Demon in Training

this is fic from the tv show charmed, Dawn the demon is MY character.

She stood in the shadows hunting the poor soul- her next victim. It had been
like this
pretty much every night, since she came up from the underworld. Earth was so
much fun,
she had a prime pick of whomever she chose, and she just loved playing with her

"anything in the book Paige?" an irrated Piper asked for the millionth time in
the past
twenty minutes.

"there's nothing in here about a demon that just causes people to vanish all of
a sudden,
are you sure that's even what we're looking for? maybe they just went missing
something," Paige suggested, sucking on her lollypop.

Piper regarded her young sister, "maybe, but I have a feeling about this."

"Yeah me too, trust me I lived with evil long enough to know what it can do,"
commented from the corner.

"Well then maybe we should ask Cole."

Piper went to speak but Pheobe cut her off "NO! I absolutely dont want to
involve Cole
in this, whatever it is WE can handle it ok?"

"But Phoebe-"


"Fine, whatever you say!" Paige offhandedly commented, returning to the book.

"perrrrfect" the girl whispered to herself as she stared at the man walking
down the street.
He was dressed in al black, was relaively good looking and had beautiful blue

The girl fixed him with a glare and caused him to vanish. "That makes number

"I'd say twenty two, seeing as I haven't disappeared."

The girl spun around to face the same beautiful blue eyes, "but how did you, I
mean what,
How?" she asked completely perplexed.

"I'm Cole, and you are?"

"None of your business." she said turning away. Cole grabbed her chin and
forced her to
look at him, his eyes turning a deep red.

The girl gulped visably "Dawn."

"Lets go, we got some explaining to do." Cole grabbed her arm and orbed to the
of the witches.

"Umm guys, Cole just appeared behind you with a girl!?" Paige said, causing
Piper and
Pheobe to turn around.

"You may be looking for this." He said looking pointedly towards the girl.

"We're looking for a girl?" Piper asked.

"A demon, who causes people to vanish." Paige said, looking in her book, "I
found it,
Dawn. A powerful demon, damned to the underworld, who hexes people and vanishes
them to eturnal damnation, leaving no trace. Other powers include fireballs,
electro waves,
and mind reading."

"Only to a certain extent" Dawn said rolling her eyes.

Piper looked at the girl with questioning eyes "How powerful?"

Cole looked at Piper, "not as powerful as I am."

Piper approached the girl "she looks kinda young dont she?" Paige asked from
behind her sister.

The girl turned furious eyes on Paige and vanished her. Everyone in the room
stared at the empty space in shock, until Cole grabbed the girl by the upper

"Bring her back!" He said angrily.


"NOW!" Cole roared, his blue eyes turning to fire once again. Pheobe
shivered at the tone and darkness in cole's voice.
Unfortunitly Dawn did not, she tried matching his anger with her own, but it
didn't work. Cole was not a dark, hating, demon anymore, he cared about the
witches and about life.

It was at that moment that Leo decided to orb in, he looked around the room
"where's Paige?" Piper pointed to the young girl, "she vanished her."

"Vanished her?" Leo looked at Dawn and Cole, who now had an iron grip on her

"Cole, don't harm her, we need her to bring Paige back." Leo said in his
calm mannerism.

Cole didn't seem to be hearing, his anger rose and for once in a long time
he wanted to kill someone, and Dawn was his target at the moment.

"Cole, she's a child." Leo said again. Something in Cole snapped and his
eyes went back to their normal colour.

"Are you going to bring her back?"

"NO!" the girl said more defiantly, trying so hard to vanish Cole, despite
the fact that she knew how strong he was.

Cole shook his head "We'll be back later" he said orbing he and Dawn out of
the house and to Cole's apartment.

"Oh great, so now you're going to kill me with no witnesses." the girl said
as she was beginning to get nervous.

"No I'm not going to kill you."


Cole nodded and waited for the girl to be relieved.

"Leo was right, you are a child, and you're going to learn to behave and not
vanish people. So for being disobedient I'm going to treat you like a
disobedient child."

"so you are going to kill me." she mumbled.

"No I'm not goign to kill you, I'm going to spank you."


"You heard me," Cole stated, all seriousness not lost in his voice.

"Buttt-buttt" She tried.

Cole advanced on her, his blue eyes dark and stormy. He seized the girl by
the upper arm and pulled her across the room to the couch where he took a

"Hey, can't we talk about this?"


"Why not."

"Because you can't just go around vanishing people."

Dawn opened her mouth to complain but Cole put his hand up to stop her.
She huffed and gave him an angry look.

'what good is a power if ya can't have a little fun with it' she mumbled.

Cole pulled her swiftly over his knee, and within seconds she found her
pants around her ankles. Followed by her underwear.

Cole raised his hand and brought it down on the young demons naughty bare

"Ow. Dammit Cole that hurts."

"That's the point." Her brought his hand down again and again, each time
landing on a new spot so that the young punishee could not deturmine the
next place that it would fall.

"Ok. ok. please stop...please."

cole response was to speed up the pace, causing the young girl to lose the
ability to beg for amnesty and cry instead.

