Connor – What should have Happened #6

Over the next week everyone settled into a routine. Wesley still kept his apartment, but he was over at the hotel daily to tutor Connor and help with cases. Angel was no longer looking for Cordelia, but he was still depressed about her being gone. Gunn and Fred both seemed fairly content to work on cases, tutor Connor, and help Connor make amends for the lying he did while Angel was missing. Connor was actually enjoying the tutoring sessions, and was very pleased to overhear Wesley talking to Angel one day. Wesley had said, ‘Connor is really quite smart. He is learning at an exceptional rate.’
Connor had mostly decided to stay put, and very rarely had the stray ‘I have to get out of here’ thought. Angel and Connor had exchanged quite a few stories from their respective pasts, and they both felt a little closer to each other. Connor hadn’t been nice the whole week, but he hadn’t done anything to get spanked either. Angel was a little depressed that Connor had only called him Dad in a nice way the one time. Connor still said it in a sarcastic tone once or twice a day when Angel made him do something he didn’t want to do. For the most part Angel let this go, and tried not to let Connor know how much it hurt him, because Connor usually called him Angel in a nice way now, and hadn’t called him a monster or any other derogatory name.
The thing that really kept Connor happy and relaxed enough to stay was going on cases with everyone. He was a very good hunter, tracker, and killer, and Angel could tell Connor really enjoyed it. Connor loved the way the vampires dusted under his hand, and he enjoyed killing other messy things even more. Angel thought this was a little unnerving. Connor showed no hesitation or remorse over killing things. It reminded Angel too much of Angelus and Darla for his comfort, but he also realized a person living in Quor-Toth would have to learn to kill quickly, and without remorse or they would not survive. He didn’t know if that part of Connor would ever change, but he didn’t think it would. He consoled himself with the fact that Connor had not harmed a human since coming to this dimension. Angel didn’t count the time Connor cut off Sunny’s pusher’s ear, because that guy had deserved it, and apparently Connor hadn’t even considered hurting anyone else since. In fact Angel had seen Connor go out of his way to help more than one human when they were out on a case.

Wesley brought Connor’s papers over on a Tuesday morning. He had a birth certificate, a Social Security card, immunization records, and even home schooling test scores and grades. Angel was very pleased and called Connor to his office. Angel said, “Sit down and look at these with me.”
“What are they?”
“Wesley just brought them over today. This is fake paperwork that should pass scrutiny. This paperwork is necessary for you to be a member of society in this day and age. I’ll keep it in the office for now, but eventually you’ll need to keep this paperwork in a safe place were you can find it when you need it. You’ll need it to get a job, or to get into college. You’ll need it to get a driver’s license, or a weapon’s license. You’ll need it if you ever get married or have kids. You’ll need it if you ever get into legal trouble or get hospitalized.”
Connor nodded. They spent the next couple of hours going over each piece of paper and how he would have come to have them normally if he had never gone to Quor-Toth. The only thing he wasn’t very happy with, was the new birth certificate. It listed an Angel Johnson as his father, and a Darla Johnson as his mother.
He said, “So I’m Connor Steven Johnson?”
Angel said, “I know it’s not a great last name, but it’s the best we could do. Birth certificates are hard to just recreate, and you have to start with a real one. I had to change some of my records to reflect this last name too, and I thought you would like to keep Steven as a part of your name.”
“Yeah, I do. Thanks.”
The other thing Connor noticed was that the date of birth on the certificate made him seventeen as of two weeks ago. Connor said, “I thought you and Wesley decided I was about eighteen.”
Angel said, “I think you probably are about eighteen, and I’m sure you’re not going to like this, but I wanted to make sure you stayed here for a year, and that I could legally make you if I had to.”
Connor had been in this dimension long enough to understand the significance of being a legal adult, and he felt hurt that Angel didn’t trust him to stay there. He said with a sneer, “That’s pretty crappy of you Dad.”
Angel said, “Well you’ve only been here a couple of weeks, and you’ve only decided to stay here during this past week. Now that I’ve gotten papers for you I don’t want that to backfire on me. It’s not so bad to be younger. This way if you get into any trouble with the law in this next year, I’ll be able to help you out a lot more than I could if you were eighteen. And this way by the end of the year we hope you can take your high school equivalency test at the same legal age that most people would have graduated. That might help if you want to do any kind of college.”
