Andromeda missing scene from ‘The Vault of the Heavens’

Just FYI, this episode was written by Gordon Michael Woolvett. He is
the actor who plays Seamus Harper. It makes me think that maybe Gordon
thinks Harper needs a spanking too. Or maybe that’s just the way I want
to see things.

Recap of the episode ‘The Vault of the Heavens’

It opens with Harper on command deck alone. He is talking to a
Nietzschean on screen. He is trying to egg him on into a race between
their ships. Trance comes in and says, “I thought it might be nice to
come up and see if you wanted any company, and to see if you were
getting into any trouble, and apparently you are.”
Harper gestures to the screen and says, “Trance, you remember
Trance says, “Oh, the Signa’s Drift. A group of Nietzscheans who
like to rule their corner of the universe like a gang of criminals.”
Ahgeeo says, “At least we rule our corner.”
Harper says, “See! He’s such a bonehead! Don’t you want to see
me beat him just once? Just to the next slip point. That will be it.”

Trance looks mischievous and says, “Dylan’s gonna kill us.”
Harper looks sure of himself and says, “Dylan won’t know a thing,
and Andromeda can’t even hear us. She’s off on a ship wide diagnostic.
Andromeda appears on the screen next to Ahgeeo and says, “The
Commonwealth has issued cautions when dealing with anyone from Signa’s
Drift. Their numbers are growing.” Then she looks at Harper and says
in a firm voice, “I can ALWAYS here you Harper.”
Harper says in a whiny kind of immature voice, “Yeah? Well I’m in
Command! Dylan said! And I command we give Snobby (gesturing to
Ahgeeo) a dose of Harper’s Afterburner. Trance shut the AP cylanoid
valve pretty please with a whole lot of love on top.”
Trance says, “Closing the AP cylanoid valves.”
Harper says, “Super injecting more antiprotons into the accelerator
Andromeda says, “The mouths of the tank are radically swelling.
They are approaching capacity.”
Ahgeeo says in a condescending tone, “What are you trying to pull
Harper says with an excited and smug voice, “That’s Stallion to
you, and in answer to your question Ahgeeo, the sudden jump of mass
pouring into our core, under super pressure will give us a super burst
of super speed!”
Andromeda says, “Exceeding capacity.”
Harper yells, “Eat our protons! Trance, open the valve now”
Trance looks kind of nervous and pushes the button. The ship
lurches forward making everyone fall backwards. Next we see Dylan in
bed waking up at the movement and then rolling over and trying to get
back to sleep.
Then we see Harper starting to pilot the ship into slipstream and
giving a happy/ excited/ victory type of yell. He says, “Ahgeeo is
space dust! Harper’s Afterburner- otherwise know as HA! Take that ya
The ship starts a warning beeping. Harper looks confused and says,
“What the…?”
Trance says in a worried voice, “The valve is wide open.”
Harper looking kind of scared, “What!? But it’s supposed to
automatically re-close to regulate the flow!”
Trance says quickly, “Well, it’s not. It’s WIDE OPEN. And if the
spill over is spilling over right back into the tanks…”
Harper says to himself, “If the fusion spills back over into the
tanks, we’re gonna spill into the great wide beyond.” He looks
reluctant and says to Trance, “Some body has to wake up Dylan.”
Trance almost whispering says, “I’m not waking Dylan!”
Harper calls, “Andromeda….”
Andromeda says in an irritated voice, “Don’t bother, I’m sure he’s
already awake.”
Harper pleads, “Andromeda, please, you gotta do something.”
Hologram Andromeda looks like she is thinking, and we see the ship
come out of slipstream with a jolt. We see Dylan tossed out of his bed
to the floor.
Dylan says, “Andromeda, what’s going on?”
Andromeda’s voice says, “Fusion from the core is beginning to spill
over into the accelerator tanks.” Then in a less than happy tone,
“Harper is in command with Trance.”
Dylan looks extra tired and climbs back on the bed. He says, “All
right, Cancel the monthly ship wide diagnostic, and report.” Then he
looks up like he is looking for guidance and says to himself in an
exasperated tone, “Harper, it’s a simple night shift.”
We cut to the bridge where hologram Andromeda is saying,
“Containing spill over in the accelerator tanks.” Then she looks at
Harper, and raises her voice to say, “Harper what were you thinking
racing me out here far from known Commonwealth space!”
Harper looks ashamed and says, “Ah,….Well…”
But before he can say anything Andromeda says, “You two are lucky I
Andromeda on screen cuts herself off with, “I’m getting a signal”
They discover the signal is from very far away, and should be
thousands of years old, but it is only two hours old.
We see Dylan trying to go back to sleep when he hears a woman’s
voice say, “Fire and Ice. Come.”

