Arina's Long Punishment

"Arina you have until the count of three,"

"Ok ok, I'm goin, keep yer claws in, OW!" She turned and glared at the muscular mutant before her. "What was that for?" she asked incrediously while reaching back to protect the seat of her pants.

"When yer told to do somethin, ya do it kid, and without the smart assed attitude, got it?" Logan answered, giving her a pointed expression.

"yeah." She said before sighing and heading upstairs to start on the washrooms for that floor.

She grabbed the supplies from the broom closet and walked into the largest bathroom of the ten on the second floor alone. Arina closed her eyes and leaned against the bathroom wall, "this blows".

It seemed like the month of slave labour would never end. This was so not how she wanted to spend her long summer days- being woken up at six am and not finishing until six in the evening, only to have to do some writing assignments for the professor. She opened the bathroom window and watched the other children playing in the sun, the cool breeze sweeping their hair. Oh, how she wished she could join them instead of being stuck cleaning the bathrooms.

She reached down and filled the tub a quarter full with hot- but not scalding water, and dropped in some detergent before scrubbing it out.
If only she hadn't been caught with her friends defacing public property, and she wouldn't have been caught if she hadn't been drunk, she would have been fine. Logan wouldn't even have found out.

"yeah right" she snorted. Arina sat back resting her hands on her knees, she remembered clearly begging for Logan not to spank her. She was fifteen years old now, and certainly not a baby anymore.

The professor suggested the alternative, and had Arina not been half snapped, she probably would have preferred a spanking. Instead, she was sentenced to a month of hard labour. In other words grounded, and with lots of chores and assignments to do in order to keep her too busy to drink and deface property.Logan made the comment 'That outta sober her up."

But, if Arina failed to do a task, or gave lip about it, Logan made it quite clear that she would end up over his knee, and she would complete the task with a sore bottom.

Arina sighed, there was just no winning. Outside she could hear the others playing soccer, her favorite sport of course, and she so desperately wanted to play.

She stood up and looked around, "who would know? Logan's out on his motorcycle, and the professor is working with Hank. I can go out and play for a half hour and still have time to get my list of chores done by 6 o'clock inspection." She took a deep breath and threw the gloves down.

"Hey Arina, aren't you supposed to be cleaning?" Bobby asked as the girl joined the opposite team.

"Yeah, and I did such a good job, Logan's letting me have a break." She retorted, her usual attitude very apparent.

Jubilee smiled and handed Arina a pinny, she was just glad to have Arina on her team, since she was a good player and Bobby's team was up by 12 points.

In fact, the game grew so competitive that it grew dark before anyone knew it.

"ARINA MARIE!" Came a distinct voice from the backdoor. Every child that was engrossed in the game stopped immediately, Arina shuddered.

Jubilee looked at her "Um, he sounds a little-"

"Mad." Arina finished for her.

Arina slowly took of the pinny, handing it to Jubilee and walked toward the house although reluctantly. When she got close enough to see the expression on Logan's face, she turned and started running. She wasn't sure why she did it, her legs just started moving and didn't want to stop.

Logan caught up with her quickly though, grabbing her firmly by the upper arm and basically dragging her into the house and up the stairs.
All to quickly they were in Arina's room, and Logan didn't even bother shutting the door before depositing her over his knee.

"Logan, please i'm sorry, I just lost track of time." She explained as he pulled her pants and underwear down past her knee.


"Kid, you shouldn't have been out there in the first place, you were warned" He said simply, raising his hand, and brining it down on her bare backside relatively hard.

It didn't take long at all before tears welled up in Arina's eyes, and eventually overflowed.

Logan continued at a regular speed and intensity, as he lectured her.

SPANK I warned you SPANK that SPANK you would get a SPANKSPANK spankign if you SPANK didn't obey. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK I'm beggining to think SPANK that I should've SPANK given you one SPANK in the SPANK first place. SPANK SPANK SPANK.

"Owwww! Logan please, please stop, it hurts!" She cried.

SPANK SPANK kidlet, you had this comin for SPANK drinkin'SPANK SPANK and for destroyin' SPANK that park SPANK with yer friends. SPANK SPANK SPANK I have had it SPANK with yer attitude SPANK SPANK and you thinkin' SPANK that you can do SPANK SPANK anythin' ya want.

"okkkk," arina cried, her bottom was seriously red and very sore from Logan's hard, punishing hand. But Logan wasn't done yet. Though he did stop lecturing, and concentrated on her sit-spot and the back of her thighs.

Arian howled for him to stop, causing quite the audience at her door, as kids came down the hall to get washed up for dinner. Logan paid them no mind and finished up Arina's spanking.

He let her calm down for a few minutes, and knowing the show was over, the kids started to disperse. It was only at that time that Arina realized that she had been watched. She was mortified.

Logan raised her panties and pants back up and helped her to her feet. However, out of custom, Logan did not hold her directly after, instead he led her to the bathroom and true to his word, put her to work with a very very sore bottom.

Arina bawled as she scrubbed the floors and sinks, her bottom hurt so bad that there was definitly no question of 'sitting on the job' so to speak. Her tears fell as chips of ice. She sighed and picked up the ice chunks, throwing them in the sink. She had most control of her power, but when she was really upset she lost all control.

She was given dinner shortly after she started the second bathroom, and this she ate standing up. It grew quite late, and she found herself yawning as she scrubbed her sixth tub that evening. Logan came in to check on her progress.

"Hey Kidlet" he said much calmer than before.

Arina bit her lip and looked at the floor, she couldn't trust herself not to cry.

Logan walked over and pulled her into a hug, "I think you're done for tonight, come on let's get you ready for bed."

For once, Arina didn't complain. She followed Logan to her room, where she changed into an oversized t-shirt. Logan sat on her bed, leaning against the headboard, and Arina stared at him, unsure of what to do.

Logan opened his arms and she ran into them, leaning on his broad chest. All too soon, she started to cry again.

"Shh, hey why the tears?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't listen, and that I lied, and drank and damaged property, please I'm sorry."

"I know baby."

"You you do?" she said, her voice hitching.

Logan nodded and squeezed her shoulder, Arina sighed contently.

"Yer still grounded though."

"Yeah I know" Arina said, drifting off into Logan's comforting arms, arms she wanted to hold her all night.

'This is going to be a long month' she mentally assured herself.