Meadows of Trouble

know nothing about it- tony's in the mob, Meadow is his teenage
daughter that has a bit of an attitude problem in my opinion, he
brother is aj(anthony jr) and her mom is we go.
(just for you Kess)

"Tony would you look at this?" Carmella insisted sternly holding out
a piece of paper for her husband. It was a saturday morning and Tony
had just woken up to have his breakfast in peace. He took the paper
from her and took a look at it, "What is it?" he grumbled.

"I found it in the pocket of Meadow's jeans, I can't believe that she
would sneak behind our backs and pull such stunts, I'm tired of it
Tony. First it was the mouthing off and talking back, and now..."

"Whoa Carm, calm down," Tony rubbed his eyes and focused on the paper
in his hand.
'Dear Mr. and Mrs. Soprano
It has come to our attention that your daughter, Meadow
Soprano...blah blah blah....failed to attend her first period class
for three weeks now....yadda yadda yadda....forth notice home..'
"What?!? forth notice? Carm why wasn't I told of this?"

"Really Tony, how could I tell you if I didn't know?"

"Oh yeah we'll fix this right now... MEADOW! MEADOW GET DOWN HERE

"Tony don't shout, it only makes things worse." Tony shot his wife a
look of utter disbelief, "It, it only makes things worse. Carm. open
your eyes..the girl has gotten out of control lately."

They both looked up when their young daughter steeped into the
kitchen, "Yeah what'd ya want?"

"Excuse me? Try talking with a little respect."

"Ok fine geez." tony glared at his young adolescent charge, "Do you
mind explaining this for me please? because there seems to be
something I'm not understanding," he said tossing the paper on the
counter in front of her. She looked at her with wide eyes, "Where did
that come from?"

"My thoughts exactly when I found it," Carmella retorted.

"When you found it?? WHAT were you doing? going throught my stuff or

"Watch the tone missy, I found it in your pants pocket when I was
doing the laundry, now I want answers Miss Meadow."

"This is so pathetic," she mumbled and turned to walk away.

"SIT DOWN" Tony bellowed "I'm not finished with you yet, why haven't
you been going to your first period class?"

"Because the teacher is so stupid, he caught me and Alicia cheating
on a test and he gave us both a zero and detention." she explained

"You did what?" both parents said in unison.

"God, it's no big deal, what do you care?"

Tony looked like he was about to blow a gasket, "Carm deal with
this," he said through clenched teeth as he stood near the window
looking out at the pool.

Carm turned to her daughter, "Young lady you are grounded to this
house for a month, and you will be going to class regularily, do you
understand me?"

No answer.

"MISS MEADOW, I'm talking to you."

"Oh really, all I heard was a nagging bitch."

That was the last straw, Tony cut in immediately, "Room. now." he
said in a dead calm voice.

Meadow got up "Whatever." she said heading up to her room.

Carmella looked at her husband who had started to follow their errant
daughter, "Tony.."

"Carm," he said cutting her off, "We've dealt with it your way, now
I'm doing things MY way." He did not allow any room for responce as
he headed up the stairs. He made his way quickly to Meadow's room and
knocked on the door.

"Come in" she called. She turned her head to see who it was and went
back to her magazine seeing Tony enter, "Oh it's just you" she said

"Stand up Mead," Tony said simply. She turned to look at him once
again with a quizzical expression on her face. When Tony saw that she
had no intention of moving he grabbed her upper arm and pulled her up.

"WHAT??" she demanded.

"When I tell you to do something, you do it. Not later, NOW!" with
this Tony sat down on her bed and tugged his errant daughter over his

"What are you doing?" she asked in surprise.

"Giveing you somehting you should have gotten a long time ago, and
from now on this is how I am going to deal with things." this said as
he tugged her sweatpants and underwear down to her knees.

Her protests were caught suddenly offguard when Tony's large hand
came in contact with her vulnerable behind.

"oww that hurt!" she whined, but Tony ignored her, repeating the
process over and over on her upturned bottom. Before long Meadow
started crying and her smart ass attitude was fading to an apologetic
little girl, still no avail. Tony continued delivering hard smacks to
her bottom, alternating between cheeks and concentrating on that
sensitive sit spot. He kept going until she was sobbing relentlessly,
then he stopped.

Meadow didn't realize it was over until Tony raised her underwear and
pants back over her now very sore bottom. He lifted her up and sat
her next to him with an arm around her shoulder. When she calmed
enough she looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

"I can't that actually spanked me!" she said
surprised at this sudden turn of events.

Tony looked at his daughter, "Mead, you know I love you, but I will
not put up with this behaviour, not from you-not from anybody, got

"Yeah I got it." she replied honestly wiping the tears from her
eyes, "I love you daddy."

"I know," Tony replied, "I know."