Next we see everyone sitting around a conference table with Dylan
standing at the head of the table. Andromeda on screen says, “The spill
over is contained. The core is back to normal.”
Rommie says, “We’re picking up clicks.”
Dylan says, “I’m hearing a voice.”
Rommie says, “Well, these would be clicks. Perhaps it’s a signal
coming from here.” And a small hologram of a particular area of space
comes up.”
Dylan says in an exasperated tone, “No. This is a woman’s voice.”
Harper smirks and says, “Does she sound hot?”
Dylan LOOKS at Harper, and everyone is silent.
Rommie says, “That globular cluster is located in an area nearly
beyond known space.”
Harper getting loud says, “That cluster is huge! Who knows what
could be there!” He stands to make his point and continues with, “I say
we don’t go!”
Dylan looks at Harper and clears his throat.
Harper looks kind of embarrassed and sits back down as he says,
“Maybe I’ll just take a back seat to the decision making today.”
Becka looks at Harper with an affectionate and kind of tolerant
Andromeda says something like, ‘It will take four days and many
slipstreams to get there.’
Becka says something like, ‘It will take even longer to find the
one planet that the signal is coming from.’
Tyr says something like, ‘And it takes us right through Nietzschean
patrolled space.’
Dylan says, “Who is curious about this voice?”
Trance says sincerely, “I’m always curious when I hear voices.”
Harper says in a sarcastic voice, “Finally I’m not the only one
hearing voices.” And he laughs.
Dylan puts his hands on his hips and looks at Harper like he has
had just about enough from him.
Harper looks embarrassed and says, “Sorry.”
Dylan tries to talk everyone into going, and with the help of the
woman’s voice in his head, he is able to pin point the planet that sent
the signal. Finally he says, “Who’s with me?”
Everyone is silent. Dylan says, “Okay we’ll vote. Everyone
Everyone at the table raises their hands except Dylan. He looks at
Rommie until she puts her hand down. Then he says, “Everyone for?”
Everyone puts their hands down as Dylan raises his hand and looks
at Rommie until she puts her hand up too. He says, “I love democracy.”
And then walks out to set a course for the planet anyway.

Now that’s really just the beginning of the episode, but I think it’s
the best part, and my story takes place right after that. For anyone
who wants to know, after they get to the planet they find out the
message was sent by a queen who Harper says ‘Is hot’. She needs a
‘carbon based’ male to procreate with when a special cloud hits the moon
they live on which will be happening in the next couple of hours. When
the cloud hits, the energy or life force from the queen and her mate
will be sucked into the cloud and will end up becoming millions of
humans (or whatever species she procreates with I guess). Of course she
chooses Dylan (Big surprise), and Dylan makes the ‘sacrifice’ and agrees
to do it with her, and everyone is happy in the end. My story takes
place during the four hours before getting to the planet.

