One Tree Hill ­ Hit and Run

As some of you know, this show is about two boys who are half
brothers. The first is Lucas. He lives with his mom, Karen, and is
good kid. He has a good relationship with his paternal uncle, Keith,
but he has never really spoken to his real father, Dan. He works part
time in his Uncle Keith’s garage. The second kid is Nathan. Nathan
lives with his dad, Dan, and his mom. He is the high school basketball
star, and even though he is kind of a rotten kid, everyone lets him get
away with whatever he wants (especially his dad). The brothers, Keith
and Dan, do not like each other, and very rarely speak. Probably
partially due to the way Dan treated Karen when she was pregnant years
ago. Keith and Karen are good friends, and they both might be
interested in being more than friends.
Lucas has just joined the same basketball team as Nathan, and they
are both really good players. Nathan hates Lucas because he is taking
the spotlight off him. Lucas hates Nathan because Nathan is a mean kid
who picks on him, and because he lives with the man who hurt his mother
many years ago.
Nathan has a girlfriend named Peyton. He treats her like dirt.
Lucas likes Peyton, and would probably steal her away if she would let
him. Lucas has a good friend named Haley. Nathan has gotten Haley to
tutor him so that he can get in her good graces, and probably would turn
her against Lucas if he could. I can’t tell if he really likes her or
not, but I don’t think so.

Short recap of the beginning of the episode:

Nathan invites Lucas to go to a party he is having at his parents
beach house with about 50 to 100 friends. Lucas takes Haley. While
they are there, Nathan plays a videotape of Lucas’ mom and their dad,
Dan, from back in high school. The two are obviously in a relationship,
and even talk of marriage someday. (Dan is a huge ass even back then).
Lucas didn’t know his mom had been in love with Dan, and didn’t know
they had had any plans to be together before he was conceived. He is
very upset by the video and walks out. Nathan thinks it’s very funny.
Lucas leaves without Haley, and goes to drive around the city with his
Uncle Keith’s tow truck to blow off some steam.
Nathan sees Haley, and talks her into getting a ride home with
him. He takes Peyton’s car, and drives Haley home. Then he goes to get
some beer and heads back to the party. On the way, Nathan is looking
down, and messing with the stereo when he swerves and side swipes a
parked car. He ends up crashing into a telephone pole. Lucas happens
to see this happen, and rushes over to see if Peyton is okay, only to
see Nathan getting out of the car. Nathan gets his beer and starts to
walk away. Lucas tells Nathan he can’t just walk away, because that is
a crime and he saw him do it. Nathan tells Lucas that people at the
party will vouch for him that he was there all night, and then it will
be Lucas’ word against his. Lucas asks Nathan about Peyton, and Nathan
basically tells Lucas that he will let Peyton take the blame, and he
doesn’t care.

The rest of the recap of the episode with some slight changes, and my

Lucas was very pissed as he watched Nathan walk away. He also felt
helpless. He kept trying to think of ways to make things okay for
Peyton, but he wasn’t sure how since Nathan was being such an ass. He
couldn’t imagine not owning up to doing something so awful. He was
pacing, and went to sit on Keith’s truck while he thought. Then it
came to him. He thought, ‘I’ll tow Peyton’s car to Uncle Keith’s
garage, and we can fix it together. But what about the other car Nathan
hit? I can’t go try to find the guy, or call the cops, because then
they will want to know who was driving, and Peyton will still get
blamed. I’ll leave him a note, and he can bring his car into the garage
too. That should make him happy enough, even if it isn’t exactly
Lucas was quite happy with his plan, and left the note for the
other car, and towed Peyton's car to Keith’s auto shop. He didn’t want
Keith to have a heart attack in the morning from the surprise, so he
decided to call him and give him a quick explanation. Lucas called and
said, “Hi Uncle Keith.”
“Hey kid. What’s up?”
“I just didn’t want you to be surprised in the morning when you
found Peyton’s car here at the garage.”
“What happened to it?”
“Well, I thought we could go over that in the morning.”
Lucas could hear silence on the other end, so he said, “Can you
still hear me?”
