This story is an Alternate Universe of Smallville the TV show. In my
story Clark and Lex meet much earlier in life. Clark is 12, and Lex is

Friendship Chapter 1

Clark was bored. He wasn’t looking forward to summer break this
year. His best friend Pete was going to be gone all summer. Pete was
visiting both sets of grandparents, and then at the end of the summer,
he was going with his parents to Disneyland. Clark had some other
friends, but they lived too far away from the farm to visit them very
often. He could just run to their houses, but his parent’s wouldn’t let
him go that far alone yet, and he wouldn’t have a way to explain how he
got there when his friends asked. Lana lived next door, but he was much
to shy to talk to her.
The first week of summer break had been okay, because he didn’t
have to go to school and classes. He was having a good time hanging out
with his father, and helping out around the farm for a while, but not
for long. He didn’t mind helping out, but he could do the chores so
fast that he had way too much spare time. His dad had taken him fishing
one day that week, and that had been a great day, but his dad had to
spend most of his time working.
The second week of summer break, Clark was board and whiney. He
begged his parents for a video game system, but they couldn’t afford
one, and Jonathan didn’t think it was a good way to spend time any way.
On Monday morning on the third week Clark had finished his chores before
breakfast, and he thought he had a long and boring day ahead of him.
After his father went out to milk the cows, Clark said, “Mom, are you
sure we don’t have the money for a Nintendo system?”
Martha sighed and said, “I’m sorry Clark. We barely have the
money to keep clothes on you, and you know your father doesn’t want you
to be spending the summer playing video games anyway. Why don’t you go
read a book?”
“I’m out of school. I don’t want to read. I want to have fun.”
“Reading can be fun sweetie, but if you don’t want to read, why
don’t you just go outside and play?”
“Play what? It’s so boring without Pete here. We’ll never have
the money to go on a vacation like him. It’s not fair.”
Martha gave Clark a hug and said, “I know you think things are bad
right now, but someday you’ll look back at this time and wish you had it
back to have fun with.”
“What a load of crap.”
Martha gave Clark a glare and said, “If you can’t be civil this
morning, then you can spend the rest of it in your room.”
Clark looked down and said “Sorry mom. I’m just so board.”
Martha smiled and said, “Well, I’m planning on taking the eggs,
and some of the fruit into town today, and I thought maybe you would
like to come with me.”
“Really? That would be great!”
“I’ve already told your father about it, so lets get the breakfast
dishes cleared up, and we’ll head out. And if you help me out when we
get to the store, I’ll take you to the library and see if we can find a
book you want.”

Clark was on his best behavior when his mom was bargaining with
the store clerk for a price on the eggs. She took him to the library,
and they picked out a few books. Then they went to the general store in
Smallville. It had groceries, clothes, electronics, tools, and toys.
Martha had to buy some groceries, and let Clark go look at the toys
while she shopped. Clark went straight into the electronics section and
looked at the Nintendo sets. He had been there many times, but the
usual clerk wasn’t there. It was a new person, and Clark didn’t
recognize him. It was a fairly busy day, and the clerk was helping
three people at once. Clark kept thinking about how everyone else he
knew got to have things like Nintendo systems, and trips to Disneyland.
He thought it was incredibly unfair. He knew everyone said he was lucky
just to have good parents who were still together, and actually cared
about him, but sometimes he didn’t think it was enough. The more he
thought about it the more angry he got. He kept looking at that
Nintendo system, and he thought, ‘I could just take it.’
He gasped at his own thoughts. He knew it was wrong. He knew his
parent’s would be ashamed of him just for thinking it. Then he thought
about how easy it would be. He could move so fast that normal people
couldn’t even see him, and the Nintendo was behind a glass case with a
cheesy lock. It wouldn’t take any effort at all to break the lock
without breaking the glass. He could have it hidden in the back of the
truck, and be back in the store isle before anyone even noticed he was
gone. And if the alarm went off, when he went out the door, no one
would be able to see him. He would be back in his isle before the alarm
even started going off. He thought, ‘Why shouldn’t I have something
just for me. Pete gets to go to Disneyland. Dad and Mom are busy on
the farm. I’m done with my chores so quick that I have all kinds of
time to myself. I could tell them I was going out to play, and then
sneak back in the house when they’re working outside.’
The more he thought about it, the better it sounded. He looked
around, and noticed that the clerk was still helping two people. He
knew no one was paying attention to him. He started breathing quick and
sweating a little thinking about what he was about to do. Going as fast
as he could, he opened the case, took the Nintendo set, and two games,
and closed the case back up. He ran them to the truck, and hid them in
a corner under a tarp, and got back into the store isle before the clerk
even finished a sentence. Clark stood there thinking about what he had
done. He didn’t hear the alarm go off, so he thought he must have been
too quick for it to register the game. He instantly started thinking
about getting caught. His face got red when he thought about what his
father would think of what he had done. He was seriously thinking about
putting it back, when he heard his mother’s voice.
