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This is a What Should Have Happened style fiction that involves the spanking of a 16 year old boy. If that is not your idea of a good read then please click delete. If this does hold an interest to you please proceed.


General Concept of the Show:

Ryan Atwood, 16, is arrested for along with his older brother for vandalism. Sent to juvenile hall he meets his defense attorney Sandy Cohen. After getting Ryan off on probation Sandy tries to further assist the boy but is met with resistance. He gives him his card ‘just in case’ and the two part their separate ways.

Ryan returns home to Chino, CA to a run down apartment with a drunkard for a mother and no father. Mom’s current boyfriend doesn’t like Ryan and with his help mom kicks her boy out of the home. Out on the streets with no where to go Ryan calls Sandy as a last resort. Sandy picks him up and takes him home to stay the weekend, where Ryan meets Sandy’s wife Kirsten and their 16 year old son Seth.

Home for the Cohen’s is ritzy Newport Beach in Orange County, CA. Money rules here, as Ryan soon finds out and while the Cohen’s are not the typical OC family (they’re actually down to earth and very nice) Ryan soon meets others. Marissa Cooper, 16 year old daughter of Jimmy and Julie and next door neighbors to the Cohen’s. Luke and Summer, Marissa’s boyfriend and best friend are soon thrown into the mix, both stereotypical ‘rich kids’ who dislike Ryan immediately. Marissa and Ryan quickly develop a mutual crush, each reluctant to act on it.

Over time Ryan’s weekend stay turns into an official ‘guardianship’ for the Cohen’s, and Ryan moves into the family pool house. Ryan and Seth quickly develop a close relationship, with Ryan in the role of more experienced older ‘brother’ to Seth’s quirky, dorky, smart-aleck younger ‘brother.’

Episode 5 Background:

Ryan is feeling guilty for the Cohen’s supporting him and decides to get a job. As he and Seth are taking in lunch at the local ‘it’ restaurant, The Crab Shack, they hear of an opening and Ryan accepts a job as a waiter/busboy. Ryan makes friends with one of the wait staff, a young man named Donnie who, like Ryan, is from the wrong side of the tracks. One night after work Ryan makes plans with Donnie and his friends, totally blowing off Seth. Seth hides his hurt and takes it in stride. The next evening Ryan has plans with Marissa, who is currently on a break from her relationship with Luke, to help baby-sit her little sister at home. He turns down an invitation to go with Donnie to a party in a rougher part of town, an invite that Seth readily accepts AGAINST Ryan’s wishes. Not trusting naïve Seth with Donnie Ryan calls Marissa and tells her he’ll be late, then tells Seth they have one hour. An hour into the party Ryan tries pulling Seth away and ends up totally blowing his date with Marissa, who hangs up on him when he calls to ask her to ‘save him some mac and cheese’. Only when an announcement is made that a Range Rover has totally been demolished does Seth decide to leave with Ryan (and work on how to explain his mother’s ruined SUV in the morning).

Seth talks Marissa into forgiving Ryan and the next evening finds Ryan making grilled cheese sandwiches by the pool for his crush. A bored Seth goes to The Crab Shack and fills Donnie in on a party happening at a local high school girl’s home. Donnie agrees to go. While partying Donnie is offended by the way the rich kids treat him and flashes a gun. Seth calls Ryan and interrupts his date AGAIN to ask for backup. Ryan gets to the party just in time as Donnie pulls his gun. Ryan and Donnie wrestle for it and it goes off, shooting Luke in the upper arm. Ryan helps Luke to the hospital and calls Marissa, who races up there to be with Luke.

A “What Should Have Happened” Fic

Ryan sat on the padded bench in the hospital waiting area and watched as Marissa continued down the hallway to Luke’s hospital room. Looking down at the cold tile floor he rested his chin in the palms of his hands and sighed. He had been so close, so incredibly close to kissing her, to finally tasting what he had been craving since the moment he had seen her standing in her driveway late that night several weeks before. The underlying sexual tension between the two of them had grown so thick it could be cut with a knife, yet the moment he had a chance to actually act on it he’d been interrupted. ‘Twice,’ he thought as he shook his head.

“Crazy night, huh?” Seth asked. Sitting opposite Ryan on the bench he had noticed his new friend’s blank expression and was beginning to feel more than a little responsible. After all if he hadn’t have brought Donnie to Holly’s party none of this would have happened in the first place. Luke wouldn’t be lying up in a hospital bed with a gunshot wound, nor would Marissa be by his side. “Loco,” he said softly.