Keith knew that when Lucas wanted to put something off, that it was
usually a bad thing, so he had been thinking about what to do. He
said, “Yeah I hear you. You stay put. I’ll be there in a couple of
minutes, and we’ll talk about it tonight.”
“We don’t need to….” His uncle had hung up on him, so he just
hung up, and sat down to wait.

Keith arrived, and Lucas told him the whole story. Keith sat
patiently and listened to the whole thing without interruption. Then
when Lucas stopped talking Keith exploded. He yelled, “You are helping
to cover up a Hit and Run! I can’t believe this. You know what you did
is completely illegal right?”
Lucas lowered his head and said, “I didn’t know what else to do.”
“You should have called the cops and told them exactly what you
Lucas got kind of mad and said, “I couldn’t let Nathan get away
with that! What if they really did blame Peyton.”
“What is it about this girl that you are willing to break the law
for her?”
“It just isn’t right.”
Keith sighed and tried to reign in his temper. He said in a
slightly more calm voice, “Lucas, you don’t know what would have
happened. Nathan may or may not have gotten off, but it wasn’t your
decision to make. And even if Nathan got off, that doesn’t
automatically mean Peyton would have been the one to take the blame.
I’m sure she had lots of friends at the party who would have vouched for
her too.”
Lucas was tired and upset about the video of his parents still, and
he wanted this conversation to end. He said in a slightly whiny voice,
“I’ll pay for all the materials to fix both cars.”
“Damn right you will.”
They were silent for a few minutes. Then Keith said, “Your mother
is just going to LOVE this one.”
Lucas was mad at her, and feeling bad for her at the same time
since watching the video. He really didn’t think he could handle her
being mad at him for doing something wrong at this point. He said, “She
has lots of stuff to deal with right now. I think it might be better if
you didn’t tell her.”
Keith gave a short laugh, and said, “I’m not going to tell her.
YOU will be telling her. You are damn well going to take responsibility
for your actions tonight, both with me here at the garage, and with your
mom at home. You can’t just make bad decisions, and expect us to make
things all better for you.”
Lucas could see he wasn’t going to win this one, so he nodded his
head and said, “Okay.”
Keith looked at him and said, “Go home. I’ll call you tomorrow,
and we can talk about how much you are going to owe me, and about when
you are going to make the extra time to work on the car with me.”

Lucas had been home for a while when his mom finally got home. As
she walked in she said, “You won’t believe the day I had!”
“Yeah, me too.”
Karen didn’t think this sounded promising. She knew the other kids
were giving Lucas a hard time, and that Nathan was at the head of it.
She sat down and said, “What happened?”
“Haley and I went to a party that Nathan had at his parent’s beach
house. You could fit this whole house in the living room of their beach
Karen sighed and said, “Why did you go there?”
Lucas said in a sarcastic voice, “Because I love getting dumped on
“You just have to learn to avoid them. Just walk away when they’re
being mean.”
Lucas kept thinking of the video and raised his voice when he said,
“The way you did?”
Karen wasn’t sure where this came from, but she didn’t like the
tone of voice. She said, “Excuse me?”
“You never told me that you and Dan had plans before you got
pregnant. You never told me you were thinking about getting married!
You let me think things between you weren’t serious, but they were. Now
they have everything, and we have nothing. They go around screwing
everyone else, and we all have to play by the rules. You should have
made him pay.”
Karen wasn’t sure where Lucas had heard all this. She didn’t think
it was the kind of thing that Dan would brag about to Nathan, but she
couldn’t imagine where else he would have heard it. She said, “Where
did you hear all this?”
Lucas couldn’t stand it anymore, so he got up to leave. He turned
to her and said, “I guess we all have secrets.”
Karen was in such a state of shock that she just let him go.

The next day Lucas was out doing yard work when Karen decided to go
see if he was still angry. She said, “How are you doing this morning?”
He felt bad about yesterday and said, “Sorry I was kind of pissed.
I guess since I’m the reason you never got what you were planning in
life, I really have no right to complain about the way we live.”
Karen sat on the front porch and said, “Is that what you think?
Come sit with me.”
