Taylor’s Candy, Part 2
Author: Amy

After his mother left the room, Taylor stood there for a moment trying to get himself back under control. His time in the corner had calmed him some, but his mother’s last words had once again thrown him back into an emotional tailspin. “Taylor, I have spoken to your father and you can expect to be severely punished when he gets home,” she had stated matter of factly. Now, his heart was pounding and his throat was tight and dry making it nearly impossible to swallow. He felt as though his legs might give out from under him and that he would simply crumple into a pile on the floor. Taking a deep breath he forced himself to walk to his bed where he collapsed face down in his pillow.

While in the corner he had taken the time to review the litany of transgressions his mother had reeled off. Lying – he had said he was going to practice with his brothers when he never intended to do that; deceitfulness – all week long he’d been plotting his little escapade behind everyone’s back; deliberately disobeying – he had brought a friend over while still grounded; breaking several key rules – he had allowed a girl in the house when his parents were out, and worse yet, he had brought that girl into his room, which was strictly forbidden; and finally, taking advantage of everyone – he had abused his parent’s trust in him, he had made Ike an unwitting accomplice by not telling him what was going to happen, and he had used Zac by allowing him to assist in his deception.

His mother had said she was ashamed of him. It sickened him to know that. He was ashamed of himself too, and thoroughly disgusted as well. It made his stomach churn to think how low he had sunk to get what he wanted. He hadn’t realized the extent of his dishonesty, nor how many people he had hurt in the process. He had selfishly gone after his own desires at all cost, steadfastly refusing to even consider other people’s feelings.

There was one subject, however, that he hadn’t allowed his mind to venture into at all - the deeper and thus far unspoken issue involved here; the real reason why his parents had rules about not being able to bring girls into their house when they were out, let alone into their bedroom. If his parents ever found out what he and Candy had actually done, well, he didn’t know what they would do. He knew though that, without a doubt, it would be the very worst thing he could possibly imagine. He wondered anxiously what his mother might be thinking right now - about what had gone on between him and Candy – and, what she had told his dad about it. When his father got home there was going to be real hell to pay, on so many levels, for so many things.

Taylor let out an audible moan at this thought, causing Zac to look up from his book with a concerned expression. Hoping desperately to block these awful thoughts from his mind Taylor buried his face in his pillow. It didn’t help though. They were there anyway. After a few minutes, he picked up a book and decided to try and do some homework. Maybe that would take his mind off things.

Zac and Tay eventually drifted off to sleep. An hour or so later the bedroom door opened shocking them both back into wakefulness. His heart beating wildly Tay turned to see who it was, scared to death that the time had come to face his father. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was only Ike. But he caught his breath again as he realized how serious Ike looked.

“Tay, I have to talk to you,” Ike said, clearly upset. “Dad said I could come in here before he did so we could talk first.” “Oh god,” Tay moaned silently. “Dad’s home!”

Chewing his bottom lip nervously, Taylor slowly pulled himself to sitting, wincing as his sore bottom felt the pressure. Ike walked over to the bed and sat down next to his brother.

“Ike, I’m so sorry ...” Tay started, but Ike shook his head. “It’s not that, Tay,” he said. “I …, I need … to know what went on in here today. What did you and Candy do? Did you and Candy …?” Ike couldn’t even bring himself to say the words. He was obviously wrestling with his own fear and confusion about it all.

Taylor didn’t know exactly how to answer. He knew what Ike was asking – had he and Candy had sex. As far as he was concerned, however, it was a private matter and he wasn’t going to reveal any details – even to his older brother. Zac rose up from his bed and came over, settling down on the floor next to Tay’s feet. If his brothers were going to have a serious conversation about sex he was definitely going to be in on it.

Before Tay could formulate an answer, Ike started again. “What’s gotten into you lately, Tay? You seem to be constantly in trouble - and not just for little things like before, like talking back or fighting or swearing or something, but for big things like stealing and lying, or like taking Dad’s car and then getting picked up by a cop for speeding while driving without a license! Jesus Tay. When did you suddenly become willing to break all the rules, to deliberately disobey Mom and Dad at every turn? When did you get so reckless and daring and willing to risk everything? You don’t even seem to care that you’re grounded or that you’ll get punished really hard. Tay, Dad’s already used his belt on you twice! Once was enough for me forever. I don’t get it. And when did you decide it would be okay to bring a girl here or that it was okay to do whatever it was you did with her?” Ike took a deep breath. “How come everything we’ve been taught, everything Mom and Dad have drilled into us, doesn’t seem to affect you?

