Author’s note: My story takes place right after the episode ‘Enter the Demon’ where Page and Phoebe switch bodies. Leo and Piper are married, Prue is gone, Page is new to the group, and Phoebe and Cole are trying to make their relationship work.

Phoebe and Cole

Phoebe and Cole were in the basement getting ready to start another training session. Phoebe had been waiting for a time when she and Cole were alone in the house so they could talk, and now they were. Phoebe thought, ‘Piper’s at the club and will be busy with inventory for hours, Page stopped by for lunch and just went back to work, and Leo is off doing whatever he does as a whitelighter. We finally get the house to ourselves, and Cole wants to train. I’m gonna change his mind.’
Phoebe watched as Cole took off his shirt and stretched out a little. He stood up and looked at her like he was ready to start. She walked over to him and started kissing him. He thought it was nice, so he kissed her back instead of insisting that they train. When there was a pause Phoebe said, “I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a while, but I wanted to wait until we were alone in the house.”
Cole raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. Phoebe said, “I…I want you to do something for me.”
Cole smiled and said, “And what would that be?”
Phoebe said, “Well you know that I’ve been with other guys before…”
Cole waited and when Phoebe didn’t continue he tried to lighten up her serious mood and said, “Yeah, in my hundred years I’ve been with more than just you too, and most of them weren’t even human.”
Phoebe glared and said, “You don’t have to brag.”
Cole shrugged, “None of them mattered. You’re the only one I’ve ever loved.”
“I love you too.”
They kissed and then Phoebe said, “Well, there was this one guy I was with, and we experimented a little. We tried some…..kinky things.”
Cole smiled at Phoebe’s blush. He put a finger under her chin and made her look at him and said, “And what’s the kink you want to try again?”
Phoebe looked away and whispered, “Spanking.”
Cole’s eyes got a little wide with surprise, and then he said, “Giving or receiving?”
Cole looked away and thought about it for a few seconds. He said, “I don’t know Phoebe. I’ve enjoyed hurting so many people. When I was suppressing my human half, and being Balthazar most of the time, I could torture someone for hours before I got tired of them and killed them.”
Phoebe put both her hands on the sides of his face and made him look at her. She said, “But this wouldn’t be like that, because I would enjoy it.”
Cole thought about it for a few more seconds. He kissed her and said, “I need some time to think about it. What if I start, and then I’m having too good a time. I mean what if…I like hurting you…and then keep going…and you tell me to stop and I can’t because…”
Phoebe interrupted and said, “You’ve been suppressing your demon half for a long time now. And I know that even as Balthazar you didn’t want to cause me pain. And I want you to like it, because I’ll like it.”
Cole said, “I just I don’t know. I’ll think about it, and maybe, but not today. Not right now.”
Phoebe closed her eyes and said, “Close your eyes and listen for just a few minutes.”
Cole sighed. He had hoped that Phoebe would let it go, but now he knew she wouldn’t give up so easily. She was very stubborn when there was something she wanted, especially if someone told her she couldn’t have it. It was something he loved in her, and it had saved him more than once, but it could be annoying too. He closed his eyes.
Phoebe opened her eyes and saw that Cole had closed his. She closed hers again and said, “You could sit in the chair by the wall, and pull me face down over your lap. Then you could start off slowly with some light swats, and build up to swats that had a little sting. After a while you could take off my sweats and rub your hand on my pink bottom.”
Phoebe opened one eye to see Cole’s reaction, and could tell from his slightly heavier breathing and the look on his face that he was getting excited about what she was saying. She continued. “Then you could give me more swats that had just a little sting until it started to build up to more pain. You could watch me and feel me wiggling around on your lap. Then you could give me some heavier swats that would make me jump and whimper. I might put my hand back, and you would have to keep it out of the way. Then you could finish up with a few hard spanks.”
She opened her eyes and looked down at Cole’s sweat pants, and knew for sure that he was aroused by the whole idea. She smiled and thought about how easy it was to get her way. She said, “So what do you think?”
Cole opened his eyes and said, “Jeez Phoebe. I want to. I mean I really want to, but….that’s the problem. Just hearing about it makes me want it, and that means I’ll enjoy hurting you. That’s just wrong.”
