Angel and Spike

Flash back scene

William the Bloody put forward his most contrite face, it was going to take all of his not inconsiderable charm if he was going to avoid chastisement.

Angelus beckoned the young vampire forward,” Come here little boy Grandfather wishes to beat you.”
Unfortunately for William, bolting was also out of the question, it was many hours before the sun was due to go down so he had little choice but to obey. Not that he was really in the habit of disobeying Angelus; he had learned quickly that delayed punishments were not necessarily a good thing. Well only in the very short term.

“I’m waiting.” Angelus said impatiently.
As William slowly edged closer the elder vampire shot out a hand and grasped the youngster by the hair on his head,
“I do not like having to repeat myself childe” he said as he shook his captive roughly.
“Did you disobey me after all the warnings I’ve given you boy-did you bite Drusilla?”
William squirmed and tried to avoid the angry glowing yellow eyes that regarded him questioningly.
“Only nipped, we were just playing.”
“Did I or did I not command you not to PLAY in that manner? You are young and foolish and to easily distracted, you could have drained too much blood! I do not give you instructions for the good of hearing my own voice childe!” Angelus raged.
“ She bite me first Grandfather. Its not my fault she’s such a bad example.”
Angelus had to agree with the truth of the boy’s argument.
“And that is why I have already punished her.”
“Oh indeed childe and now we must get to the small matter of your own punishment.”
With that he carried the struggling young vampire across the room and deposited him across a large chest.
“Do not move an inch!” he commanded as he yanked William’s britches down and exposed a pale bottom.
“Not bare, you know how I hate that!” William pleaded with futility.
“Obey me then.” Angelus instructed as he administered the first stroke of his belt to William’s behind. The childe howled in shocked pain as he always did when the first blow landed.
“Please Grandfather, I swear I’ll never disobey again. Owww!!! Please stop!” William howled as the cruel belt welted the tender flesh of his bottom.

Angelus ignored the pleas and covered every inch of the exposed behind with painful slaps of the leather belt. He only stopped when William’s red raw bottom began to bruise. The effects of the chastisement wouldn’t last long, but the heartfelt sobs coming from William confirmed that in the short term at least the punishment had its desired effect. He roughly took the young vampire by the collar of his shirt and helped him upright. With a little more consideration for his grandson’s beaten backside he also helped ease William’s pant back up. William wiped away red tears on the ruffled sleeve of his shirt and rubbed gingerly at his rump and willed the next few minutes and hours to pass swiftly, to a time when the throbbing in his bottom would subside.

“Go to bed!” Angelus interrupted the young vampire’s thoughts.
William sighed and slowly started toward the corner of the room where his pallet was prepared, “yes sir.” He complied meekly.

part two
Present day, Angel’s basement.

Grandfather and Grandson had just had a particularly vicious and noisy altercation, which left Spike in a bloody mess in the middle of some demolished packing cases. Angel smoothed and rearranged his dishevelled clothing and then looked down at the younger vampire.
“ This is the last warning you’ll get-leave town!”
Spike smirked up at Angel,” Why would I wanna do that, it’s too much fun hanging around winding up Mr *I’ve got a soul now, mind the halo* and besides Cordy has the hots for me.”
Angel reached for the younger vampire and tossed him across the room and watched as he bounced off the wall.
“Hey, mind the hair, I don’t just wake up in the morning and look this good ya know.” Spike quipped annoyingly.
Angel slowly began to loose his cool, “ I can assure you Cordilia wouldn’t offer you a cup of water if you were on fire. And at least Drusila finally saw sense and dumped you!”
Spike glared at Angel with undisguised hatred and imagined driving a stake through the smug bastards heart!
“ Leave Dru out of this!” He snapped.
“That will be my pleasure, now are you going to leave town or not?” Angel demanded.
Spike didn’t feel like complying with any of the old fart’s demands and if he had to be honest he didn’t exactly have anywhere pressing to be. So he lapsed into sulky silence.
Angel sighed, guessing there was no alternative but to do his duty by the annoying little brat.
“Come here.”
Spike smirked,” What, so you can stake me?”
Angel glared; don’t tempt me.
“Come here little boy Grandfather wishes to beat you.”