Tay was stunned by Ike’s speech. He had no idea that was what Ike had been feeling. He had no idea that was what he’d been doing! He was shocked at his own obliviousness. Just as his mother had checked off a whole list of offenses he hadn’t realized he’d committed, now he was listening to Ike do the same thing with an entirely different set of transgressions and feeling just as dumbfounded. He truly was speechless. It took several moments before he could compose himself enough to open his mouth and trust what came out.

“Ike, I …, I don’t know what to say,” he started, shaking his head forlornly. “I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I just wanted what I wanted and I didn’t stop to think about it or question it at all. Or to think who I might hurt. I don’t know why. I really don’t. I… I… I guess I just got … fed up or something. Fed up with all the rules and restrictions, and rebelled in some unconscious way.”

Taylor’s voice was starting to crack. The full weight of his wrong doing was finally beginning to sink in. “I didn’t mean to get in so much trouble though.” He was starting to crumble. “I … I don’t want another spanking,” he moaned, his shoulders beginning to heave. “Especially not with the belt! Oh god! Dad’s gonna kill me, isn’t he? What am I gonna do?”
And with that Tay buried his face in his hands and dissolved into tears. He was suddenly once again the little brother Ike knew and loved, and Ike crumbled too. He moved over to Tay and took him gently in his arms, rocking him softly. He didn’t have any words of comfort to offer though, so he just stayed quiet and looked sympathetically at Zac.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and their father appeared. Tay froze. Ike pulled away. Taylor had never felt so alone. He shivered as the horrible feeling washed over him. Their father stood there a moment then grabbed a chair and brought it over toward the bed, setting it down in front of his three nervous sons. He sat down, glaring at them, and cleared his throat. Ike was concerned, Zac was worried, Tay was terrified.

“Apparently, we need to have a very serious talk, boys,” Walker started. He had obviously been rehearsing what he was going to say. All three boys could see how much effort he was using to restrain his anger. Tay shuddered and swallowed hard, his eyes fixed on the floor, his fingers feverishly worrying the hem of his t-shirt. He knew this lecture was really directed at him and he felt so ashamed and guilty to have dragged his brothers into it. He knew he deserved it though. He was in deep trouble and was going to have to pay dearly.

His father took a long, slow breath. “Your mother and I have worked hard to instill certain values in you boys – certain essential moral and ethical standards - about fairness, honesty, respect, obedience, integrity, trustworthiness, responsibility, etcetera. We feel so strongly about these things that we have established very clear boundaries for you – these boundaries are designed to teach you, to help you make wise choices, and to protect you from making too many mistakes, especially very serious mistakes.” He looked pointedly at Taylor with these last words. “Now, I don’t know exactly what went on in this room today, but I do know what kind of unacceptable conduct led up to it, and I am …”

Walker stopped himself, pausing to regain his control. His anger was beginning to build to the breaking point. He took another deep breath, closed his eyes and silently counted to 10 before continuing. Looking straight at Taylor he said, “Your mother and I are deeply distressed by your behavior recently. We are appalled actually. Has nothing you’ve been taught gotten through to you?” His voice was starting to rise again, almost to yelling now, something he loathed doing.

“Dad, I … I… I’m … sorry,” Tay moaned, shrinking at his father’s fury. “I don’t know what to say. I didn’t think about it like that. I … I … just didn’t … think,” he stammered miserably.

“Did you have sex with that girl?” his father suddenly demanded furiously, nearly rising out of his seat, he was so angry. He had not intended to mix that issue in with everything else at stake here, but his anger finally got the better of him. Tay cringed, looking like he wanted to just curl into a tiny little ball and disappear. There was a long pause. Everyone held their breath. “I… um, I’m …um … not going to tell you that,” Tay finally managed to choke out, quietly, fearfully, knowing full well what might well be the result of his defiance. His brothers both gasped, shocked at Tay’s audacity.

Walker bolted out of his chair, nearly knocking it over in his anger. Tay tightened every fiber in his body against the expected onslaught. It didn’t come, however. Instead his father stopped himself, then turned away and began pacing the room, trying to decide what his next move should be. He didn’t want to punish Taylor when he was this angry – and he didn’t want to punish him for the wrong reasons. He fully intended to make his son’s backside pay dearly for everything that had led up to Candy’s visit. But he wasn’t going to spank Taylor for whatever the two of them may or may not have done, nor for his son’s unwillingness to reveal that information. That would need to be dealt with in another manner. He just wasn’t sure exactly how yet.