Martha hadn’t noticed Clark there, and was asking the clerk about
Nintendo’s and prices. Then she was asking about other cheaper game
systems, and how much they differed. She even asked if the clerk knew
if the thrift store ever got them in used. Clark felt really bad now.
He went as fast as he could over to the toy section before his mom
noticed him there. He stood staring at the same section without really
noticing anything until his mom came to get him. She could tell
something was wrong when Clark didn’t have anything to say the whole
ride home.
During dinner that night Clark couldn’t eat. He just wanted to
take it back. He felt so guilty about the whole thing, he didn’t even
want to plug it in and play with it. His dad kept trying to get him
interested in talking, but all Clark could do was give one or two word
answers. By the end of dinner his mom said, “Clark honey, something is
wrong. We can tell something is bothering you. You know you can tell
us anything, and it will be better if you tell us, and let it out.”
Jonathan said, “Your mother’s right Clark. You know you can tell
us anything.”
Clark couldn’t take his parents being nice to him after he knew he
had been rotten. He started to cry. Martha moved her chair next to his
and pulled him into a hug. She said, “I know this summer isn’t turning
out the way you wanted, but if we all work together, I’m sure we can
come up with some things for you to keep yourself busy.”
Clark shook his head no and said, “No mom. You shouldn’t be nice
to me. I did something.”
Martha held him tighter and said, “No matter what, we still love
“I… I took something.”
Martha looked to Jonathan. He said, “What was it son?”
“When we… we were at the store…. I…. I took something.”
Martha said, “You stole something?”
Clark nodded and buried his face in his hands while he cried some
more. Jonathan motioned for Martha to let Clark go. She let him go,
but kept a hand on Clarks knee. Jonathan said, “Clark look at me.”
Clark could feel his stomach twisting as he looked into his
father’s face. He was expecting to see disgust, but what he saw was
love. Jonathan said, “Whatever it is, we’ll make it better. Just tell
us the whole story, and we will make things right. There is nothing you
can do that will make us stop loving you.”
Clark nodded and tried to stop crying. He looked at the floor and
said, “I took a… a Nintendo set, and a couple of games.”
Martha looked very surprised, and Jonathan said, “Where is it?”
“I put it in the back of the truck under the tarp. I’m really
sorry. I was just upset that everyone I know gets to have things like
that, and we don’t. I know it was… wrong. It was bad. I’m really
Jonathan sat for a while and thought. He said, “Okay Clark, I
can understand you feeling bad when other kids get to have things that
you don’t get, but you know that stealing isn’t the right thing to do.”
Clark nodded and said, “I know.”
Jonathan said, “I can tell you’ve been feeling bad about this since
it happened, and I’m proud of you for telling us.”
Clark nodded, and felt a little better. Jonathan said, “I should
make you go to the store and tell them what you did, but I can’t since
you used your abilities to steal it. What you will do is go back to the
store tomorrow morning, and use your abilities to put things back where
you found them.”
“Okay Dad.”
“As for tonight, well son you know how I feel about stealing. I
want you to go wait for me in your room.”
Clark looked pale and said, “But….. I told you what I did, and I’m
really sorry.”
“I know you’re sorry Clark, but it doesn’t excuse what you did.
If you hadn’t told me about it, and I found out what you did later, you
would be getting a spanking every night for a week instead of just one
Clark got bright red while his dad was talking, and then he
vanished before Jonathan’s eyes. Jonathan muttered, “He better be in
his room.”
Martha said, “Jonathan, are you sure this is the right thing to
Martha nodded and said, “Well, I’m going out to the barn to check
on the horses. Come get me when you’re done okay?”
Jonathan gave her a nod, and went to the kitchen to get the little lead
box out of the cupboard. He opened it to make sure the meteor rock was
still there. The little green rock glowed at him, and he closed the
box. He took it up the stairs to Clark’s room. Clark’s door was open,
and Clark was lying on his bed crying. Jonathan hated to see Clark so
upset, but he knew he couldn’t just let this go either. He set the box
down on Clark’s dresser, and opened it. Clark groaned. Jonathan said,
“I know son, lets get this over with.”
Jonathan sat on Clark’s bed, and pulled Clark up to stand next to
him. Clark wiped his face on his sleeve. Jonathan undid Clark’s jeans
and pulled him face down across his lap. Once Clark was in place,
Jonathan pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. Jonathan
brought down his hand, with a loud Smack. Clark wasn’t used to feeling
pain, so on the few occasions when his father spanked him he found it
excruciating. He yelled loudly with each swat. Jonathan watched as
Clark’s butt turned a bright pink. Jonathan gave Clark twenty swats,
and by the time it was over, Clark was kicking his legs and crying
loudly. Jonathan rubbed Clark’s back for a few minutes while Clark
calmed down. He helped Clark to stand up and pull up his pants. Clark
stood with his head down, looking at the floor, and rubbing his bottom.