Lucas came over and sat next to his mom. She put her arm around
his shoulders and said, “Don’t ever think that Lucas. This is the life
I chose. Lots of people seem to think that I’m the victim in this
story, but that’s just not true. I love the life that we have. I’m
happy, and I thought that most of the time you were too.”
Lucas felt as though a weight he had been carrying since watching
that video had lifted. He smiled and nodded.
Karen went on to say, “I’m glad Dan never offered to help. I know
there were times that I might have accepted, even if I never would have
asked. But if he had helped pay for you, then he would have felt that
he had a right to say how you were raised, and I could have never
allowed that. Look how Nathan turned out.”
Lucas thought about last night and what Nathan had done. He nodded
again and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
Karen decided to close that subject for the time being. It was
emotional for both of them. She said, “Keith called. He said he was
expecting you to show up at the garage today as soon as I’m done with
you. Do you know what he meant by that?”
Lucas thought fast. He really didn’t want to have a big fight with
his mom right now. They had just made up, and he was still feeling bad
about what he had said to her last night. He thought, ‘I’ll tell mom
about the whole car thing, but just not right now. It’ll be bad enough
spending the day with Keith working for free; I don’t want to spend the
night in my room grounded too.
He said, “I told him I would help him in the garage today, because
he has a big job, but I knew you wanted me to get this yard work done
Karen smiled and said, “Okay. I’ll see you for dinner then.”

As Lucas walked to the garage he thought about Nathan and the
things he got away with. It really pissed him off that Keith was so mad
at him, when he had tried to do the right thing, and even more upset
that he wanted him to tell his mom. He really didn’t want to be
grounded. It didn’t happen very often at all, and he thought it
sucked. His mom was very strict about it when he got grounded. No TV,
no computer, not even any phone, and lots of extra chores every day. He
felt like telling his mom would mean that he would have to pay twice for
the same crime when Nathan didn’t have to pay at all. By the time he
got to the garage he was in a bad mood.
Keith on the other hand was in a better mood. He wasn’t nearly as
mad as he had been. He saw Lucas walk in and decided to joke with him.
He said, “I see you’re still alive, so you must not have told your mom
Lucas didn’t think this was funny at all. In fact it made him
angrier. He thought about it and said, “Yes I did tell her. I told her
this morning. She’s busy thinking about punishments now.”
Keith was pleased Karen was going to do right thing as far as he
could tell. He smiled and said, “Good. Do you recognize that car over
Lucas was happy to turn and look, because he was sure his uncle
would be able to tell he had lied if he had to keep facing him and
talking about it. He looked and saw the other car. He said, “It’s the
car Nathan hit.”
“I was just barely able to talk the guy out of pressing charges,
sense we will be fixing his car for free. Let’s get to work, so we can
start working on the paying customer’s cars again.”
A little later as Keith and Lucas were working in companionable
silence, Nathan showed up. Lucas saw him first and said, “What the hell
are YOU doing here?”
Before Nathan could answer, Keith said, “I suspect his parents sent
him over.”
Lucas looked at Keith as if he had been betrayed. Keith looked at
him with a don’t give me any crap look and said, “You may be willing to
just let Nathan walk, but I’m not. He’s a kid just like you, and his
parents have the right to know about it when he screws up as badly as he
did last night.”
Nathan and Lucas were now too busy glaring at each other to pay any
attention to Keith. The phone rang, and as Keith walked away to answer
it he said, “Try not to kill each other girls.”
Nathan was always uncomfortable around Keith and was happy to see
him go. He said, “I’m not here to help. I just came to tell you that
my dad says when you’re done, you can give us the bill, and we will pay
for everything.”
Lucas glared and said, “I don’t want your money.”
Nathan laughed and said, “I’m offering to pay, dumb ass. I know
you don’t have the money to get it fixed.”
Lucas yelled, “We don’t want your money. I mostly just want you to
stay away from me and Haley.”
Nathan rolled his eyes and said, “She’s just tutoring me. You know,
the way you and Peyton are just talking and being friendly.”
With that last comment Nathan walked away, and Lucas muttered, “Ass
Keith came back and said, “Where’s Nathan?”
“He offered to pay for the work. I told him to take a hike.”
