The show Jake 2.0 is about a computer maintenance technician (nerd)
who works for the NSA (National Security Agency). One day he gets in
the middle of a shoot out while he is in the lab working on the lab’s
computer. He gets cut by a piece of glass that was holding a substance
that some of the scientists were working on with lab rats. The
substance gets in Jake’s blood stream. It turns out that the substance
was really a bunch of nanites, and they started to reproduce in his
body, and attach themselves to all his systems the second they got in
his blood stream. The nanites are programmed to enhance all of his
systems. He soon can see better, hear better, and is much stronger and
faster than any normal human. The nanites also enable Jake to act like
a remote control for any computer, or computer run system. The nanites
can’t be taken out of him without killing him, so the NSA decides to use
him as an agent instead of just a computer fixer. Jake has always
wanted to be an agent, but he isn’t very good at it at first, and is
still learning the ropes.

Most of this story is the recap of an episode with some slight
changes. I think most of you can figure out the part that I thought up.

Jake 2.0 ­ Little Brother

Jake was on a mission with a team of NSA agents in the subway.
There had been a communication telling them that someone would be
planting a bomb in the subway that night. Jake was happy to be a part
of the team, and soon saw someone take a backpack out of a locker. He
followed him a few feet, and saw the person take something out of the
backpack and put it in the garbage. Jake ran to the garbage and saw it
was a bomb. He yelled in his headset to alert the team to the bomb, and
to the fact that he was chasing the suspect. Jake used his extra speed
to catch the suspect, and found out that he had caught a teenager. When
the NSA got the kid back to the office, they found out that he was the
son of a known terrorist. Jake and the others at the NSA tried to get
the kid to talk, but he was very loyal to his father, and wouldn’t say

When Jake got home that night, his door was unlocked, and he heard
the sounds of someone in his apartment. He walked quietly in and
knocked down the guy he found in the kitchen. He was surprised to see
his little brother, Jerry, staring up at him. He said, “Jerry?! What
are you doing here?”
Jake helped him stand up and said, “What?”
“Well, I’ve been working really hard at school, and I thought it
was time for a break. What better way to spend my time, then coming to
see my big brother in the big city? I thought I’d check out Georgetown
while I’m here. You don’t mind if I, you know, crash here for a couple
of days right?”

Jake took Jerry to his favorite restaurant for diner, and Jerry
tried to order a beer. The waitress said, “I need to see some ID.”
Jerry tried to distract her by nodding at Jake and saying, “Oh,
he’s twenty six, he just looks young.”
The waitress said, “Not his ID, your ID.”
Jerry pretended to look through his pockets and said to Jake, “Oh,
when we left, you were gonna drive, so I left it at home.”
Jerry turned to the waitress and said, “Sorry, I didn’t bring it,
but this is my brother. He’ll vouch for me.”
Jake smiled in a condescending way and said, “Yeah, sure. We’ll
have two Cokes please.”
After the waitress left, Jerry said, “That’s not very cool Jake.”
“You’re nineteen Jerry. Try again in a couple of years. Do Mom and
Dad know you’re here?”
“I keep them on a strictly need to know basis, and I don’t think
they need to know. You’re cool with that aren’t you?”
“I guess for now.”
“See, I knew you could be a good big brother if you tried. This is
gonna be great. I promise, you won’t even know I’m here.”

That night Jake was almost asleep when he heard Jerry making lots
of noise in the kitchen. Jake put a pillow over his head to block out
the noise when he heard Jerry say, “Crap.”
Jerry ran over to Jake’s bed and said, “Jake wake up.”
Jake said, “What? I’m trying to sleep.”
“First promise you’re not gonna get all pissed.”
“Just say it!”
“I kind of need a fire extinguisher. Now.”
Jake jumped out of bed and put out the small fire in the kitchen.
He glared at Jerry and said, “Go to BED.”
Jerry walked to the couch to go to sleep as he mumbled, “Jeez.
What a grouch.”

