Jubilee Learns A Lesson
Author: Jubes
X-Men Movieverse


“To your room. NOW!” Logan ordered. Jubilee sniffled before stomping off, her disagreement of the situation evident. Logan shook his head as he hurriedly made his way to the kitchen.

“Guten Tag , mein freund!” Kurt Wagner greeted him in a chipper manner.

“Save it, elf. I ain’t in the mood,” the man known as Wolverine replied as he ripped open the refrigerator door and pulled out a Corona. Squeezing his forehead between his thumb and fingertips he sighed bitterly before opening the beer and taking a satisfying chug.

“I take it ze mission did not go as planned?” Kurt asked as he winced, the sound of a slamming door inadvertently answering his question.

“Go as planned? Damn thing went anythin’ but. I told Chuck these kids were too young to be goin’ out on these minor runs…”

“Are ze kids too young, or are you too impatient?” Kurt asked, his eyes smiling.

Logan snorted. “Both,” he admitted with a chuckle.

Kurt laughed and jumped on a barstool, balancing himself perfectly as his thin, springy tail twirled behind him. “So tell me, vhat did young Jubilee do this time to get you so flustered?”


“I didn’t do _anything_!” Jubilee insisted as she paced the floor beside her bed. She recognized the look on her roommate’s face and threw up her hands. “_Honest_!”

Kitty Pryde rolled her eyes. Anytime her friend was sent to their room there was _always_ a reason behind it. A reason she was going to pry out of her best friend whether she liked it or not!

“Jubilation Lee, you and I both know that is not the truth. I told you why Scott grounded me last week. You can’t keep this from me, it wouldn’t be fair!”

Jubilee fell on her bed with a grown. Kitty was right, and she knew it. The girls were extremely close, almost like sisters and shared everything. ‘Besides’, Jubilee figured, ‘as mad as he was he’ll be stompin’ up here any minute now an’ the whole _school_ will know. May as well get my version out there first.’


“Chuck sent us to Hoboken, NJ,” Logan began. “Really run down section of town. Supposedly there’s this kid out there he’s been keepin’ tabs on, wanted ta see if I could bring ‘em in.”

Kurt pretended to choke on his Coca Cola. “You?” he said, sputtering. “Ze Professor vanted _you_ to bring some kid in? Peacefully?”

“Yeah, go figure,” Logan shook his head. “Like I’m the got-damn welcome wagon. Anyways, says it shouldn’t take long an’ ta take Jubilee with me, give her some insight on what we do an’ why.”

“Ja, he’s been sending ze younger ones out a lot more lately. Getting their feet vet, I suppose.”

“Yeah, well I don’t like it,” Logan spat. “Don’t get me wrong, I like the kids…well, most of ‘em. An’ ya _know_ how I feel about Jubes but I ain’t ready ta be babysittin’ ‘em when it comes ta missions. Even one as simple as pickin’ up a stray kid.”

“And you told ze Professor zis?” Kurt asked.

“Damn straight. ‘Course he fed me all that bullshit about this bein’ a ‘learnin’ environment’ an’ ‘testin’ the kids knowledge’ an’ some other nonsense. Ya know how the old man gets.”

Kurt smiled softly. He did indeed know how the Professor got; in fact he found he himself was more and more like the professor everyday. Kurt loved the children, he loved teaching them and being around them and truly believed they were the future’s leaders. He hoped the future would be a better place for them but was satisfied in the belief that if it were not they would be capable enough to make it so for themselves and for the generations to come. Logan, on the other hand…

“So we take the jet ta Hoboken an’ everythin’s goin’ smooth,” Logan continued.


“Did he let you fly the jet?” Kitty asked as she sat crossed-legged on her bed, leaning in and devouring every word that was offered.

“No, even though I’ve logged like, five hours in the simulator!” Jubilee complained. “So anyway, we get to ‘Po’doken an’ we go to this place, this real dive Wolvie says are the coordinates that the Prof gave him. It’s kind of a run-down buildin’, like an old warehouse I guess. Smelled like sewage, I mean it was totally rank,” she said as she scrunched up her nose.