Connor could see the logic, but still thought it was crappy. He said, “Whatever.”

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly until Connor and Angel were spending time together. They usually did some kind of physical activity, and then shared a story or two. They had just finished practicing with daggers, and were sitting down to relax. Connor had thought about asking for a while, and he said, “Will you tell me about when you and Darla killed Father’s family?”
Angel was surprised but he knew this would have to come up eventually. He just hoped he wouldn’t be looking for Connor every day again when he was done. He said, “First you tell me what Holtz told you about it, and then I’ll give you my version.”
Connor said, “He told me that he had been trying to kill you both for a few months, and that he had been gone all day and part of the night searching. When he went home he found his wife, his ten-year-old daughter, and his newborn son dead. He told me the story more than once, but it was hard for him to get it all out, and often cried especially when talking about his son. He told me that was why God had wanted us to be together. I was to make up for the son he lost, and also to help him get revenge on you for what you had done.”
Angel was very unhappy with this version of the story. Holtz had not been honest, and the truth was much worse. He didn’t want to tell Connor, and he thought about lying. He figured Connor would never know the difference, but Angel himself would and it would eat at him. He said, “Connor, you are not going to like this story, so I want you to promise me something before I start.”
Connor nodded.
“You promise me you’ll stay here in this room until I’m done telling the story.”
Connor thought about it and said, “Okay I promise I’ll stay until you tell me your story is done.”
“You know I was Angelus, and I was with Darla, your mother. Holtz had been hunting us for months. We hated him and there had been a couple of close calls where he almost got us. We wanted to really hurt him. We wanted to brake him to the point that he didn’t have the will to keep chasing us. Angelus decided the best way to do this was through his family. So we kept a close eye on him, and we knew when he would be away for most of the night. We looked through the windows until the wife was busy with the baby, so that the girl would answer the door. It is always easier to trick a child into inviting you in than an adult. The girl invited us in before her mother could stop her. I quickly drank and killed the mother so that she would be out of the way while Darla held the screaming girl. We had plans for the girl, so I tied her to a chair while Darla held the baby. You have to understand that to a vampire the younger the human is, the better they taste. Babies taste very good. Their blood going down your throat is almost orgasmic. So Darla and I took our time taking small sips and bites off the boy in front of the girl. Baby’s always taste better when they are still awake and screaming. The noise adds to the pleasure. It was a healthy baby. He lasted for about fifteen minutes before he was unconscious, and probably took another five minutes to die. He was probably unrecognizable by the time we were done.”
Angel had been looking down while telling the story unable to meet his son’s eyes. When he did look up Connor was very pale and said, “I’m gonna be sick.” As he ran over to the sink and puked.
Angel thought it would be best to get the rest of the story out, so while Connor was standing over the sink rinsing his mouth out Angel continued with, “By the time we were done with the boy, I think the girl was in shock. She had stopped screaming, and her eyes were unfocused and glazed over. I didn’t like this. Angelus needed his victims to be well aware of what was going on, or there was no fun in it. So, I untied the girl and held her close to me giving her words of comfort until she started to cry and seemed to be more aware of her surroundings. I think Darla was still licking drops of blood off the baby at this point. Then she saw what I was doing and came to help. She said, ‘You know my love, it is really all the girl’s fault.’ I smiled and realized where she was going with that comment and I said, ‘You’re so right.’ I put the girl down and knelt down next to her. I forced her to look at her brother and explained how it was her fault that the boy had suffered a long and painful death. I asked her if her father had ever told her not to let strangers into the house. Of course she grew very pale and we knew the answer was yes. I told her she would have to be punished, and I whipped her with my belt until she passed out. I… I enjoyed listening to her scream. When she was unconscious Darla drank her almost dry. Then Darla slit her wrist and poured some of her blood into the girl’s mouth. Then we tied her to a chair and left. Darla and I stayed close so we could see Holtz’ reaction. When he came home, he didn’t realize what his daughter was, and he untied her. He held her close and comforted her while he cried over his wife and son. Darla and I had to leave before the sun came up, but I know that by the next night the child was dead. Holtz had to realize what the girl was, and he was forced to kill her. We forced him to kill his daughter, the only family he had left. That’s the end of the story, but I need you to try and remember I was Angelus not Angel. I had no soul, and now I do. I hate Angelus more than you ever could, and I have to live with the guilt every day.”
