Connor - How it should have Been #8

The second day Lorne had been home, he decided to give Connor his
first singing lesson. It was late in the afternoon, and Connor had
finished working with everyone else. They went down to the basement,
and Lorne explained some of the basics of singing. Soon he said, “Okay
Connor, do you know any songs?”
Connor said, “Yeah I know some that Fa.. Holtz used to sing. Angel
calls them Church songs.”
“Wonderful, nothing like a little gospel to get the singing
started. Why don’t you sing one for me, and we will see what kind of
work we need to do.”
Connor nodded and started singing. Five minutes later Lorne was
holding his head and said in a strained voice, “Okay kid, lesson’s
over. Go have Fred fetch me a few aspirin. No… make that a bottle of
aspirin. Have her bring it to my room.”
Connor still didn’t trust Lorne all that much, but he could tell
Lorne was in some pain so he said, “Do you need some help getting up the
“No just get Fred please.”
Connor went to find Fred, and Lorne made his way into the kitchen
where he pulled out a bottle of brandy and a glass to take to his room.
He slowly made his way upstairs and into his room where a concerned Fred
and Connor stood waiting with the aspirin. Lorne took the aspirin from
Fred and said, “Thanks hon. Now I’m gonna lie down for a while.”
Fred said, “What happened? Are you okay? Do we need to get some
kind of doctor?”
“No. I’m fine. It’s just a really bad headache, and I need to lie
down for a while. Don’t you kids worry, I’ll be fine.”
With that Lorne ushered them out of his room and shut his door.
Fred and Connor just looked at each other. A few seconds later he
opened it and put out a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the doorknob. He said
to Fred, “I’ll probably sleep until tomorrow. If I’m not awake by
tomorrow night, then knock on the door.”
Fred frowned, but said, “Okay.”
Fred and Connor turned to go, and Fred said, “What happened?”
“I don’t know. I was just singing like he told me to, and then
when the song was over he was holding his head in pain.”
“Well that’s not good. We should tell Angel.”
They found Angel in the office, and Fred told him what had
happened. He thought it sounded bad as well. Connor said, “I don’t get
it. How could my singing give him a headache that quick?”
Angel said, “Lorne was reading you at the same time. I mean, I
don’t think he can help but read someone when they sing. It’s just a
part of it. I don’t know what he saw in your future, but for some
reason it made his head hurt.”
Connor sounded a little panicked and said, “Does that mean I’m
going to do something really bad? Like maybe I’ll turn into a vampire
and kill lots of people. How does Lorne know for sure what will happen
in my future? I think he could be wrong.”
Angel got up and put an arm around Connor’s shoulder and said, “Now
don’t get upset Connor. We don’t even know what this is all about. It
could just be that you’re a really bad singer like me, and that gave him
a headache.”
“He didn’t get a headache from hearing you sing. I just know it’s
something terrible I’m going to do!”
Angel said, “You don’t know that, and neither does anyone else.
We need to let Lorne recover for the night, and then we can all find out
together what the problem was tomorrow. Try not to worry about it until
we know there is something to worry about Connor.”
Connor didn’t like it, but he nodded. Angel said, “We don’t have
any cases right now, so why don’t you do your homework, and then we can
watch some TV together, or maybe when it gets dark, we can go to the
Connor nodded again, and walked off to start some homework. Once
he had everything in front of him his mind wandered. He couldn’t stop
thinking about a variety of horrible futures for himself. He could
picture himself killing Angel in front of everyone. He realized that
that thought used to bring him pleasure when he lived with Holtz, but
now it brought him a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He could
see himself as a vampire, and he could see Angel trying to kill him
while he killed all the other people in the hotel. After a while, he
couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to go kill something to get his
mind off himself. He got up and headed for the front door. As soon as
he put his hand on the front doorknob he suddenly had an image of an
angry Angel standing in front of him, and then an image of himself over
Angel’s lap. He let go of the doorknob and thought, ‘But I really need
to get out.’
He turned around and stood thinking. Soon the weapon cabinet came
into view, and he thought about Gunn. He smiled as he remembered what
Gunn had told him the last time he ran off. Connor found Gunn in the
kitchen with Fred. Connor said, “Gunn. I need to go out.”
Gunn said, “Why?”