This was not what Spike expected to hear, the smirk slipped from his face,
“Fuck off!” he retorted and thought perhaps leaving town wasn’t such a bad idea and looked for the closest exit available to him. It immediately became clear that he’d have to get past Angel to make the stairs. These considerations only took seconds of the younger vampires concentration but it proved to be Spike’s undoing. Angel had the young vampire by the throat and slammed him against the wall knocking the breath from his body. Face to face Angel shook his head in mock disappointment,
“I really must teach you to show more respect for your elders young man.”

Overcome with rage Spike’s features changed from blonde human to Vampire and he bared his fangs and struggled against the older vampires grip. Angel easily maintained his hold and with a free hand patted his Grandson’s cheek,
“Now be a good boy and settle down, and quit showing me your fangs, that’s SO rude!”
Angel patiently waited for William’s human features to return and then slapped Spike across the face and watched as trickle of blood dropped down his chin.
“You’ve been a very bad boy William and you know what that means don’t you?”
Spike blinked and shook his head as if he expected to wake up from some nightmare, this was Angel, not Angelus…wasn’t it.”
“I’ll leave town, I wont come back.” He tried to bargain.
“That is not an option any longer childe.”
“Don’t call me that! My name is Spike!”
“Don’t raise you voice to me little boy, I think you’re in enough trouble already.”
Spike tried to edge around the older vampire, still looking for a way out.
“You can stake me if you like but I won’t let you do THAT to me ever again. I’m not some dumb fledgling anymore!”
Angel grew tired of the discussion and snagged Spike by the arm and pulled him across to the stairs.

Cordelia and Wesley pretended to be working when Angel and a distraught looking Spike emerged from the basement. They had in fact until moments before been standing with ears pressed to the door-just in case Angel needed assistance. They watched in stunned silence as Angel nodded at them and continued to drag the younger vampire past them and disappeared in the direction of Angel’s living quarters.

Angel ignored Spikes cursing and concentrated on the task at hand as he tossed the boy onto the couch. He got one of Spike’s boots off before he was kicked in the stomach by Spike’s other boot clad foot. He stood back with crossed arms and glared at Spike.
“ Get your jeans off, now!”
“No fucking way!”
“You’ll do it or I’ll do it for you. And it you cause any more fuss Cordilia and Wesley will probably come to see what all the noise is about. I don’t mind making this an open invitation. Its up to you.”
Spike sat and silently cursed, this was not happening to him. He felt the sting of tears and quickly blinked them away. God, at least wait until he hits you before you start to blub, Spike chastised himself. His fingers slowly went to the fastening of his jeans and he hiked his butt off the coach long enough to ease his pants down. Moments later his pants were off.
“Get up.” Angel commanded and waited for Spike to reluctantly to comply. He took the young vampire around to the back of the couch and then took off his belt while Spike watched in morbid fascination. Angel pushed Spike face down across the back of the coach and then yanked the black briefs down to the boy’s ankles.
“Oh god, not a bare assed whipping, you know I hate that.” Spike whined.
And as usual the plea was ignored as his grandsire peppered his bare backside with heavy licks of the belt. Spike wasn’t a fledgling now of course and remained stoically silent for the first two strokes of the belt.
The third stroke made Spike jump a little and he yelped in pain.
By the fifth stroke he’d stopped worrying whether Cordy could hear him crying and sobbed freely as the pain in his ass grew to new extremes.
Owww! Ok I admit it! I’ve been a little bastard, but I can change. I swear, just stop whaling on my ass. Please!”
Unfortunately for Spike his Grandsire wasn’t listening and had already decided on a nice round figure of 50 spanks and maybe then and only maybe, he’d reassess and decide if his brat was truly repentant.
After 30 spanks Spikes butt was well bruised and through his sobs the young vampire reminisced for the old days when Angelus stopped when the bruises appeared.
“Please stop, I’ll be good. I promise. “ Spike cried weakly.
Angel hadn’t beaten one of his fledglings quite so severely in a long time and Spikes sobs were getting to him a bit but he resolved to keep to the 50 spanks. He intended to make a lasting impression on the little brat this time.

After the thrashing came to an end Spike felt himself scooped up into strong arms and deposited somewhere cool and soft. He was in Angel’s bed between cool silk sheets and grateful for the relief it offered. Angel looked down at his sleeping childe for several long moments before leaving to give Cordelia and Wesley the news that they had an unexpected visitor come to stay. This should be fun; he frowned.