Connor was still standing at the sink and turned around long enough to say, “Father was right. You are a monster.”
Angel looked down and couldn’t meet his son’s eyes. He said, “Yes I was, but I’m not now.”
Connor ran out of the room and up to his room. Angel didn’t follow him. Angel stayed down stairs and punched the punching bag until it broke. Then changed face and punched the wall until his hands bled. Sometimes the guilt got so bad he wished Buffy were there, because she was the only person he knew that was strong enough to really beat him up and make him hurt. He thought about how good it would feel to start a fight with her, and to feel her punching him in the face. Soon he had made a mess of the wall and his hands. He paused and looked at the wall and his hands, and put his human face in place again as he stopped. He knew there was no point in hurting himself. He had done it lots of times, and it never made the guilt go away.
He went to the bathroom and poured some rubbing alcohol on his hands just to feel the burn. There was no reason to be worried about infection. Then he went to his office and tried to loose himself in paperwork and forget about who he was for a while.
Upstairs Connor was lying on his bed crying. He couldn’t believe he was made from the two monsters that had killed his Father’s family in such an awful way. He understood so much more now why Holtz was the way he was. He knew from his time spent with Angel that Holtz had been a little insane, and now he knew why. He couldn’t take being in the same building with the monster and climbed out the window and started to run as fast as he could away from the hotel.

A few hours later Gunn came into the office and said, “Hey Angel, when is Connor going to do his hour with me? I was thinking about trying to take him to the grocery store again.”
Angel looked up and said, “Connor’s gone.”
Gunn said in an exasperated voice, “Why did he run this time.”
“Because I’m a monster.”
Gunn looked at Angel trying to decide if Angel was trying to make a joke or not. He said, “I don’t get it.”
Angel said, “I told him about the night I killed Holtz’ family. He won’t be back.”
“What the hell do you mean he won’t be back!”
“I mean he’s right. I’m a monster and I don’t have any right to hold him here. You don’t know Gunn. You don’t know the things I’ve done. I can’t be a good father. I think he’s better off without me.”
Gunn walked up to Angel and punched him in the face. Angel was unprepared for the blow and fell backwards out of his chair. He got up and yelled, “What’s your problem Gunn?!”
“I can’t believe you man. Haven’t you lived long enough to figure out how father son relationships are supposed to work? You’ve spent all this time and energy into doing the right thing for Connor and now you’re going to throw it all away because you remembered what a bastard you were in the past, and you can’t deal with your own guilt? That’s pretty selfish. That makes you as bad as Holtz. Let me tell you a little bit from my past. I had two father figures while growing up. The first one, my father, was physically abusive. The second one, my sister’s father, was neglectful. He showed us every day that he didn’t give a crap about us. Trust me when I say they both feel like shit. How is Connor going to deal with it when he realizes that you aren’t coming to find him? He is hurting, and it’s your responsibility to help him. I can’t believe you think leaving him to fend for himself would somehow make it better for him. Even if you aren’t that great a dad, at least being there for him, and showing him that you care enough to try is better than doing nothing. If you don’t go look for him, Fred and I will. We’ll tazer him if we have to.”
Angel didn’t know what to say. He stood there thinking about it. Finally he said, “You’re right. I was too lost in my own thoughts to really see what was best for Connor. Thanks for making me see things clearly.”
Gunn still looked pissed but said, “Okay. Let’s go find the kid before he does something dumb. I’ll go get Fred.”
Angel felt old and tired. He wanted to go to sleep and forget, but Gunn was right, and like it or not he did have to stick things out with Connor even if it made him face his past again.

Connor was looking for something to kill. He desperately needed to find a way to get out some of his anger before he lost it and broke down again. It was just starting to get dark, and he walked alone in the alleyways looking for a vampire or two or twenty. He knew the right area’s of town to go to, and soon had a group of five of them around him. He killed them all and only received a few punches in the process. It made him feel better. He continued to another likely area of town. The thoughts that kept going through his mind were ‘Father hated Angelus. Father took me because he hated Angelus, not because he really wanted me. Father….Holtz hated me. God didn’t want us to be together, Holtz wanted us to be together to get revenge. He wanted revenge on Angelus, but instead took it out on Angel, and took it out on me. How can Angel live with himself after the things he has done?’
