No Running


"Madisson Elizabeth, what did Chris tell ya about running in the
street like that?" Nettie called from the doorway of the boarding

"Awww Nettie."

"Don't you aww Nettie me young lady, you can just come right up here
and sit youself down." She said sternly, indicating the porch step.

Maddy sighed and stomped over to the porch before throwing herself
down. "Fer how long?"

Nettie looked down at the young, stubborn child, "You can sit there
until Vin, Chris, and the boys get back."

"But they ain't comin' back til dinner."

"I know."

"But Nettie-" She tried.

"Don't. It don't work on Chris and Vin and it ain't gonna work on me,
you just sit there and maybe next time you'll do as you're told and
not go running about where you can get trampled."

Maddy let out a loud sigh "yes Nettie." Nettie nodded in approval and
headed inside the boarding house to finish dinner preparations. The
boys were coming home tonight from a journey that had lasted a week.
Nettie had stayed in town the entire time helping Mary keep an eye on
Maddy, as well as keeping the house up.

She planned a wonderful ham dinner with mashed potatoes, carrots,
gravy- the whole nine yards. After living a week on beans and jerky,
the men could use a nice, home cooked meal.

Outside Maddy sat on the porch bored out of her mind, she absent
mindedly swung her legs back and forth and used her imagination to
pretend she was on a raft sailing far away from the evil Nettie beast
who had eyes on the back of her head.

"Hey Maddy, come check out my new horse." Colin, her best friend

"Ok!" She chirped as she stood up and took a step off the porch,
which was interupted by a knock on the kitchen window. Maddy turned
around and saw Nettie point to the porch.

"Awww mann." Maddy sat back down, "Maybe another time Colin."

"K, see ya."

"yeah see ya." Maddy said pouting, she really wanted to see that

An hour later Nettie sat outside on the rocker peeling potatoes. Her
young charge sat on the step, clearly bored out of her mind.

"Miz Nettie? Can I please go use the outhouse?"

"Alright but hurry back."

Maddy nodded and ran to the outhouse at the back of the house,
however instead of going she got sidetracked.

"Hey Colin she's a beautiful horse!" She said coming into the stables.

"Yeah I named her Sammy."

"I love it."

"Madisson Elizabeth!"

"Oops gotta go Colin, see ya"

"Bye Maddy."

Maddy ran to the porch and saw a very angry looking Nettie, "Had to
use the outhouse did you? Last I checked it wasn't in the stables
young lady."

Maddy looked up and at the mention of outhouses realized she still
had to go. She ran to the outhouse and then came back to the house
much relieved.

Nettie turned her around, gave her two good swats to her backside and
then commended her to sit. Maddy sighed and sat, rubbing at her
behind. Nettie was definitly experienced in the swatting department.

"And I'll be telling Vin about this" she assured her.

'Figures' Maddy thought to herself.

The rest of the day went by pretty uneventful, Inside the boarding
house great smells were coming from the kitchen. Maddy sighed and lay
down on her back with her legs against the wall of the house. That is
until she heard the distinct sound of horses, many horses. Maddy
looked up, yep the boys were back.

She stood up as the boys steered past the hosue to the stables. Vin
and Chris pulled up to the house first to say hello.

Maddy ran and jumped into Vin's arms.

"Madisson, what have I told you about running into the street like
that?" Chris asked sternly.

"Aww Chris, OW!" She turned and glared at Vin.

"Mind yer manners."

"And get yerself back on this step." Nettie commented.

"But Nettie you said when vin and the boys git back i can leave."

"Yes but after you decided to detour to the stables you can just sit
there until its time to get cleaned up for dinner."

Maddy glared at her and pouted, "Ow!" She said as Vin's hand
connected with her behind again "Quit it!"

"Then do as yer tol. Miss Nettie, we're going to the bathhouse ta git
cleaned up, I'd be much obliged if'n ya'd keep an eye on her"

"Go get cleaned up Vin, leave the child to me."

Vin tipped his hat at the woman and he and Chris led their horses to
the stables.