The next day at the NSA, Jake talked to his doctor and friend,
while she ran the usual tests on him. She said, “Everything looks
good. Anything unusual, or abnormal going on?”
“Well my brother’s in town, and he is a little of both.”
“I didn’t know you had a brother. Is he just visiting for fun?”
“He claims he’s checking out Georgetown, but I think burning down
my apartment is higher on his list.”
The doctor laughed as she said, “Sounds like you have your hands
Jake said, “I just don’t get it. He’s a smart kid, and he could go
far if he wanted to, but he just has no focus.”
“Lot’s of people in college don’t.”
“I did. When I was his age, I had two part time jobs, and I was
going to Georgetown full time.”
Jake’s supervisor interrupted them, and Jake went back to work.

At a warehouse in another part of the city, the terrorist was
talking to his people. He said, “You are going to find the agent that
caught my son, and then you are going to bring him back to me so I can
kill him.”

When Jake came home from work that night, he could hear the music
coming from his apartment before he even got off the elevator, and he
didn’t use his extra hearing to do it. He walked in to find his brother
with the music blaring, and talking to someone on the phone. Jake
turned off the music, and as soon as Jerry hung up Jake demanded, “What
are you doing?”
“Talking to Sarah. She seems very nice by the way. I invited her
to dinner tonight.”
“You what?!” Jake could just see his little brother screwing this
up for him. He liked Sarah, but he had never gotten up the nerve to
tell her that.
“No need to thank me for setting you up. It will be great. We can
all eat together, and then I’ll leave the two of you alone for a few
hours. How long have you two been going out?”
“We’re not going out.”
“Why? Is she fat?”
“Then why?”
Jake sighed and said, “It’s complicated.”
“Okay. Whatever you say. Hey, could you keep it down for a little
while? I’m gonna take a nap for a couple of hours before she gets
As Jerry lay down on the couch, Jake let his frustration show by
slamming the desk drawer. Jerry ignored him and fell asleep.

That night when Sarah came over, Jerry was in the kitchen cooking,
and Jake took Sarah aside and whispered, “Don’t eat the food.”
She smiled and laughed a little, and Jake looked at her with a
serious face, and said, “No. Really, don’t eat the food.”
Jerry came out with three plates of pasta. He said, “Here we go,
three pasta ala Jerry’s. Dig in.”
Sarah said, “What’s in it?”
Jerry said, “Pasta, Chinese hot sauce, and some of my own special
Jake and Sarah sat and drank their wine while Jerry ate his pasta.
While he was eating he talked. He told Sarah all the embarrassing
stories he could remember of Jake when he was younger. Then he took
pity on his brother and told Sarah a story about Christmas, in which
Jake took the blame for Jerry loosing a new bike, just to protect his
little brother. Sarah excused herself to go to the bathroom, and Jake
said, “What are you doing?”
“Helping you out.”
“But that story wasn’t true.”
“You can thank me later.”
Jake said in an exasperated voice, “How does lying help me?”
Jerry started to put on his coat as he said, “She’ll never find out
that it’s not true, and now she’ll like you better.”
Jake said, “I don’t need…. What are you doing?”
“I’m gonna go out for a few hours so you can… you know, land the
“What? I’m not planning to land anything.”
“Whatever. I don’t need to know about your dating issues. Can I
borrow some cash?”
Jake rolled his eyes, but thought it would be nice to spend some
time alone with Sarah, so he said, “My wallet is on the table by the
door. Take what you need.”
Jerry found the wallet. He started to open it to get some cash,
but on second thought he just put the whole thing in his back pocket.