Jonathan knew the meteor rock made Clark feel sick to his stomach, so he
reached over and shut the lid to the box. Clark instantly felt normal
again, and he stopped rubbing his butt. Jonathan pulled Clark into a
hug. Clark stopped crying pretty quickly, but was happy to stay in his
father’s arms. Jonathan said, “What was the lesson son?”
“Don’t steal.”
“Good boy.”
“I’m sorry I took it.”
“I know. I want you to spend the rest of the night in your room,
and then tomorrow after breakfast we will go to town to return the
Nintendo box and games.”
“Yes sir.”
“I love you Clark. Everyone makes mistakes. You’re still a good
Clark pulled out of his father’s arms and smiled at him. He
said, “Just like you.”
Jonathan smiled and ruffled Clark’s hair. He said, “I’ll send
your mom up to say good night, and you can get ready for bed. You can
read a book until nine, and then it’s lights out.”
Jonathan picked up the little box on his way out, and put it back
in the kitchen. He went out to get Martha. He said, “I’m done. You
can go see him. He is to stay in his room tonight, and he’ll be going
to bed at nine.”
Martha went to Jonathan and put a hand on his cheek. She looked
into his eyes and said, "Are you okay? I know you hate it.”
Jonathan put his hand over hers, and leaned down to give her a
kiss. He said, “I love you. I’m fine.”
Martha nodded and went to say good night to Clark. She knocked on
the door, and saw that he was already in his pajamas. He was sitting on
the edge of the bed waiting for her. She sat next to him on the bed and
put an arm around his shoulders. She said, “You okay sweetie?”
Clark nodded. Martha said, “You know we love you right?”
“I love you too mom. I know I keep saying it, but I’m really
sorry that I took it. And… and I heard you asking the guy at the store
about it. That made me feel even worse that I’d taken it. I don’t need
it. I know we don’t have the money.”
“I was thinking about trying to get you one, but now I don’t think
so. Maybe for Christmas.”
Martha kissed Clark on the top of his head and said, “Good night.”

The next day Clark had no trouble putting the game system back into
the store. He was back out to the truck where his dad was waiting for
him before Jonathan had even blinked. Jonathan gave Clark a hug and
said, “Good boy. Now it’s over as far as I’m concerned. You know I
forgive you right?”
“Yeah Dad.”
After they were home, Clark asked his mom if he could go for a
walk down to the covered bridge. It was a few miles from the house, but
Martha knew Clark could be there in a few minutes. It was on a road
that was rarely used, and it was a beautiful spot to sit and think. She
knew Clark needed some alone time to think about what he had done, and
he liked to stand on the bridge and toss twigs and rocks into the
water. She said, “Okay, but I want you to be home by lunch time.”
Clark yelled, “Thanks mom.” As he ran out the front door.

Lex was bored. It was summer break, and his father Lionel had
decided to spend the summer at the mansion in Smallville. Lex had
pleaded with his father to spend summer break in Metropolis, but after
all the trouble Lex had gotten into last summer, Lionel had not agreed.
Summer had just started, and Lex would be going to college next year.
His father had wanted him to work at Luthorcorp with him, but Lex had
not agreed. As usual the summer started with them both being angry at
each other’s decisions. Lionel spent most of the week in Metropolis
working, and Lex had spent most of the first week hanging out in the
mansion playing video games, making life miserable for all the servants,
and trying to break into his father’s safe.
Lex couldn’t decide if he was happy, or if he was depressed that
his father was spending most of his time in Metropolis. Sometimes he
would wish that his father were more like the parent’s of his school
friends. He wanted someone to be there when he got home, and he wanted
someone to tell him he had done a good job, or that he couldn’t go out
drinking all night. All his friends seemed to think he was very lucky,
and sometimes when he was in the middle of a bar tossing money around
with girls hanging on him he was very glad his father let him do
whatever he wanted.
He thought about his mother almost every day, and still missed her
even though she had died years ago. They had been very close, and he
knew he would have a better relationship with his father if she were
still around.
By the second week in Smallville, Lex couldn’t take it. He had
been to ‘town’, and thought it was pathetic. All the bar owners knew
exactly who he was, and wouldn’t serve him no matter how much money he
put in front of them, because they had already been paid off and most
likely threatened by his father. He didn’t find much enjoyment in
driving fast through town, because no one would race him. There were no
cars he wanted to steal, because his was by far the best in town. There
were no prostitutes that he could find. There weren’t even any girls
his age that wanted to hang out with him.
On Monday when his father had headed off to Metropolis for the
week, Lex had decided to go to Metropolis too. Lionel called every
evening to check up on Lex, so Lex told the staff at the mansion to tell
his father to call his cell phone, and Lex would make up a story. He
took the nicest and fastest car that was at the mansion, and drove to
Metropolis with a wad of cash and a plan to have as much fun as he could
without getting caught.