Ryan pursed his lips and inhaled slowly. He looked over at the young boy with the shaggy dark hair sitting to his right. Only a few months separated the two chronologically but the hard life Ryan had experienced until recently gave him a wisdom way beyond his 16 years. He thought of the events of the last couple of nights. Of Donnie and how in awe of him Seth seemed to be. Seth, the only child of Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, whose closest experience to walking on the wild side was the backstage tour of the lions den he’d taken at the San Diego Zoo. “Totally wild,” Ryan remembered him saying to describe the experience. He shook his head. ‘The kid wouldn’t know ‘wild’ if it came and bit him on the ass. Or ‘danger’, for that matter.’ He stood up and headed for the door.

“Where’re you going now?” Seth asked as he jumped up to follow Ryan out of the hospital waiting room. “I mean, I’m sure Holly’s party is pretty much dead, having a shoot-out has a way of doing that but…”

“Home. Both of us,” Ryan answered.

“Dude, the night’s still young. Besides…,” Seth listened as the sentence that had formed so easily in his brain failed to make it out of his mouth. Something about the expression on Ryan’s face told him to stop while he was still ahead.

Once at home Ryan listened as Seth relayed the story to his parents. Concern and fear blanketed Sandy and Kirsten’s face, the idea of their young son, as well as Ryan, in such imminent danger scared them horribly.

“So where is this Donnie kid now?” Kirsten asked.

“Cops carted him off. Probably had ‘priors’, you know?” Seth answered as he began to peel a banana.

“Now you don’t know that, Seth. Not all young criminals have prior convictions,” Sandy reprimanded, once again subconsciously protecting the underdog.

“Yeah, I guess. You didn’t, right Ryan?” Seth asked before immediately cursing himself. Ryan had been nothing but a good friend, why did he have to bring up his criminal past? Silently he kicked himself. “Dude, I’m sorry. Just ignore me, it’s late and…”

“Yeah, um,” Ryan said, nodding his head. He could feel the color rise in his cheeks and felt a desperate need to get out of there and be alone. “Well, I’m gonna head on to bed. Goodnight,” he managed to whisper as he turned and walked out of the kitchen to the pool house.

“Seth, what an incredibly rude thing to say!” Sandy lectured. “What would even possess you to say something like that? Ryan’s had some hard times but he’s not a hardened, experienced career criminal. You know that, what were you thinking?”

Seth looked down at his banana before placing it on the countertop. “I don’t know, Dad. I just…wasn’t thinking is all. I’ll go apologize to him.”

“Well I think you should! Apologize, then go straight to bed. It’s late and you’ve had a rough night. A rough _couple_ of nights, if I remember correctly,” his father reminded him, making sure the boy knew that he was well aware of what had happened the previous night to Kirsten’s Range Rover.

Seth gulped and nodded his head in understanding.


In the pool house Ryan changed out of his street clothes into a pair of sweat pants and one of his trademark white ribbed tanks. He climbed onto his bed and thought about the events of the evening, of he and Marissa eating grilled cheese sandwiches and left over mac and cheese while soaking their feet in the pool. How he pretended to push her into the pool only to see the tables turned when she pushed him in, dragging her in with him. Frolicking in the pool, dunking and splashing each other like a couple of schoolchildren. He remembered how she looked in the soft lights that reflected off of the water’s surface, of how sweet and pretty and honest and vulnerable she looked. He remembered the yearning in her eyes, the desire. He recognized it because it was exactly how he felt. Everything felt right, it felt true, and then it was gone.

An annoying knocking sound quickly brought Ryan back to reality. Rolling his eyes he looked to the door and recognized Seth through the glass. He opened the door in silence and looked at the younger man on the other side.

“Uh, yeah, so look. I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking in there. Sometimes I suffer from this insane case of verbal diarrhea and unfortunately you caught it at its worse. Truce?” Seth asked hopefully.

Without a word Ryan turned and walked back to his bed. Feeling the tension Seth came inside and closed the door behind him.

“Dude, I mean it, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah well…” Ryan said. He really didn’t want to get into this with Seth, not tonight anyway.

Seth looked away and sighed. Evidently Ryan was upset, and he had a feeling it stemmed from something other than the lousy comment he had made in the kitchen. He sat on the bed next to his friend.

“So, how bad did I screw things up with you and Marissa?” he asked contritely.

Ryan raised his eyebrows but avoided looking at the boy. “I don’t know. She’s with Luke now so I’m guessing my chances aren’t looking too good,” he answered honestly.

“Geez Ryan, I’m really sorry. I never intended for this to happen, honest. I mean, I know how much you dig Marissa. And I dig you digging her it’s just, well…”

“It’s just that you found yourself in hot water, _twice_. And after I had adequately warned you about it, _twice_. About sums it up, wouldn’t you say?” Ryan retorted, feeling his temper rise. He knew inside that Seth had not meant for things at either party to get out of control but he also knew that if he had heeded his warning they wouldn’t have.

