Jamie's Prank on Kessily
This a based on the x-men characters with some immortal reference from Highlander. Jamie is my character, the x-men do not belong to me, nor does Kessily (I borrowed her to play with)

Most of the adults had gone out for dinner, in exception to Hank who
was busy working on the legacy virus and under no uncertain terms was
he to be disturbed (unless someone was dying). Logan had left Kessily
in charge of twelve year old Jamie for the evening as he wasn't going
to be home until late that night- or rather early the next morning.
After all, Kessily couldn't go out because she was grounded, and
Jamie was by far not mature enough to be left alone. Logan liked the
house in one piece, one very neat piece. Besides Kess was a lot older
than she looked, and if she tried hard enough she was very capable of

Earlier that week Jamie had accidentally overheard a conversation
that Kess was having with Logan. That was how she found out about
Kessily being immortal and what being immortal involved. No one knew
that she was aware of the fact- at least not yet. Jamie kept it that
way because she had a plan.

Jamie spent the early evening on her computer setting up a false
email account, when Kessily came in to check on her she immediately
switched it over to solitaire.

"Jamie, Logan's leaving now, you wanna say goodbye?"

Jamie looked up and smiled, "Ok."

She followed the redhead immortal downstairs to the front door where
Logan was putting on his boots. When he finished he looked over at
the blonde girl leaning against the doorframe.

"Behave tonight you two, and Jamie if Kessily has to punish you
tonight you'll be in big trouble when I get home got it?" he narrowed
his eyes on her.

"Aww Logan, Kessily wouldn't punish me."

"She will if you don't behave." He gave both girls a hug and headed
out the door. "And do not disturb Hank got it?"


"Good, night girls." With that said Logan closed the door behind him
and headed to the jeep where Remy was waiting.

Kessily looked over at Jamie, "why don't you run and turn off your
computer so that we can eat."

"Ok." Jamie headed off to her room and Kessily to the kitchen.

Jamie fixed the messages to be sent every ten minutes for two hours.
She then shut off her monitor so that it looked like her computer was
off, and then went downstairs for dinner.

It was a small, easy supper of macaroni and cheese, but it went well.
Kessily was happy that things were going well- no trouble.

When they finished dinner Jamie went to do the dishes while Kessily
turned on her laptop.

You have 2 new messages. Kess smiled thinking they were from her
yahoo groups.

She opened the first one and she paled immediately.

It seems I have found you Miss Kessily. Nice try hiding at the Xavier
institute, very clever.
It's a shame there is no one there to protect you tonight though, I
watched them leave about ten minutes ago. It's a shame isn't it? Are
you feeling lucky tonight?

Her hands shook as she fumbled for the next message.

I must say that is a nice place you got yourself there. By now you
must be wondering who I am. Well my dear the question isn't who am I,
it's where am I?

Jamie came out of the kitchen and looked at Kessily who looked very
"Kess? You ok?"

"Huh? Oh yeah fine, just not feeling well." She mumbled.

Jamie nodded and Kessily nearly jumped as her laptop beeped. You have
1 new message.

She fumbled with the keys and opened the email.

It's a dreaded shame that you won't be able to say goodbye to your
loved ones isn't it?

Kessily got up and ran down to the medlab. She wasn't supposed to
disturb Hank unless someone was dying but that very well may be the

"Hank!" Kessily yelled as she bounded through the doors.

"Kessily, I believe the instructions to not bother me were laid out
for you."

"Yeah but Hank-"

"Kessily I am extremely occupied at this moment." He moved to escort
her out the door when she yelled.

"HANK! It's an emergency." Immediately Hank stopped and looked at the
panicky redhead. In one giant breath she explained everything, and
Hank escorted her over to his computer. She logged onto her email.

You have 1 new message.

Kessily opened it for Hank to see for himself.

Not long now, I shall be coming for your pretty little red head soon.

She looked up at Hank who was reading the previous messages. He tried
replying to one but an error message was displayed saying that that
email address was for outgoing messages only.