Two weeks later
Spike found it strangely comforting to be back under the thumb of his grandsire, being a vampire in the 21 century wasn’t the fun it used to be in the old days. He’d decided to stick around for the time being; at least until he’d had his fill of Angel’s new sanctimonious ways, he grinned disrespectfully. Cordilia and the English bookworm twit weren’t exactly thrilled at his presence but that just added to the fun. He took great pleasure in scaring them with a show of fangs whenever Angel wasn’t too close by. Spike sighed with pleasure as he flopped onto the boss’s couch and began to channel hop. Life was good and his butt no longer hurt.

A very angry Cordilia waylaid Angel as he passed through the reception area.
“He just did it again this morning.”
“Who did what this morning?” Angel responded although he had a feeling he knew where this was going, more complaints about their new guest he suspected.
“He jumped out and vamped me again! I don’t know how much longer my nerves will take the strain. You have to do something about him Angel.”
“I’ll go and speak to him again.” He placated.
“Never mind speaking to him, staking him out in the park as the sum comes up was more what I had in mind!”
Angel frowned, this new arrangement wasn’t working out very well so far, and he could hardly blame Cordelia for her attitude. She and Spike didn’t exactly share a warm cosy past. He still wanted to give Spike an opportunity to change his ways, so sort a compromise.
He spoke softly, “ He’s my family, and you wouldn’t really want me to kill him-without giving his this chance for a new life?” The look on Cordilia’s face didn’t exactly soften but she remained silent, which Angel took for a good sign.
“ I’ll deal with him, I promise he won’t do anything to scare you again.”
“ He’ll apologise?”
“Well ok, I’ll give him one more chance.” Cordelia said grudgingly.
“Excellent.” Angel smiled, “Do know where he is now? “
The girl pointed back towards her boss’s living area, “He’s probably sitting on his lasy butt watching TV-that’s all he ever does. You should find him something more productive to do, he’s not going to make any life changes watching day-time TV.”

Cordelia’s prediction as to Spike’s where about proved correct; he was parked comfortably on the couch with the remote close to hand.
Angel slapped the back of Spike’s head sharply,
“Get you’re feet off the coffee table.” Angel snapped.
“Ow! Bloody hell, I didn’t know it was a family heirloom.” Spike complained.
“That wasn’t why you got the slap,” Angel advised.
“Oh. It was just a show of family affection?” Spike said as he put his feel down and looked cautiously at the elder vampire.
Angel caught Spike by one ear and yanked him up off the couch.
“The only family affection you’ll get from me little boy is when I beat you for your own good.”
Spike ignored that, “Jez, are you tryin to rip my ear off or what!”
Angel released the young vampire and watched as Spike vigorously rubbed his ear.
“I’ve been getting more complaints about your behaviour William-what have you got to say for yourself?”
Uh oh, using his old name was not a good sign Spike knew and took a very discreet half step away from his Grandsire.
“Its all bloody lies! Who’s been moanin about me?”
“Cordelia.” Angel stated.
“What’s the little bitch been saying I did?”
Angel slapped the younger vampire across the face and Spike went backwards over the arm of the couch.
“You’ll mind your manners William, is that clear?” Angel said as he jerked the boy back onto his feet.
“Yes sire. But I still don’t know what I’m meant to have done.” Spike pouted in a hurt tone.
“ You transformed and gave her a scare and its not the first time either is it?”
“Dunno what you’re talking about, the little...She doesn’t want me here, you know that?” Spike tried; well it was only half a lie he figured.
“If Cordelia says you vamped her?”
“And you’d believe her word over mine-charmin.”
“ I think I know you well enough boy, lying, cheating, conniving is all part of your varied repertoire. “
“Bloody hell!” Spike hissed softly knowing he’d been sussed.
“Excuse me?”
“Cordy must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time-I wouldn’t have vamped her on purpose boss.” Spike tried to wriggle out of trouble.
“Do I need to remind you what happens when you’re a bad boy William?”
“It was a joke, you know, I was playin the clown to lighten the atmosphere around here.” Spike prattled.
“So Cordelia found it funny did she, so you did it to her and Wesley a few more times?”
“You knew I did it before? You never said anything?” Spike asked in confusion.
“I was giving you the opportunity to grow out of your childish ways William. A mistake it seems on my part.”
“Bloody hell, you’d think I’d ripped someone’s head off and drank their blood! It was just a joke. So I won’t do it again. Ok?”
“You’ll apologise to Cordelia and Wesley.” Angel ordered sternly.
“Sure.” Spike agreed readily, that didn’t sound too tough.

