Poltergeist the Legacy: Nick and Kat 2

The SanFransisco house Precept tidied away the last of the day’s paper work. Tonight was the annual Luna Foundation Ball, so he wanted to check on the final arrangements, not that his staffs weren’t totally reliable. He also needed to go and change into his tux, and time was slipping by, time to go and round up the troops.

Upstairs Rachel gave herself a final once over in the full length mirror, teasing a stray hair back into place. “ You’ll do, “ she said smiling at her reflection. Now to find Kat.

Nick Boyle crouched behind the shrubs that ran around the side of the ornate pond. Keeping the glow from his pocket torch averted he stole a quick peak, looking for the little girl. Against his better judgment he had agreed to her request for a “Quick game of hide and go seek” before the grown ups party. Not that he had needed too much persuasion, he would much rather be crawling about in the dark than hang out with a bunch of Luna foundation fossils. “No offence, Derek” he grinned.

Kat had been looking for Nick for what seemed ages; he was just too good at this game. Next time they played she would insist on hiding first. “Nick! Come out, I give up, can’t find you.” She called in a loud whisper as she approached Nick’s hiding place. Nick jumped out holding the torch up under his chin for spooky effect. “Boo!” he grinned evilly. Man and child collided as Kat squealed in fright as Nick held on tight to the squirming child as they gave in to a fit of giggles. Nick began to feel his footing slip on the wet grass and momentum over took them as they went backwards into the pond with a loud splash. Nick sat where he had landed in the pond, Kat sitting comfortably on his lap,” oops, this is not good.” He thought, ”

Blissfully unaware Derek made his way downstairs after dressing for the evening’s party. He met Alex in the hallway, “ A new gown? “ Derek asked as he offered his arm, “ shall we go and see if our guests are arriving? “ he asked. They continued towards the front door, “ Have you seen the others? She asked. “ I believe that Rachel is looking for Kat and Nick, I imagine they will be along soon. “

Just as the Legacy house front door opened Nick managed to yank the little girl around the side of the house. They flattened themselves against the wall and dripped in silence for a moment. “ Phew,” Nick whispered in relief, “ almost got caught there kiddo.” He said as he winked conspiratorially at the child. Kat was enjoying the ‘ Game’ “ are we still hiding “ she asked. Nick gave her one of his grins, “ Kind of kiddo, we don’t want to get caught by the grown ups looking like this do we? “ he said as he gestures at their soggy party cloths. Kat frowned for a moment as she thought, “ Mommy did say to keep clean for the party, Mom is going to be cross with us isn’t she? “ He forestalled answering that question as he led them around the side of the building to the kitchen entrance. “ Only if we get caught. “ He said softly to himself.

“That pair were always hungry,” so Rachel decided to try the kitchen in her search for them. The kitchen was bustling with the extra staff that the party called for, but no sign of Kat or Nick. Rachel was about to go and look else where as the door opened and two dripping wet young people entered. Rachel glared at Nick Boyle ominously, “ There had better be at least one demon in your excuse young man. “ she growled.

Rachel signed at the soggy state her daughter (and Nick for that matter) was in, why couldn’t she be happy playing with her dolls! “ I did ask you to stay clean for dinner party? “ she frowned at the little girl.
Kat wrinkled her nose “ Sorry mommy, I forgot. “ she said.
Rachel turned to Nick Boyle, “ And what’s your excuse? “
The twenty-four year old Nick Boyle shrugged, “ I forgot too. “ he tried.
Rachel shook her head, then took Kat by the hand to go and get her cleaned up again. “ I know someone who is asking for a spanking.“ She said as she led Kat out of the kitchen. Out of the corner of her eye Rachel caught Nick grinning, so turned back, “ I can always make that two spankings. “ She amended.

They made there way upstairs to change, Nick brought up the rear. With childlike curiosity Kat asked, “ Mommy, would you really spank Nick? “
Rachel glanced back at the young man in question, “ I most certainty will if he’s a naughty boy again. “ she said solemnly. Taking two steps at a time Nick over took the two girls, walking backwards up the last few stairs, he grinned at them, “ Ouch! “ he said as he winked at Kat and disappeared in the direction of his bedroom.

Nick showered and changed, into sweats this time