A cross-over story by Pam featuring characters from Forever Knight and Nick Boyle from Poltergiest:The Legacy.

At least one good thing had come from the recent brush with The Legacy; it had brought him into contact with Nick Boyle. Lacriox gently placed the unconscious boy onto the bed, and looked down at his latest possession. The boy stirred but did not awaken. Lacriox sat down next to Nick Boyle, the effect of the chloroform would begin to ware off soon he mussed. He had thought it prudent to remove the boy from Angel Island with the least fuss, so had not attempted to use the glamour on young Boyle. The ancient vampires had taken time and care over the selection of his latest child, better not to be hasty and come to regret his choice. There had been other companions of course, but none he had wished to take into the family. Not since young Boyle’s namesake Nicholas Debrabant and that had been over 800 years ago. Lacriox let his hand move to the sleeping boy’s face feeling the strong pulse of his lifes blood flow under his fingers. The boy even reminded him of that other Nicholas, not in appearance, this boy was slight in comparison to Nicholas, but in the way the boy moved- his attitude. Lacriox shook himself from such pondering thoughts, after all the first Nicholas had turned out to be a bitter disappointment to him. No! This time it would be different, past mistakes would not be repeated. Lacriox left the boy to his dreams while he went to make preparations for their trip home.

Nick Boyle woke with a thumping headache, feeling disorientated as he sat up slowly to get his bearings. Well this was definitely not his room at the Legacy house Nick concluded. “ Where the hell am I, “ he said out loud not expecting or getting any response to his question. He scrambled out of the large bed and looked about his dim surroundings, Nick had no recollection how he came to be there, the last thing he could remember was getting ready for bed after a rather boring day of research. He vaguely wondered when he could expect Derek and the others to come rescue him, from where ever ‘here’ was. Nick surposed he should at least go through the motions so went and tried the door handle. To his surprise it unlocked. He cautiously stepped into a dimly lit passageway, he noted the lack of lighting with a smirk-“ keeping down the utility bill” he laughed softly at his own feeble joke. After a few moments he reached a stairway leading up, he hesitated, listening for sound or movement above. Nothing. He made to climb the stairs when unexpected hands gripped him from behind. He was unable to stop a cry of surprise escaping from his lips as he was wrenched around to face glowing yellow eyes and sharp fangs exposed in a snarl. He tried to resist but the grip on his shoulder was too strong.

“ Fool! “ a female voice snapped from some distance above. “ How many times must I tell you-no feeding on the customers Roxanne. “ the voice continued, the tone more amused than angry now. The grip on Nick was relaxed. Jeanette approached them, glad to see that her warning had been heeded. “ This one belongs to Lacriox, so I suggest that you dine elsewhere tonight dear. “ She advised. The other vampire backed away into the shadows still hissing at the young human. “ Lacriox would have ripped your throat out dear “ Jeanette called after the departing vampire pleasantly.

Nick slumped to a sitting position on the stairs, Jeanette approached the young man and hauled him to his feet, “ I think you had better come along with me before you get into any more trouble. And I surpose you want feeding too “ she said grudgingly. Not waiting for a response she led Nick upstairs.

Around a mouthful of cheeseburger Nick asked, “ Where am I? “ Jeanette made an expansive guesture, “ Welcome to the Raven night club, gathering place of vampire and our more human cliental. Still smiling she studied his face, “what was her master’s interest in this boy” she wondered.

Lacriox approached silently, he was pleased to see that his daughter had already felt his presence. He favoured her with a smile. “ He’s mine! Find your own, “ he said, only partly in jest.
“ Lacriox “ Jeanette replied to her sires greeting.
The ancient vampire looked closely at Nick Boyle and then gestured him over, “ Come here. “ He said. With food inside him Nick felt more himself, “ Why have you brought me here? “ he demanded to know. Considering the boys situation Lacriox was amused by his show of attitude, but he also disliked being disobeyed. “ I will not ask you again, come here boy! “ Nick glared back at the vampire, “ Go to hell! “ He said defiantly. Lacriox sighed; young people just had no respect for their elders any more. And while he did admire the young human’s spirit, there was no reason to over indulge the child. Being careful not to put too much force behind the blow he slapped him across the face with an open hand. To stop the boy from falling Lacriox gripped him by the arm, and began to haul him towards the exit, which led to their living quarters. Nick put up a token resistance but it really had no practical purpose at all. Lacriox glanced back at his daughter, “ Spare the rod and spoil the child “ he tossed in her direction.

“ Here we go again “ Nick sighed under his breath.