“So we’re like side by side an’ I hear this rustlin’ to my right. Wolvie heard it too an’ told me to stay put while he investigated,” Jubilee continued to her captive audience. “So here I am, standin’ in this hallway when I see this white thing go whippin’ around a stack of boxes in the next room. I peeked inside the room an’…”


“The next thing I knew the girl’s gone. An’ _right_ after I told her ta stay where she was,” Logan said with a growl. “I could smell her in the next room so I went ta catch up with her an’ she was gone. My nose was tellin’ me she hadn’t gone far but I couldn’t see hide or hair of her.”


“So I followed the white thingy through the room an it’s all movin’ as silent as all get out, I mean you couldn’t even hear its footsteps,” Jubilee said as she tiptoed across the room. “I was afraid I was gonna lose it so I took off runnin’ after where I’d seen it last, then I saw a door swingin’ an I went to it. It was a staircase an’ I figured it had to be up there so I went after it.”

“Oooo, where was Logan durin’ all this?” Kitty asked, her eyes wide in anticipation.

“Well, he was…”


“…pissed,” Logan growled. “I’m in this stinky-ass building in a bad part of town an’ the one partner I’m given, a thirteen year old little girl, has decided to play hero an’ taken off on her own. ‘Course at the time I didn’t _know_ she was playin’ hero; she coulda been kidnapped an’ killed for all I knew. The stench in that place was screwin’ up my senses like hell, I was havin’ a hard time keepin’ track of my _own_ scent, much less anyone else’s.” He formed a fist with his right hand and pounded it on the table.

Kurt raised his eyebrows. He could tell his friend was quite angered by all that had occurred on his excursion, but he knew there was more to the story, more than just anger fueling him.

“You vere frightened,” was his only response.

Logan could feel his teammate’s eyes on him. He glanced at the blue-hued mutant before looking back down at the countertop. ‘Damn’, he hissed to himself before slowly nodding his head.

“Yeah, I was. I was…”


“…so scared. I hate heights, man, hate ‘em! An’ who builds a stupid staircase where it opens up two feet from the edge of the roof? I mean, what idiot plannin’, you know?” Jubilee cried.

“Yeah, Jubes. Stairs too close to the edge. _That’s_ what’s wrong with this story,” Kitty said as she rolled her eyes.

“What are you talkin’ about?” Jubilee asked, seemingly oblivious to Kitty’s meaning.

“Nevermind. So anyways, this figure in white, did you ever catch up to it?” Kitty asked.

“No, Wolvie …”


“Finally caught up to her on the roof. Fifteen flights of stairs. Sure coulda used your teleportation power, bub,” Logan said with a grim chuckle.

Kurt laughed. “Ja, sounds like it.” His face grew serious as he continued. “So, vhat happened zen?”

“Well, I saw Jubilee standin’ on the edge of the buildin’, kinda spaced out. Got up behind her and pulled her by the scruff of her neck back ta the stairs. She snapped out of it, tried tellin’ me about somethin’ she was followin’ upstairs but I told her I didn’t wanna hear it. She kept blabberin’ on an’ on about it an’ I finally dragged her back up an searched the roof. Didn’t find anythin’ except this,” he paused and pulled a shredded white cloth from his pocket.

Kurt held his hand to his nose and made a face. The cloth had a horrible smell to it, he could only imagine it was the stench Logan had described. Kurt waved it away and Logan stuffed it back into his pant pocket.

“So she vas telling ze truth?” Kurt asked. “She did follow somezing onto ze roof?”

“That ain’t the point, Nightcrawler,” Logan said, addressing Kurt by his codename. “The girl’s been told a million times ta follow directions an’ obey orders while out in the field. We’ve had multiple Danger Room sessions on just that, followin’ directions. And here we go, her first real time out in the field an’…”


“You blew it,” Kitty reprimanded her.