While Jake and Sarah ordered a pizza, Jerry decided to go to a
bar. He ordered a scotch. When the man asked for ID, Jerry pulled out
Jake’s ID, and the bartender gave him the scotch. The girl next to him
said, “So, are you a secret agent or what?”
Jerry said, “What?”
“Sorry, I saw your NSA badge when you opened your wallet. So are
Jerry smiled and said, “Well, I could tell you, but..”
“But then you’d have to kill me?”
“I was going to say I’d have to sleep with you.”
The girl smiled, and Jerry thought it was going to be a good night.

At the warehouse the terrorist was getting angry and impatient
because his people still hadn’t found the agent named Jake Folly who had
captured his son. But just as he was about to chew out his men again,
one thug said, “Jake Folly just used his credit card.”
The terrorist smiled and said, “Well, then get over there and get
him for me.”

Back at the bar the bartender said, “Another round of drinks
compliments of Jake.”
Jerry smiled as everyone around him cheered. Then he continued
with his outrageous tales of his adventures as a spy.
In the back of the bar one of the terrorist’s men came in, and
started to watch ‘Jake’ with a smile.

At Jake’s apartment, Sarah and Jake were talking. Sarah said,
“Your brother is really sweet, and it sound’s like you were pretty nice
to him when you were growing up.”
“Yeah, about that. That whole Christmas story he told you was
completely made up. Not that I was a horrible big brother or anything,
but that story wasn’t true.”
“Why would he make up a story like that?”
Jake tried to think of a good reason, but as usual just blurted out
the truth, “He thought it would make you like me more.”
Sarah smiled and said, “It won’t work.”
Jake tried not to look hurt as he swallowed another bite of pizza
and said, “Yeah.”
Sarah put a hand on Jake’s face and forced him to look at her as
she said, “I like you a lot already.”
Sarah started kissing a startled Jake, who was soon very interested
in the kiss. As they were kissing, the phone rang. Jake pulled away
reluctantly and said, “Excuse me.”
Jake answered the phone. It was Jerry who said, “I’m in big
trouble Jake. I need you to come get me.”
Jake got the information of where to meet Jerry, and hung up. He
looked at Sarah who had heard part of the conversation. Jake said, “I’m
really sorry Sarah, but I’ve got to go get Jerry.”
Sarah was disappointed, but she got up, and got her purse to leave
as she said, “Okay. I’ll see you later then.”
Jake was even more disappointed then Sarah, and as they walked out
the door he said, “Good night. I hope to see you soon.”

Jake and Jerry were standing outside next to Jake’s dented car, and
a police officer handed them both separate tickets as he said, “Here’s
one for you, and one for you.”
Jake said, “Thank you sir. I’m really sorry.”
The police officer nodded and left. Jerry was looking at Jake a
little nervously. Jake glared at Jerry and said, “Okay. Let’s just
pretend that I can understand you taking my car without asking, and
let’s say I can understand you accidentally bumping into a police car.
Let’s even say I can understand you threatening them with calling your
good friend the mayor, but why, WHY would you give them MY ID and
pretend to be ME?!!
“Okay first of all, you have a better driving record then me, and
besides you work for the NSA. They should have let you go just out of
professional courtesy!”
“What is wrong with you!?”
“Hey. Don’t go all ‘parental’ on me. We got a couple of tickets.
It’s no big deal.”
“Yes. Yes it is a big deal, and the amazing thing is, that you
don’t see it.”
Jerry shrugged. Jake said, “You know what. This has been fun.
Really, lots of fun, but I think it’s time for you to go back to
Jerry looked kind of sheepish when he said, “I can’t.”
“Because I dropped out.”
Jake looked stunned and said, “WHAT?”
Jerry got defensive and said, “I don’t need school.”
Jake held up his hands as if in surrender and said, “Oh my god. I
don’t believe this.” as he sat down on the hood of his car.
Jerry said, “I know this guy who’s making ten K a month, with a web
cam, and a girl’s volley ball team.”
Jake stood up and said, “Jerry, even for you, that is the dumbest
thing I have ever heard in my life!”
“Why because I want to do something with my life?”
“You don’t want to do something with your life. You want to avoid
doing anything with your life!”
“I have a plan.”
“No. No you don’t. You have a scam. That’s all you ever have!”
“You know what? I don’t need this. I don’t need some NERD who
sits at a computer all day telling me what to do with my life. I don’t
need you!”
Jerry started to walk away, and Jake yelled after him, “Good!
Cause I don’t need some irresponsible CHILD wrecking my apartment and
stealing my stuff!”
Jerry picked up a piece of his car that was sitting on the hood,
and got in to drive home. Once he got home, he started cleaning up the
huge mess that Jerry had left in the kitchen. Then he started to clean
the rest of his apartment where he found many messes including some
ruined CD’s.