Keith crossed his arms and said, “Luke, it was Nathan’s fault. He
should be the one to pay.”
“I don’t want his money.”
Keith could tell Lucas was just unreasonable about it. He said,
“Too bad, because I do.”
Lucas stared at Keith again, and thought about how much this day
sucked. He thought about it and said, “So if he pays for it, then I
won’t have to right?”
“You still have to do the work for free, but I won’t make you pay
again for the materials if he pays.”
Lucas’ voice was slightly whiny when he said, “But it isn’t fair
that he just has to have his dad write a check, and then it’s all over
for him. I have to work for free, and I’ll probably be grounded for at
least a week.”
Keith put a hand on Lucas’ shoulder and said, “I’m sorry it doesn’t
seem fair to you, but I’m not comparing the two of you. What he did is
so much worse than what you did that the two don’t really compare. If I
were in charge of Nathan, you had better believe he would be more than
just grounded. You made a bad choice, and you should be punished for
it, so that you don’t end up like Nathan or Dan.”
Lucas still thought the whole situation was unfair, but he could
tell his uncle was very serious, so he just looked down and didn’t
comment. They both got back to work as soon as Keith called Nathan’s
mom and accepted the offer to pay for the repair of the two cars.
As dinner time was getting close Keith said, “Okay Luke. I think
were done for the day. You did a good job helping me. Go get cleaned
up and ready to go home.”
Once Lucas was ready to go Keith said, “Want a ride home?”
“No thanks. I’ll walk.”
“Okay. I’ll expect you here to work again all day tomorrow since
it’s Sunday. I’m sure your mom will have plenty of time to give you
extra chores, and make you miserable after the cars are fixed. If she
needs you to do something else tomorrow, just have her call me.”
Lucas nodded and headed for home. He knew he should tell his mom.
He knew if he didn’t tell her, that she would most likely find out, but
he wondered what the possibilities of that really were. He spent the
rest of the walk home thinking of all the ways that she might find out,
and how he could fix it so she wouldn’t. He would probably have to work
with Keith the rest of the week after school to fix the cars, so it
wouldn’t be like he would have any free time anyway. He figured he
could make it work with a minimum of lies. He knew if he had to lie too
many times they would find out, because he wasn’t very good at lying,
and it always made him feel bad too. But he also knew that he was
pretty smart, and he could come up with things that weren’t exactly a
lie. For example he could tell his mom when she asked, that he really
wanted to help Keith with this new project, because it was true. And
when Keith asked him about being grounded, he could just stick to the
facts of what he had done the night before. He would just have to do
something like swish the toilet brush around in the bowl for a few
seconds, and then he could tell his uncle that he had cleaned the
bathroom. The more he thought about it the happier he was with his

Things went really well for Lucas until Thursday. He and Keith
had finished both cars on Wednesday. Keith had seemed very pleased, and
said he would see him on his usual Saturday, and he could start getting
paid for the work he did again. Lucas hadn’t had to lie much at all.
Because he was spending so much time with Keith, his mom and Keith
didn’t have much of a reason to call one another, because they trusted
Lucas to pass on any messages. Lucas was walking home from school on
Thursday, and thinking about all the things he planed to do on Friday
and Saturday night now that he was free from fixing the cars. It was
dark out, and almost time for dinner since he had been to basketball
practice after school, so he didn’t see his uncle’s tow truck in the
driveway until he was in his front yard. He started to get some
butterflies in his stomach thinking about what would happen if Keith and
his mom were talking about him. He thought, ‘Oh God, what if they are
both in there talking about what I did. I’ll be grounded for like three
weeks or something. But what if they are talking about something else,
and I act all nervous. Then they’ll know something’s up. Uncle Keith
comes over for dinner once every couple of weeks, so it could just be
normal. Crap what should I do? I should have told Mom about it when I
had the chance.’
He walked slowly into the house, and saw them talking happily to
each other about a movie they had both seen a long time ago while they
were setting the table. Karen looked up and saw Lucas. She said, “Hi
honey. How was school.”
Lucas couldn’t believe his luck. He smiled a huge smile and said,
“It was just great, but I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?”