Connor frowned. He looked down and said, “Well… Last time you
said…. And now I need to…”
Gunn said, “Oh, you need to go OUT. Okay. Fred, tell Angel we
went out, and that we’ll be back when we get back. I have my cell phone
if he really needs us.”
Fred had told Gunn about Lorne, and she could understand Connor
being upset. She had some misgivings, but said, “Okay. You guys be
careful, and you call us if you get into any kind of trouble.”
Gunn nodded and put an arm around Connor’s shoulders as they headed
for the door.
Connor smiled and said, “Thanks Gunn.”

Connor went straight to the sewers since it was still light
outside, and he immediately started tracking. Half an hour later, he
still hadn’t come across any vampires or demons to kill. Gunn kept his
distance, and was just being silent company. Connor said, “This is
really strange.”
Gunn came over to where Connor was crouching on the ground. He
looked at the ground, but he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.
He said, “What?”
“I have been tracking a male vampire for a while, and his scent
ends here. I can smell the death, but I can’t smell what killed him.
If it had been a human or another vampire, I would be able to detect
their scent. It’s a fresh kill, less than fifteen minutes old.”
Gunn said, “Well that is strange, but I would say good too. Maybe
the vamp dusted itself.”
Connor looked at Gunn like he was insane, and Gunn said, “Okay
maybe not. Well, it must have been some kind of demon that you can’t
smell. But if he’s killing vampires, then he’s okay in my book.”
Connor put his finger to his lips gesturing to Gunn to be quiet.
He turned and looked down the tunnel they had just come from.

After doing his tutoring session with Connor, Wesley had gone home
early telling Angel that he had some research to do at home. He’d been
home for a while when he heard a knock on the door. He got his gun and
walked to the door looking through the peephole to see who it was.
Lilah was looking right at him and soon winked. Wesley smiled and put
his gun on the side table as he opened the door. As soon as Wesley had
locked the door behind her, Lilah attached herself to him. They almost
didn’t make it to the couch before she knocked him over and ripped his
shirt off.
Half an hour later they were lying together naked on the couch, and
Wesley said, “You’re really very beautiful.”
Lilah smiled and said, “You don’t have to say that to get me to
keep coming back. In fact, you know I like you better when you’re not
Wesley looked kind of sad and said; “Does it always have to be like
Lilah looked into Wesley’s eyes and said sincerely, “No.”
Wesley kissed her tenderly and said, “How long can you stay?”
Lilah looked at the clock on the wall and said, “About fifteen more
Wesley sighed and said, “It would be a lot nicer if you could just
spend the nights here.”
“You know I can’t.”
“So what if Wolfram and Heart finds out? It has nothing to do with
your work. Why should they care.”
“You’re working with the enemy. They will try to stop us from
seeing each other. Besides, if I started spending the night, Angel
would find out, and I don’t think you want to talk to him about us.”
“He already knows about our relationship.”
Lilah laughed and said, “You called it a relationship first! You
owe me a dollar!”
Wesley got a little red and looked for his wallet while he said,
He tried to hand the dollar to her, but she shook her head and
said, “Sign it first.”
“As proof. Proof of this, of us.”
Wesley signed the dollar and handed it to her. She took it and
started kissing him.
Lilah’s phone rang. She broke the kiss and looked for her phone on
the floor. Once she found it, she answered it with, “I told you I’m off
for the night. This better be good.”
Wesley watched her while she listened to the problem. She started
to get her clothes on while she listened. She said, “I’ll be there in
fifteen minutes.”
She turned to Wesley and said, “Sorry lover. I’ve got to cut this
Wesley said, “Nothing’s wrong I hope.”
She stood there staring at him for a few seconds, and then seemed
to make up her mind when she said, “It’s Connor.”

Back in the sewer, Gunn woke up on the cement floor and looked
around for Connor. He groaned and held his head. He felt the lump and
some dried blood on the back of his head. He yelled, “Connor! Connor
can you hear me?!! Connor!”
He got no response, and looked for his cell phone.

At the hotel, Angel was walking out of his office when Wesley came
in the front door. Wesley said, “Where’s Connor?”
Angel said, “He’s out with Gunn blowing off some steam. Why?”
“I think he’s in danger.”
Angel headed to the weapons cabinet, and Fred came in holding her
cell phone to her ear. Fred said, “We’ll be there as soon as we can.