Jerry was aimlessly wandering around the city when a van pulled up,
and two big thugs got out. They knocked Jerry out, and forced him into
the van. Jerry woke up in a warehouse surrounded by big men that were
holding him up. Soon another man came into the room and immediately
punched Jerry in the face and stomach. The man started to rant about
his son and the NSA while Jerry was lying on the floor in pain. The man
said, “What do you have to say Jake?”
Jerry could barely get out the words as he said, “I’m not Jake.”
The terrorist took Jerry’s ID, and had him taken to a small secure
room. One of the terrorist’s men looked up Jerry’s information on their
computer, and found out that Jerry was Jake’s brother. The terrorist
smiled as he said, “You may have just saved my son’s life.”

Jake was still pissed and cleaning when he got a call from the NSA
telling him to come in immediately. When he arrived at the office he
asked his boss, “What’s going on?”
“It’s your brother Jake.”
“What about him.”
“He has been taken hostage by the terrorist. He want’s to exchange
your brother for his son.”
Jake got more pale than usual, and said, “When and where does he
want to make the exchange?”
He boss looked at him and said, “You don’t understand Jake. We
don’t negotiate with terrorists.”
“What? But it’s my brother. He’s counting on me.”
“Negotiating with terrorists would just make it more likely that
even more of our families would be at risk the next time.”
“But we have to do something.”
“I’m sorry Jake.”

Jake was pacing in the hall trying to think of what he could do.
He ran into his boss and decided to try again. He said, “Please let me
do something.”
His boss looked at him, and she said, “Jake, I can’t break that kid
out of our secure holding cell. Do you understand me? ‘I’ can’t do
anything. You have ten minutes, and we’ll be right behind you.”
Jake understood, and ran to the holding cell. He used the nanites
in his body to change the computer screen where the guard was sitting to
say that there was an emergency in another room. The guard ran off.
Then Jake used his nanites again to open the cell with the kid in it,
and to rewind the video camera to play back the last half an hour of
tape with the kid still in the cell. The teenager said, “What’s going
“I’m getting you out of here, and taking you to your father.”
They escaped without anyone noticing, until the guard came back.
Once Jake got to his car, he handed his cell phone to the boy and said,
“Call your father.”
“I’m not helping you.”
“He has my little brother. We only have a few minutes before they
realize I’ve taken you, so if you want to see your dad again, make the
damn call!”
Soon the two of them arrived at the warehouse.
The terrorist was happy to see his son and said to Jake, “Good. I
see you’re a man of your word. So am I.”
The terrorist hugged his son, and Jake said, “Where’s my brother?”
One of the men opened a door, and Jake saw his beat up brother
sitting on the floor. He went in, and helped Jerry stand up.
Jerry said, “Jake?”
Jake said, “It’s gonna be okay.”
They started to walk out the door, when Jake’s boss, and a team of
agents broke down the warehouse door and said, “Freeze NSA!”
Jake pulled Jerry down behind a car, and covered him with his body
as the gunshots went off. When the gunfire was over, the terrorist was
captured, and his son was dead, along with most of his men.