“Pot roast, and it’s ready”
They all sat down to dinner, and ate, and enjoyed each other’s
company. After dinner Lucas said, “What’s for desert?”
Keith looked at him funny and said, “I’m surprised you think you
get any.”
Lucas realized his mistake the second it was out of his mouth.
They didn’t really have desert most of the time, unless someone was
coming for dinner, so he was looking forward to it, but of course his
uncle had seen his mom refuse to give Lucas any when he was grounded
before. His uncle had even argued with his mom about it being cruel,
but his mom was very strong willed about some things.
Before Lucas could come up with a fitting excuse his mom said, “I
made some carrot cake. Why wouldn’t Lucas get some?”
Keith sat and looked at Karen, and then at Lucas, and then back to
Karen before he said, “Because I thought he was grounded this week.”
Karen looked confused and said, “Why would you think that? Luke do
you know about this?”
Lucas looked at his mom, and his uncle. Then his eyes darted
around the room trying to think quickly. Keith got a very grim look on
his face, and his voice took on a deadly serious tone when he said, “You
didn’t tell her did you?”
Lucas cringed and knew he was toast. His mom was getting a little
unhappy about being out of the loop and said, “Tell me what?”
Lucas didn’t know what to say, and the lump in his throat made it
very difficult to say anything. He could feel his face getting bright
red as he stared at his plate. Keith said, “I can’t believe you lied to
me Lucas.”
Lucas swallowed and wished he could sink into the floor. He
stammered, “Well… I…. Umm.
Karen raised her voice and said, “I want to know what is going on
right now.”
Lucas jumped a little at her tone and said, “I…”
He looked to Keith for help, and Keith shook his head no. He said,
“Oh no mister. You are gonna tell your mom what you did right now, and
I guess I’ll have to stay here to make sure you actually do it, since I
can’t trust you to tell me the truth about it.”
Lucas didn’t think his face could get any redder. He looked down
at his plate and kept his eyes plastered to it when he said, “Last
Friday I was driving Uncle Keith’s tow truck home, and I saw Peyton’s
car swerve and hit a parked car, and a telephone pole. I went to see if
she was okay, and found out it was Nathan driving. Nathan was just
going to walk away and let the cops blame Peyton, and I decided not to
let him. I… I took Peyton’s car to the garage, and left a note on the
parked car to bring it to the garage the next day.”
Karen gasped and looked to Keith for confirmation. Keith nodded
and said, “Just wait, it gets better.”
Lucas nervously took a drink of his water and said, “Uncle Keith
was unhappy about what I had done, and told me I would have to pay for
it myself, and help him fix the cars for free. As it turned out Keith
also called Nathan’s parents and they paid for the damage. I already
helped him fix both cars and they’re done, so really it’s all taken care
Keith cleared his throat while Karen stared at her son with
disbelief. Lucas kept his eyes on his plate while Keith prompted him
with, “And…”
Lucas sighed and said, “And Uncle Keith told me I would have to
tell you about it.”
Then Lucas got mad about the whole thing again so he added in a
snotty voice, “And I just did!”
Keith yelled, “You told me that you had talked to your mom about it
on Saturday, and you even said you were grounded!”
Lucas decided he was already in trouble, so it wouldn’t hurt if he
clarified that he hadn’t really lied much at all. He said, “No you just
assumed I was grounded. I just told you what I had done at home each
Keith was speechless. Karen was now very angry. She said, “I
can’t believe you Lucas. Are you really going to sit there and try to
make us see how your extra deceitfulness is a good thing because there
was less actual lying?”
Lucas didn’t think that sounded right. He said, “No, but… well…”
Karen stood up and said, “You, young man, are SO grounded. You can
go to your room right now and get ready for bed. I’ll be up in a little
bit, and we can talk about what the next few weeks are going to be like
for you.”