Lex spent the next week playing. He couldn’t remember a good
portion of the week because he was drunk or high most of the time. He
had hired a very expensive prostitute to spend the week with him, and he
had made all kinds of new friends at various bars. His fun ran out on
Saturday. He had lost track of the days, and didn’t realize his father
would be home at the mansion. He was with his new friend Mark, and his
prostitute Jenny at a bar. He had done a couple lines of coke that
night, and he had just started on his third drink. Mark said, “This is
boring. This is all we ever do. Let’s do something better”
Lex got a gleam in his eye and said, “Like what?”
“We could go find a car and ‘borrow’ it for a while. Maybe see
who we could find to race.”
Lex rolled his eyes and said, “We did that two days ago. Don’t
you remember?”
“Oh yeah! That was great.”
Lex rubbed his hands together and said, “Have you ever shot a gun?”

“Wanna see what it’s like?”
Mark got very excited and said, “That would be so cool! Do you have
“Getting one will be part of the fun stupid.”
Jenny said, “Lex, I’m tired. Can I go back to the hotel room and
wait for you?”
Lex grabbed her and kissed her. He said, “Yeah, but when I get
there I may wake you up.”
Mark and Lex got in Lex’s car and went to find a sports store.
They found a large sports store, and asked the clerk to see a
variety of guns from behind the case. Lex found one that he liked and
said; “I’ll take this one.”
The clerk laughed and said, “Well you don’t look twenty one to me
Lex lunged over the counter and smacked the guy in the face with
the gun. The man went down bleeding from the mouth. Lex used the gun
to brake a glass case and took some bullets. Mark just stared at him
for a few seconds. Lex yelled, “RUN!”
They ran towards the front of the store, only to be stopped by
three large security guards. Lex didn’t even have the chance to pretend
the gun was loaded, or hit anyone else with it, because the guard
tackled him from behind.
Two hours later Lex was riding home with Lionel. The drugs were
starting to ware off, and he said, “Where’s Mark?”
Lionel said, “Someone has to take the fall.”
Lex said, “Bastard.”
“I will not waste my money paying for the low life people you get
attached to. I already lost about fifty thousand dollars tonight just
to get you off the hook. Is there anything else you have been doing
here that needs to be cleaned up before we go home?”
Lex said, “I need to go pay my bill at the hotel, and tell Jenny
to get out in the morning.”
Lionel sighed and said, “Why do you have to pay for women? There
should be plenty of girls your age who are interested in you.”
Lex laughed and said, “Have you seen my head Dad? Any way I don’t
want a lover. I just want someone to fuck.”
Lionel thought about it and said, “Don’t you want to find someone
to be with. Someone that you could be close to..... Someone like your
Lex yelled, “DON’T talk about MOM!!!”
Lionel said in a resigned voice, “Which hotel?”

Late that night they got home to the mansion and Lionel made Lex
stand with him while he fired half of the staff. Lex had to listen to
Lionel telling them that they were losing their jobs because they had
covered for Lex. Lex was already obsessing over Mark and feeling bad,
but when the cook that had been with them for four years started crying,
Lex found it very hard not to attack his father. Lionel was ranting
about how he was in charge and that if anyone was going to take Lex as
the authority figure, that they could pack and get out. Once that was
done Lionel took Lex into the office and said, “Okay son what are we
going to do about tonight?”
Lex poured himself a scotch and said, “I think you took care of
everything. You are the coldest person I know. How could you just fire
all those people? People that are loyal to you should be kept. Maybe
you could just cut their pay for a week or something.”
“When are you going to figure out that your actions have
consequences for others Lex? Haven’t we been over this often enough for
you? You are a rich man, and a powerful man. Everything you do will
have long lasting effects for others. You are untouchable, but those
around you aren’t.”
Lex snorted at the untouchable line and said, “You’re right about
that dad.”
“Aren’t you done with this adolescent stage yet? I am very tired
of it. It’s time for you to grow up and be a man instead of some
sniveling little child.”
“Right dad, I’ll try harder to be the perfect image of what you
want in a son. I’ll get on that right away.”
Lionel said, “So, I guess I’ll be hiring a new staff tomorrow, and
I’ll be very clear about what I expect when it comes to you. I want you
here in the house every night by ten. You can’t have a car for the next
month. I’m taking all the keys with me.”
Lex sipped his drink and said, “Whatever.”
Lionel said, “And I’ll be clearing out the bar.”
“Ass hole.”
“Oh, and Lex, I do have security camera’s here. There is no point
in trying to break into the safe. You aren’t smart enough to figure it
out, and there isn’t anything you would want in there anyway.”
Lex tossed the glass of scotch against the wall and flipped his
father off as he stormed out the door. He headed up to his room, and
collapsed on his bed. He tried to block it out, but thoughts of his
mother came to him. He thought about Mark, and the staff. He tried to
fight it, but soon the tears started, and he cried himself to sleep.

The next day he tried to avoid his father as much as possible. He
swam laps, and practiced fencing until he was worn out. He couldn’t
wait until his father left on Monday. He hated his father, but he
couldn’t help but remember what he was like when his mom was around. He
wasn’t the best father, but he had been better, and his mom had been
great. He could remember sitting on her lap when she read him stories.