“I did not! I mean, yeah, I didn’t follow directions but I thought I had this dude! I thought I had him an’ them me an’ Logan could bring him back here an’…”

“Do you really think it’s that simple?” Kitty interrupted as her practical self began taking charge of the conversation. “Why do you think we do trials and tests about it? Why do you think it’s the _Number One Rule_ in the Danger Room Procedure Book? Maybe because it’s like, so ultra important?” Kitty seethed at her best friend.

Jubilee looked down. She knew her friend was correct. Everyone knew the most important direction an X-Man could follow was to follow directions as given. Logan had given her a direction, to ‘stay put’ and she hadn’t.

“I’m really gonna catch it this time, ain’t I?” she asked her roommate.

“Yeah, I’m afraid so,” Kitty replied honestly.

“Whattya think’ll happen to me?”

“I don’t know. If it were Scott I’m sure you’d just get grounded, maybe a week of early mornin’ Danger Room Sessions. With Logan?” Kitty shuddered, afraid to even guess.

“Do you think he’ll…”


“I’m gonna spank her. Nothin’ else seems to be workin’, not extra workouts, not restrictin’ her to her room…” Logan said firmly.

“Really Logan, do you zink zat is necessary?” Kurt asked.

“You gotta better suggestion, lay it on me. I’ve tried ‘em all, elf. Now I know the rest of you adults ain’t too agreeable when it comes ta spankin’ these kids but I say ya gotta do what works an’ thus far ain’t nothin’ workin’,” Logan said defensively.

“Ja, an’ for Jubilee, at least, corporal punishment does tend to do ze trick. And I am not against corporal punishment, or spanking the children if ze need does arise. I just like to find other avenues first,” Kurt explained.

Logan nodded. “Well, my friend, my avenues have run out,” he said as he tipped his bottle. “And so has my beer. Guess that means it’s time ta get ta business.”

“Good luck, Freundchen,” Kurt wished him as he walked out of the room.

“Don’t worry, I ain’t the one gonna need it,” Logan replied as he ascended the stairs.


Jubilee looked at Kitty somberly when they heard a knock on the door. Whipping their heads in its direction Kitty raised her eyebrows at Jubilee before answering.

“Uh, come in,” she squeaked. Their eyes widened as they stared at the tall, muscular and angry man in the doorway.

Logan looked from Kitty to Jubilee to Kitty again. “Go gettcha somethin’ ta eat,” he told her as he jerked his thumb towards the hall. Kitty stole a last sympathetic glance to Jubilee before gathering her latest edition of Seventeen and darting out of the room.

“I’m sorry Wolvie,” Jubilee began, clearly nervous of what her fate held.

“They’ll be time for that later, believe me. Right now I gotta a few things ta say an’ you’re gonna sit there an’ listen,” he told her as he gripped her shoulder and guided her not-so-gently to her bed.

Too anxious to sit Logan paced the floor in front of the frightened girl. “Rule Number One, what is it?” he asked.

Jubilee sighed. “Always follow directions and obey orders from your team leaders.”

“Mmm hmmm. And why is this such a tough concept for ya? You an’ I both know this ain’t the first time we’ve had this conversation,” he reminded her.

“I know. But Wolvie,” she began before noticing the glare she received at the use of her affectionate nickname for him. She quickly corrected herself. “Uh, _Logan_. I just, I really thought I had the guy,” she blurted out before immediately wishing she could take it back.

“_THAT DOESN’T MATTER_!” Logan roared as he swooped down, putting himself eye to eye with his wayward student. “We’ve got rules for a reason; you break ‘em, you can die.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Jubilee said, giving up on explaining what now appeared to be a very weak argument on her part.

“Yeah, well that’s what ya said last time. What’d happened ta ya then?” Logan asked her, deciding to make her squirm a bit.

“A week of six a.m. workout sessions,” she grumbled.

