Stargate SG1
The Choice

Daniel had been lost in the catacombs on PS592 for over and hour and was beginning to worry. There were several causes for concern, hunger, and thirst, what if they didn’t find him. But the thing that really worried the young archaeologist was what if they DID find him! He’d been warned, or more precisely, threatened with the consequences if he went near the catacombs alone. He hadn’t meant to disobey Jack, he never did-he wasn’t that brave! He’d just meant to take a quick look at the glyphics around the entrance, but one thing had led to another and here he was, lost. After another hour of aimless wandering Daniel was to hot and tired to go on, so decided to sit and hope they would find him-soon. Daniel peeled off his back- pack and sat down against one of the stone walls that surrounding him.

Daniel Jackson almost jumped out of his skin when Jack suddenly materialised around a corner,
“You rested up enough there Danny? “ the older man enquired.
“I didn’t hear you calling me, how did you find me? “ Daniel said as he scrambled to his feet. Jack produced a small back box from one of his pockets,
“Radio receiver, had you bugged Danny boy. I did say that one of these days I’d end up putting you on a leash-an electronic leash as it turns out.” The Colonel grinned.
To cover his relief and embarrassment at having to be rescued again Daniel bent to pick up his discarded pack. He was also going to complain about having a bug planted on him but was distracted by a firm hand grasping him around the back of his neck.
“ Come on Daniel, we do actually have a schedule to keep.” Jack said as he propelled the young man along in front of him. Daniel kept his complaints to himself, “at least he wasn’t getting the usual lecture from Jack about his absent minded behaviour!”

The young archaeologist sigh of relief wasn’t lost on his older companion and Jack was content to let Daniel think he was home and dry after this latest escapade. The kid would be in for a rude awakening soon enough and then Jack waited a while.

“Thought I told you not to go walkabout this time, could have sworn I did?”
Daniel glanced at Jack cautiously, trying to judge his mood and see just how much trouble he was in and come up with an original excuse for his delinquency.
“I…err..” Daniel knew he really wasn’t very good at this, so lapsed into silence.
“Remind me to kick your butt around the entire SGC when we get back Danny.”
“Err, Yes Jack,” the young man answered meekly.
After another few minutes walking in silence Jack gave Daniel a sharp slap around the back on his head.
“Ow!” Daniel winced in pain.
“Couldn’t wait until we got home.” Jack explained.

Later back in the SGC after debriefing session.

Jack finished towel drying his hair after showering, he was ready for some chow, but there was still one job that needed attending to first. “ My office in 5 “ he told the young doctor as he headed for the locker room exit. Then he turned back to Daniel, “ haven’t given anyone a good whuppin in weeks, looking forward to it he grinned. Then was gone.

Daniel Jackson sat on the bench the picture of dejection. He wondered if running away was an option open to him, but that would only put it off he guessed! Better get it over with he told himself sternly-it is your own fault.

Jack looked across at the younger man, who stood fidgeting before him,
“You can quit giving me that doe eyed look of yours Danny, its not gonna save you this time. I’ve given you a choice, what more do ya want.” He said as he suppressed a smirk at Daniel’s expense.

“Some choice!” Daniel sulked.
“Come on kid I don’t have all day, I do have a home to go to-make your mind up or I’ll do it for you.”
Jack got his answer as Daniel slowly began to unfasten the waistband of his jeans.
“A wise choice, the slightly more embarrassing but less painful bare ass whuppin over my knee. We can always try the “bent over my desk, pants up, I take my belt to you” method next time.” Jack said with a grin.

“Oh shut up!” Daniel growled under his breath as he pushed his pants and boxers down past his knees and arranged himself across Jack’s knee as comfortably as he could.
“Can we get this over with!” He snapped.
Jack was happy to oblige and brought his open palmed hand down sharply on Daniel’s bottom and followed up with a succession of spanks.
As the first couple of swats landed Daniel was too shocked to have much to say but soon found his voice and in between yelps and sobs of pain tried to convince Jack that he’d always listen to him in future. When Jack had turned Daniel’s behind a nice shade of red he finally then brought the spanking to an end.
“You promise to be a good boy and listen to me from now on?” He asked the still prone young man across his knees.
“Yes Sir” Daniel replied with a sob.
“ Good, very glad to hear it young man. Up you get then.” He said as he helped Daniel get back to his feet and retrieve his cloths.

Daniel slunk out of Jack O’Neil’s office and headed for the lifts leading to the surface of the complex. He just hoped that nobody had been passing by a few minutes before and gotten the treat of hearing him cry like a dumb baby! Some tough guy you are he softly cursed as he wiped at his damp face with his jacket sleeve.
The Colonel wondered briefly if he’d been too hard on the kid, but the boy had been warned on countless occasions. Maybe a non-verbal deterrent would have a more lasting effect on Danny he mussed, time will tell.

The end.