Bart's first spanking

Bart Simpson was bored.
There was Mean old Hetty's cat sleeping in the bushes. Bart snuck up on it and yelled right in it's ear. The cat shot straight up in the air and made a beeline up the nearest tree. Bart kept calling for it to come down. He could have a lot of fun with that cat. Darned ol' cat he thought. It just hissed and snarled at him as he stood below it.
He heard Lisa calling for him "Bart better get your home work done! Mom told me to tell ya!" Lisa hollered out.
Bart hid behind the bushes pretending not to hear her.
"Bart I can see you behind the bushes NOW before Mom comes out to get you!"
Bart sauntered into the house and plopped down at the table. He dragged out a book and opened it, staring at the page with a glazed look. "How come you don't gotta do home work? He complained to Lisa.
, "Cause I am smart and have mine all done." She smirked at Bart before she went to get her a snack in the kitchen
' Ohhhh he would get even with her if it was the last thing he done.' Bart thought to himself. Then he spied Lisa's homework all neatly stacked in her folder. He peeked around no one was in the room. He pulled her papers out and tucked them in his notebook and proceeded to draw pictures in the margins of her homework. He giggled to himself as he made some pretty good graphic pictures of the teacher, and the principal,
and a couple of the cute girl he sorta likes. He decided he liked them without clothes the best.
His mother came in and commended Bart on working so hard. "Why don't you take Maggie outside. You deserve a break Bart."
Bart nearly giggled out loud as he slid off the chair. "Sure thing mom, where is the little darlin?"
Maggie came toddlin in sucking on her pacifier looking at Bart wide eyed. "He grabbed her by the hand. "come on Maggie...let's go to the park"
Maggie just bllinked and followed him.
Bart found his friends at the park playing ball. Bart frowned at Maggie, "Ya little brat, I aint got time to watch no baby. My buddies are here and I'm going to play ball!
Bart dug out some kite string from his pocket and tied maggie to a tree while he went off to play ball.
He was having a great time, not once checking on his little sister.
He was having the time of his life. For once he was winning and kicked the soccer ball with a mighty swing sending it into the net for the final win...all his friends were high fiving him and hollering when he was suddenly grabbed by the nape of the neck.
A huge burly looking policeman had him. "Did you bring a baby to the park ?"
"Let me go ya stinkin Copper, I'm under age and you can't treat kids like this! I'll sue you!" Bart snapped in anger as he struggled to get loose.
The cop let him go causing Bart to fall on his face. "If that isn't your sister, then I'll be taking her with me, she'll go into foster care until we can find who she belongs to."
Bart chuckled 'That's one way of getting rid of one of the bratty sisters, too bad the cop wouldn't take Lisa too. "Hey I have a sister, Lisa you can have" Bart hollered out hoping the cop would take him up on it.
The cop ignored Bart as he scooped Maggie up in his arms giving the snotty Bart one last glare as he took off with Maggie. Bart continued playing until Lisa came to get him.
"Bart you were supposed to only take a break,not all afternoon. Mom is really mad."Lisa said shaking her head.
"yea yeah, so what, mom's mad, it's not like she can do anything about it." Bart smarted off.
"Where is maggie?" Lisa looked around "Bart!! What did you do with Maggie?" Lisa started getting alarmed.
"Ah don't get your panties in a wad, she is fine." Bart started out of the park.
"She better be or mom's gonna get ya." Lisa rolled her eyes thinking Bart has really done it now.
Lisa followed Bart home waiting for him to explain where Maggie was to her parents.
"Hello Bart dear, where is Maggie?" Marge smiled at her obedient son who did his homework without a huge fight.
"Oh some copper has her. He didn't like the way I had her at the park so he said something about a foster home." Bart said offhand.
"Hey Marge, don't be yelling at me, I don't have to put up with that" Bart just went and flipped on the tv dismissing his mom.
Marge dialed the police department trying not to panic as she explained the mix up at the park and did they know where the baby went. She was told to calm down, Maggie was in deed fine and at the local clinic waiting on a foster family to pick her up.
Marge flew out the door into the car squealing tires to get maggie.
Homer came in the back door. "Hey where's Marge off to in such a gosh darned hurry?"
Bart ignored him.
"Bart lost Maggie at the park and mom went to get her." Lisa explained as she gave Bart an evil look.
"Oh boy, I know how hard it is to keep track of her. Boy aint them policemen nice to find her for us." Homer laughed.
Bart ignored him.
Marge came squealing back into the driveway after about an hour of being gone.
She came charging into the house her tall hairdo waving trying to keep up with a mad marge.
"HOMER SIMPSON!!! you have to do something about Bart!!! He let the policeman take Maggie!! and offered him Lisa! Marge had steam coming out of her ears.
"MOM!!" Lisa yelled as she waved her homework in her mother's face. "Bart wasn't doing homework, he was ruining mine with these nasty drawings!"
Homer got a glimpse of one of the pages Lisa as Lisa waved them for him to see. "Hey pretty good drawing son. I didn't know you were into art." Homer grabbed the page to study it.
Bart grinned. "Gee dad, I'm glad you appreciate the finer things in life"
"yeaaaa" was all Homer could say as he looked at the pictures.
Marge jerked the pages out of Homers hands. "Homer, this isn't art, this is smut!! You had better correct YOUR son NOW or your going to be in more trouble with me than your going to want to be in!" Marge said in a low deadly voice.
Homer gulped and looked at her making up his mind really fast for him.
"Well, Bart, sounds like you and me got a date out in the woodshed"
Bart smirked at Homer, "Homer we don't have a wood shed, ya better come up with something else." Bart giggled at his own fast thinkiing.
Marge just looked like thunder.
Homer grabbed Bart by the collar and hauled him over his knees jerking his pants down. Homer looked at the bare bottom, a bit confused now. Hmmm what should he do he looked at his hand if he smacks Bart with his hand it is going to sting!! He don't wanna hurt himself. What Bart did really made Marge mad, he needed a spanking for that too.
'Hmmmm' he thought a bit confused...
Marge was watching all of this with disgust. The man didn't even know how to spank a kid. She grabbed Bart and hauled him into the bedroom. She bent him over the bed, and got out her hair brush.
Bart just rolled his eyes "yea Marge promise to make it hurt"
Marge took the flat handled hair brush and smacked Bart on the bare butt to get his attention. "Oh trust me Bart, I promise to make it hurt." Homer was watching in fascination from the doorway. "Shut the door Homer and watch how it is done.
Bart felt the sting but he giggled, "If that's all ya got marge, Pour it on"
Marge smacked him with the hair brush with full force. about 10times in succession.
Bart gasped with the first full hit. He wasn't smart mouthing by the time the 10th blow hit him. He was begging his mom to stop. Please mommy he was crying.
Homer took off his belt. "Boy you have had this coming for a long time."
When Marge stopped raining the blows on Bart's bare bottom, Homer stepped in with his belt. He looked at the red marks.
He lined up took aim.
Bart couldn't believe it. "Homer!!! Mom already took the hide off." Bart whined.
Homer just started in making more of the white skin turn red as Bart wiggled and squirmed and cried and begged Homer to stop. After a good 15 swats with the belt Bart was a mass of jelly blubbering and crying his heart out.
Homer was amazed at the transformation of His son. "Bart your going to get that punishment EVERYTIME you disobey your mother or I"
Homer hugged his son,
Marge came over and kissed his forehead hugging him. "yes, we could have lost Maggie forever today from your foolishness. I hope you remember tonight for a very long time."