Jeanette had taken in the previous scene in silence; she sipped at her glass of wine again. The boy had been rude and defiant she mussed; yet he still lived. A possible explanation came to her, was she to have a new brother. "

Nick Knight usually avoided the company of his own kind these days; his quest for mortality did not sit well with the vampire community. But he did sometimes seek out the company of his former lover Jeanette when he needed company. This particular night he sort her out at the Raven club. They exchanged a warm embrace. “ I’d begun to think that you’d forgotten us., “ she chided softly. Nick smiled at the rebuke and shrugged, “ I’ve been busy. “ Then he became serious, “ I’ve heard that he’s back? “ Jeanette nodded, “ Can you not feel his presence? “ She asked. Nick had
Avoided doing just that, but now he did feel for that same presence, his fathers ora was indeed close by. Jeanette interrupted his thoughts, “Do not fret Nicholas, he is not here on your account.” She waited for his reaction but as he remained silent she continued. “He has a little friend with him.”

“ A girl? “ Nick asked.
“ No. A human boy, another Nicholas no less.” Jeanette answered.

Knight frowned over this piece of information for a moment, “ Lacroix never troubles himself with humans, unless he means to feed on them. And then why would he bring him here? “ He asked himself thoughtfully.

“ All I know is that he returned from San Francisco with this boy in tow. Jeanette paused for effect before adding, “perhaps he is to be your replacement my love.”

Knight was not convinced. “Lacroix, let me go? He’d never do that, after all these years, to admit defeat. No! It has to be something else, but what I cannot begin to imagine. “ Jeanette reached over to touch his face with one lace- clad hand, “ Perhaps you over estimate your value to our dear Father Nicholas. “ She purred softly.

Downstairs Nick Boyle found himself back in the room he had earlier vacated, and he knew enough of Vampires from his time at the Legacy to be wary of this ones motives. He was also more than a little curious as to know why he was still alive. Lacroix released his hold on Nick and closed the bedroom door; pointing towards an antique couch in one corner of the room, “Sit!” He commanded the young man. Nick glared defiantly at the Vampire, “well what are you waiting for, if I’m to be lunch, get on with it!” Instantly Nick found himself swept up and slammed against the wall, his feet left the ground and he was eye to eye with the ancient Vampire.
“ I really must cure you of these bad manners, it really is most unattractive in a child.” Lacroix said mildly as he carried the young human across to a large bed. He forced the struggling boy onto the bed and took Nick’s head in a vice like grip, exposing the vein in his throat. Nick continued to struggle, but it was clearly useless. He didn’t recognise his own voice pleading with the Vampire to spare him. In mounting panic he imagined the glowing yellow eyes of the Vampire boring into him. Nick screamed as razor sharp fangs sank into his exposed neck.

Upstairs in the bar Nick Knight’s acute hearing picked out the sound of human screams below him.
“ I believe Father has concluded his business with the boy.” Jeanette said as she smiled at her companion. But Knight was not listening; he quickly went in the direction the sounds had come from,
“Damn you Lacroix!” He cursed.

Lacroix sat on the edge of the bed, he watched as the wound in his recently opened vein began to heal, and licked the last traces of blood from his wrist. Smiling affectionately he turned his attention back to his new child. Weakly Nick tried to resist but the Vampire grabbed a handful of Nick’s short hair and yanked his head back, forcing the boy to look up at his new master. By the handful of hair he held Lacroix gently shook Nick’s head “Behave!” He commanded. Defeated, Nick allowed himself to sag against Lacroix’s chest. He felt uncontrollable tears roll down his face, Nick hadn’t cried in a long time but he did now, tears of fear and despair. Lacroix cradled his new child in his arms and stroked Nick’s short dark hair. Then slowly he eased the fledgling Vampire from his lap and back onto the bedcovers, “Rest, I will return shortly.” He said softly to the now sleeping boy.

Nick Knight and Lacroix met outside in the darkened corridor, “Ah, and to what do I owe this unexpected visit Nicholas?” The older Vampire asked. Knight chose to ignore his master’s flippancy,
“Where is the boy?” He demanded coldly.
Lacroix sighed shaking his head with disapproval, “Even after all these years I seem to have instilled no manners in you at all Nicholas.”
Knight forced himself to be civil, “My apologies if I appear ill-mannered Lacroix, but a simple answer is all I require of you.” When the older Vampire remained silent Knight pressed him again.
“Is the boy brought across?” Knight was resigned that there was little he could do for the boy it that was the case. Finally Lacroix grasped Knight by the elbow and began to lead him down the corridor, ignoring Knight’s questioning look until he was ready to speak. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs leading back to the bar and released Knight. “ I have good news for you Nicholas, I have decided to grant your wish to be free of me.” Knight stared at his Sire in bewilderment. Lacroix, pleased with the response his announcement had evoked continued, “Well this is what you wanted is it not?”
Knight did not know how to respond to this most unexpected statement from his master. Lacroix dropped his good-natured façade; “I have no further use for you. You are no longer my son. Interfere with me or mine in the future and I will kill you!” He said, yellow eyes glowing with hostility into Knight’s shocked face. Nick Knight stared in disbelieve as Lacroix brushed past him and by the time he found his tongue the ancient Vampire was gone.