“Yup, an’ the time before that?”

Jubilee thought for a moment. “Room restriction for a weekend,” she answered finally.

“Yup, an’ neither of ‘em worked. So we’re gonna resort to somethin’ that I _know_ works,” Logan said as he began to undo the oversized Indian buckle from his belt.

Jubilee’s eyes doubled in size. “No, Wol…Logan, please don’t. Please don’t spank me. I’m sorry I didn’t listen an’ follow directions, I _am_!”

Logan listened as Jubilee began stuttering pleas and promises. He nodded his head as he finished unbuckling his belt and pulled it from the loophole of his jeans. Doubling it over in his hand it swung beside his leg as he raised a hand to halt the incessant rambling.

“I know you’re sorry, darlin’. I’m sorry too. Sorry that I’m havin’ ta do this but ya ain’t left me any choice. Now let’s get this finished an’ done with.” And with that Logan grabbed Jubilee’s upper arm and pulled off her bed. He quickly turned her around and with a strong hand on her back forcibly bent her over. The height of the bed combined with the shortness of her young body meant that Jubilee found herself flush with her lavender comforter, a position familiar to her only three times before.

“Better grab you a pillow to hold on ta. This is gonna hurt an’ I don’t want ya reachin’ back,” Logan directed. “You’re getting’ ten licks with the belt for disobeyin’ orders an’ potentially jeopardizin’ a mission. After that you’re gonna get another ten with my hand. This is our third time addressin’ this rule in as many months an’ I’m gonna do my damndest to see that it’s our last,” he said sternly.

“Do you understand why you’re bein’ punished?” Logan asked as he held the doubled end of the belt in his left hand.

Jubilee sniffled. Everything had happened so quick, she didn’t really know how to react. Oh, she knew how she _wanted_ to react; she wanted to high-tail it out of there and never look back. She knew he’d catch up to her though, and she’d get it even worse then what she was getting now. ‘If that’s possible,’ she thought sadly as she choked out an answer.

“Yes sir.”

Logan brought the doubled and the buckled ends of the belt together and cracked them down in a _SNAP_ before releasing the doubled end and swinging it behind him. In a _SWOOSH_ the first lick landed. An inch-thick indention appeared in the tight leather pants of Jubilee’s X-Man uniform. It was immediately joined by a second inch-thick indention, this one slightly overlapping the first. The spanking continued like this, each lick finding its place overlapping the previous one.

Jubilee bit her lip as the fourth stroke of the belt landed on the curviest part of her bottom. Salty tears began leaking from her tightly squeezed eyelids as she gripped the pillow beneath her. A fifth and sixth lick later and Jubilee was outwardly crying, howling as Logan’s thick leather belt continued to punish her leather-clad bottom. She was reminded of the conversation she’d had with Kitty after her roommate had received a spanking from Scott, their X-Man leader. Kitty had insisted that the tight leather offered no protection against a punishing hand; in fact the pain seemed even more intense. At the time Jubilee had dismissed her friend with a laugh; surely _any_ coverage was better than none at all. Now, as Logan brought the belt down yet again she completely understood what Kitty had been talking about.

Logan re-adjusted his grip on the belt and took aim. Three licks left and he wanted them to count. Eyeing the undercurve of Jubilee’s bottom he let loose, sending three whistling strokes through the air in quick succession. The howl that escaped Jubilee’s lips was unmistakable; this was one whipping this girl would remember for some time to come.

Moving slowly, offering her more time to recover than he felt she deserved Logan casually slipped his belt back through his belt loops and buckled it. He sat beside the shuddering girl on the bed and stroked her back for a moment. His heart, hardened in order to get through this punishment was starting to melt with each of her sobs. He recognized this and withdrew his hand, knowing that his punishment for the young girl was only half over.

“Sit up, Jubilation,” he ordered her as he sat straight on the end of the bed. Jubilee slowly glanced at the hulking figure beside her as she used her arms to weakly raise her upper body from its position on the bed. Shoulders shaking with sobs she willed herself to meet his glare.

