Laura's skipping madness...1/3

Ok this is a little house on the prairie story, I have a few more
ideas that I may write eventually. this is from my own scenerio. I
don't own the LHOTP in any way. shape, and form...I'm just playing
with the characters.


Laura and her older, much smarter sister Mary tredded the long trip
to school one beautiful, warm morning. Mary walked her usual brisk
steps but was beginning to get annoyed with Laura's slow paces.

"Laura, hurry up we're goina be late," she complained. Mary prided
herself on being on time and alert unlike her little sister who
prided herself with fishing and having fun.

Suddenly Laura stopped in her tracks and looked shocked. "Oh no Mary,
I forgot my slate! It's ok, go on without me, I'll catch up!" before
Mary could respond Laura turned and ran back the way they came.

Mary shrugged and continued tredding down the path, at least she
didn't have Laura to slow her down.

Laura ran until she was out of Mary's sight before stopping to rest
against a tree and catch her breath. She then went to her special
place down by the river to wade in the water's cool splendor. She
rested under the shade of the great oak tree without a care in the

At school, and hour had gone by and still no sign of Laura, Mary was
about to say something to Ms. Plum but didn't really have a chance as
their young, kindly teacher announced "Alright class put away your
books and there will be silence from this moment on," she clapped her
hands and handed out the test papers, not failing to notice Laura's

Laura picked some nearby berries and snacked away on them. She hated
tests and considering she was playing instead of studying the past
three days, she was bound to fail the tests if she tried. So in her
mind, avoiding them was her best option. Laura looked at the sun and
closed her eyes gently.

MAry worked with great concentration on her test, history was one of
her favorite subjects and doing well was very important to her. When
Ms. Plum announced that the class were dismissed for lunch, everyone

"Mary?" the teacher asked from her place in picking up the tests.

"Yes Ms. Plum?"

"Is Laura alright?"

"Oh yes Ms. Plum, I guess she just wasn't feeling well."

"Oh well give her my best will you?"

"Yes mamn." Laura left the classroom hoping that that was the case.

At the end of the day the class was dismissed and Mary began the
routine walk home. When she reached the trees she saw a familiar red

"Laura Ingalls, where on earth have you been?"

"MARY, Please don't tell Pa on me, I came here, and had to rest from
running and then I closed my eyes and I guess I fell asleep because
next thing I knew it was late and you were coming home."

Mary studied her little sister, "Fine. But don't let it happen again."

Laura sighed in relief. "I won't Mary I promise." the girls headed
home to help their ma with dinner.

At dinner time the whole family got together at their little dinner
table; Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura and Baby Carrie.

"So girls how was school today?"

"Great Pa!"
"It was ok," came Laura's response.

"Oh, how so?" her father asked.
"Laura elbows off the table," her mother interrupted.

"Sorry ma, well you know I don't much like math,"

"Wasn't today's test a history test?" he father inquired. Laura
silently cursed him for his memory.

"Yeah it was, but all I could do was worry about tomorrow's math
test." Her father studied her closely, she started getting nervous.

"Well you take it as it comes," he commented. "How did you do Mary?"

"I think I did just fine Pa."


Laura and Mary, as was their daily routines trekked to school. The
day was warm and the sun was shining.

"Mary can I ask you a favor?" Laura inquired, walking slowly.

"What Laura?" she asked grumpily.

"Will you cover for me today?"

Mary stopped and turned around to face her younger sister angrily.
"WHAT do you mean?"

"Well we both know that I ain't no good at math, and well I'd hate to
disappoint pa..." she trailed off giving her sister and innocent look.

"No Laura, if you skiip today I'm tellin'"

"Oh pleassse Mary, I'll do your chores for a month!!!Please!" she

"Fine. but what am I supposed to say to Ms. Plum?"

"Tell her I'm sick, thanks Mary!" she shouted over her shoulder as
she ran to her special place.

"Mary where's Laura today?" Ms. Plum asked as she took roll call.

"Umm she's sick again today Ms. Plum."

"Oh I'm sorry, I do hope she's well soon," she commented concerned.

"Oh I'm sure she will be ma'am," Mary assured her.