He could remember the gentle touches, and the warm smile. He could
remember her teaching him about history, and about the right way to
treat people. The more he thought about her, the guiltier he felt about
the people he had hurt, and then the more angry he got about his life in
Monday Lex spent the day in the mansion trying to break into the
safe again. He had flipped of the security camera before smashing it
with a hammer. But by the end of the day he still hadn’t gotten into
the safe. He hated it when his dad was right. He wanted to break
something, and he picked up the blue vase that was in the room. He held
it over his head with the intention to smash it on the floor, but then
he took another look at it. He could remember his mother telling him
the history of that vase. He could also remember her swatting him once
when he almost broke it by running through the room, and bumping the
stand. He put it back on the stand, and smashed his fist into the wall.

He went to bed early that night, but he couldn’t sleep. He got up
about three in the morning and went to the garage. He hot wired one of
his father’s cars, and drove it in to town. He broke into one of the
bars, and laughed himself silly when he realized it didn’t even have an
alarm system. He drank until he couldn’t feel the pain any more.
Around eight in the morning, he stumbled to his car and drove
aimlessly. He was trying to change the CD while he was driving down a
country road with no one around. He swerved around the road, and once
he got the right CD in, he looked up just in time to see the boy in
front of his car. He turned the wheel to miss the boy, but he ended up
hitting him, and sending both of them flying off a covered bridge, and
into the water.

Clark was taken by surprise, and didn’t have time to get out of
the way of the car as it slammed into him. He went down into the
water. It had hurt a little bit, but not much. Nothing like when his
father had spanked him, which was what he had been thinking about when
the car hit him. He swam to the surface, and looked for the guy who had
been driving. He didn’t see him, so he swam back down to the car, which
was rapidly sinking. The guy behind the wheel had been knocked out.
Clark couldn’t tell if he was dead or not, but he was bleeding from a
cut on his head. Clark ripped the car door off the hinges, and dragged
the guy up to the surface. He swam with the guy back to the shore. The
guy was breathing, but not waking up. Clark said, “Hey mister, are you
When he didn’t get a response, Clark ran home as fast as he could,
and found his dad. Jonathan said, “What’s wrong son? Why are you all
“There’s a guy at the bridge. He went over the side. He’s
breathing, but he won’t wake up. He’s bleeding! You have to come Dad!”

“Calm down son. I’ll get the truck, and I’ll meet you there. You
go tell your mother what we’re doing, and then go stay with the man
until I get there.”
Clark ran, and appeared in front of his mom. She jumped a little
and said, “You startled me.”
“Sorry. Dad and I are at the covered bridge. There’s a guy
that’s hurt. We’ll be home soon.”
Before Martha could say anything, Clark was gone. He ran back to
the guy. The whole trip took him about two minutes. He sat with the
guy talking to him and asking him if he was okay while he waited for his
dad. Jonathan pulled up with the truck ten minutes later. Clark was
really nervous because the guy wouldn’t wake up. He yelled, “Dad! He’s
not waking up!”
Jonathan said, “Calm down Clark. You getting upset will not help
the kid wake up.”
Jonathan reached down and checked for breathing and a pulse. He
saw that they were normal, and checked the gash on the kid’s head. It
wasn’t that bad, and probably wouldn’t even need stitches. He looked
close at the face, and said, “Clark, do you know who this is?”
Clark shook his head no.
“Lionel Luthor’s son Alexander. I think people call him Lex.”
Clark’s eyes got big. He said, “Wow.”
Jonathan put a hand on Lex’s shoulder and shook it a little as he
said, “Lex, can you hear me?”
Jonathan had heard lots of gossip about Lex, so he bent down and
opened Lex’s mouth, and smelled the alcohol. He said, “Lex won’t wake
up because he’s drunk. Not much to worry about, he just has to sleep it
off. Why don’t you help me get him in the truck, and we’ll let him
sleep it off on our couch.”
When they got home Martha came out of the house and said, “What
Clark was helping his dad get Lex out of the car, and when they
started for the couch Martha said, “Oh no you don’t! He’s all wet. You
boys get him in some dry cloths so that he doesn’t catch a cold, and so
that the couch doesn’t get ruined.”
Jonathan and Clark headed for the bathroom, and set Lex on the
floor. Jonathan went to get some of his old clothes, and they got Lex
dressed without him waking up. Clark carried Lex to the couch, while
Jonathan cleaned up the mess in the bathroom. He came out with a first
aid kit, and cleaned up the cut on Lex’s head, and bandaged it up.
Martha came in and covered Lex with a blanket and then said, “Okay now
that he’s settled, you go change your clothes Clark.”
Clark went very fast, and was back down in dry clothes before
Martha could tell Jonathan to go change his shirt. As soon as they were
all back in the living room Martha said, “Tell me the story.”
Clark said, “I was just standing on the bridge, and I guess I
wasn’t paying too much attention to what was going on around me, because
I turned around just in time to see Lex driving his car straight at me.