Connor had made it to his next destination, and tried to make himself look like a nervous kid so they would think he was easy pray. Soon two vampires came out, and he killed them without any effort. He didn’t think it was a very satisfying kill. He needed another. He headed towards the last easy place to find them and kept thinking. He thought ‘What am I going to do now? How can I live with him now that I know what he’s done? If I do live with him does that make me a monster too? Am I already a monster, because two monsters created me? Angel isn’t Angelus. Angel didn’t kill those people. Angel helps people every day. I have seen him helping people. How can he live with himself?’
Connor had arrived at the last place he was going to try and find some vampires. He was really preoccupied with his thoughts and wasn’t looking around as closely as he usually did. Soon he felt massive pain in the back of his head, and then he was unconscious.

Angel was tracking Connor’s sent by foot, and Gunn and Fred were driving around looking for him in the places he seemed to like to go. Angel found that Connor had been walking around aimlessly again, because his sent crossed itself a few times like he had been going around the block again and again. He got to the first alleyway, and smelled the death. He knew Connor was out looking for things to kill. He called Fred and Gunn and told them to check out the more common vampire haunts. He ran to the next place Connor had been. When he got there his phone rang, and Fred said, “We can’t be sure it’s Connor’s, but there is some blood on the ground here in the alleyway behind Oak Street.”
Angel ran faster than he thought he could to the alleyway. He sniffed the blood and knew it was Connor’s. He could smell a female vampire’s sent as well. He tracked them back to a vacant warehouse. He went in cautiously and saw Connor tied to a wall with metal cable. The female was taunting Connor with a dagger, but hadn’t used it yet. Conner was struggling against the cables but couldn’t break them. Angel could smell the fear on him. Angel started towards the female, and he heard her say, “Some ‘destroyer’ you turned out to be. I can’t believe I ran from you the last time that we met. You were pretty convincing, and now I’m gonna convince you that I’m the one you should be…..”
Angel staked her from the back.
Connor looked at Angel with gratitude, and said, “Thanks Dad.” before he even thought about what he was saying.
Fred and Gunn came running in and they all worked together to get the cables off Connor. Once he was free Fred hugged him and said, “Are you okay sweetie?”
Connor nodded and Fred let him go. Gunn hugged him too and said, “Are you hurt anywhere?”
Connor reached back to the base of his head and said, “I think I may be bleeding. She hit me on the head with something.”
Fred said, “Let me look.”
Connor turned and Fred said, “It doesn’t look too bad now. Lucky for you that you heal quickly like your dad.”
Connor tensed at the comment and said under his breath, “I’m a monster too.”
Unfortunately for Connor Angel could hear just as well as Connor could, and swatted Connor’s butt hard.
Connor let out a surprised “Oww” and whirled around to face Angel.
Angel said in a calm voice, “You can call me a monster if you want, but I don’t want to hear you say that about yourself.”
Connor yelled, “What else can I be DAD? I am made of two vampires!”
Angel said, “You’re a miracle, and a human. You may be a bit enhanced compared to most humans, but you’re still human.”
Connor said nothing and just glared at Angel. Angel said, “I know you were upset, but it’s not a good enough reason to run away. Get in the car. We are going home.”
“Screw that! I can’t live with you now!”
Angel turned to Gunn and said, “We’ll ride in the back of the truck.”
Gunn and Fred headed towards the truck, and Angel headed towards Connor who turned and ran as fast as he could. Angel caught him before he got even ten feet and tossed him up over his shoulder to carry him to the truck. Connor struggled wildly and punched Angel in the back repeatedly. Angel said calmly, “You are making things worse for yourself Connor.”
Connor didn’t care. He could only feel anger and hate. He continued to hit Angel with everything he had. Once they got to the truck Angel climbed in and sat down. He held Connor in his lap. He wrapped his leg around Connor’s legs so he couldn’t kick, and he wrapped his arm’s around Connor’s chest and arms so he couldn’t punch. He tucked Connor’s head under his chin and held him there with his head so he couldn’t bite. He said, “Okay Gunn were ready. Try to make it quick.”
When they were half way back Connor started to say again and again, “I hate you. I hate you.” Then when they were a block away he started to cry, and Angel loosened his hold and rubbed Connor’s back.
After Gunn parked he asked, “You need any help Angel?”
“No. You two go on in, and hey Gunn, thanks again. I owe you one.”
Gunn nodded and headed in the hotel with Fred who said, “I’ll make dinner.”
When they were alone, Angel said, “Let’s go talk in your room.”
