FIC: Harry Potter - Hermione's potion trouble.

These belong to J.k. Rowling, not me. I'm just playing with her
characters and her universe.


It was fourth period, and that meant potions with the horribly
unpleasant Professor Severus Snape.

Snape was an awkward man who looked for every excuse possible to give
students a poor grade, well with exception to those of the slitherin
house, like Draco Malfoy.

For today's lesson, it had been anounced promptly at the beginning of
class that the students were to get into pairs and create by the end
of the period an effective shrinking potion.

Everyone got into their pairs, there were three students left so
Harry, Hermione, and Ron joined together.

"no, no, no this will not do. Ms. Granger you can go with Mr. Malfoy."

"But sir, Malfoy already has a partner," Hermione protested."

"I will take care of that, and in this classroom I will not have my
authority questioned, is that clear-"

"But sir!"

"I said. Is that clear Ms. Granger?" Snape leveled a still, cold
stare at her, and she nodded in agreement.

"good." he clapped his hands together loudly, "Get to it, you have
but fourty minutes."

Hermione went over to where Malfoy was sitting with a smug expression
on his face.

"Malfoy let's just get one thing straight, we are doing an
assignment, so let's just get along long enough to complete it

"Please, you don't need to tell me Hermony"

"It's HER-MY-OWN-E!" she nearly yelled.

"Miss. Granger, one more outburst from you, and you will be asked to
leave" Snape threatened.

She immediately closed her mouth and set down to work.

twenty minutes had passed, and most of the preparation work was

"Alright Malfoy, it is absolutely crutial that we add the ingredients
in order."

Draco smiled, she really wanted to punch him in the mouth, but that
was unladylike and not her style.

"Alright, eye of neut," Draco put it in, "Cabbage root," again he
complied. 'This isn't so bad' she thought.

"tail of worm, fern extract, two drops of dragon blood- MALFOY LOOK

The potion blew up and Snape immediately ran over to put out the

"She's trying to kill me!!!" Malfoy hollered.

"I was not, you put the ingredients in the wrong order, it was
supposed to be fern extract then dragon's blood not the other way

"You told me the dragon's blood went first!"

"I did not!"

"ENOUGH!" Snape yelled. He was livid. "This was a very dangerous
stunt you pulled Miss Granger."

"But I didn't"

"You have been nothing but trouble since the moment I put you with
Malfoy, you will leave this class immediately, clean yourself up, and
I wish to see you in my office after class."


"Now miss Granger."

Hermione nodded and turned to leave, Ron and Harry shot her looks of
sympathy which she greatly appreciated.

Snape clapped his hands loudly "Time is wasting" he said and everyone
continued to work.

After class Hermione knocked on the door to professor Snape's office.

"Enter Ms. granger, I have been expecting you." She opened the door
and stepped inside Snape's dark, dingy office.

"We will dipense with the pleasantries young lady, you are aware of
your reason here. It seems that you are in dire need of a punishment
to teach you to watch your tongue in my class, and to not endanger
other's lives-"

"But sir, he was the one who-"

"I do not wish to hear excuses Miss Granger, you were partners and
therefore should have been paying attention to what he was doing."

Hermione did not argue. Snape sat himself down on the old straight
backed chair in his office, and nodded for her to come over to him.
Her knees were like jelly as she forced herself over to where this
mean professor sat.

Immediately and wordlessly he pulled the young girl over his lap and
lifted the skirt she wore. He raised his hand and brought it down on
her panty-clad behind. Hermione did her best not to cry out, as he
brought his hand down again on her tender backside. Snape continued
the process a few more times before Hermione felt his fingers at the
waistband of her panties.

"Ple-ease sir, no nooo more" she cried.

"I decide when the punishment is over young lady, not you."

he pulled her panties down and continued the assult on her bottom.
Very soon Hermione was crying freely, Snape continued a volley of
smacks on her backside. After a bit more he stopped and reached for a
small vile on his desk, popping the cork he poured a liberal amount
on his hand and rubbed it onto Hermiones cherry red bottom.

Immediately the pain intensified. "Please sir, that hurts."

"Yes Miss Granger I am certain that is does. It's my own concoction,
I found that it works well on naughty little, freshly punished
behinds. If I calculated it correctly, you should have trouble
sitting for the next week."

Hermione groaned inwardly. "I do hope that we do not have to have
this meeting again anytime soon"

"Noo noo sir"

"Very well, straighten yourself out and go back to your house"

"Yes sir" Snape let Hermione off his lap as she struggled to pull ehr
panties into place, and walk back upstairs as normally as she could.

She made it her personal goal to get Malfoy back, she needed to talk
to Ron and Harry about what to do.