Nick Boyle lay on the bed, legs pulled up into the foetal position. Unfamiliar feelings of fear and confusion began to overcome him as his fingers went to the puncture wounds at his neck. Memories of Lacroix’s hot breath on his neck began to surface and Nick hugged his knees still closer as tears began to roll down his face again. The young man fell into a fitful sleep.

Family part-two
Jeanette and Nick

Nick Boyle made the most of his first week of relative freedom. After two months of being under the thumb of his Sire, Lacroix, he was in need of a break. Lacroix had finally finished drilling the basics of vampire lore into him, and had reluctantly agreed to let Nick off the leash.

The fledgling vampire spent his first nights wandering around the unfamiliar city. His memories of life with the Legacy seemed to be fading, and he was having trouble remembering the faces of his old friends. Nick did his best to avoid thinking about it. It was Saturday night, time to cut loose and have some fun, before Lacroix yanked him back in! So the young vampire went in search of entertainment.

When Nick awoke it was 6pm Sunday evening, he didn’t remember returning home, but at least he’d found his own bed! On sitting up to fast he found that vampirism was no cure for a hangover. Nick swung bare legs over the side of the bed, and looked around for his pants. Then he went in search of a hot shower. Ten minutes later Nick was brushing his teeth; he also needed a shave, but went with the designer stubble look instead. By then he was feeling more human, more vampire-like, he corrected himself. Nick went upstairs; he knew where his vampire sister kept her private stock!

Jeanette was impatiently looking for her ‘little brother’ she had tried his room and found it recently vacated. At least the boy had found his way home. She assumed he’d gone upstairs, so she followed.

Upstairs in the Raven club the bar and dance floor were deserted, as was usual for this time of day. Jeanette saw cause of her indisposition; young Nick Boyle was draped over the open fridge door.
“ Nick! “ Jeanette called loudly.
Nick didn’t glance up the sound of his name; it wasn’t the boss, so there was no need to panic. He did give Jeanette a wave of the hand in acknowledgement though; he hadn’t quite forgotten all his manners, yet. “ Just a sec “ he said. Jeanette came over to the young vampire, “ where have you been? “ she demanded. “ Sleeping. “ Nick said as he straightened up and looked at Jeanette, wondering what he’d done this time.
“ Where were you last night? “ she continued with barely concealed anger.
Although he hadn’t know her for very long Nick was beginning to recognise ‘that’ tone, it signalled that she was mad at him for something. He continued more cautiously. “ I was, you know…out… “ Jeanette moved closer, until just the fridge door stood between them. She snapped it shut. “ You were supposed to work behind the bar last night…for Me. “ she added ominously. A stony silence ensued.
“ Oops! “ Nick thought, but could not come up with anything suitable to placate the elder, and very mad vampire. “ I forgot. “ he tried hopefully. Jeanette was not impressed, “ is that the best you can come up with, “ she said with sarcasm. Nick’s temper began to surface; he was tired of this cross-examination. “ This is getting old, gimme a break! “ he complained. “ You’ve got plenty of guys droolin’ over you-couldn’t you have batted your eyes at one of them for some help? “ Nick said.

Jeanette’s eyes widened at the impudence of the boy, she shot out a hand and caught him by one ear. “ I really do think that our father might have explained how this family works a little better to you dear. I must have to a word with him about it. “ Nick really wasn’t sure he liked the sound of this at all, telling Lacroix that he’d been lacking as a parent… Ignoring his painful ear Nick turned his not inconsiderable charm on his vampire sister, “ we don’t really need to bring the boss into this do we sis? I swear I did forget that I was meant to work last night. Couldn’t I make it up tonight? He wheedled. Jeanette transferred her grip to the young man’s arm, “ Well I suppose I could punish you myself. “ she smiled. Nick pulled a face at the mention of punishment, “ Couldn’t we just chalk this one down to experience? “ he asked hopefully. Jeanette noticed the look of youthful expectancy on the young vampires face, “ how sweet “ she thought,” the child thinks that I’ll be taken in by that baby face of his.” Jeanette released her grip on the young vampire, turned and moved towards the stairs that led down to their living quarters. She looked behind and beckoned Nick to follow.