Lucas felt a wave of shame at being yelled at in front of his
uncle, especially when he knew he deserved it. He was happy to go and
get out of the line of fire. He practically ran up the stairs and to
his room. He paced for a while, and soon went to the bathroom to brush
his teeth. He took off his clothes, and as he was putting on his pajama
bottoms that he usually slept in he heard his mom yell ‘No’. He thought
that was odd, because he had never heard his mom seriously argue with
Keith to the point of yelling. He knew it was about him, and that made
him feel even worse. He paced barefoot around his room for a while,
and wondered how long it would be before his uncle left, and his mom
came up to read him the riot act. He knew it was going to be a bad one,
and that by the end he might even be crying because of what his mom
would say to him. She really knew how to lay on the guilt when he was
in the wrong. He thought of how much he was going to miss his computer
for the next few weeks. He hoped that by a ‘few’ his mother had really
meant two weeks.
Lucas was left in his room to stew for about half an hour. He was
very jumpy by the time there was a knock at the door. He sat on the end
of his bed and said, “Come in.”
Lucas was shocked to see Keith standing in his doorway. He even
tried to see behind his uncle to look at his mom who wasn’t there.
Keith came in and shut the door behind him. He looked at Lucas who
looked a bit confused, and very nervous. Keith spotted Lucas’ desk
chair and dragged it over to sit down in front of Lucas. Keith sat with
his elbows on his knees and his hands together. He was looking directly
at Lucas when he said, “Your mother and I have had a long conversation.”

Lucas nodded.
Keith said, “We have come to a decision.”
Lucas thought this was very odd. There had never been a ‘we’ when
it came to punishment before. He gave a slight nod again.
Keith said, “You know that we both love you right?”
Lucas swallowed and looked down when he said, “Yeah.”
“I can’t remember you ever lying to me before, and I take it very
seriously. I want you to try and tell me why you did it.”
“I… I just thought it wasn’t fair. You were already making me work
for free, and then Mom and I had a fight Friday night. We made up in
the morning and I didn’t want to wreck that. Then I kept thinking about
Keith said, “You thought I was being unfair asking you to tell your
mom, when we both knew that meant you would be grounded on top of having
to work for me. Especially when you compared yourself to Nathan who
didn’t have to do anything.”
Lucas nodded.
Keith said, “Look at me.”
Lucas looked up, and saw the disappointment in his uncle’s face.
Keith said, “I told you not to compare yourself to Nathan, and that I
don’t want you to turn out like him. In fact, I’m very committed to
making sure you don’t, and your mother is in agreement.”
Lucas looked away and said, “I’m nothing like him. I wouldn’t do
the things that he does. I would never walk away from a wreck like
Keith said, “Yes, I know. But I think lying to me and to your
mother to stay out of trouble that you deserve to be in, is a lot like
what Nathan does.”
Lucas said, “I didn’t really lie to Mom.”
Keith counted to ten in his head to make sure he didn’t yell. He
said, “Yes Lucas, you did. You know as well as I do that not telling
the whole truth is the same as a lie in this house.”
Lucas didn’t have anything to say to that. Keith said, “Covering
up your actions just because you don’t want to be in trouble is wrong
Lucas. I don’t care how big the mistake was. When a man makes a
mistake he owns up to it no matter what. You didn’t act much like a man
this week. You took the coward’s way out. You acted like you were
eight instead of sixteen.”
Lucas felt like crying as he nodded, and decided he would have much
rather had his mom do the lecturing.
Keith sighed and tried to get his courage up. He said, “Your
mother and I have decided that we can’t let this go. She is going to
ground you, but I am going to punish you too. Because you flat out lied
to me, and covered it up, we have agreed that you deserve to be
Lucas felt like he couldn’t breath from the shock. His eyes got
very round as he looked back up at his uncle. He stammered, “W… what?
Keith didn’t want to wait too long, because he didn’t want Lucas to
try and fight it. He slowly reached out and took Lucas’ upper arm as he
said, “I’m going to spank you.”
Lucas shook his head no as he felt his uncle pull him closer.
Keith said, “Yes Lucas.” And put enough force in the pull to yank a
stunned Lucas over his lap. Lucas started to struggle, but Keith
already had him in position. Keith wrapped his left arm around Lucas’
waist to keep him in place, and gave him six quick swats with his right
Lucas went completely still at the sound and feel of the first
swat. He couldn’t believe his uncle had just hit him, and that it had
Keith noticed that Lucas was very still now, and took advantage of
that to adjust him a little so his butt was on the center of his right
thigh. He stretched out his left leg to lower it so that Lucas’ butt
would be way up in the air. Then he used his right hand to yank down
the pajama pants.