Seth sighed. He knew Ryan was right, that he had warned him first about going to a party with Donnie as well as inviting the older teen to the one in Newport. Ryan barely knew the guy and Seth even less so. But when Ryan had told him ‘no’, that he couldn’t go to the party, he felt a sense of rebellion that he hadn’t felt, well, ever. Seth was not a spoiled child but he rarely wanted for anything, so to be told by someone other than his parents that he could not do something, especially that someone being a peer, well it had been too much. “Well, as they say, ‘Hindsight is 20/20’,” he chuckled before quickly finding his joke was not appreciated.

The two boys sat in silence, Ryan too upset to speak and Seth unsure what else to say. In the short time he had been in Newport Ryan had become Seth’s best friend and the thought that he might have messed things up between them, as well as messed things up between Ryan and Marissa was almost enough to make him cry. He turned and looked at Ryan; a sad, pathetic, unsure look on his face.

“So, are you just not going to talk to me ever again? Is that it? Is that my punishment?” Seth asked, actually finding he was afraid of the answer.

Ryan bit his bottom lip and looked at Seth. The idea of never speaking to him again sounded absurd to him, but he figured for the time being he’d play around with the kid. “You got a better idea?” he asked.

Seth’s eyes flew open. Was Ryan actually considering not speaking to him? ‘Well, not without a fight’ he decided.

“Yeah, I mean come on dude. I said I was sorry.” Fumbling for his wallet, Seth opened it and pulled out a wad of cash. “Here, it’s yours,” he said, handing over a batch of $20’s. Ryan growled. The reason they were in this mess in the first place was Ryan’s need to feel self-sufficient and independent financially, yet here was Seth thrusting money at him as a kind of buy-off. Ryan stood and ripped the money from Seth’s hand before throwing it on the floor. He bent down and grabbed Seth by the shoulders, giving him a little shake.

“I don’t want your money, man. When are you going to understand that?” he asked angrily.

Seth flushed, once again mentally kicking himself. What did he think he was doing, bribing his friend? ‘I just can’t get anything right’ he thought before looking up into the deep blue eyes of the boy before him.

“Answer me something.” Ryan said as he released his grip. “How’d you get punished for stuff when you were a kid?”

Seth blinked. ‘Talk about a question out of left field’ he thought. “Uh, I don’t know. Restricted and grounded from stuff, mostly. Why?”

“Ever get spanked for anything?” Ryan asked, ignoring Seth’s question.

“Spanked? Uh, dude, my dad went to Berkley. Mr. Peace, Love and Understanding?” Seth began before noticing the questioning look on Ryan’s face. “No, no, he doesn’t believe in spanking.”

“What about your mom?” Ryan continued the inquisition.

“Uh, I remember getting a couple of swats once when I was like, 5 or something, but that’s it. Why, did you?” Seth asked, slowly getting uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was taking.

“Not by my parents, they were more into yelling and slapping you around. But my grandfather...,” Ryan paused, thinking back to the many weekends spent at his grandparents home. He remembered the feelings of security and love being there produced. How his grandfather had a gentle yet firm hand, and was not afraid to use it on his errant grandchildren. Still he did not fear his grandfather, for even at that young age he knew that it was the way things were supposed to be. Firm yet restrained, not wild and out of control as was the norm in his family.

Seth looked nervous. He could see that Ryan was thinking and while he wanted to know what he was deciding at the same time he didn’t.

Ryan shook off the memory of his grandfather and stood rigidly before Seth. ‘You want to teach the boy a lesson?’ he asked himself. ‘Then do it right.’
“You want to make things right between us?” he asked Seth, who nodded in response. “Fine. I’m going to spank you.”

“What? Dude, come on…” Seth began.

“‘Come on’ what? Do we need to go over all of the crap you’ve put me through the last couple of days? Donnie? The parties? Marissa? Trust me kid, you’re getting off easy.”

“Yeah but, Ryan? I’m 16 years old. _You’re_ 16 years old. I mean, teenage boys don’t go around spanking each other unless…” Seth paused, a disturbing thought entering his head. “I mean, unless they like…you know”

“Shut up,” Ryan said quietly. “It isn’t like that and you know it.” He inhaled slowly and sat back on the bed next to Seth. “Look kid, not only did you manage to piss me off these last couple of days, you scared me too. When I got to Holly’s party and saw Donnie with the gun I was almost sick,” he paused and looked at his friend. “You’ve got this annoying knack for making people care about you,” he chuckled as he rubbed his chin.

Seth smiled. From the moment he met Ryan he felt an instant bond with the boy. The idea that he may have done something to break that scared him. He bit his bottom lip. “So, if I let you spank me are you saying you’ll forgive me, that this will all be over?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I’m saying. But you have to understand, I ‘m not spanking you just for kicks. It’s the only thing I can think of to do to get you to understand what you did, of how bad you…”

“Screwed up? Yeah, I’m beginning to see,” Seth said reluctantly. He inhaled deeply and clapped his hands on his thighs. “Ok, so what do I do?”