Once Jake and Jerry were both checked out by the agency’s doctor,
Jake took Jerry home. Jerry was kind of still in shock, and didn’t talk
much. Once they got in the door, Jake looked for some aspirin but
couldn’t find any. He poured Jerry a double shot of scotch, and watched
him gag it down. Then he said, “Let’s get you in bed. It’s been a
really bad night, and I think we could both use the sleep.”
Jerry nodded, and lay down on the couch. Jake took off Jerry’s
shoes, and pulled some covers over him. Jerry fell asleep almost
immediately. Jake sat up and watched his little brother for a couple of
hours. He was almost afraid that if he weren’t watching him he would
disappear. Soon Jake fell asleep in the chair.
Near dawn Jake was woken up by the sound of Jerry tossing and
turning and muttering in his sleep. Jake put a hand on Jerry’s shoulder
and gently shook him. Jerry’s eyes popped open and he yelled, “NO!”
Jake rubbed his hand up and down Jerry’s arm and said, “It’s okay.
You’re safe. Just a bad dream.”
Jerry said, “It was awful Jake. I was so scared.”
“I know, but it’s over now, and the person who did this to you is
locked up.”
“What do you really do at the NSA Jake?”
Jake smiled and said, “Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to
kill you. How do you feel this morning?”
Jerry rolled his eyes and said, “Like crap. My stomach is killing
“The doctor said that you should be fine by tomorrow. When the
terrorist hit you, he didn’t do any damage to your internal organs.
There should be a little bruising on your face and stomach, and you’ll
be sore for a few days, but that should be it. They said you should
make sure there’s no blood in your pee for the next couple of days just
in case, but they don’t expect any problems.”
Jerry nodded as he stood up and said, “Speaking of peeing.”
Jake watched his brother walk to the bathroom, and then he called
into work. He told them he would be taking the day off to watch his
brother. It was Friday, and he thought Jerry needed to be around
someone for the next couple of days in case something had happened to
his internal organs, and just in case he was scared. Jake knew he was
going to be having nightmares for some time to come about finding his
little brother dead, and knowing it was his fault, and he was sure his
brother would be having them too.

For the next two days, Jake and Jerry didn’t do much. They sat
around the house, and played some video and board games. They watched
TV, and ate lots of take out food. Jake didn’t bring up what had
happened, and neither did Jerry. They just enjoyed each other’s
company, recovered, and tried to not have nightmares.