Connor nodded and got up. Angel kept a hand on Connor’s arm the whole way to his room. Once they were there Angel sat down on Connor’s bed and pulled Connor down to sit next to him. He wrapped his arm around Connor’s shoulders and said, “I love you Connor. I know you don’t like me very much right now, but you do still have to live here and follow the rules I set up for you. I know it’s hard for you to accept that I’m a separate person from Angelus, because we share the same body, but a soul makes all the difference. The things I did as Angelus disgust me, but I won’t lie to you about the things I have done. And you should know that the story I told you today is not the worst one, in fact it’s fairly average. I did things like that for a couple of centuries, until the curse. I tried to stay with your mother after the curse that put my soul back, but eventually I just couldn’t. As a matter of fact the final straw was when she brought me a baby to eat. I took the baby and ran so I could protect him from her.”
They were silent for a few minutes until Connor said, “You made Holtz hate me.”
“I made Holtz hate me, and because of that a part of him hated you too. But he had to feel some kind of love for you, or you never would have survived childhood.”
“I think he was a little crazy”
“I know he was.”
“What happened to your hand?”
Angel looked down at the hand that was in his lap. He saw that the cuts had healed but it was still pretty bruised up. He thought about it and said, “I punched the wall until they bled. I was trying to get rid of some guilt and anger. It wasn’t the most healthy thing for me to do, but I was upset.”
Conner nodded and said, “I understand. I was upset too.”
“So to relive some of your anger you went to kill some vampires.”
“How did the girl get you in the back of the head. You should have heard her before she got you.”
“I was distracted. I was thinking about Holtz and you.”
Angel’s voice got a bit stern when he said, “I understand you going off because you were upset with me, but it is not safe to be out hunting and killing when you’re alone and distracted.”
Connor nodded and said, “Yeah. Thanks again for saving me by the way.”
There was another pause of silence before Angel asked, “So are we okay now? I thought things were going pretty well this past week, and I would like to see that continue.”
Connor thought about it and said, “I don’t know Angel. I can’t get the thoughts of you killing them out of my head. I’ve been having a pretty good time this past week, but now things seem pretty messed up.”
“Well if we have to go back to the beginning, that’s okay too. I’ll make things black and white for you, so you don’t have to worry about deciding to stay. If you run, I’ll come get you, and spank you for leaving. You will stay here a year whether you hate me or not.”
Connor felt tired and kind of relieved. He didn’t want to talk about it any more, so he said, “Okay.”
“Good. I’m sorry Connor, but I have to spank you for running away today, and for fighting me when we were going home.”
Connor thought this would be coming and said, “I was upset. I don’t think it should count.”
Angel smiled and thought it was encouraging that Connor was trying to get out of it by talking instead of running, or showing no emotions at all. He said, “I was upset too, but it does count. Stand up.”
Connor stood. He was too emotionally worn out to argue or try to run.
Angel undid Connor’s pants and pulled him across his lap. Connor’s upper body was resting on the bed, and his feet were on the floor. Angel started to spank him. Connor was silent for the first twenty swats or so. Then Angel put a little more force behind the swats and Connor started to squirm and kick his legs. Eventually, even though Connor had bitten through his lip with the effort to stay silent, he started yelping and grunting with each swat. Angel said, “You will not run away Connor. I don’t care if you’re upset or not, you still don’t run away.”
Connor started to cry. Angel gave him a few more swats and then stopped. He rubbed Connor’s back and noticed that his butt was a bright red color. He said, “Okay we’re done with that one.” Angel thought about using his belt again, but he didn’t want to bring back memories of Holtz so he said, “Connor I want you to go stand facing the corner by your bathroom.”
He helped Connor stand up. Connor was still crying. Connor pulled up his pants while Angel said, “Did you hear me? Do you understand?”
Connor gestured to the corner and said between sniffles, “Y…You want…. m… me to stand… over there.”
Angel said, “Yes please. I need to go to my room for a minute, and then I will be right back.”
Connor nodded and headed towards the corner. He heard Angel leave and turned around to watch the door. He wasn’t thinking very clearly, but he knew he didn’t want to run, and that it wasn’t safe to be alone in a room without looking around for danger. He stopped crying and his thoughts started to get back to normal. He thought, ‘What does Angel need to get? Why does he want me to stand here? Why don’t I want to leave?’