Ryan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect Seth to submit so quickly and found he was caught off-guard. He quickly pulled himself together though, knowing that in order for this to work he was going to have to be the one in charge. “Pull down your jeans and climb over my lap.”

“Dude, my jeans?” Seth asked, surprised.

“Yeah, your jeans. You’re the one being punished here, not me. If I do it over your jeans the only thing that going to be hurting is my hand,” he said, nodding towards Seth’s waistline. “Drop ‘em.”

Reluctantly Seth began unbuckling his belt and then the button to his jeans. He looked one last time at Ryan before pulling down the zipper and pushing the jeans down to his thighs. Feeling incredibly vulnerable he placed his hands in front of him and looked at Ryan for direction.
Ryan sensed Seth’s embarrassment, as well as his own and decided to get this over with as quickly as possible. “Come here,” he said as he took the younger boys left forearm and gently guided him over his lap. Adjusting the boy quickly he rested his left hand on Seth’s lower back.

“I want to apologize in advance for having to do this, in case when we’re finished you don’t want to speak to me. It’s going to hurt Seth, but I want you to know I’m only doing it for your own good,” Ryan said.

“Are you _sure_ you’ve never done this before?” Seth asked. The way he was positioned over Ryan’s lap left his upper chest and head resting on the bed but that didn’t stop the rush of blood that ran to his head, causing to him to blush in a way he never knew possible.

“Never. And let’s hope after today I never have to again.” Ryan answered as he wrapped his left arm around Seth’s waist. Eyeing the white brief-covered bottom before him he closed his eyes tightly and raised his right hand. He let it come down in a ‘splat’ right in the middle of Seth’s bottom. He paused to see what reaction would come and when he saw none he lifted and let it fall again.

Seth felt the first smack and clamped his mouth shut. He was willing to go through this embarrassment in order to make things right between them but that didn’t mean he had to cry. Besides, if this was all Ryan had planned it looked like the only thing that would be hurting by the time they were finished was his ego.

Ryan noted the lack of change in Seth’s response and decided it was time to stop playing around and get to business. Over and over he raised his hand and over and over it crashed down on Seth’s upturned bottom. Starting at the top of his behind and working his way down he alternated slapping each cheek until he got to the sensitive strip of skin connecting the bottom to the thighs. Ryan remembered vividly how awful the pain of a spanking on that part of his bottom felt and decided to give Seth the same memory. He shifted his legs, raising his right knee slightly and began to pepper Seth’s undercurve with punishing slaps.

Seth had taken most of his punishment in stride. He noticed immediately the change in intensity but was determined to see this thing through without falling apart. He failed. Halfway through his spanking he found himself sniffling and fighting back tears. By the time Ryan lifted his knee Seth was officially crying. When the spanking intensified on his delicate undercurve Seth lost it and began beating his fists on the bed before him, crying out loud.

Ryan heard the cries from his friend and knew that he had made his point. The spanking had lasted longer and was more severe than he had initially planned but he also knew it was nothing the boy wouldn’t recover from. ‘Besides, he deserved it,’ he told himself as he laid one last smack on the boy’s bottom. He removed his right hand from Seth’s bottom and with his left hand patted his lower back.

“There. We’re finished.”

Seth lay over Ryan’s lap shaking with sobs. Part of him felt like a big baby for crying like he was. ‘Yeah, well that part must not be feeling what the rest of me is’ he told himself as he mustered the energy to slide off of Ryan’s lap and onto the floor. His freshly punished bottom landed on the heels of his feet, causing him to hiss aloud. Ryan smirked as he offered a hand to help his friend up. Seth took it gratefully.

Grabbing the waistband of his jeans Seth quickly pulled them up, letting out another hiss as they brushed against his bottom. He wiped the last of the tears from his eyes and chuckled, thoroughly embarrassed yet oddly relieved at the same time.

“You ok?” Ryan asked. He had no doubt that Seth would be sporting a sore bottom for the remainder of the night and more than likely into the afternoon.

Seth shrugged. “Well, my butt and my ego are trashed but overall I think I’ll be ok.” He paused and forced himself to look Ryan in the face. “What about you and me…are we ok?”

Ryan clapped a hand on Seth’s shoulder. “Yeah, we’re ok.” he answered, nodding his head.

Seth smiled and gingerly rubbed his bottom. “Dude, I’ve come to a conclusion,” he said.

“What’s that?” Ryan asked.

“Well, you and me? We’ve got to stick together. United we’re unstoppable. Divided? People get hurt, man.” Seth answered in mock seriousness, referring not only to Luke’s injured arm but to his injured bottom as well.

Ryan chuckled and looked over at the younger boy, cuffing him on the back of the head while gently pushing him out of the pool house door.