Phoebe was aroused herself and frustrated that Cole was being so difficult about it. She said, “Well, what if I deserved it….”
She thought for a minute and hugged him when she said, “I know. What about when Page and I traded bodies. I didn’t tell you about it. Sounds pretty naughty to me. Or how about when I thought you had killed the witch of your own free will. I had believed in you for so long, and then when you needed me to believe in you the most, I let you down. That was pretty bad too.”
Phoebe let go of him and looked at his face. He was now frowning, and when she looked down she could see his erection was gone. That was not the response she was hoping for. Cole looked serious and said, “Phoebe I have absolutely no right to spank you for the small things that you’ve done wrong, when I’ve killed hundreds of people. It would be…hypocritical.”
Phoebe was angry that things were not going her way, and that she was having such a hard time convincing him that it would be fun. She said, “No, it would be playing.”
She roughly pushed herself away from him and took a step back when she said, “I’ll bet there are plenty of guys out there who would just jump at the chance to play with me.”
Cole glared at her, and Phoebe was surprised to hear a little growl come from his throat. Phoebe smiled and suddenly knew how to get her way. She said, “Don’t like that idea honey?”
Cole was deadly serious when he said; “It’s not funny Phoebe.”
She smiled in an evil sort of way and said, “Maybe I think it is.”
Cole put a hand though his hair in frustration and said, “I think I’ll go take a cold shower and let you cool off before you say something else ridiculous.”
Cole calmly walked past her and started for the stairs. Phoebe was pissed that he was walking away when she was aroused, and had just talked about being with someone else. She knew she wouldn’t really do it, no matter what Cole decided about playing with her, but she was upset that he knew it too. Before thinking much about it, she levitated herself and kicked Cole in the shoulder knocking him down. He turned to look at her as he pushed himself up off the floor. He said, “What the hell are you doing?”
Phoebe glared down at him and said in a mean voice, “Training.”
Cole glared back at her, and a low voltage energy ball appeared in his hand. He aimed it at her shoulder and tossed it. He said, “Okay we’ll train.”
Phoebe felt the sharp jolt of pain in her shoulder, and then it faded a few seconds after it hit. Phoebe didn’t really want to train. She taunted him with, “What, you have to resort to magic? You’re not man enough to handle me as yourself?”
Cole thought he was irritated before, but that sent him over the edge. He walked the couple of steps that separated them and braced himself for another kick, which to his surprise didn’t come. He reached up with both arms, grabbed Phoebe’s waist and pulled her down from the air, and tossed her over his shoulder.
Phoebe saw the look in Cole’s eyes when she had taunted him, and hoped he was upset enough to play out her fantasy. She let him grab her from the air, and smiled big when he put her over his shoulder. She felt him walking towards the chair she had been talking about. She was so pleased with herself she almost giggled.
As Cole was walking to the chair he thought, ‘Not man enough huh? We’ll see about that. She wants to be spanked? Fine, see how much fun she has when it hurts. Thinks she can push me into doing things her way. Won’t even give me a chance to think about it…’
He got to the chair and stopped. He closed his eyes and thought, ‘What am I doing? I can’t do this. But Phoebe thinks she wants it. What if I don’t and she really does look for someone else. No, she won’t do that.’
Phoebe felt him pause, and wiggled impatiently. Cole could tell she was still trying to push him into it. He said, “If I do this now it’s not going to be like your fantasy. It’ll be real and it will hurt. If you let me think about it for a day or two I might be able to do the fantasy for you, but I might not. And if I do this now, I may hate myself for it, and never be able to do the fantasy for you.”
Phoebe was still excited by the whole idea, and bit her lip thinking. ‘I’m sure it won’t be too painful even if it is real. I really want him to, but it’s selfish of me not to give him time to think about it. But if he thinks about it and decides he doesn’t want to do it at all, this will be my only chance. What if he hates himself for it? I doubt he will.’
She said, “Do it now.”