Fred looked at Angel and said, “That was Gunn. He was with Connor
tracking a vampire, and then something attacked them. He got knocked
out, and he just woke up. He can’t find Connor anywhere.”
Wesley said, “What attacked them?”
“He never got a look at it.”
Angel had a sword and said, “Let’s go.”

Connor was waking up, and found himself tied to a post. Before he
opened his eyes, he tested the rope to see if he could get his hands or
his feet loose. It was strong, but he could feel it start to give. He
opened his eyes and looked around while he kept trying to get loose. In
front of him he saw a little girl looking at him. He thought she looked
to be about six or seven years old. He said, “Are you hurt?”
The girl shook her head, and said, “What are you?”
Connor said, “If you’re not hurt, you should run. Try to find some
stairs that go up, and get out of the sewer to the daylight before
whatever that thing was comes back.”
The girl said, “It is night now. You aren’t a vampire, but you
aren’t human either. What are you?”
Connor almost had the ropes loose enough to free his hands, and he
stopped. He sniffed the air. He looked at her suspiciously and said,
“What are YOU?”
The girl giggled and said, “I’m a girl silly.”
“No, you’re not. You don’t smell like a girl. In fact, you don’t
smell at all.”
The girl looked mad and said, “You better tell me what you are, or
I’m gonna hurt you.”
“You’re that monster that attacked us. Where is Gunn?”
The girl started to change shape, and grow. Soon it was a little
taller than Connor was. It had silver skin and very long arms with
claws at the end. Its eyes were swirling with different colors. It
said, “Now you have seen my true form. Let me see yours.”
Connor was looking all over for Gunn. He said, “Where is my
friend? If you hurt him, I’ll kill you.”
“I left the human. I have no interest in him. Now let me see your
true form!”
“This is my true form.”
“Then what are you!!!”
Connor had his hands free, but kept them behind him as he started
to work on wiggling his feet free. He said, “I don’t know what I am!”
The monster said, “Liar!”
Connor said, “What do you want from me?”
“That depends on what you are. I came for vampire dust, but you
might have something of value too.”
Connor almost had his feet free when he heard foot steps in the
distance. He said, “I have nothing of value. Why don’t you untie me?
I hunt vampires too. It sounds like we’re working on the same side, and
I could help you.”
The monster laughed and said, “You’re dumb enough to be a human.
Let’s cut you open, and see what’s inside you.”
The monster headed towards Connor with its claws aiming for
Connor’s stomach. Once it got in range, Connor pulled his hand around
as fast as he could, and punched the monster on the side of his head.
The monster wasn’t expecting it and fell backwards. Connor reached down
and got his feet loose. Connor heard something coming at him and ducked
down even further, so the claws slashed through his shoulder instead of
his head. Connor put all his weight into standing up and pushing his
body into the monster’s stomach at the same time. The monster went
flying across the room. Connor started to go after the monster, and
heard Angel yell, “Connor we’re coming!”
They sounded close to Connor. He was about to kick the monster in
the head, when it scrambled out of the way and onto its feet. They
circled each other looking for a way to take the other down. Angel
arrived before either one of them could get in another blow. He yelled,
“Connor, get back. I don’t know what that is, or what it could do to
The monster said in a sinister tone, “A vampire friend. That’s why
you smell wrong. I’ll get him when I’m done with you.”
Connor got really angry with that and said in a sinister tone of
his own, “He’s my dad, and I’m done with you.”
Connor did a turning kick, and got the monster on the side of the
head again. The monster fell and Angel headed towards them with his
sword ready, but before he could get there, Connor followed the monster
down. Connor grabbed the monster’s head, and snapped his neck. The
monster yelled but didn’t die. It clawed Connor in the side, and tossed
Connor off.
Angel yelled, “Stay down Connor! The other’s are coming.”
Angel brought his sword down on the monster. The monster caught
the sword with its claws before it could cut him. He kicked Angel’s
feet out from under him, and let go of the sword at the same time, so
that Angel fell. The monster tried to get on top of Angel, but Connor
had gotten up, and kicked the monster in the side, which sent him flying
against the wall of the tunnel. Angel jumped up and went towards the
monster at the same time as Connor. Angel yelled, “I told you to stay
down! Get back right now!”
Connor stopped in front of the monster that was getting up. Connor
said, “It’s my kill! You stay back! This thing just killed a vampire
less than an hour ago.”
