Why NOT to be mouthy with Logan…

Logan searched the house and found the young lady he was looking for
lying on the couch, a cold Pepsi in her hand, staring blankly at the
television screen.

"Arina Marie, I thought I told you to make yer bed."

The teenage girl sighed heavily, taking a sip from the cold can
before responding, "I did."

"Kidlet that ain't done and you know it, now why don't you go back
upstairs and do it properly." He more so demanded then suggested.
When Arina made no attempt at moving he spoke again albeit a little
(ok a lot!) louder than before.

"Arina Marie-"

"Alright. I heard you already, jeez." She got up violently and
flicked the television off.

"Watch your tone." He warned.

"Watch your tone," she mocked silently, although not silent enough
for Logan to fail in hearing it.

"Kiddo there's a bar of soap with yer name on it if you don't watch


"Alright fine." Logan took her by the wrist and brought her to the
nearest bathroom where he sat her on the toilet seat before digging
under the sink for a fresh bar.

"This is so childish," she commented snappily.

"Arina lose the tone. I mean it. And you're right it is childish, but
that is exactly how yer actin' right now." With that he put the fresh
bar of soap under the faucet and right into her mouth as she opened
it to comment further. She knew that mouthing off, especially to
Logan, was stupid. She hated it when he made her suck on a bar of
soap; it was gross and very degrading.

After five minutes Logan removed the soap and allowed her to rinse.
When he had her full attention he looked into her eyes so that she
was clear on his wishes, "Now get into yer room and make yer bed."

She went upstairs after much grumbling which Logan didn't fail to
notice, "And kidlet?" she turned to face him, "You can stand in the
corner for half an hour when yer done." She sighed and angrily
stomped up to her room.

She looked at the bed that she had thrown together earlier in the
morning and flopped down on it, making it messier than before. This
was how Logan found her twenty minutes later.

"ARINA!" he bellowed from the doorway causing her to jump about three


"Do you not listen to anything I say?"

"umm…" she said arrogantly. Logan did not look impressed. "Jeez, it's
not a big deal, no one will see it anyway."

"I've just about had it with yer mouthing off to me lately," he said
matter-of-factly. "When yer told to do something in this house you do
it! No ifs, ands, or buts about it, got it?"

"Yeah yeah, ok already, take a pill." Arina didn't even have time to
think. Logan had her over his knee so fast, her hospital pants down
around her knees followed by her panties.

"Aww c'mon Logan, please don't," she whined, her tone quickly changed
as she struggled against the grip he had around her waist.

"Kid, you've been needin' this for a long time now." With that he
descended his large hand across her pale behind.

Logan wasn't generally known to lecture during his spankings but in
this case, he thought it could do her some good.

SWAT "I will not SMACK put up with this behaviour SMACK from you SLAP
you will do as yer damn SPANKSWAT well told, SWAT when yer SWATSWAT
damn well told to SLAP do it! SPANK I will not SMACK tolerate your
SPANK disrespectful tone SLAP of voice SLAPSMACK when talking to me
SPANK or any other SPANK adult. Understood?"

When Arina didn't answer right away, he gave her five sharp swats to
her sit spot. Her bottom was on fire. "Yessss Logan I do, plleeease."

Logan kindly gave her more of her well-deserved punishment before
stopping. He pulled her underwear and pants back up and turned her
around so that she was sitting on his lap.

"No more."

She nodded and wiped her eyes on the back of her sleeve. Logan handed
her a tissue to blow her nose as he sat her on the bed.

"Now make that bed kiddo, and then the corner for thirty minutes." He
commented as he left the room.

Arina stood immediately and rubbed her throbbing backside. She hadn't
been spanked (well in exception to a few warning swats) since her
vacation with Kessily. That was a pretty bad spanking she got from
him and Methos that day, and the lectures the two got for weeks on
end was enough to keep her fairly well behaved.

She pulled the sheets in and fixed the bedspread. Mentally she was
kicking herself. In the course of thirty minutes she had gotten
herself a mouth soaping, a bare bottomed spanking and a half-hour
corner time. All because of her mouthiness. She shook her head and
finished the bed then walked over to the vacant corner in her room.