Study Trouble

Arina stared down at the paper in her hand. Oh Lord, how was she
going to explain this one? Logan was going to be furious. Not just
because she failed the test, but she also lied numerous times in the

She thought back to the previous weekend....

*It had taken her all day Friday to convince Logan to let her go to
this party one of her 'normal friends' that she met at the theatre
was having. It was going to be awesome, loud music, lots of guys, and
a really good time.

Logan agreed ONLY on the condition that her studying was done BEFORE
hand as she had midterms coming up. All day saturday Arina pretended
to 'study' when in reality she was contemplating what to wear, how to
do her hair, etc.

Truth be told school was boring to her, she hated school work and
didn't do it when she could get away with it. Of course not much
slipped past Logan so she did it more often than not, although she
didn't put a whole lot of effort into it.

Finally it came time for her to get ready for the party. She
remembered getting dressed and Logan specifically asking if her
studying was done. Well she did read maybe a sentance so she wasn't
exactly lying. Right? Right?

She lied right to his face and he didn't even notice.*

...Arina smiled to herself when she remembered Logan's long lecture
of behaviour at this party, not to drink, do drugs, have sex. Arina
just nodded and tried to hurry him along.

She sighed and focused once again on the paper before her. It was
marked with a bright red F, circled. 'Like you can miss it' she
thought to herself. He breath froze in her lungs when she saw what
was written underneath.


Also in bright read letters. The bell rang at that time interrupting
her trance. Arina headed out the door with the crowd of students and
looked again at the paper in her hand. She ripped it in half and
tossed it in the trash.

She had a whole weekend before class again, she may as well enjoy it
and worry about not having the test for her teacher. Maybe she could
say she lost it. It might work. She walked out of the classroom, a
bright, cheery weekend ahead.

All evening had been nice. Dinner was a quiet event, and mostly
everyone gathered around in the family room to watch a movie.

Arina stretched on her bed, the light had long since begun to trickle
it's way through the cracks of the blinds. Her eyelids fluttered open
as she yawned. She got up and threw some clothes on, making her way
down for breakfast.

Since it was saturday, and pretty much noon, no one was about in the
kitchen. She shrugged and grabbed a pan to make herself some eggs.

She walked over to the fridge and froze when she saw the paper stuck
to the freezer door. She did a double take and internally cried when
she realized it was hers.

"Hey kidlet, got soemthin' that ya need to explain?" Logan asked from
the kitchen door. She had been so shocked that she didn't even
realize he came in.

She turned around slowly, "I guess ya know huh?"

"Yep, Jeannie says she found that in the trash in her classroom,
seems you were supposed to get it signed."

"Yeah I was, but I just thought..umm.."

Logna held up his hand to stop her, "Lemme guess, you just thought
that you'd save me the trouble of having to sign it? or was it having
to spank you?"

Arina didn't sya anything, for the first tiem her quick wit didn't
work. She knew she was already lookign at punishment for multiple
offences, adding attitude to that would just not be a good thing.

Logan went ot the kitchen sink and squirted some dishsoap on a damp,
but clean cloth.

"Open up kidlet."

"Aww mann please don't."

"Arina Marie." he said in his gruff warning voice.

She opened her mouth and logan rubs the suddy cloth on her tongue and
around the sides and roof of her mouth. It tasted horrible and Arina
thought for a quick second why they called the soap lemony fresh. It
sure didn't taste like a lemon.

After five minutes Logan let her spit it out and rince only once.
Then with a swat her sent her to her room.

"I'll be up in a few minutes, I suggest you plant yourself in that
corner young lady."

Arina ran.

Logan entered Arina's room twenty minutes later, he wanted to make
sure she contimplated her situation thoroughly. He found her in the
corner with her hands fidgeting subconsciously.

"Arina Marie." he called.

She turned around slowly to meet her doom.

"Have a seat darlin' we need to talk." Arina went over to her bed
and sat down while Logan leaned against the opposite wall, arms
crossed in front of him.

"Arina," Logan started, "that mark was completely unacceptable, You
and I BOTH know that you cna do better. I thought you tol me last
weekend that you studied?"


"Ya lied to me kid." He added bluntly.

Arina looked down at her hands, she hated making him disappointed in
her, hell that's why she tried to hide the test in the first place.

"And Kidlet," Logan added bringing her attention once again to the
present conversation, "what made you think that hiding it from me
would make things better?"

"I...umm..I just thought that maybe if you didn't see it you might
forget about it, guess it was just wishful thinking huh?" she tried
to force a smile, but it wasn't completely sucessful.

Logan got up from where he was leaning on the wall, face set in
deturmination, as he seated himself on the bed. "Lets get this over
with kidlet."

Arina cried and tried to run but Logan simply grabbed her and put
her over his knee. He shifted her over his lap so that he was able
to take her pants and underpants down.

"Pleeease don't Logan, I promise to do better next time."

Logan responded first by bringing his hard hand down on her
vulnerable posterior.

"Kid, if ya had studied and tried yer best, I wouldn't be angry
about a poor grade, but you lied and cheated yerself." He punctuated
his words with sharp swats, covering her now pink derriere.

Arina started to kick a little, as her bottom was really starting to

SWATSWAT "I will NOT SWATSWATSWAT tolerate lying SWAT from you or
SWATSWAT anyone else SWAT in this family SWATSWAT is that understood?

"Owwweeeeee yeeesssss!"

SWATSWAT good. SWAT you will work SWAT hard SWATSWAT at yer lessons
SWAT or you will SWATSWAT be doing them SWAT ALL SWAT on a SWAT very
SWAT sore SWAT bottom.

"Owwww ok, pleeeasssseeee stop!"

SWAT I ahven't even begun yet young lady SWATSWAT.

Logan rained many more hard swats to her poor bum before reaching
for the dreaded object on the night stand. Arina noticed the change
immediately as her bottom lit up to the brush now being charged
against it.

She screamed out in pain, but Logan hardened his heart and made sure
this was a lesson she was bound to never forget.

By the time the Canadian X-man had finished imputting his
disappointment on Arina's behind, he put the brush down and held the
girl, rubbing her back and bottom.

They stayed that way for a long time, and under no uncertain terms
did she even consider hiding things from Logan.

Yeah right!