The monster lunged for Connor as he was talking, and knocked him
down. As the monster raised his arm to bring the claws down on Connor’s
face, Angel brought down his sword and decapitated the monster, just as
Connor put his fist though the monster’s stomach. The monster slumped
dead on top of Connor. Angel kicked the monster off Connor, and at the
same time Wesley, Fred, and Gunn ran into the room. Angel reached down,
and hauled Connor up by the front of his shirt. Angel hugged him tight
for a second, and then he held him at arm’s length to look at him. He
gave him a little shake and said, “I told you to stay back!”
Connor tried to shove Angel’s hands off to no avail as he said,
“And I told you it was mine to kill!”
Connor and Angel glared at each other. Fred came up to them and
said, “Are you okay Connor? You’re bleeding.”
Angel grabbed Connor’s shoulder to inspect it while Fred lifted
Connor’s shirt to look at his side. Connor tried to push Angel away as
he said, “I’m fine.”
Wesley and Gunn were looking at the monster’s body. Wesley said,
“I don’t know what this is. I haven’t seen one before.”
Gunn said, “Me either. How about you Fred?”
Fred looked over at the monster and said, “I don’t recognize it.”
Then she turned to Angel and said, “His side has stopped oozing, how
about his shoulder?”
Angel had ripped Connor’s shirt a little more so he could see the
shoulder, and said, “It’s still oozing, but it doesn’t look too deep.”
Connor yelled, “I’m right here you know!”
Angel ignored Connor’s statement and said, “Take your shirt off,
and hold it to your shoulder to stop the bleeding.”
Connor thought about refusing just because he was pissed, but he
could tell that Angel was mad too, so he did take off the shirt and hold
it to his shoulder. Wesley said, “Do you think we should burn it to
make sure it’s dead?”
Angel went to look at the monster and said, “That’s a good idea.
The rest of us will head back to the hotel, and we’ll meet you back
there when you’re done.”
Fred, Gunn, and Angel headed towards the hotel, and Connor stayed
where he was, and glared at Angel’s back. Angel stopped a few feet
away, but didn’t turn around as he said, “Do I have to carry you?”
Connor continued to glare, but also started slowly walking towards

Once they got home Fred said, “Come on in the bathroom Connor, and
we’ll get you cleaned up.”
Angel went to the lobby to put his sword away, and Gunn followed.
In the lobby they saw that all the paperwork that had been on the
counter, was now strewn all over the floor. They looked around to see
if something was missing, and saw a foot sticking out from behind the
counter. Angel cautiously approached the foot, and found an unconscious
Lorne lying on the floor amongst the papers. Angel bent down and
touched Lorne’s shoulder. He said, “Lorne? Can you hear me? Are you
Lorne moaned and opened his eyes. He put his hand to his head and
said, “Oww.”
Angel helped him sit up and said, “Are you okay? What happened?”
“And I thought my head hurt before!”
Angel looked at Lorne expectantly. Lorne said, “It was Wolfram and
Heart. They sucked out my reading of Connor.”
Gunn looked confused. He said, “I don’t understand.”
“Well I don’t exactly understand either. I know I was in my room
trying to forget what I had learned from Connor, and then Lilah was here
with some men. They had this big metal tube, and they stuck it in my
head. I passed out once they turned it on.”
Angel said, “So how do you know they sucked out Connor’s reading?”
“Because I can’t remember it. I know I was really scared, and I
was wondering what to do before, but now I don’t remember anything. I
mean, I remember Connor singing… oh, and by the way he has your voice,
poor kid….., but I can’t remember what I learned about his future.”
Angel helped Lorne get up and sit in a chair, while Gunn went and
got Lorne an ice pack for his head and a glass of water. Fred and
Connor came into the lobby, and saw Lorne. Fred said, “What happened?”
Lorne looked up and saw that Connor had a large bandage on his
shoulder and on his side. He said, “Looks like your night was as good
as mine. What happened to you?”
“Fought a monster. What happened to you?”
“Got my memories of reading you sucked out by Lilah and her
At that moment, Wesley walked in and said, “Lilah?”
Lorne looked at Angel imploringly, and said, “I need to lie down
for a few days. Can you explain please?”
“Sure Lorne. Gunn, will you help Lorne get to his room, and make
sure he has whatever he needs?”
Once they were out of the room Angel told Connor, Fred, and Wesley
the story Lorne had told them. Connor groaned and said, “So it’s my
Angel said, “I don’t see how you came up with that.”