He kept going until her bottom was a bright red and very sore.

He then lifted her up, helped her fix her clothing and orbed her back to the
house of the charmed ones.

Dawn blinked through her tears and looked around, this was the last place
she wanted to be in her current state.

"Now bring Paige back and the others." Cole commanded. Pheobe, Piper, and
Leo didn't fail to notice the young girls obvious discomfort.

Dawn shook her head in protest until Cole's hand once again made contact
with the girls bottom.

She yelped and looked around in embarassment. Pheobe looked quite shocked,
Piper looked pointedly at the young demon and Leo took on a more
understanding persona.

Dawn sighed and closed her eyes. In the next thirty seconds she ahd returned
everyone to where she has originally found them when she vanished them.

"I'm going to kill her!" Paige commented, running at Dawn.

"Paige honey calm down" Piper called, trying to stop Paige (who now had Dawn
by the collar) from killing the young demon. Although it wouldn't be that
bad either way.

"The little bitch vanished me to some hell hole" Paige yelled.

"Yes, but she did bring you back." Leo pointed out.

"Only cause Cole made me," the young demon added with venom in her voice,
she was getting angry and was sorely tempted to vanish the red-headed witch

"Don't even think about it!" Cole commented form across the room.

Dawn shot him an angry look, which Cole met with a serious, dangerous one in

Leo voiced his reasoning again "Paige, this is not the way to handle things,
especially for someone who is half white-lighter."

Paige nodded and released the girl, still glaring furiously at her.

The three witches, the white lighter, and the two demons sat down in
the livingroom, discussing what to do with their little problem child.

"I say we banish her." Paige said in an angry tone.

"I say I just vanish you to the fires of hell again," Dawn retorted.

"You do that and I'll light the fires of hell in your pants," Cole
warned cooly. Dawn pouted, and Pheobe looked at him surprised.

Leo cleared his throat, "Well I agree that she can't go around
vanishing innocents, but maybe she deserves another chance, I mean
don't all things human or otherwise deserve a second chance?"

"Unless they're evil." Pheobe commented, looking pointedly at Cole.

"I'll keep an eye on her" Cole volunteered.

Dawn looked at him "Oh no! Not you."

"Well then maybe Paige should just banish you then." Cole started as
though he could care less.

"I'll go make the potion" Paige said jumping up, more than eager to
rid the world of this girl.

"No wait! I don't wanna go back, I like it up here."

"Good, then you can stay with Cole, he seems more than capable to
handle you." Piper stated.

Pheobe shook her head, "Wait a minute, you are entrusting Cole with
this? he'll turn her into something as evil as he is."

"Look around." Paige said, "she is evil, and we can't get rid of Cole
remember, so let's get rid of her and be done with it.

The three witches started arguing back and forth. Cole looked at
Leo, "you live with this?"

Leo shrugged. Dawn slowly crept outta the room, and was heading out
the door when Cole orbed in front of her "Going somewhere?"

"so what if I am?"

Cole turned her around and with a swat marched her back into the
living room.

"OW, what was that for?"

"For your mouth."

Dawn pouted.

"It's settled." Piper said, speaking for the group.

Cole and Dawn looked at the long haired witch, "Dawn is going to stay
with you Cole, but you watch her and make sure she doesn't vanish
anyone else, because if she does we won't be so leinient."

"If she does," cole said, "neither will I."

Dawn gulped.

"You mean I can't use ANY of my powers at all?" Dawn whined.

"No. None, that means no vanishing, no fire balls at people, no freezing anyone or anything, and no manipulating people's minds." Cole stating, listing each power she had.

Dawn's mouth hung open in shock, "How'd you know I could do all that?"

"I know everything." Cole retorted.


"Right, and I think it's time for you to go to bed."

"The hell it is-"

"MOVE!" That got Dawn running, she quickly moved to the spare room and got changed into the overgrown t-shirt Cole lent her as makeshift pyjamas, before getting into bed.

She spent the last few minutes before falling asleep complaining about cranky old demons who think they can command everyone and everything.

"Hey sleepyhead get yer ass outta bed."

Dawn opened her eyes and peered into the dark room, "Orlin?"

"The one and only" she said before turning on the light.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were condemned for an eturnity."

"Yeah so I got paroled, good ta see ya kid. Nice place ya got here.

"s'not mine, i'm just staying here against my will."

"Yeah that Cole guy can be a prick."

Dawn looked confused "ya know him?"

"Know him? Honey who do you think I used to work for?"

"Wow really?"

"Yeah he's got a hard head that one."

"A hard hand too." Dawn commented.


"Nothing, nevermind."

"So babycakes, what do you say we hit the town." Orlin asked excitedly.

"I'm sorta under house arrest."

"Aww cole won't even know your gone, and we can have some fun."

Dawn grinned, "Aww hell, lets do it."

"yess!" Orlin orbed them out.

Cole awoke with a start he thought he heard noises coming from Dawn's room, he threw on a robe and headed down the hall to find....

nothing. No Dawn either.