“I don’t think I believe in everything you believe in,” Tay blurted out, stunning everyone, including himself, with his words. “I … I … guess I have different values and beliefs from yours – about that, anyway,” he added weakly, eyes glued to the floor. “I can’t help it. I guess I just don’t agree with everything you, or Mom – or the church – tells us is right or wrong about it. I just don’t. I’m … I’m sorry. I know I did a lot of really bad things today – this week - and I deserve to be punished for them. But it won’t change my mind about this one.” Tay was trembling like a frightened puppy, but he was holding strong nonetheless.

There was a terrifying moment of stillness as everyone in the room tried to digest what Tay had just revealed. Walker stood there, his eyes wide with disbelief. If Taylor had just punched him in the stomach he couldn’t have been more shocked.

“I am at a loss,” Walker said sadly after a few moments. “I thought you knew better. I thought we had taught you the difference between right and wrong concerning this.”

There was another excruciating pause then Walker licked his lips and inhaled tightly. He turned to Zac. “Zachary, what about you? Do you feel this way too? The way Taylor does on this subject?” Zac looked petrified. How was he supposed to answer such a loaded question safely? He looked up at Tay, and then at Ike, rummaging frantically through his mind to figure out what he could say. But he knew the truth. When Tay had asked him to help with his plan to see Candy, he had known all along what Tay was going to do and he had readily – happily, even - agreed anyway. He looked up at his father and with as much conviction as he could muster under his father’s steely glare said softly, “I guess I feel like Tay does, Dad.”

His father looked stricken – like his knees might buckle. “Isaac?” he asked, hopefully. Ike wilted under his father’s gaze. He hung his head sadly, staring at his fingers which were fumbling nervously in his lap. “I just don’t know, Dad. I thought I did but I just don’t know … anymore,” was all he could say.

Walker looked defeated. He stood there for a moment wracking his brain for the right thing to do at this point – the right action to take. He closed his eyes and prayed for guidance and, to his surprise, was rewarded almost immediately with an answer. When he opened his eyes again he calmly and carefully detailed his plan.

“Okay, if that’s the way it is, then here is what is going to happen,” he said. “The three of you boys are going to go to see Pastor John.” There was an audible moan from all three brothers which only served to infuriate their father further. His anger began to build once again. “You will see him regularly and for as long as it takes!” he stated firmly, slamming his hand on the back of the chair for emphasis. “Together or apart as he sees fit and until such time as he feels he has convinced you of the error of your ways. Or at least until he feels he has taught you everything he can about this and that you have each come to whatever decisions you will. Your mother and I will not stand idly by and let you make these kinds of choices without the strong guidance of the people we most respect.”

And that was that. The boys sat there in stunned disbelief. Taylor was sick with guilt and shame at having been the cause of all this. He didn’t know how he could possibly make this up to his brothers. He felt completely overwhelmed and at a loss.

Walker, satisfied that he had made his point on the subject - had held his moral high ground and had determined the best course of action for his sons - took another deep breath and regrouped. Turning to Ike he said, “Ike, please call your mother on the intercom and have her come in here now, and tell her to bring the kitchen paddle with her.” Tay and Zac both winced at these words. “Then please bring me the hairbrush that’s on top of the dresser where your mother left it.” Tay’s whole body shuddered at this piece of information. Was his father going to spank him with both of those things?

Tay looked up warily and what he saw made him gasp. His father was unbuckling his belt. “Oh god,” Tay moaned internally. “He couldn’t really be going to spank me with all of them, could he?” This was almost too much to bear. He knew, however, that he had disobeyed and misbehaved on so many different levels that if taken individually would result in his getting quite a few spankings. He swallowed hard. Apparently he was going to get them all at once. He felt his stomach lurch at this realization.

Ike did as his father asked. None of the boys ever relished being enlisted to help in another one’s spanking, but they had long since agreed that there would be no repercussions or blame put on each other for this.

“Zac, please come here,” Walker said as he moved his chair back a bit and sat down in it again. Zac gulped. He looked at Taylor for moral support as he rose shakily to his feet. Tay nodded weakly. Zac moved over next to his father’s right side as indicated. He stood there nervously, fidgeting and bouncing, wondering just how bad this was going to be. It had been a long time since he had gotten two spankings in one day.

