Logan belongs to X-man not me, Anna is my character, I had her in
another story, decided bring her back...again no apparent reason meh.
Anna is Logan's daughter.


"But Dadddddy, nine thrity!!! Come on, all my friends have a later

"I am not responsible for your friends Anna. You are 13 years old.
And I make the rules here..."

"Blah blah blah, It's not fair" the young girl whined stomping her

"Watch the attitude young lady, or you won't be going at all" Logan
warned her in a dead serious tone of voice. "If you want to go to the
party you WILL be home by 9:30 and you WILL be responsible and not
drink or do anything illegal or stupid. End of discussion."

"Fine already geez I got the picture!" she threw up her arms in
frustration. Logan looked her with his aggravation clearly apparent.

"Young lady, if you keep up this attitude the only place you'll be
going is over my knee," he warned firmly.

Anna looked at her father with anger on her face. She hated how he
was so set in his ways all the time. "FINE!" she nearly yelled as she
stomped out the door slamming it behind her.

"I. don't. think. so" was all Logan could say and before long he was
outside and had a firm grip on his young daughter's arm.

"Heyy..daddy I'm going to be late ya know" she whined struggling
against his grip as he pulled her back into the house.

"Yer right. because you ain't goin'"

"What?!? It's not fair. I HATE YOU, you ruin everything." Anaa
regretted the words as soon as they had left her mouth. Immediately
Logan seated himself on the couch in the family room and pulled his
unco-operative daughter over his knee for a little old fashioned re-
adjustment. His hand descended on the seat of her tight jean
shorts. "Owww, dadddy, that's not...ow..fair I'm not...owwww! a
little g...irl any...ow...more." Logan ignored his daughter, smacking
her bottom at a stronger pace. "SHIT!" the word escaped Anna's mouth
before she could control it. Logan increased the pace. Eventually
Anna was crying like a baby over her daddy's knee.

"I'm sorry dad..dy, ppp.llllease." Logan sat her up and brought her
eyes to meet his.

"That attitude is quite unacceptable young lady."

"I..I know S..sir." outside a car horn sounded.

Logan looked at his daughter carefully "Go on. but home by 9:30 young

"Yessir, thank you so much Daddy!" she gave him a hug and kissed his
cheek, he walked her too the door giving her a friendly SWAT to her
backside as a reminder.

"Owww. nine thirty daddy, got it!" she ran out to the car where her
friends were waiting and got in carefully, waving at Logan as they