He was looking at me and turning the wheel, like he was trying to miss
me, but he hit me, and we both went over the bridge and into the water.”

Martha looked worried and said, “Are you okay Clark?”
“Yeah. It didn’t hurt much, and I can’t feel it at all now. So
anyway, I swam to the surface, but I didn’t see Lex anywhere, so I went
back down to get him. He was passed out, so I ripped the door off the
car and pulled him out. Then when he wouldn’t wake up, I came to get
Jonathan said, “That was the right thing to do son. I’m proud of
Clark grinned and said, “Thanks dad.”
Martha hugged him and said, “You saved Lex’s life today.”
Martha thought for a minute and said, “Shouldn’t we be taking him
to the hospital? Why hasn’t he woken up? Do you think he has a
Jonathan said in a disgusted tone, “He’s drunk.”
Martha looked disappointed and said, “A boy his age shouldn’t be
out drinking in the first place, but then getting in a car and driving.
That is inexcusable.”
Jonathan said, “Let’s let him sleep it off, and then we can have
him call his dad when he comes around.”

Lex didn’t feel right. He felt kind of sick to his stomach, and
his head hurt a lot. He felt someone rubbing his arm. He said, “Mom?”
He opened his eyes, and saw a woman sitting next to him smiling.
He shook his head a little, and then groaned as the pain shot through
his head. Martha said, “Your name is Lex right?”
“Here, take this aspirin, and then we will see if you can keep down
some toast.”
Lex took the pills, and washed them down with the glass of water
she handed him. He watched her walk over to the kitchen and put some
bread in a toaster. He tried to sit up to figure out where he was, and
what had happened, but found it much too difficult. He reached up and
felt the bandage on his head. He said, “What happened?”
Martha said in a disapproving tone, “You, young man, got drunk and
drove your car over a bridge and into the water.”
Lex was shocked at the tone in Martha’s voice. No one talked to
him like that. Then he remembered the boy. He thought for sure that he
had crashed into the boy on his way over the bridge. He said in a
distraught voice, “The boy….”
At that moment Clark ran into the house and yelled, “Mom, Dad says
he’s almost ready for lunch.”
Lex could see Clark from where he was lying on the couch, and
couldn’t believe his eyes. He said, “You’re the boy on the bridge…”
Clark smiled and said, “You’re awake! Mom, he’s awake.”
Martha brought over the toast, and patted Clark’s head as she said,
“Yes, I see that.”
Clark said, “You were driving really fast, and you went over the
Martha said, “Okay Clark, let’s let Lex wake up a little before you
start talking his ear off.”
“But mom I just…”
Martha gave her warning tone when she said, “Clark.”
Clark looked pretty disappointed but said, “Okay.”
Martha said, “Go finish helping your father.”
Clark sighed and walked slowly out the door. Martha put the toast
on the coffee table, and said, “Okay Lex, let’s see if you can sit up
without getting sick.”
Martha gathered some of the pillows off the end of the couch, and
helped Lex to sit up while she piled the pillows behind him. Lex felt a
wave of nausea, but it passed once he was leaning back. Martha handed
him the toast, and a drink. She said, “Sprite. Try a little of each,
and see if it stays down. There is an empty garbage pail by the end of
the couch if you need to throw up.”
Martha walked back into the kitchen to make lunch. Lex just stared
at his toast and Sprite. He was confused, and in pain. He though he
had hit the boy, but now he wasn’t sure. He couldn’t understand why
these people were being nice to him when he had almost killed their
son. He wondered how long he had been there, and where his clothes
were. He took a sip of the Sprite and a bite of the toast while he was
thinking. Soon half the toast was gone along with the entire glass of
Sprite. He felt better, and he said, “You know my name, but I don’t
know yours.”
Martha wiped her hands and came over to get his cup and plate.
She said, “My name is Martha Kent. My husband is Jonathan, and my son
is Clark. You’re on our farm. Lucky for you my husband is a good
Lex said, “What happened?”
Martha put the dishes in the kitchen, and then came back to sit
beside Lex. She put a hand on his knee when she said, “Jonathan and
Clark were out fishing, and Clark had gone up to the bridge to look
around. You were drunk, and driving too fast, and you almost hit
Clark. When you swerved to miss him, you ended up going over the
bridge, and into the water. Jonathan saw the whole thing from the
shore, and jumped in the water to help you. You were unconscious, so he
pulled you out of the car, and took you to shore. He could smell the
alcohol, and he didn’t think you had any major injuries, so he brought
you home in our truck to sleep it off.”
Lex said, “I thought for sure I had hit the boy, Clark that is.
I’m so glad he isn’t hurt.”
“Me too.”
At that point Jonathan came in with Clark. Martha said, “Lunch is
almost ready why don’t you guys clean up.”
Jonathan glared at Lex on his way to the bathroom to wash up. Lex
decided it was time to go. Martha was taking sandwiches to the table.