On Sunday morning Jake decided they needed to talk about what had
happened before Jerry got kidnapped. He had been thinking about it for
the past two days. He had decided that he needed to convince his
younger brother to go back to college, one way or another. He had
noticed that since the incident, Jerry did seem more serious, and was a
little less cocky, so he didn’t think it would be too much of a problem
to convince him to be more serious about school. Jake made them both
breakfast, and after they ate he said, “Jerry, I want to talk about what
Jerry looked nervous and said, “I don’t want to. It’ll give me
more nightmares.”
“No not that, I mean I want to talk about what happened before they
got you.”
“Oh. I guess we both said some things we didn’t mean.”
“I meant most of what I said.”
Jerry looked both hurt and angry at the same time when he said,
“Well, then I meant most of what I said too!”
Jake tried to look the way his father would have looked in the same
situation. He wasn’t sure if he had that same look of disappointment
and exasperation, but he thought it would be close. He said, “The
biggest reason you got caught in the first place, is because you were
out using my ID to get liquor, which you know is illegal. At least you
were too busy mouthing off to get drunk before you got in my car to
drive to the next bar. You need to stop being so irresponsible, and
start getting some focus in your life, or you’re going to end up in a
dead end job doing something you hate.”
“Jeez Jake. Stop trying to be Dad. You look, and sound
“Maybe we should call Dad and see what he has to say about this
whole thing.”
Jerry looked kind of scared and said, “You wouldn’t.”
“Yes Jerry, I would.”
“I’ll tell him it’s not true.”
Jake sat back and crossed his arms glaring at Jerry as he said,
“And who do you think Dad will believe?”
“You suck! Big brother’s are supposed to protect their little
brothers, not get them into trouble on purpose!”
“I am trying to protect you Jerry. I can’t tell you how scared I
was when I heard you were kidnapped. I have had nightmares about it
every night since we got you. I don’t think I have ever been so scared
in my life. That’s why I need you to listen to me, and start being more
serious in your life.”
“I don’t need you to tell me what to do. You can’t run my life,
and you can’t make me into you. I’ll just leave. You won’t have to
worry about me any more.”
Jerry got up to leave, and Jake grabbed his wrist as he was trying
to walk away. Jake said, “Sit down. We’re not done yet.”
Jerry tried to pull away several times but couldn’t break free, and
Jake didn’t even look like he was struggling to keep a hold of him.
Jerry didn’t remember Jake being that much stronger than him. He said,
“Let go!”
“Sit down and I will.”
Jerry looked annoyed, but sat back down. Jake said, “Here is
what’s going to happen. You are going to go back to school.”
Jerry started to say something, but Jake said, “No. You’ll get
your turn to talk when I’m done. You are going to go back to school,
and back to your classes. I don’t know if Dad and Mom check your
grades, but I’m going to start, and you better hope they’re good. Then
next term you’re going to take at least 18 credits, so that school is a
full time thing for you, instead of an every other day thing. Then
instead of racking up all that money on the credit card Mom gave you for
emergencies, you’re going to get a part time job to cover your ‘going
out to have fun’ expenses. That about covers it for now. I’ll be
checking in on you, and if you don’t do what I’m telling you to do, then
I’ll call Mom and Dad, and tell them what’s been going on.”
Jerry was silent for a few minutes, and then he exploded. He
yelled, “Where do you get off!!? How dare you try to tell me how to run
my life. I’m an adult, and I already told you I have a plan for my life
that doesn’t include college. Just because I don’t do things the way
you did, doesn’t make me immature. You must have some kind of God
complex if you think you can make me do something just because you told
me to. And threatening to tell Dad and Mom is so lame.”
Jerry stood up and started to walk away with the intent to pack
his stuff and get out. Jake caught his wrist again, and had no trouble
keeping Jerry’s wrist while stood up. He pulled out the kitchen chair
that he had been sitting on, and moved it away from the table. Jerry
was actively trying to get away by trying to pry Jake’s hand off his
wrist. Jake felt Jerry kick his shin and he grunted as he sat back down
in the chair and pulled a struggling Jerry face down over his knee.
Jake brought his hand down six times fast on Jerry’s squirming butt.
Jake made sure not to use any extra force, as he didn’t want to damage
his brother. Jerry let out a very loud, “You son of a bitch! You can’t
do this!”
“I am.”
Smack, Smack, Smack.
Jerry yelled, “I’m telling Dad!”
Jake continued to spank his brother as he said, “Go ahead. Do you
remember what happened last time?”
Jerry yelled, “That was different! Owww. I was five!”
Jake stopped for a minute, and decided he needed to see what he was
doing. He wasn’t too sure about his strength now, and he was nervous
that he might go too far. He stood Jerry up, and kept a hand on the
waste band of his jeans to make sure he didn’t get away. Jake said
conversationally, “You were five, and we were playing in the front
yard. The ball rolled into the street, and you started to run after
it. I told you to stop, but you kept going, and ran out into the street
right in front of a car, which barely stopped in time. I ran over and
gave you three swats as I drug you back to the house. Then what did Dad
say when you told him?”
Jerry rubbed his butt, and glared at the floor. He didn’t want to
talk about that day. He said, “Dad grounded you for hitting me.”
Jake gave a short laugh, and said, “Yeah, he made me stay in my