Angel was back, and Connor saw that he had a hairbrush with him. Connor understood now what Angel was doing. He looked at Angel and started to cry again even though he wasn’t sure why. He said, “No.”
Angel looked kind of sad and said, “Yes.”
Angel walked to Connor who stayed in place and pulled him over to the bed again. He pulled Connor’s pants back down and pulled him over his lap. He said, “You will stop fighting with me when I am making you do something you don’t want to do.”
With that Angel brought the brush down. Connor thought it made an amazingly loud ‘Crack’ noise, and it was even more painful than Angel’s hand. He started yelling immediately, and tried to squirm away. Angel held him tight and gave him fifteen swats. He paused and Connor cried quietly over his lap. Angel said, “You don’t go hunting alone or when you are distracted. What if we hadn’t gotten to you in time? You could be seriously hurt or dead.”
Connor knew this meant Angle wasn’t done, and he really wanted it to end. He did feel ashamed and embarrassed that he had let himself get caught by the vampire, and he said, “I know. I…I’m….I’m sorry.”
Angel brought down the brush ten more times while Connor cried and yelled. Then he stopped and tossed the brush on the bed. He could tell Connor was going to have a couple of bruises soon, but they would be healed by morning. He rubbed Connor’s back and said, “I know you felt bad about the vampire catching you off guard, but now you don’t have to. You made a mistake, and paid for it. Now you are forgiven and you will hopefully learn from the mistakes you made.”
Angel helped Connor stand up and fix his pants. He stood up and pulled Connor into a hug. He stood holding Connor for about two minutes, and then felt Connor put his arms around him. He couldn’t believe Connor was actually hugging him back. This was a first, and Angel could feel tears running down his own face. They stayed that way for a long time, and finally Angel said, “Let’s go have dinner. You must be hungry since you lost most of your lunch.”
Connor nodded. Angel let him go and said, “Go clean up your face, and I’ll meet you down stairs.”
Angel wiped his own face on his sleeve and took the brush back to his room. In the kitchen Gunn said, "How are you doing?”
Connor came in and stood by the door looking at the floor. Fred said, “I didn’t feel much like cooking, so I made sandwiches and canned soup. Angel, your blood is in the microwave.”
Connor looked at his chair, and didn’t really feel like sitting down, but he didn’t want anyone to think he was too weak to handle the pain so he did sit down.
While they were eating Angel said, “How many vampires did you kill tonight?”
“Pretty good.”
Fred said, “Did you say seven? Connor you know you shouldn’t be out there by yourself hunting them. What if they overpowered you? Well, I guess one of them did. It’s much safer for you to go with at least one of us.”
“I know, but I was mad.”
Gunn said, “Next time you’re mad, come and get me. I’ll try to come with you. I understand if you need to blow off some steam, and I can just be back up.”
Connor just stared at Gunn for a while. He had never even thought that Gunn would understand or help him like that. He didn’t quite know what to say to show Gunn how he felt about that. He said, “Thanks Gunn. That’s…. I’ll do that.”
Connor felt better when they were done eating, and he went with Gunn to the all night grocery store. He didn’t have a great time, but it was informative.
When they were done he did some homework in his room lying on his stomach, and read some of a book that he had borrowed from Fred. He had found that he really liked reading for fun. It helped calm his mind down, and gave him a break from the confusion and anger.
Around 3am Angel knocked on Connor’s door. Connor said, “Come in.”
Angel came in and sat on the bed next to Connor. He said, “Do you feel better now about today?”
“A little.”
“I’m sorry my past is so horrific. I could have lied to you about it, but I think that would be wrong.”
“I’m glad you told me the whole story even if it was awful. I’m surprised Fath…. Holtz didn’t tell me the whole story. It would have made me hate you even more before I met you.”
“It was probably too hard for him to talk about.”
Connor nodded and said, “Do you really think he… loved me at least a little?”
“I think he loved you as much as he could love anything after what had happened to him. I love you very much, with everything I have, and I hope that some day you’ll feel some kind of affection for me.”
Connor didn’t know what to say to that. He thought about it and said, “I like you more than I ever thought I could, and I like living here more than I think I should.”
Angel leaned over and kissed the top of Connor’s head and said, “Good night son. I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Night Angel.”
That night Connor didn’t sleep well. He kept having nightmares about becoming a vampire and eating babies in front of Angel while Angel was tied to the wall and helpless to stop him.