Lex said, “I think I should go. If you could tell me where my clothes
are, and if I could use your phone, that would be great.”
Martha said, “After we are done with lunch. You just sit back and
relax while we eat. You hit your head pretty hard, and you need to give
the aspirin time to work.”
Lex really didn’t want to deal with Jonathan so he said, “I really
Martha gave him a look and said, “I think you’ll do what I tell you
to do.”
Lex sat there with his mouth open as Martha went back into the
kitchen to get the chips and milk. Lex didn’t have a response to that.
It took him so long to figure out how to handle the situation, that by
the time he had decided to start demanding to use the phone, the whole
family was sitting at the table eating. He made eye contact with Clark
who had been staring at him. Clark smiled and said with his mouth full,
“That was a cool car you were driving.”
Martha said, “Not with your mouth full please.”
Clark swallowed and said, “Was it your car, or your dads?”
Lex said absently, “My fathers.”
Clark said, “Oh man, that’s too bad for you.”
Lex looked confused, but then said, “I’m really glad you’re okay.
I hope I didn’t scare you too bad. I must have come pretty close to
hitting you.”
Clark said, “It surprised me, but that’s all. I’m fine.”
Jonathan said, “You’re lucky that you’re okay Clark. Lex could
have killed you.”
Clark rolled his eyes and took another bite of sandwich. Lex
looked at Jonathan and said, “Thank you so much for saving my life.
Mrs. Kent told me that you pulled me out. I’m sure my father will be
Jonathan said, “What the hell were you doing driving drunk at nine
in the morning?!!”
Lex swallowed and said, “I… Well I…. I just was.”
Jonathan said, “What do you mean you just were? Do you make it a
regular habit to go endanger yourself and others?”
Lex had to break eye contact when he said, “Sometimes.”
Martha said, “Jonathan, let’s finish eating without yelling
“I’m sorry Martha.” He looked over to Lex and said, “I’ll save the
yelling for after we’re done eating.”
Everyone was silent through the rest of the meal. Clark was done
first and said, “May I be excused?”
Martha nodded, and Clark ran over to where Lex was sitting. Clark
said, “How come you were driving your dad’s car? Do you have a car
too? Does he have more than one?”
Lex smiled and said, “My father has eight cars, and I have two. I
was driving my dad’s car because mine weren’t available.”
“Wow that’s a lot of cars. What kinds are they?”
Martha and Jonathan listened quietly while Lex and Clark talked
about cars. Soon they were done eating, and Martha cleared the table
while Jonathan went to get Lex’s clothes out of the dryer. Jonathan
came out and said, “Clark, I want to talk to Lex alone. Please go feed
the horses.”
Clark looked disappointed but said, “Okay.”
Jonathan handed Lex his clothes as Clark went out the door.
Jonathan said, “If you don’t feel too sick, go get dressed, and then we
will make a couple of phone calls.”
Lex nodded, and was able to get up and get to the bathroom without
too much trouble. He really wanted to get out of the house, and away
from Jonathan Kent. He made Lex feel very nervous. He came back out
and saw Jonathan sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter next to the
phone. Jonathan motioned for Lex to come and sit by him. Lex sat down,
and Jonathan said, “You could have killed my son today. You almost
killed yourself today. You have no business drinking at your age in the
first place, but to then get in a car and drive is just wrong.”
Lex got very red and stammered, “I… I’m sorry Mr. Kent.”
Jonathan nodded and handed Lex the phone. He said, “Call your
father, and tell him what happened.”
Lex grabbed the offered phone, and dialed Lionel.
“Lionel Luthor, how may I help you?”
“It’s me Dad.”
“What do you need?”
“I… I drove your car off a bridge, and…. I…”
“You need me to bail you out of jail again?”
“No! I’m at a farmhouse. A man named Jonathan Kent pulled me out
of the car when I was passed out. He saved my life, and he thought you
might be concerned enough about me to want to know.”
Lionel was silent for a few seconds. Then he said, “Are you
“Did you injure anyone else?”
“The man probably just wants money. Let me speak with him please.”

Lex almost hung up on his dad, but instead handed the phone to
Jonathan and said, “He want’s to talk to you.”
Jonathan took the phone and said, “Hello?”
“Mr. Kent. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for
saving my son. I am more grateful than I can say. I am willing to pay
you a healthy reward for saving him.”
Jonathan looked confused, and then angry. He said, “I don’t want
your money Mr. Luthor.”
“Come now, let me show you my gratitude somehow. There must be
something you want.”
“Mr. Luthor, your son almost died today, and he almost killed my son
with him because he was out drinking and driving. He has completely
totaled your car, which is lying at the bottom of a river. Why are you
not on your way here?”
Lionel sighed and said, “I didn’t know he almost killed your son.
I am willing to pay you quite a lot of money to keep this quiet. How
does one hundred thousand sound?”
Jonathan took the phone from his ear and glared at it. He looked
at Lex and said, “Why don’t you go out to the barn and help Clark Lex?”