room the rest of the day, because he thought I was too young at twelve
to be spanking you, but what did Dad say to you?”
Jerry mumbled under his breath. Jake said, “What was that?”
“Dad said that you were right!”
“Then what did he do?”
“I hate you!”
Jake started to unbutton Jerry’s jeans as he said, “Dad spanked
you, both for running into the street, and for not listening to me. I
think he made it clear that when I was watching you, you were supposed
to do what I said.”
Jerry was frantically trying to stop Jake from getting the zipper
down on his pants, and he said, “Jake don’t! You aren’t in charge of me
any more! I’m an adult!”
Jake kept going, and soon had Jerry back over his lap with his
jeans around his ankles. As he pulled Jerry’s underpants down he said,
“You haven’t been acting like an adult the whole time you’ve been here,
and I intend to change that.”
Before Jerry could reply, Jake started spanking his brother again.
He could see that Jerry’s butt was slightly pink with a couple of finger
shaped pinker spots, and he was sure he hadn’t been hitting too hard.
Jerry let out a loud, “Ooowww!”
Jake kept spanking the butt in front of him, and watched it change
from slightly pink to very pink all over, and eventually to a deep red.
After that first loud yell, Jerry had tried to keep quiet. Soon though,
he was grunting and yelping with every other swat. He yelled, “Jake,
Stooooppp! Oww. Please Jake. Jaaaake!”
Jake was silent while he spanked. After a couple of Jerry’s pleas,
Jake paused and said, “Are you going to go back to school?”
Jerry sniffed and said, “You can’t make me.”
Jake shook his head, and got a determined look on his face as he
brought his leg up a little so Jerry’s butt was even further in the
air. He started to spank his sit spot repeatedly. Jerry started to
yell immediately, and soon said, “Okay. I will. Aahh! Jake I
Jake gave him a few more swats, and then paused again. He said,
“I want to make sure we’re clear here. You are going back to school,
and you will be showing me your grades from now on, and next term you’re
going to get a part time job. Is ‘Smack’ that ‘Smack’ clear ‘Smack,
Jake stopped, and stood Jerry up. Jerry immediately pulled up his
underpants and pants even though it hurt. He wiped at his face because
it had a few tears on it, and then put his hands on his butt to rub.
Jake stood up and pulled Jerry into a hug. Jerry tried to push away at
first, but soon let Jake hug him. Jake said, “I love you Jerry, and I
need you to do better. I don’t want to see you still living with Mom
and Dad, or working at some gas station when you’re my age. And I won’t
loose you because you went out drinking and did something dumb.”
Jerry nodded. Jake let him go and said, “Why don’t you pack up
your stuff, and I’ll drive you back to college. I’ll go with you to
make sure there aren’t any problems with you getting back in.”
Jerry didn’t trust his voice, so he just nodded and started to pack
up his stuff after he blew his nose a few times.
Jake had lots of conflicting emotions about what he had done. He
knew it was the right thing, and he would do it again if he thought he
needed to, but he also felt pretty guilty about making Jerry cry, and
forcing him to do something he really didn’t want to do. Jake went into
the bathroom to be alone for a few minutes. He stood at the counter and
looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn’t sure if he liked what he saw
or not, but after a few minutes he remembered what his dad had said that
day fourteen years ago when he was twelve.
Jake had been in his room thinking how bad he had felt after he had
swatted his brother, and about how he felt even worse that it had made
him cry. He was also thinking about how unfair it was that his dad sent
him to his room. Then he heard the sounds of his dad spanking Jerry.
He started to get nervous that his dad would spank him too. It hadn’t
happened in a few years, but his dad had seemed pretty mad when he sent
him to his room. Soon after the sounds of the spanking stopped, he
there was a knock at his door and his dad walked in. His dad sat on the
bed next to Jake, and pulled him into a hug. He said, “Jake, I know
it’s hard to hurt someone you love, and I understand why you did it. I
even would have done the same thing in your shoes, but I don’t want you
to do it again. I don’t want you to have that kind of relationship with
your brother. You’re just a kid yourself, and you shouldn’t have to
feel responsible for him. That’s my job. And I don’t want you to get
carried away if you’re really mad at him either. So if something like
this happens again, you just bring him to me, and let me decide how to
punish him okay?”
“Okay Dad. I’m sorry. I… I do feel bad about hitting him.”
“I know son, because I feel bad about it when I have to spank
either one of you, but I also know it’s the right thing to do, and I
know that it will make you both become good men when you grow up.”
Jake looked at himself in the mirror again and thought, ‘I may feel
bad about it, but I did the right thing.’
That helped, and he went out to help his brother pack. The ride
back to the campus was uncomfortable for Jerry who tried to be discreet
about squirming in his seat. They didn’t talk much, but it wasn’t too
much of an uncomfortable silence, since they were listening to a
basketball game on the radio.
Once Jake was sure that Jerry was still registered for school, and
back in his dorm room, he hugged his brother goodbye. Once he let him
go, he said, “I’ll be calling you once a week to see how things are
going, and if I don’t like what I hear, I will show up and take care of
Jerry blushed and nodded while looking at the floor. Jake punched
his shoulder lightly and said, “You better get to work. I think you
have some studying to catch up on. See you soon little brother.”