As they reached the outer office Angel propelled Spike towards the reception desk.
“Spike has something he wants to say to you.” Angel directed at Cordelia who sat at her desk arms crossed and glared belligerently at the cause of her annoyance.

“ I’m sorry you find my natural appearance a bit of a turn off Cordy, won’t happen again.” Spike said with a barely concealed smirk.

“That’s his idea of a suitable apology!” Cordilia snapped with outrage.

Angel slapped Spike across the top of his head and the younger vampire quickly replaced the smirk with a look of repentance.
“I apologise for my recent behaviour and it wont happen again I swear.” He said with a show of sincerity.
Cordelia wasn’t truly convinced that he was sorry but guessed it was the best she could hope for so accepted the apology.

“Good, all friends again;” Angel smiled with satisfaction,
“Now I just have one last matter to attend to;” And with that Spike found himself face down over the side of Cordelia’s desk.
“I already apologised! What the hell are you doing?”
“You can’t have forgotten already what happens when you’ve been a bad little boy William.” Angel commented as he held the boy in place with one hand and started to remove his belt with the other.

Suddenly Spike remembered that they weren’t alone in the room and waved a hand in the direction he thought Cordelia was, “ Tell her to bugger off-you can’t do this to me in front of her!”
“Cordelia stays. I don’t want her to think that I let you get away with bad behaviour. And we know from experience just how little your apologies mean boy. “
“ You bastard!” Spike cursed as he accepted he wasn’t going to escape this new humiliation.

Cordelia sat in stunned shock as she took in the surreal scene playing out before her, her boss was beating Spike’s bottom and he didn’t seem to like it very much.

Angel spared Cordelia the sight of Spike’s bare butt and let the little brat take his punishment over his jeans-just this once. To compensate he came to a figure of 20 spanks, this spanking was more of a lesson than to punish the crime. If Spike were going to make some life changes he had the feeling a little incentive to stay out of trouble would help. It was all for the brat’s own good.

Spike was relieved that he wasn’t getting it on the bare butt as was Angelus and Angel’s habit and took his punishment without too much fuss-at least he wasn’t sobbing like a baby in front of her!. But after the expected number of spanks was exceeded he began to worry that Cordy was gonna be treated to him howling his lungs out after all! And the thought was mortifying.

The twelfth slap of the belt landed on an already tender spot on Spike’s jean clad behind and he howled and jumped. Cordelia also jumped at the unexpected noise.
“ Come on boss, I’ve learned my lesson!” Spike just managed to get out between the twelfth and thirteen swat landing on his butt.
“Owww!!! Damn it I said I’m sorry.” Spike cried as the fifteenth swat landed on his bottom, tears flowed and his only thought was for the beating to end. He didn’t care who could hear at that point.

The thrashing did finally come to a close and Angel waited for the young vampire’s sobs to quieten and then squeezed his shoulder comfortingly.
“Come on get up now, you’ve had worse thrashings than this before.”
Spike got up and kept his back to Cordelia as he wiped the last of his tears away, the humiliation was worse than the pain he was in.

Angel caught the younger vampire by the arm and twisted him around to face Cordelia.
“You have some chores you want him to do?” He asked.
Cordelia was too embarrassed to answer at first but finally pointed to a stack of flyer’s and envelopes on the far edge of her desk.
“I need those advertising flyers stuffed and mailed out.” She said without looking at either vampire.
“You’ll do them willingly won’t you?” He directed at Spike.
Without speaking or making eye contact spike scooped up the papers and envelopes and fled to Angel’s quarters. Moments later they heard a door slamming.

“I’ll speak to him about slamming doors later and he still needs to apologise to Wesley.” Angel remarked.
For once Cordelia couldn’t think of a thing to say.