Connor looked at Angel like he was dense and said, “My reading
scared the crap out of Lorne, and Wolfram and Heart wanted it so bad
that they sucked it out of Lorne’s head. How can you not see it as my
“Connor, none of us knew what your singing for Lorne would do, and
it was my idea for you to sing for him in the first place. You
certainly don’t have any control over Lilah, or any of the people at
Wolfram and Heart, so you are not to blame for their actions.”
Connor looked at the floor and said, “But my reading started it
all. What could have been so bad?”
“I don’t know son. We’ll try and find out together starting
tomorrow. Right now, I want you to go to your room and lie down. You
need to give yourself some time to heal. We’ll bring you some dinner in
a little bit.”
Connor looked upset and said; “I don’t need to lie down. We
should go after Lilah and those men.”
Angel walked over to Connor so that he was standing right in his
personal space. He said, “You are already in trouble for not listening
to me when you were fighting that monster, little boy. Now, I know
you’re upset about Lorne’s reading, but going after Lilah and Wolfram
and Heart is not going to help in any way. You will go to your room,
and you will lie down and rest. I’ll let YOU decide if you’re going to
be resting on your stomach, or on your back for tonight.”
Connor felt like he was ready to explode with anger and confusion.
He wanted to punch Angel, but at the same time wanted to be hugged and
reassured that things were really going to be all right. He yelled the
first thing that came to his mind. “It was my kill!”
Angel said, “Okay Connor, stomach it is.”
Angel grabbed Connor’s upper arm and started walking them towards
the stairs and Connor’s room. He called behind him, “Fred, please make
Connor some dinner. Wesley, don’t leave. I want to talk to you in a
few minutes.”
Connor tried repeatedly to pull out of Angel’s grip while Angel was
talking, but he couldn’t get away. Angel stopped at the foot of the
stairs and said quietly to Connor, “If you don’t stop that, I’ll put you
over my knee right here.”
Connor looked into Angel’s face and knew he was serious. He
stopped struggling, and let Angel take him to his room.
Once they got to Connor’s room Angel shut the door, and pulled
Connor to the bed. Angel sat down on the end of the bed and put Connor
across his lap. He made sure Connor’s upper body was resting on the
bed, and brought his hand down in the middle of Connor’s jeans covered
butt. It made a somewhat dulled ‘Smack’ sound. Connor got very still
and tried to take it without crying. Angel kept spanking and said,
“When I tell you to do something in a fight, you do it.”
Connor didn’t say anything, but he was starting to wiggle around in
an attempt to avoid Angel’s hand. Angel kept spanking and said, “I
don’t care if you think it was ‘your kill’ or not. We all fight as a
team, and I’m the leader of that team, which means you follow my orders
in a fight.”
Connor said, “But I…. Mmff…. started it….. alone.”
Angel increased the force behind the spanks and said, “Yes, but
once I got there, then we were fighting it as a team. Just because you
start a fight, doesn’t mean that you get to finish it by yourself once I
show up.”
“Oowww…. Holtz….. Aahh… would have let me.”
“Don’t you mean he would have made you? You are part of MY family
now, and we protect each other.”
Connor’s butt was really hurting, and his legs were kicking. He
was close to tears when he said, “I was… Owwww… protecting you.”
Angel stopped for a second and said, “I know son, and I do
appreciate the fact that your heart was in the right place when you went
after that monster, but I can hold my own in a fight. In fact I’m
better than you are in a fight, but the point is that you didn’t follow
the rule. The rule is: You ‘Smack’ Will ‘Smack’ Do ‘Smack’ What ‘Smack’
I ‘Smack’ Tell ‘Smack’ You ‘Smack’ To ‘Smack’ Do ‘Smack’ In ‘Smack’ A
‘Smack’ Fight ‘Smack’.”
Connor was crying when Angel stopped. Angel rubbed Connor’s back
and said, “I love you Connor. You wouldn’t believe how scared I was
when I saw that monster on top of you, ready to claw your face. You
will learn to follow my orders when we’re fighting.”
Connor stood up once he realized the spanking was over. Angel
stood up with him, and pulled him into a hug. Connor held on to Angel
and cried some more. Angel said, “It’s over. You’re forgiven. I know
it’s been a bad day for you son. Let’s get you into bed, and Fred will
bring you something to eat in a little bit so you can heal up.”