“You’ve got ten more comin’. Let’s not drag ‘em out,” Logan said as he began to lean her across his lap. He stopped abruptly, glanced at her leather uniform and released her arm. “Lower your pants,” he told her.

Through tears Jubilee looked at Logan pleadingly. She fumbled with the buttons at her waist. “P..Pl..Please, no. Please don’t m..make me take them d…down,” she begged him.

Logan shook his head with little sympathy. “Sorry darlin’, I ain’t about ta bust my hand over your britches. ‘Sides, I wanna see what kinda damage I’m doin’.” Unable to totally ignore the mortified look on his young charge’s face Logan added softly, “You can keep your panties on, I ain’t gonna spank ya bare.”

Jubilee shook her head. “But you don’t under…understand. These suits are so tight…we girls…we don’t usually….”

“You don’t wear underwear?” Logan asked.

Jubilee nodded.

“Well darlin’, maybe that’s somethin’ you’ll reconsider in the future. For now, looks like you’re in for a bare bottom blisterin’. Let’s go,” Logan told her matter-of-factly as he patted his knee.

Fresh tears began to fall at this proclamation. Though she was still relatively new to the institute she had managed to steer clear of a bare bottom spanking. All of the children knew that Logan adhered to a strict ‘Underwear Only’ rule; he may spank the hardest out of all of the instructors but he would never make you pull your underwear down to receive it. As far as Jubilee knew no one had ever been caught without their drawers on, something she was now completely regretting. ‘So much for worrying about panty lines,’ she couldn’t help but think as she reached for the zipper to her pants.

“Just unbutton an’ unzip, I’ll do the rest,” Logan told her. Although the girl was barely a teenager and had nothing he hadn’t seen before he didn’t like to unnecessarily embarrass the children. When she’d pulled the zipper all the way down Logan quickly guided her across his lap and slipped his fingertips into the back of her pants, pulling them over her pink-striped bottom to the tops of her thighs. He took a moment to examine his handiwork, pleased that the belt had not caused any bruising or welts. Several lines ran across the width of Jubilee’s backside, every inch from the crest of her bottom to its very base glowed in various shades of pink and red. He could tell she was sore, even a tad swollen from the whipping he had given her and prepared himself for the spanking he had to deliver next.

Jubilee reached onto the bed and grabbed her pillow, clutching it in her arms. Her bottom felt like it was on fire, the sting had subsided but the aching burn of the belt was still throbbing on her sore behind. She felt Logan wrap his arm around her waist and clenched her buttocks in preparation of what was ahead. She didn’t have to wait long, Logan began her spanking immediately. Over and over he slapped his hand onto her previously punished bottom, watching as the outline of his hand took shape over the pink stripes.

Jubilee didn’t bother holding anything in; once the first spank landed she was gone. Her cries and pleas were ignored though as Logan quickly made haste, determined to teach this girl a lesson she would feel for at least the next three days. As he blazed the final two smacks across the roundest part of the girl’s cheeks he brought his hand to rest on her burning bottom. Rubbing it gently he moved his hand up her back and gave it a pat.

“We’re done,” he told her softly as he began to help her stand. Jubilee moaned as she was led to her feet, sniffling and crying. She clutched at the front of her pants, not wanting to expose her front to Logan but not daring to keep them up by pulling the back of her uniform over what she was sure was a very swollen bottom.

Logan took her chin in his hands. “Get washed up and changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes to talk to ya,” he told her as he deposited a soft kiss to her forehead and left the room.

Jubilee collapsed on her bed and cried, one hand rubbing the tears from her eyes while the other hand tried rubbing the burn out of her behind.


Logan stepped into the hallway and sighed. ‘It never gets any easier,’ he told himself as he walked down the hall to the stairwell. He needed a beer, more than he realized. Walking into the kitchen he found Kurt and Scott sharing a cup of coffee around the kitchen table.