"He can't be too close, or I'd feel it, but Hank I don't know where
this guy is."

Hank looked curiously at the screen." May I sit there Kessily?"

"Um, yeah." She got up and let Hank fiddle with the message. He put
it through a program that lists the details of the message.

"Well Kessily it seems that your stalker is a lot closer than you


Hank chuckled and turned the monitor in her direction, "look at the
Internet server."

Kessily read it and looked at Hank in confusion. "That's one if the
mansion's servers."


She looked closely at the username, "That's Jamie's server."

Hank nodded again. "But Hank she was with me, how could she send the

"She may have them on a timer." He suggested.

Kessily was furious. She stormed out of the medlab and headed
straight up to Jamie's room where she flicked on the monitor. She
minimized the solitaire game and sure enough there were the messages
and they were on a timer as Hank suggested.

"JAMIE!" Kessily hollered.

Jamie, who was already on her way up the stairs, cringed when she
heard Kessily scream her name. She decided to face the inevitable and
continued up the steps, each one seeming miles high, her feet feeling
like lead.

She walked down the hall to her room and closed her eyes when she saw
Kessily sitting at her computer.

"Wanna explain this?" Kessily asked angrily.

"Um, no not really." There was no point on lying; she was caught red

"How could you do something like this?"

"I dunno, I'm sorry Kess." She offered.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be," Kessily retorted, "take down
your pants."


"You heard me, take them down." Jamie noted Kessily's angry
expression and did what she was told. Kessily took her by the arm and
brought her to the corner. "Underwear too."

Jamie turned and looked at her with an arrogant expression, "no way."

Kessily swatted her and Jamie yelped, "that ain't fair, you can't do
this to me."

"Wanna bet? Underwear down now."

Jamie reached back and yanked her underwear down to her knees.
Kessily pushed her back into the corner. "You're going to stand in
there until the messages stop coming to my inbox and then you're
going to get five swats for every message I get."

Jamie mentally calculated that in her head 12 messages times 5 was
60. She cringed as Kessily sat at the computer and signed into her

A little more than an hour later the messages stopped coming. Kessily
allowed Jamie to leave the corner although it didn't give Jamie much
relief. As soon as she was out Kessily forced Jamie over her knee,
and although Kess wasn't as strong as Logan, she was much stronger
than Jamie and had no problem holding her down.

The first few swats didn't effect Jamie too much but by the tenth she
was kicking and crying. Kessily continued to deliver sharp, crisp
swats to Jamie's vulnerable posterior. After the twentieth, Jamie was
bawling and begging for Kess to stop. Mentally Jamie was actually
shocked that Kessily was actually spanking her. She never believed
that Kess ever would. She didn't know that she had it in her. Her
bottom was beginning to really hurt and Jamie cried hard over
Kessily's knee. With twenty left to go, Kessily began to pick up the
pace a little, causing Jamie to scream. When she finished she, like
Logan, let Jamie lay over her knee while she calmed down. Then
Kessily helped her up and sent her back into the corner.

In a half-hour Kessily came back into the room and let Jamie go to
bed. Which she was grateful for, even if she did have to lie on her

When Logan got home early the next morning, Hank was in the kitchen
making breakfast for a tired looking Kessily and a sulking Jamie.
Everyone else who had got home late the previous night were still in
bed. Logan looked from Kess to Jamie and closed his eyes tightly.

With a deep breath Logan opened his eyes on Kessily, "What happened."

All too quickly Kessily blurted the whole story out to Logan whose
eyes grew angrier with every word. When Kessily was done and was
crying Logan held her for a minute and narrowed his glare in Jamie's
direction. "Why?" was all he could say.

Jamie looked into his angry blue eyes; "It was just a joke."

"A joke? Death threats to people are not funny Jamie." Jamie lowered
her eyes to the table. "Look at me," Logan demanded sharply. She
forced her eyes to meet his.

"I'm gonna have a shower. You're gonna eat and meet me in yer room."