Connor nodded and let go of Angel. He climbed on his bed and lay
down on his stomach. Angel took off Connor’s shoes for him and said,
“Aren’t you cold without a shirt? Do you want to climb under the
covers? Or put a new shirt on?”
Connor shook his head no. Angel sat on the edge of the bed and
rubbed Connor’s back some more. He said, “I’m going to go talk to Wes
for a while. You rest, and I’ll come see you after you have some

When Angel got down stairs, he found Wesley standing in the same
spot he had left him. Angel said, “Let’s go talk in my office.”
Wesley nodded and followed Angel. Once they were in the office
with the door closed Angel said, “How did you find out about Connor
being in trouble Wes?”
Wesley looked off into space and said in a confused voice, “Lilah
told me. She was at my house, and she got a call about him. She told
me he would need help, so I came to you.”
Angel was not happy with this information. He said, “How the hell
would Wolfram and Heart know he was in trouble?! It doesn’t make sense
at all.”
Wesley looked at Angel and said with conviction, “Yes it does.
They knew about the trouble, because they caused the trouble some how.
They were using it as a distraction to get Lorne alone. I can’t believe
I fell for it.”
Angel said, “I guess we all fell for it.”
“I’m sorry Angel.”
“It’s not your fault Wes. I know you didn’t mean for any of this
to happen.”
“I should never have trusted Lilah, it’s just that I thought we
“Go home and get some rest. In the morning, we’ll all talk about
what we are going to do about this.”
Wesley nodded absentmindedly and headed for the door.

Angel went back up to Connor’s room. Fred was there with a tray of
food. She said, “He’s asleep. Should we wake him?”
Angel nodded and said, “I heal better when I feed, so he probably
will too.”
Angel went over to the foot of Connor’s bed and shook his foot
while he said, “Connor wake up.”
Connor groaned and said, “It hurts.”
Angel said, “Wake up and eat. You’ll feel better.”
Connor started to sit up in bed, and then hissed and stood up
instead. Angel said, “How does your shoulder feel?”
“It burns, and aches. So does my side, and my head, and my butt
thanks to you.”
Then Connor noticed Fred in the room and got a little red. Connor
realized that everyone knew he got spanked, but he didn’t want anyone
besides Angel to know that it really hurt. He looked at the floor and
said, “It’s not really that bad.”
Fred cleared her throat and said, “I brought you some leftover
pizza and a bologna sandwich.”
Connor said, “Thanks Fred.”
Fred put the tray on the desk and said, “Okay. Well, I’ll see you
in the morning.”
Connor nodded. Once she was gone Connor glared at Angel and
whispered, “You could have warned me she was here.”
Angel gave Connor a tolerant smile and said, “I didn’t think it
would matter to you.”
Connor went over to his desk and started eating standing up. Angel
said, “Do you want some medicine for the pain? I mean the pain in your
shoulder and side of course.”
Connor rolled his eyes and said, “No Dad. Pain is part of life.
If you can’t feel the pain, then you don’t know you’re alive. It will
be gone by tomorrow anyway.”
Angel was surprised by that statement and said, “That sounds like
Holtz. Not like you.”
Connor thought about it, and realized Holtz had told him this many
times. He wondered if he really believed it or not. He said, “You’re
right about that. Holtz did tell me that, but I do kind of believe it.
If you think it’s wrong, I’ll take the medicine.”
Angel said, “As long as you are not keeping the pain to punish
yourself, I don’t think it’s wrong. But I also don’t think it’s wrong
to take medicine if you’re in pain. It’s up to you.”
Connor thought some more and said, “I’ll be fine.”
Angel said, “After you eat, you go to bed. Tomorrow we’ll all sit
down together and decide what to do with this new information.”
Connor nodded and said, “Okay.”
Angel pulled Connor into another hug and kissed his head. He said,
“Good night.” on his way out.

When Wesley got home, he found the dollar bill that he had given
Lilah on the floor by the couch. He took it and decided to pay her a
visit. He knocked on her apartment door. She answered and said, “To
what do I owe this pleasure?”
Wesley said, “You tricked me. I can’t believe I was so gullible.”
Lilah sighed and said, “If I thought you could have ever really
loved me, I never would have played you.”
Wesley held out the dollar for her to take. She took it, and he
turned and left.