Later that night as Jake was relaxing and enjoying having his
apartment to himself again, he got a phone call. He said, “Hello.”
He heard his dad’s very unhappy voice say, “So I hear you tried to
take my place again.”
Jake was silent for a couple of seconds while his stomach churned
and his face got red. He stammered, “Hi Dad. Umm. What exactly do you
His dad still sounded mad when he said, “I got a call from Jerry,
and he tells me that he went to visit you. He also tells me that you
were bossy the whole time he was there, and that you forced him to go
back to school when he didn’t want to.”
Jake got a little mad and defensive. He said, “Yes, and I would do
it again.”
His dad laughed and said, “I just called to say, thanks son.”
Jake felt relief wash over him and even laughed a little himself.
He said, “I thought you were mad.”
“I was just messing with you. But seriously Jake, I do want you to
tell me about it. I think I got the whole truth from Jerry, but he was
crying and pretty upset by the time we got off the phone. He does feel
that you treated him unfairly, but I think he realized where I stood on
the subject, when I threatened to drive up there and spank him myself if
he didn’t admit that he had been in the wrong.”
Jake told his dad the whole story. He didn’t leave anything out,
even though he felt guilty about letting Jerry walk off alone after they
had fought the first time. The more he told his dad about it, the more
he realized he should have called his dad to tell him about it. His dad
didn’t interrupt, but when it was all over he said in a true
disapproving voice, “You should have called me Jake. I need to know
about it if Jerry is pulling that kind of crap. Some of that stuff was
dangerous. I think he has been lying to me about school for a while
now, and you shouldn’t help him hide that from me.”
Jake felt his face getting red again and he said in a small voice,
“Sorry Dad. You’re right, I should have called you.”
“It’s okay Jake. I know you were doing the best you could for your
brother, and I think you handled it really well. You just should have
called me after the fact, to make sure we all know what is going on with
each other. Your mother and I don’t want to see him fail any more than
you do. Besides, if you have to do something as difficult as spanking
him, then you should call me just to talk, and get the guilt off your
Jake smiled and told his dad how he had dealt with the guilt by
remembering what he had told him when he was twelve. His dad said, “I’m
glad you remembered that, and I really am glad that you were there for
Jerry when he needed you. I give you my full permission to follow up on
his schoolwork, and his classes if that’s what you want to do. But only
if it’s what you really want to do. You are a lot closer to his school
than we are, so it makes some sense. If it gets to be too much, you
need to let me know, so I can take over. I can, and will handle it if
you don’t want to. I’m very ready to tan his butt after what he’s been
Jake laughed and said, “I can’t tell you what a relief it is to
hear you say that.”
Jake talked to his dad for a long time, and by the time he hung up,
he felt pretty good about himself, and about most of the decisions he
had made while his brother was staying with him.