"But Kessily already-"

"And what did I tell ya before I left?" Logan interrupted angrily.

Jamie started to cry again but Logan stopped her, "Save those tears."

With that Logan headed upstairs and Hank placed an omelet in front of

Jamie looked down at her plate with a sudden loss of appetite. She
picked at her food for about fifteen minutes, stopping to take a bite
whenever Hank prompted her to do so. When Hank finally took her
plate away Jamie sighed and headed upstairs to her room.

When she got there she found Logan already sitting there dozing off,
he was obviously freshly showered and changed. He was pretty much
ready for bed as well. He opened his eyes when Jamie came into the
room and patted the seat beside him. Jamie sighed and sat down on the
bed, her eyes cast downward.

Logan took her chin in his hand and forced her eyes to meet his.

"Kidlet, how many times have you been told not to pull pranks on
people?" Jamie shrugged. "Not good enough kiddo."

"A lot?" she offered.

"Then why do you do it?" He asked her, trying to understand.

""I dunno, something to do."
"Jamie, what you did to Kessily last night was mean."

"Yeah I know."

Logan shook his head and let go of Jamie's chin. "Alright kiddo let's
go." He said pulling her up.

"NO please, I've learned my lesson really…"

"If I got a penny every time I heard that one…" Logan mumbled as he
pulled her over his knee despite her protests for amnesty. In a swift
movement he had her pyjama pants down followed by her underwear. Her
bottom still had some light pink marks from Kessily's previous
delivery, but nothing abnormal. Logan sighed and raised his large,
adamantium laced hand, bringing it down on her bottom.

Jamie yelped at the pain, she had forgotten how much Logan's hand
hurt. It made Kessily's swats seem light- and they definitely weren't
light. Logan gave her a thorough spanking that she was not going to
forget anytime soon.

Eventually he stopped, and Jamie sighed a relief between her sobs but
quickly cried very hard when she heard the whoosh of Logan's belt
being removed from the loops.

"noonoonoo please" she whined.

Logan stopped for a moment and stood Jamie up. He walked over to the
com on the wall calling down to the kitchen. "Hank, can you send
Kessily up to Jamie's room please."

In less than a minute the redhead entered the room. Logan had her sit
in the chair across from him. Then he turned to Jamie, "Kessily is
going to watch the rest of your spanking."

"Noooo please, it's not fair!"

"Not fair? And what you did to Kessily was fair?"

Jamie didn't answer. Logan pulled her back over his knee and brought
his tough leather belt down on her sore behind. Jamie screamed and
was soon kicking. It was so embarassing that she was doing this in
front of Kessily, even though Kess had already seen her bare bottom.

Logan continued bringing the belt down on her bottom until it turned
a deep red then he stopped.

When he finished she was bawling, lying limp over his large, bulky
legs. Kessily slipped out of the room quietly. He let her calm down
before raising her panties and pants and turning her over. She
nestled her head in his shoulder and cried.

"I'm so..so..soo..sorr..y."

"I know kidlet but it ain't me ya gotta tell."

Jamie nodded and Logan hugged her, "I'm going ta bed. Go find Kess,
apologize, and stay outta trouble."

She nodded as Logan set her down and headed to bed. Jamie regained
herself then left her room to find Kessily. She found the redhead
immortal outside swimming.

Jamie walked up and knelt down next to the pool, waiting for Kessily
to emerge from under the light blue water. "Kess?"

Kessily turned around and looked at the small blonde girl. Jamie took
a deep breath, "I'm sorry Kess, really I am."

Kessily smiled and splashed Jamie. "Why don't you grab your swim suit
and come in with me."

"Ok." Jamie ran inside and was back out in less than two minutes.
When she turned her back to put her towel on a chair, Kessily burst
out laughing.

"What's so funny?"
"I can see your red butt." Kessily laughed harder. Jamie blushed and
joined Kessily in laughing. She jumped in the pool and she and Kess
had fun trying to drown each other (playfully). All was forgiven-
until next time.