Harry Potter- Hermione's Revenge

Hermione entered the Griffendor common room immediately after
her 'meeting' with Severus Snape. Luckily for her it was relatively
empty, as most students were at various places in the school studying
for the finals that were fast approaching. Final Hermione would be
frantically studying for at this very moment if she didn't have a
mission to tend to.

At the far end of the common room playing an unproductive game of
wizards chess was Harry and Ron.

"HERMIONE!" Ron shouted when he saw his young female friend enter the
common room. He regarded her tear stained face and crooked his head
sideways, "Geez, what happened to you?"

Hermione only responded with an astounding "We need to get that
Malfoy back for this!"

"Ok but how?" Harry asked.

An evil grin crept up on Hermione's face, as she whispered her plans
to her two accomplises.

"Well do you have it?" Hermione asked as Harry ran, gasping for
breath, into moaning Murtle's washroom.

Harry held out his hand revealing a single blonde hair, "Got it!"

"Excellent," she returned to her fast brewing potion and checked the
temperature, "Perfect" she took the hair from Harry's hand and placed
it into the mixture.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing Hermione?"

"Yes, of course. I read it in the great magicians book of spells..."

"Lemme guess some more light reading!" Ron mocked rolling his eyes.
Hermione ignored him and returned to her potion.

"Great it's ready." She poured the green liquid into a vile and held
it up.

"Umm Hermione are you sure you wanna do this?" Ron asked unsure.

"Og course, that Malfoy deserves everything he's got coming to him."
with that she injested the liquid but felt no change.

"well that was useless," she complained.

"Umm Hermione look," Ron mumbled.

She turned to look at herself in the mirror and staring back at her
was a pale, blonde haired Draco Malfoy. "Wow! Even my voice has
changed, the potion worked!"

Harry looked at her, "Alright Hermione you have only one hour, be

"I will" she smiled evily and left the washroom.

"she scares me, she really does." Ron commented, Harry laughed.

Hermione began to run amock in the hallway and was careful to be seen
by everyone but Draco and his drones, as she made her way into Snape

Harry stood outside watching Draco and his goofs horse around.

"Remind me again why we're doing this?" Ron asked uncomfortably
croached behind the stairway wall.

"Because Hermione needs our help if she's going to pull this off."


Harry walked past Draco and as planned Malfoy and his drones started
picking on him, oblivious to Ron who had picked up Malfoy's wand
where he had left it on the ledge, and covered it's with magical
perminent ink.

Ron gave the thumbs up and Harry ran back inside.

"Hahahah stupid Pot-Ter, such a wimp, he'll never be a real wizard."
Draco laughed, pciking up his wand.

"Come on let's go!"


Hermione enter Snape's office that was adjoined to his classroom with
her own bottle of magician's ink. She looked at the various
parchments lain about Snape's desk and artistically poured blotches
of ink on them. She then opened the mark book that was on his desk.

She scrolled down the list of names


"A C? why did I get a C?" she took up a quill and scribbled over
Malfoy's grade changing it to an A, and Crabbe and Goyle's to a B+.

She grinned at herself as she left the office and headed to the
potions lab. She overturned labs, poured ink in the next day's
prepared lesson, and laughed to herslef as she let the frogs loose.
She quickly left the classroom, running down the hall when Professor
McGonnagal stopped her.

"Young man, what on earth are you doing running through these halls?
And why are you coming from Professor Snape's classroom?"

Hermione didn't answer. "Very well, I shall inform Professor Snape of
your actions at once. Carry on young man."

Hermione almost laughed out loud as she continued her tirade down the
hall and up to Moaning Murtle's bathroom. She managed to make it just
in time because as soon as she entered her appearence went back to

"Hermione!" Ron yelled when she got inside.

"Did you do it?" she asked Ron.

"Yeah it's done."

"good, lets clean up for dinner."


In the grand hall Hermione, Ron, and Harry noticed Snape looking very
grim as he ate very little at the head table.

Near the end of the meal, Snape approached the Slytherin table and
regarded young Mr. Malfoy.

"Young man I wish to speak with you in the common room please."

"But we haven't even had dessert." he whined.


Draco jumped and followed the dark professor to the Slytherin tower.

"I would think," Professor Snape started when they entered the common
room, "that one of my greatest students with mazing potential would
never pull such a stunt."

"W..what are you talking about sir?"

"You tell me yougn man," he said gravely.

"Look if this is about that whole potions incident, I wasn't really
listening but I'm pretty sure that she didn't say what order the
ingredients went in.."

"ENOUGH!" Draco went silent.

"I am talking about the mess created in my office and in the lab with
magician's ink, the same magician's ink on your hand I may add."

"B..but, I don't know how this got there." Snape put up his hand to
stop the young wizard.

"Students who don't respect property theirs or otherwise, and those
who endanger lives by not listening in class-"

"But I didn't"

"You confessed it yourself young man."

Draco mentally kicked himself. Snape continued, "Those that commit
such misbehaviours can expect punishment."

With that Professor Snape pulled the astonished blonde boy over his
knee, and tugged his pants and underwear down.

"Wait you can't, wait until my father hears of this."

"Your father is quite aware of our disciplanary practises here." With
that Severus raised his hand and brought it down sharply on the boy's
backside. Malfoy tried desperately not to cry but his attempts failed
and soon he was begging and pleading for release.

Malfoy was so busy crying about the pain in his backside that he
didn't even notice young slytherins entering the common room having
finished their dinner. Once their presence was known his face flushed
with embarassment.

Snape continued his hard assult on the young boys backside before
reaching down into his pocket for a little vile of liquid. He rubs a
liberal about on his palms and rubbed it into Malfoy's backside.

He let out a hiss and Snape let him off his lap, and pulled his pants
back up. Malfoy ran up to his room finding no relief from the burning
pain in his backside.

Hermione got back into her room and sitting on her dresser was a
small vile of liquid. she read the directions and smiled as she
rubbed the liquid into her still very painful backside. Immediately
she felt complete relief and smiled.


The next potions class, everything had been cleaned up. Snape allowed
Hermione, Harry, and Ron to work together and the three had to hold
back their laughter as a red faced Malfoy almost shreiked as he sat
on the hard wooden stool.