At the end of the day Mary met Laura where they had met up the day

"How did it go Mary," Laura asked once her sister caught up with her.

"Ms. Plum sends her best," Mary said coldly.

"I always liked her..."

"Look if Pa finds out he's goins skin you alive, me too."

"Don't worry Mary, it's fool proof."

Charles finished his last lumber order of the day at the mill. He had
just prepared to pack it in and head home early when he saw Ms. Plum

"Good afternoon Mr. Ingalls!" the woman greeted him kindly.

"Well Hello there Ms. Plum, how are you today."

"Just fine. Thank you. I was wondering if you could get a message to
Laura for me?"

"Well certainly."

"Let her know that she can take as long as she needs to recover, I'll
rescedule her tests when she's feeling better."

Charles looked at her confused, "I'm afraid I don't follow."

"Well she's been absent the past two days, and Mary said-"

"You mean she hasn't gone to school?"

"Well no, you don't know about this?" she looked at Charles'
expression, "I guess not, sorry to break the news to you Mr. Ingalls."

"Oh not at all," he put on a happy face, "Have a good day Ms. Plum.
Not to worry Laura will be present tomorrow."

"Fine." she smiled and walked away.

Charles came home to the scent of freshly baked break and a hot stew
dinner. He remained calm throughout the meal and didn't let on to his
two little miscrients that he was well aware of their activities.

"So how was school today girls?" he asked as casually as usual.

"Just fine Pa." Mary answered cheerfully.

"Fine Pa." Laura added.

"Oh Laura, that reminds me. Ms. Plum said that she'll reschedule your
tests for when you're feeling better," he added witha smile and went
back to eating.

Laura and Mary looked at eachother wide eyed. Caroline noted what her
husband had said and calculated it i her head.

"Laura are you sick?" she asked concerned.

"No ma'am." she whispered staring at her food with a sudden loss of
appetite. Now she was feeling sick. Caroline looked at her husband
for explanation and he filled her in.

When dinner was completed Charles stood up and headed outside whilst
calling behind him "I expect to see you two girls in the barn as soon
as you help your Ma with the dishes."

Mary looked confused, "But Pa.."

"Mary, you lied to Ms. Plum and kept this a secret from us, you are
in just as much trouble as your sister."

"yessir" she whispered, piercing a stare into the back of Laura's

"As soon as you're finished," he called.


Caroline hurried her two young daughters along, as they were
deturmined to complete their tasks at the slowest pace possible.

When the dishes were complete, Laura and Mary made their silent walk
to the barn in the brisk twilight.

Charles looked up as his two children walked into the barn. There was
a bale of hay positioned in the middle of the room. Laura shuddered
as she saw what lay on top of it. Pa's heavy leather belt(they made
em tough back then).

"You two young lady's know why you are being punished, so I really
don't need to explain. I am however very disappointed in both of you.
Mary you know that lying is wrong, and something could have happened
to Laura and no one would know where she was. Laura it was not only
dangerous but your education is very important."


"Alright, I don't want to have to do this but Laura Elizabeth come
over here please."

"Oh no pa, please, I've learned my lesson.."

"Now Laura" he said in a strong tone.

"Yessir." She went over to where Charles had sat down. He lifted her
dress and pulled down her undergarments until her bottom was bare. He
then pulled her over his lap and raised the belt bringing it down
crisply on her tender backside.

"Ow Pa!" she screamed, but to no avail. Charles continued bringing it
down 7 more times before letting her sobbing body off his lap. He
sent her to the corner with a swat and called Mary over.

She, unlike her sister, did not argue. She walked over to him, head
down in shame as he pulled her dress up and bared her backside as
well. He guided her onto his lap, and clutching the belt into his
hand he brought it down half a dozen times. Mary squired and cried
but did not beg him to stop as Laura would have. He gave her a smack
for every year as he had Laura and then stopped.

He pulled a sobbing Mary in an upright position and called Laura over
from the corner where she stood. He held both his girls and explained
to them that he didn't like to punish them, they nodded in

He gave them both a kiss on the forehead and sent them off to bed.