Cole took a deep breath, and pulled the chair a few feet from the wall. He set her on her feet in front of him and took a seat. While she was still a little dizzy from the sudden change of position, Cole yanked her sweatpants and panties down with one tug, and pulled her arm to tip her over his left leg. Phoebe gave a little yelp at being tipped over, but was having a good time being manhandled. Cole put his right leg over both of hers effectively pinning her in place.
He raised his hand high, and then paused again wondering if he should do it or not. Phoebe had both hands on the floor supporting her upper half. Her long hair was hanging around her face, and she flung her head a little to get it out of her way so she could look back at him, but she couldn’t see his face. Cole made his decision, and brought his hand down hard on one side of her bottom, and quickly followed that with another hard smack to the other side.
Phoebe’s whole body jerked with the first swat, and she involuntarily sucked in a breath of air. Then with the second swat she yelled an indignant, “Oooww!”
Phoebe was quite a lot smaller than Cole, and he quickly covered every inch of her bottom and upper thighs with hard swats. While he was spanking her, Phoebe was yelling, “Ow, Ow, Ow…Cole! STOP! Cole! Owww Damn it! It’s too hard!”
Cole stopped and rested his hand on her bottom. He said, “You can’t change your mind now. You told me that this was what you wanted.”
Phoebe squirmed and said, “It is what I want…just not so hard.”
“I told you it would be real, and not your fantasy. You decided not to give me time to think about it. You kicked me and insulted my manhood just to get me to do this, and now you don’t want it?”
Phoebe felt her face heat up with shame. She had goaded him into it, and even knew she was doing it at the time. When he said it like that, it sounded childish, but she hadn’t expected the spanking to be nearly as painful as it was. She had been punched and kicked in battle and in training, but this was painful in a different way. And while she thought she would enjoy some pain, especially if he built up to it, she didn’t like the sharp pain she was experiencing now. She said, “I’m sorry. I know I was mean, and I’m sorry, but I don’t want it now. I’ll give you time to think.”
Cole shook his head and said, “Sorry Phoebe, it’s too late.”
Cole raised his hand and started spanking her again. Phoebe yelled, “Nooo! It’s…Oww…not too late! Aaahhh! Coooole!”
Phoebe was struggling hard to get away. She tried to levitate herself, but couldn’t focus well enough to use her power. She balanced herself with one hand and reached the other one back to block the blows, but Cole grabbed it. He held her hand at the small of her back where it was useless.

Leo was consulting with another whitelighter when he felt that one of his charges was in pain. He whispered ‘Phoebe’, and orbed to her. The sight that greeted him was not something he was prepared for. He saw Cole sitting there spanking Phoebe in the basement of their house. She was obviously in distress, and he was about to step in and try to stop Cole, until he saw Cole’s face. Cole was obviously distressed too. Leo took a step back and decided to wait and think about it for a few seconds. He could always heal Phoebe if he needed too, and he knew that Cole and Phoebe did love each other.
Cole saw a movement from the corner of his eye and turned to see Leo. Cole kept spanking Phoebe, shook his head a little, and gave Leo a pleading look before turning his concentration back to the spanking. Leo assumed this meant that Cole wanted him to stay out of it. Leo decided he would stay out of it for now, but he wasn’t comfortable leaving either. He knew that Piper didn’t completely trust Cole, and he didn’t want to leave Phoebe alone until he knew more about what was going on.
Phoebe was now crying and in between sobs she yelled, “Cole! Please stop! I’m sorry! Cole!”
Cole finally stopped and again rested his hand on her very red and sore bottom and said, “Are you going to goad me into doing this again?”
Phoebe was a mess of tears and emotions. She was very sure she never wanted to experience this again. She yelled out, “No! I swear! Never again!”
Cole let go of her hand and helped her to stand up. Leo decided things were okay for now. He was positive that if Phoebe were pissed about what had just happened he would be hearing about it one way or another. He also decided that he would be talking to Cole about it later no matter what, and orbed out.