My story

Everyone was getting back to sleep and Harper and Trance went back
to command to start heading towards the planet the signal came from.
About five minutes later Dylan came in. Harper said nervously, “Umm… Hi
boss. I thought you went back to bed.”
Dylan said, “No I didn’t go to bed, I had a little talk with
Andromeda. Trance, walk with me.” And walked out the door.
Trance looked a little nervous too now, and Harper said, “That’s
not good.”
Trance whispered, “Thanks a lot Harper.”
Harper said, “What did I do?”
Trance glared at him and walked out to meet Dylan.
Dylan started walking and Trance followed him. She said, “What did
you want to see me about?”
Dylan looked at her and crossed his arms as he stopped to talk. He
said, “I can’t believe you went with Harper’s plan. I know Harper is
impulsive, and may never stop to think about the consequences before he
acts even though we’re working on it, but I really expect better from
Trance looked down and turned slightly more golden than usual. She
said in a sincere voice, “I’m sorry Dylan. I…. I guess I just got
caught up in the moment. I really don’t have a good excuse.”
Dylan said, “I know Harper is your friend, and he is a very good
engineer, but when he comes up with a plan to do something that you
think might not be the best idea, I expect you to try and stop him, not
to go along with it.”
Trance looked close to tears and said, “Okay.”
Dylan said, “All right Trance, we’re done. I want you to take over
the rest of the night shift for Harper. I need to have a long talk with
Trance nodded and they headed back to command.
Harper was getting even more nervous, and he was almost to the
point of having a panic attack. Dylan had spanked him on more than one
occasion, and Harper was desperately hoping this was not the case with
this incident. He could hear Dylan now talking about a ‘lack of
judgement’, and ‘endangering himself and others’. He heard the door to
command open, and he saw a very repentant looking Trance coming in with
Dylan right behind her. Harper gulped, and Dylan crooked his finger at
Harper beckoning him towards the door as he said, “Mr. Harper, walk with
me please.”
Harper stammered, “But… I have to stay here. I have the night
Dylan said, “Trance has graciously agreed to take over for you for
the rest of the night. I’m not going to ask you nicely again, so you
better start walking.”
Harper got pretty red at the tone Dylan used in front of Trance,
but she seemed not to notice. He started walking, and had to go past
Dylan into the hall. He turned and made sure to keep his front to Dylan
the whole time even if he had to walk backwards.
Dylan walked out and the door closed behind them. Harper stood
there looking around on the floor. Dylan said, “My quarters please.”
And started walking that way.
Harper’s stomach sank. Now he knew he was in for it. Dylan never
told him to come to his quarters if he was just going to chew him out.
He thought about running and hiding in an access tunnel, but he had
tried that once and didn’t like the results. He had been found by
Rommie fairly quickly, and she had then marched him back to the
captain’s quarters where he had gotten two spankings instead of one.
He started to slowly walk towards the captain’s room with his head
down. Dylan looked back and saw Harper was quite a ways behind him but
was slowly walking his way. Dylan was tired and impatient so he said,
“Make it quick Mr. Harper.”
Harper didn’t look up, but he did increase his speed. His stomach
was in knots and he was starting to sweat. He thought to himself, ‘You
don’t have anyone to blame but yourself Harper. You just had to go
racing with Ahgeeo. Stupid of me to think Dylan wouldn’t find out.
Andromeda and her big mouth are sure to tell Dylan anything he wants to
know. And Rommie isn’t any help either. I made her, and she still
takes Dylan’s side over mine. I bet Dylan wouldn’t be so mad if the
stupid valve had automatically re-closed like it was supposed to.’
Very soon he found himself at Dylan’s door. Dylan was standing
just inside the door waiting for Harper to come in. Harper walked in
past Dylan who swatted him as he went by. Harper said, “Oww.” And
rubbed his butt. Dylan said, “Privacy mode.”
Andromeda’s voice said, “Privacy mode engaged.”
Harper said in a very sorry for himself kind of voice, “Why
bother? She knows what you’re gonna do.”
Dylan didn’t say anything and Harper muttered, “At least Tyr and
Trance don’t know.”
Dylan pulled out a chair and went to get his hairbrush off his
dresser. He sat down and said, “I’m tired let’s get this over with.”
Harper said, “Or, you could just go to bed and forget about it.”
Dylan was really out of patients for the day, so he stood up and
grabbed Harper’s arm and marched him back to the chair. He kept a hand
on Harper as he said, “Pants down!”
Harper winced at the sharp order, and undid his pants. They fell
to the floor and Dylan tugged Harper across his lap. He started
spanking him right away. Harper was glad he got to keep his boxers on,
but still yelped and grunted with each swat. He knew Dylan was really
pissed, because he didn’t even do his usual ‘Why are you getting
spanked?’ routine. Very soon Harper was yelling, “I’m sorry. Ahh!
Dylan, I’m sorryyyyyy.”
Dylan said nothing, and just kept spanking him. Harper started to
cry, and Dylan slowed down but kept spanking him. He started
concentrating on Harper’s sit spots. He said, “Seamus, you will not
race the ship again. Have I made myself very clear?”
Dylan stopped the spanking and tossed the brush on his bed. He let
Harper lay there for a minute and rubbed his back while he cried. Dylan
helped Harper stand and said, “Put on your pants.”
Harper sniffled and wiped his face with his arm. He put on his
pants and tried not to cry any more. Once Harper had his pants on, he
stood there looking pathetic. Dylan felt kind of bad that he had done
things so abruptly, and pulled Harper into a hug. He said, “I’m sorry I
was kind of short with you Harper. I’m just really tired, and waking up
in the middle of the night doesn’t do good things for my disposition.
We will talk more about this tomorrow after we’re done at the planet,
but for now I want you to go to bed for the rest of the night and I’m
going to too.”
Harper nodded and felt Dylan letting him go. He turned and walked
out the door and started the long walk back to his quarters. It always
seemed much further when his butt was aching then it did on a normal
day. He wasn’t looking forward to talking more about the whole mess the
next day with Dylan, but he wasn’t surprised either. Dylan never let
things go without making really sure Harper knew exactly what he did
that was wrong, and what he should do in the future if faced with the
same situation. He could hear the long lecture already. He was very
happy when he finally reached his own room and was able to take off his
pants and lay down on his bed. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit
the pillow.