Jeanette led the way to Nick’s room, once inside she went over to the bed and sat down. Nick hadn’t a clue what was going on, but he doubted that it would be good news for him.
“ Come here little brother. “ Jeanette said sweetly. She didn’t appear to be mad at him any longer and Nick felt even more on edge about that! As he didn’t seem to have much choice, he obeyed. Jeanette pulled him closer to her and ran her hands over his t-shirt clad chest, “ my what a cute little brother you are.” She said almost inaudibly. This was the last thing he’d been expecting, he made to pull away but Jeanette had a firm grip around his waist. “ What the hell is going on here?" Nick snapped as he tried to struggle out of the older vampires grasp. Jeanette smiled and with her free hand brushed an imaginary strand of hair from nick’s eyes. She looked into his brown eyes to see what affect she’d had on him. She didn’t like what she saw there. Exasperated, she said, ”Oh please! Do you really think that I would consider having sex with a baby like you.”
Nick didn’t have time to think of a suitable reply to that before he found himself in the most undignified position of being face down over Jeanette’s lap.

“What the hell…Ow! “ Nick howled loudly as the first of countless slaps landed on his behind. Jeanette soon found her momentum; after all it had been quite some time since she’s been required to chastise a sibling. The trick was to keep the blows coming hard and fast so the recipient of the punishment didn’t have time to register that the sting from each slap was momentary-it worked best with fledglings!
“When I ask you to do something little boy you will find that forgetting is not an option-is that clear?” Jeanette said as she punctuated each word with a slap to wriggling bottom of her captive.
Eyes wide with shock Nick tried to find the words to placate his tormentor, “Yes! Yes! I hear you Oww!! “ Nick wailed as the fire in his butt grew more fierce by the moment.
“Well I’m very please to hear that little brother because I wouldn’t want to have to do this to you every day.” Jeanette concluded with a final swap. Nick seriously doubted the sincerity of her words but was relieved when the thrashing came to an end.

Nick Boyle remained sitting on the floor were he’d been dumped when she was through with him. When he was sure that she had returned upstairs he slowly got to his feet. He flopped backwards onto his bed before dissolving into fits of laughter. It was several minutes before he was able to get a grip on himself again. Well it had been funny, weird and painful, but funny! There he was half expecting her to rip his cloths off and force herself on him. But he’d read the signs wrong, boy had he been wrong!

Jeanette was still fuming when Lacroix returned home.
“ And what is troubling you my sweet?” Lacroix asked.
“ Nick!” she answered shortly.
Lacroix glowered, “ Has he dared to show his face here again? “ he demanded angrily. This response confused Jeanette momentarily, ” no father, not Nicholas, that brat you brought home with you. “ She finished.
“ Ah, I see. And what has he done to upset you dearest?” he asked. Jeanette told the older vampire why she was annoyed with Nick. Lacroix patted her hands, “ He will be severely delt with my dear. Don’t worry yourself.”
“ That won’t be necessary father, I’ve already given the boy a good spanking.” Jeanette said smiling smugly. Lacroix nodded in satisfaction, “ splendid, I’m sure you children will get along together in no time at all.” He concluded smiling.
Jeanette was now over her annoyance with Nick. “ Well it has been some time since I’ve had a little brother to order about, it could be fun I suppose.” She added.

It was just then that Nick Boyle chose to appear, he had felt his new masters presence above and had come to complain about his treatment at Jeanette’s hands. He approached the two elder vampires, “ She hit me! “ he complained petulantly. Lacroix smiled tolerantly over at the boy, “ So I’ve heard, and why was that may I ask?”
Nick shrugged noncommittally.
Lacriox’s look hardened, “ Jeannette has cause to be angry with you-would you not agree boy?” he asked ominously. Nick Boyle looked at the two vampires stubbornly, “ All I did was to forget that I’m her unpaid barman! “ He snapped.
Lacriox’s expression darkened further, “ I see that I must have forgotten to instil in you the most important rule in this family child. “ He paused to grip the young vampire firmly by the upper arm, his nails digging in painfully. He glared at Nick, “ Obedience! You will obey Jeannette and myself without question. Is that understood? “ He finished.
Nick decided that now wasn’t the time to assert his independence, he kept his mouth shut and nodded in agreement.
“ Good!” Lacriox said as he loosened his grip on the young vampire.” And just to be sure there are no further misunderstandings we will have a ‘little chat’ about this shall we.” With that he led a reluctant Nick away.

Several days later Jeannette found a dejected Nick Boyle sitting on the stairs as she made her way to open the club for the night. She sat down beside him for a moment, “is father still cross with you?” she inquired curiously. Nick scowled back at her “no” he replied shortly.
“Well why the long face?” she wanted to know.
Nick shifted, a little embarrassed, “ Why…I’m grounded…indefinitely, according to the boss.” He groaned.
“Cheer up little brother, the first 50 years are always the worst ” She smiled.
Nick dropped his head to his hands and groaned even louder, “ That isn’t funny!”
Jeannette stood pulling the young vampire to his feet as she did so, “Come along, you can help me get ready for tonight. Take your mind off your troubles.”
Nick allowed himself to be led away, he had nothing better to do and 50 years was a long time to kill!