Cole’s eyes darted over and saw Leo leave as he pulled up Phoebe’s panties and sweat pants together. Phoebe stood there wiping at her face with her hands and felt a mixture of embarrassment, shame, anger, and pain. Cole looked at her standing there, and immediately felt even worse about it then when he was doing it. He wanted to comfort her and make her feel better, so he pulled her onto his lap with her bottom off the side so it didn’t touch his leg. As soon as she realized she was on his lap she started to struggle and yelled, “Let me go! I hate you!”
Cole let her go. He felt the breath catch in his throat at her words and muttered, “I hate me too.”
He could see she didn’t want his comfort and said, “I’ll be close. Call me if you need me.”
Cole shimmered and was gone. Phoebe stood where she was and cried even harder.
Cole was upstairs in the kitchen close to the basement door incase she yelled. He thought, ‘She’s never going to forgive me. How could I do that to her? At least I know now that I don’t like causing her pain. If she wanted to do it in fun, I wouldn’t have to worry about going too far, or liking it too much. God, if I was worried about going too far with the fantasy, why was my gut reaction to give her a real spanking? That doesn’t make any sense! Maybe my gut was smarter than my head. Or maybe not, since she says she hates me now. How can I go on if she hates me?’
The longer Phoebe stood there crying alone the worse she felt. She thought, ‘How could he do that to me when I told him to stop? It hurt! It wasn’t what I wanted at all! Bastard! Thinking he had the right to tell me it was too late to change my mind.’
She sniffed and reached back to tentatively rub at her bottom. It hurt, but the pain wasn’t as sharp as it had been a few minutes ago. As she started to calm down she realized, ‘It’s not his fault, it’s mine. I told him to do it, even after he warned me it would be real. I was just too dumb to believe him, or maybe too naive to believe it would hurt. He tried to walk away and I attacked him. He just wanted some time to think about it, and I wouldn’t let him have it. Talk about your bad choices Phoebe! Oh man, I told him I hated him.’
Phoebe yelled, “Cole!”
Cole heard her and froze. He was afraid that when he saw her, he would see hatred in her eyes, but he shimmered to the basement anyway. He appeared at the bottom of the basement stairs with his arms crossed in a defensive posture. When Phoebe looked at him, he saw love in her eyes. She went to him and he opened his arms for her. She wrapped her arms around his neck so tightly that she raised herself off the ground. He grunted with surprise at the sudden weight, and shimmered them both up to her bedroom. He lay back on her bed, and brought her down on top of him. She was crying again, and he held her until she was calmer.
Phoebe sniffed and whispered, “I’m sorry.”
Cole said, “I’m sorry too.”
“I don’t hate you.”
Cole hugged her tighter and said, “I love you. I don’t want to loose you.”
Phoebe pushed herself up on her arms so she could look into Cole’s face. She said, “Do you hate yourself?”
Cole looked away, and said, “In more ways than one.”
Phoebe put a hand on his face and turned his head so he was looking at her again. She said, “Be honest Cole. Do you hate yourself for what you just did to me?”
Cole looked at Phoebe and said, “I think I should, but now that I’ve had a little time to think about it….No, I don’t.”
“You were right to do it. I hated it, and I never want you to do it again, but I did goad you into it. You tried to walk away, and then you gave me a chance to stop you. You were right when you said it was too late to change my mind, and I’m sorry that I asked you do it.”
Cole pulled her face towards him and kissed her. He said, “You probably will never want to now, but I would be comfortable spanking you for fun, because I really didn’t like doing it for real.”
Phoebe said, “Maybe. In a few days, when I’m feeling better.”
They were quiet for a few minutes, and then Cole opened his mouth to say something but hesitated. Phoebe said, “What?”
“Leo saw.”
“He orbed in when I was spanking you, and saw. He left when I let you up.”
Phoebe buried her head in Cole’s chest and said, “Can’t we have any privacy in this house?”
“He was worried about you.”
Phoebe groaned. She said, “I so don’t want to talk to him about it.”
“Me either, but I have the feeling that he’ll bring it up.”
They were quiet for a while. Cole asked quietly, “Do you still love me?”
Phoebe looked in his eyes and said, “Of course I do. I have a new respect for your resolve, and especially for your strength, but it doesn’t change my love for you.”
He kissed her gently, and they both lay there relaxing for most of the afternoon.