Lucas started to struggle wildly when he felt his pants go down.
He kept thinking, ‘this can’t be happening to me.’ Keith started to
spank his nephew even harder. He spanked the same spot a few times
before moving to the next spot. He knew from experience that it was a
quicker way to make it painful without doing any real damage. Keith
couldn’t help but think about his father, and that if his father had
done this more to Dan that he would have turned out better.
Lucas soon found his voice. He said, “Ooww. You can’t….. Ouch… Do
this…. Owww… to me!”
Keith didn’t say anything. He was fully prepared to deliver a very
thorough spanking no matter what Lucas said.
Lucas knew his mom could hear what was happening. He thought the
whole block could probably hear it. He couldn’t believe she was just
letting his uncle spank him. She hadn’t spanked him since he was five
or six, and even then it hadn’t been more than a couple of swats.
Soon the pain was too much, and Lucas tried to put his hand back to
cover his butt. His uncle didn’t miss a swat as he grabbed Lucas’ wrist
and held it at the small of his back. Lucas kicked his legs wildly to
try and tip them over, but it didn’t work, and it didn’t even make Keith
slow down. Soon Lucas yelled out “I hate you!” in between his grunts
and owes.
Keith didn’t respond to what he knew was a temporary feeling. He
just kept spanking the boy.
Very soon after that, Lucas started to cry. Keith could tell, and
he slowed down the pace a little, and concentrated on getting the sit
spot. Lucas yelled in between gulps of air, “I’m sorry. Ahh! Uncle
Keith, I’m sorry! Owww! Uncle Keeeeith, Pleeeassse!”
Keith said, “You… Swat… Don’t… Swat… Lie… Swat.”
Keith gave him about ten more swats and stopped. Keith took in a
deep breath to try not to break down himself. He let go of Lucas’s
wrist, and started to rub his back in what he hoped was a soothing way.
Lucas just lay there and cried for a few minutes completely worn out
from struggling. Keith said in a much calmer voice than he thought was
possible, “Okay Lucas we’re done.”
Keith put a hand on Lucas’ upper arm and pulled slightly. Lucas
immediately stood up, and Keith did too. Keith turned to put the desk
chair away while Lucas found his pajama pants, which had fallen to the
floor, and put them back on. Keith turned around to see a very
miserable looking boy. Lucas was hugging himself and looking at the
floor while he tried to stop crying. Keith went to him and pulled him
into a hug. Lucas was slightly taller than his uncle was, but when he
felt the hug, he hugged him back and bent down so he could put his
forehead down on Keith’s shoulder. He kept crying while Keith held him
and rubbed his back. Keith said, “It’s gonna be okay kiddo. We’re
going to both be just fine.”
Lucas nodded and finally got his crying under control. He was
pretty embarrassed that he had kept crying for so long after the
spanking had stopped, but then he was embarrassed about so many things
that had happened that night, that it didn’t seem to matter as much.
Keith patted his back, and said, “You get into bed, and I’ll bring you
some tissues and a glass of water.”
Lucas let go and climbed into bed, and lay down on his stomach. He
thought it was nice to hide himself under the covers. He thought maybe
if he closed his eyes, he would find out it was really just a
nightmare. He heard his uncle opening the door, and he could hear him
whisper in a gentle voice, “Ah Karen, don’t cry, I already feel bad
enough. He’s gonna be fine. I’m gonna go get him some water.”
Lucas didn’t think he could be more embarrassed about the whole
thing, until he realized his mother must have been right outside the
door listening to the whole thing. He knew she would have heard some of
it, but if she had been right there, she would have heard everything.
Lucas took some comfort in the fact that she was crying too, and that
his uncle said he felt bad. Lucas put both his hands back to try and
rub some of the stinging out of his butt, but it didn’t work. He heard
footsteps and put his hands up by his pillow. He felt his bed dip as
someone sat down. Keith said, “Here now. Drink some of this, and blow
your nose.”