Lex laughed a dry emotionless laugh and said, “Don’t worry that you
might upset me. I know he’s trying to buy you off.”
Jonathan gave Lex a glare and put his hand over the phone so Lionel
couldn’t hear. He said, “Let me rephrase that. Go to the barn and help
Clark now.”
Lex looked surprised and said, “There is no need to protect…”
Jonathan stood up and towered over Lex, and interrupted him with,
“Did I not make myself clear?”
Lex looked up and stumbled out of the stool and over to the door.
He wasn’t even aware of doing it until he was at the door. He paused,
and Jonathan took a step towards him. Lex went out the door, and looked
around for the barn.
Jonathan put the phone to his ear again to hear Lionel saying
‘Hello? Is anyone there?’
Jonathan said, “Listen up Mr. Luthor. I don’t want your money. I
want you to assure me that Lex isn’t going to be out driving drunk
tomorrow. If I call the police now, to tell them about the accident, he
will have plenty of it still in his system for a DUI. If you can tell
me that you’ll make sure Lex isn’t going to do this again, then I’ll
wait until tomorrow to call the cops.”
Lionel thought fast and said, “Okay Mr. Kent. I swear Lex will
never bother you again. I don’t think there is any need to call the
police at all. I’m sure there is something that you might want.
Something that might persuade you to not call them.”
Jonathan was disgusted. He hung up the phone. He looked at
Martha and said, “No wonder Lex is the way he is. What an ass.”
Martha said, “What should we do? I don’t think we should call the
cops today. Lex seems lost to me. He looks like he needs someone to
love him.”
Jonathan rolled his eyes and said, “He isn’t a stray honey.”
The phone started ringing, but they ignored it. Martha said,
“Don’t you patronize me Jonathan Kent. I know very well that Lex isn’t
a stray, but he still looks like he needs a home. His father obviously
isn’t as involved as he should be. He is probably too busy running his
company to even notice Lex. If Mr. Luthor was offering you money, then
maybe he will make a deal with us. Lex could spent the summer here.”
Jonathan said, “Are you in…. um… joking?”
He had almost said ‘insane’, but he didn’t want to sleep on the
Martha said, “You said you wanted to make sure that Lex isn’t out
there driving drunk. Well here’s your chance to do that. It sounded
like his father didn’t even know he was gone. The poor boy didn’t even
seem to find it odd that his dad was offering you money.”
Jonathan didn’t like where this was going at all. He said, “But
Martha, what about Clark? Lex can’t be a good influence for him.”
Martha said, “Clark is a good boy. He knows the difference between
right and wrong. Clark will be a good influence on Lex, more than the
other way around.”
“But…. But I don’t think it’s a good idea.”
“I’ve made up my mind about this Jonathan.”
Jonathan had only heard his wife use that phrase two other times.
The first was when she was talking to her father about marrying him, and
the second was when she had decided to keep Clark. Jonathan knew he was
sunk. He sighed loudly and picked up the phone. He said, “Hello?”
Lionel said, “Okay Mr. Kent. Tell me what you want. How does five
hundred thousand sound?”
Jonathan rolled his eyes and said, “It sounds ridiculous. Listen
Mr. Luthor. I do have a proposition for you.”
Lionel smiled and said, “Ah. Good. What is it?”
Jonathan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth when he said, “My
wife and I would like to have Lex stay here with us for the summer. He
can work on the farm to make amends for almost killing my son.”
Lionel was so shocked he didn’t know what to say at first. He
said, “Well, I could hire you as many men as you needed to help you on
the farm.”
“I don’t want anyone else. Just Lex.”
Lionel thought about it. He soon realized the Kents would tire of
Lex after a few days, and send him home. He also was quite pleased not
to have to pay anything for this screw up. He smiled to himself as he
said, “All right Mr. Kent. You may keep Lex there for the summer. If
he gets to be too much trouble, you can just send him home. How much
should I send you for his room and board?”
“Nothing. I’m sure we’ll be fine with one more mouth to feed.
I’ll need someone to bring over some of his clothes. Tonight would be
good, but tomorrow would be okay too.”
Lionel was more pleased the more he thought about it. He was
almost giddy to hear that he didn’t even have to pay for Lex’s room and
board. He said, “Yes I will call and have his things sent right away.
Now as for the police, I will call and report the car stolen right now.
I would really appreciate it if you didn’t tell the police about the car
wreck at all. It would be helpful if you could call the city tomorrow
and tell them you saw some damage to the covered bridge. Maybe they
will figure it out, and maybe they won’t. Either way, Lex won’t be to
Jonathan didn’t think it sounded like the right thing to do, but he
could see some logic in Lionel’s thinking. He knew he would do a lot to
keep his son out of jail. He said, “Okay Mr. Luthor. We have a deal.”
Once he had hung up, Martha came over to hug him. She said, “Thank
you. You’ll see. It won’t be bad at all.”
Jonathan gave her a disbelieving look and said, “Sure. I’ll go get
the boys, and you can give them the good news.”