrush in her hand, and glowered at him, furiously.  “Well, young man, what do you have to say for yourself?” she asked him.


“I’m…I’m sorry, mom.  I know I shouldn’t have been running in the house,” Bobby replied, nervously eyeing the large brush his mother was carrying.  “And I… I won’t ever do it again, I promise.  Please don’t spank me again, mom.  My bottom is already sooooooooooo hot.  I’ll be good, honest I will,” Bobby began whining.


“I am sure you will be, Bobby.  And even though you say you’re sorry now, I know you’re about to be a lot sorrier, mister,” Carol angrily told him.  “What I’m about to punish you for now is not the running; Alice did a very thorough job at that, from what I saw.  No, Bobby, I am going to spank your rear end, but good, for what you said to Alice after she had finished with you.  I am very, very disappointed in you, Bobby.  Alice IS a member of this family, even though her last name is not Brady.  And we do NOT talk to family members the way you spoke to her!!  Understand me, young man?”  Bobby  hung his head and nodded yes, too ashamed to speak.


“Okay, Bobby; come over here now, and lie across my lap for your spanking,” Carol told him as she pulled a chair out from one of the boys’ desks.  Bobby slowly walked over and stood in front of Carol, as she lowered his shorts once again to the floor.  She then bent him across her lap; once in position, she lowered his underwear to around his knees, exposing an already glowing bottom.  Bobby clenched his cheeks with embarrassment and fear, because he knew, from past experiences, the temperature back there was about to skyrocket.


Carol took the hairbrush, and as was her custom, briskly rubbed the bristle side all over Bobby’s butt.  This added to its sensitivity and also caused more prickling, burning pain.  She would repeat this process several more times throughout the spanking.  Bobby gasped audibly at this “rubdown”, and the tears again began to flow.  After a minute or so of this, Carol raised the hairbrush, which was about four inches across, and began spanking Bobby’s bare bottom with the heavy wooden side.  She went from one side to another, in series of five each; she also would be covering his sit spot and upper thighs as well as his buttocks while doing this.

     Smack  smack  smack smack smack

     Smack  smack  smack smack smack

     Smmmaacckk   Smaacccckkk   Smaaaccckkkk   Smaccckkk 

     Ssmmaacckkk  Smmaaaccckk  Smmaaaccckkk  Smmaaacckk








This continued until Bobby had received sixty smacks on his bare bottom; it was certainly a bright, bright red and extremely hot by the time Carol put that evil hairbrush down.  Blisters were already showing on his bottom, and Bobby was suffering agonizing, intense pain.  He was crying like a baby, simply bawling his eyes out.  This was one afternoon he would not likely forget for a very, very long time; he would certainly think twice before trying “to gallop away from the marshal through the house” again.


“All right, Bobby,” Carol said as she put the hairbrush down.  “Now you may go stand in the corner for the next half hour, with your blazing, blistered, bare bottom on display.  NO RUBBING, young man, or I’ll be telling your father about this.  In 30 minutes, you will go back down to the kitchen, and clean up the mess you created.  And I seriously think you owe Alice a great big thank-you, for the spanking you received, and an even bigger apology for what you said to her afterwards.  Now, I believe that Cindy and I need to have a ‘discussion’ also; after all, she was chasing you.”  Bobby painfully hobbled over to the corner, with his ripe tomato rear end on display to begin the next phase of his punishment.  Oh, how he wished that bratty Cindy would get her just rewards also.