Lucas peeked his head out of the covers long enough to do that, and
then pulled them back over his head. Keith couldn’t help but smirk a
little. He knew Lucas was very embarrassed, but he also knew that
embarrassment was part of what made spanking work. He patted Lucas’
back and said, “Your mom’s gonna come talk to you now, and I’m gonna go
home. I’ll come see you tomorrow. I love you.”
Lucas could feel the bed move as Keith got up, and he could hear
his mom walking with Keith to the front door, and talking quietly. Once
the door was closed he heard his mom come back into his room. He heard
her turn off the light, and felt the bed when she sat next to him. She
pulled at the covers and said, “Lucas honey, are you okay?”
Lucas didn’t resist, and soon found himself with his head resting
in her lap, and his arms around her waist crying again. She rubbed his
back and patted his head while he cried. She said quietly, “I know it
was hard for you. It’s gonna be okay. Keith and I both love you, but
you know that lying to us isn’t ever going to be something we can just
let go.”
Lucas sounded pathetic even to himself as he said, “You l… let him
spank me.”
“It was awful.”
“I know.”
They sat in silence for a few minutes, and then Lucas said in a
very contrite voice, “I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
They didn’t say anything else that night, and Lucas fell asleep
with his head still resting in her lap. Karen sat there and rubbed his
back long after he was asleep. She watched him sleep, and thought about
his childhood. Around eleven, she started to yawn, and got up to go to
her own room to get ready for bed.

The next morning Lucas woke up early and very quickly remembered
what had happened last night. He tried to go back to sleep so he could
forget about it, but he had to pee, so it didn’t work. After he peed,
he stood in the bathroom and thought about school. He didn’t know how
he was going to get through the day, when just walking down the hall
hurt. He looked at his butt in the mirror, and while there was no
bruising, it was obvious that he had been spanked. He thought about the
basketball game that was tonight, and showering after. He thought,
‘I’ll kill myself before any of them get to find out about this!’
He took a quick shower, which helped him to feel better, and went
to his room and got dressed. He thought about what he could say to his
mom to convince her to let him stay home. He didn’t have time to think
about it for long, because he heard her knock at his door. He said,
“Come in.”
She came in still in her pajamas and said, “How are you this
Lucas shrugged and said, “Not so great.”
She said, “I figured. I’ll call the school and let them know you
won’t be there today, but only because I know you have a game tonight,
and I know that the little creeps on the team would make your life
miserable if they knew what happened.”
Lucas was immensely relived and said, “Thanks.”
After Karen was dressed and ready she called Lucas down to eat some
breakfast. He came down and looked at his chair while he put a hand
back to rub again at his butt. Karen said, “I know it’s uncomfortable,
but sit down and eat anyway.”
Lucas grimaced as he sat, and ate as quick as he could. Soon he
was done and got up. Karen said, “Not so fast. We need to talk.”
Lucas gave his mom a puppy dog look, and she said, “Okay, let’s go
sit on the couch to talk.”
Once they were settled Karen said, “You are grounded for two weeks,
and during that time you are going to work extra for Keith. You will
not be getting paid for any work that you do for the next two weeks. I
am really disappointed that you to lied to us, and tried to cover up
what you did.”
Lucas had been staring at the carpet in front of him and nodded.
Karen continued with, “Keith has closed the garage for the day, and he
will be here soon to spend the day with you.”
Lucas looked up a bit startled. He wasn’t sure he wanted to see
him just yet. Karen said, “You need to see him sometime, and I think
the sooner the better. He loves you Lucas, and last night was really
hard for him too.”
Lucas wasn’t sure he believed that, but he just nodded. Karen
said, “And since you’re grounded, and since I’m having some trouble
trusting you right now, Keith will be here to make sure you don’t have a
fun day. I think he said he was going to bring over lots of study
material for you.”
Lucas groaned, and Karen continued with, “By the end of the day you
should know every law there is regarding hit and run’s, and how it has
changed throughout recent history.”
She patted his knee as the doorbell rang.

By the end of the day, Lucas did know way more then he wanted to
know about the law regarding hit and runs, but he also felt better about
his relationship with his uncle. He thought things would be changed
forever between them, but by the end of the day, things felt normal to
him again.