“So I hear you had some trouble with Jubilee today,” Scott told him. “What are you going to do?”

“Already done it, slim. Just got finished bustin’ her butt,” he answered as he pulled out a beer and ripped off the cap.

“Really?” Scott asked. He knew of Logan’s preferred method of handling errant kids and more than often he agreed with it. The look on Logan’s face told him that if he didn’t agree this time to just keep it to himself, but it wasn’t necessary. “Good,” he said.

Logan raised a questioning eyebrow before giving him a slight nod.

“How is she?” Kurt asked.

“Hurtin’. But she’ll live. Gave her twenty total, ten with the belt, ten with my hand.”

Kurt hissed in sympathy. Scott nodded slowly. “We’re you planning on telling the Professor?” he asked.

“Well, I didn’t think it was necessary since you’ve probably already done it for me,” Logan ribbed his more responsible teammate before nodding. “Yeah, of course I was gonna tell him.”

Scott nodded in approval. As X-Man leader he felt a duty to make sure that all lines of communication were open, that each of the adults knew what the other was doing in regards to the children and their upbringing. Sometimes this meant checking up on Logan, something the Canadian hated.

Logan gulped the last of the beer and stood up. Stretching as he walked to the doorway he left the kitchen without another word.

“You think he’s alright?” Scott asked.

“No, but after he talks to her he will be,” Kurt said sadly before *BAMFING* out of the room.

Once again outside her bedroom door Logan gently knocked before opening the knob. “You decent?” he asked.

“Yeah…I mean, yes sir,” Jubilee sobbed as she pulled the sheet over her lower back and laid on her belly in the bed. She was afraid sleeping on her back would be out for the next few days, not to mention sitting down.

Logan walked to her bedside and gently pushed her leg over, making room for him to sit. “Look at me,” he ordered, firm yet gently.

Jubilee turned onto her side and looked at her teacher, her mentor, her friend.

“What you did today…” Logan began.

“I know. It was stupid an’ it was wrong. Believe me, if I didn’t know it then I do now,” Jubilee interrupted.

“Yeah, well you’re gonna let me say it,” Logan said sternly. “It _was_ stupid an’ it _was_ wrong. We knew nothin’ about this guy we were retrievin’ except that he had some mutant abilities. Nothin’ else, yet’ here ya go runnin’ around like your at some damn picnic,” Logan said, his voice raising.

“An’ after we’ve talked about it at length, about not payin’ attention an’ not followin’ orders,” Logan sighed and looked into Jubilee’s eyes.

“Darlin’, do you have any idea what it would do ta me if I lost ya? If somethin’ happened ta ya an’ I couldn’t help ya?” Logan asked.

“I know,” Jubilee whispered, studying her sheet, afraid to meet his angry glare. She forced herself to, though, and was instantly overwhelmed with what she found. Fear and worry had replaced the anger that shone through them earlier; dread and horror now substituting the annoyance he felt with her. Tears welled in her eyes once more as she quickly lowered her lids, causing them to streak down her cheeks.

Logan exhaled and ran his hand through his hair. Patting his hand on her back he looked her straight in the eye.

“That was the last time. You ever disobey an’ order again an’ I’ll whip the hide offa ya, understand?” he asked her, his tone dangerous. “I mean it kid, if I gotta take my belt to ya every day of the week ta get you ta listen and follow directions I’ll do it. An’ ya know I don’t make idle promises.”

Jubilee nodded. She had no doubt in her mind that Logan meant every word he said.

“Good,” he said as he stood up. He bent over to ruffle her hair and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry Wolvie,” Jubilee said meekly as she looked up at the man who meant more to her than anyone in the world.

“I know, darlin’. We’re cool,” he reassured her as he cracked a grin and headed for the door. Jubilee took her hand and placed it over her heated backside, attempting once more to rub out some of the burn from her punished bottom before drifting off to sleep.