Ike handed his father the hairbrush just as their mother arrived. Walker then took the paddle his wife gave him and laid it, along with the brush and his belt, on the floor next to the left side of the chair. Then he looked up at Zac and asked pointedly, “Exactly how many phone calls did you make for Taylor to help him out with his little plan?” Zac seemed to shrink several inches at this question and grow decidedly more uneasy. His father obviously wanted to establish just how serious Zac’s involvement had been. Zac knew very well that the truth would really infuriate his dad. He frantically tried to figure out a way to answer that would be less incriminating – but it was no use. There was really only one answer. “Three,” he muttered pitifully.

His father’s stunned reaction made his heart skip a beat. Walker had dearly hoped that Zac had made only one, or, at the most, two calls. But three! Three was simply unacceptable. Walker groaned, disappointed beyond words. Then he asked, “And did you know what you were helping Taylor to do? Did you know what his ultimate intentions were when Candy got here?” Zac was sunk and he knew it. He shifted uncomfortably, getting tenser by the second. “Yes, sir,” was all he could say.

His senses being as heightened as they were, Zac became acutely aware of a certain subtle shift in his father’s demeanor. Suddenly he was struck with an awful thought. There were several rules in their family concerning spankings. One was that children were never spanked until they were at least 7 or 8 years old – their parents didn’t believe that a child was old enough to fully grasp the consequences of their behavior until then, so punishment was less severe. They might get a time out in the corner, or perhaps even the occasional sharp swat on the bottom, but not a real spanking. Then, when they were finally considered old enough to spank, and for the next several years after, spankings were limited to a maximum of 20 smacks, no matter how serious the misbehavior. That was deemed plenty enough for punishment at that age. However, a third rule was that by the age of 13 any child could and should be held fully responsible for their behavior choices and be made to suffer the full extent of the prescribed punishment. That meant, among other things, that the number of spanks rose to 40! Doubled. Zac had turned 13 two months ago.

Walker reached out and began to unfastened Zac’s pants. Zac panicked and instinctively tried to stop him, but quickly thought better of it, knowing well the cost of such an action. His father then lowered Zac’s pants and took him immediately across his knees. Zac whimpered. He tried to find a position that offered some semblance of control and dignity but that was basically impossible. His father peeled the back of his underwear down.

Then began a hand spanking unlike any Zac had ever received before. The sting was unbelievable. Each resounding smack caused Zac to gasp and groan, squirming and kicking in a vain attempt to in some way – any way - make the pain stop. When his father reached 20 smacks and showed no signs of slowing, let alone stopping, Zac completely succumbed to the awful humiliation of the situation. He didn’t have the endurance to deal with the length of this new punishment. He pleaded desperately with his father to stop. He knew it was futile, though – he’d certainly seen plenty of the spankings given to his older brothers - but he had to at least try. He couldn’t have stopped himself anyway, so lost was he in the overwhelming misery of it all.

By the end of the spanking Zac was panting hard and crying unabashedly. His father let him lay there over his knees for a few moments allowing the full impact of the spanking to sink in. Then he pulled Zac’s underwear up and put him back on his feet, motioning for him to pull up his pants. Sniffling and hiccupping, wiping his wet cheeks and runny nose with the back of his hand, Zac did as he was told. His bottom had never felt so burning hot before, and he put both his hands over it to try and ease the awful sting as he tried to get himself back under control.

Walker then turned to Taylor. Tay had been so distraught at the role he had played in Zac’s current predicament that he had blocked out as much of his poor brother’s punishment as he could. His focus instead had been glued to that ominous pile of spanking implements on the floor next to his father’s chair. The fact that his father had used none of them on Zac was not lost in the least on Tay. On the contrary, he was nearly paralyzed with fear at the obvious implication.

“Taylor,” his father said, startling him out of his trance and sending a flood of adrenalin rushing through him. Tay swallowed hard and rose automatically, if shakily, to his feet. “I want you to know that you are not being punished for whatever you and Candy did in this room today. That is between you and your conscience, and you will work that out with Pastor John. You are being punished, however, for lying, for deliberately disobeying, for all the rules you broke, for setting a terrible example for your younger brother, and for taking advantage of all of us. Do you understand?” “Yes, sir,” Taylor answered meekly, his head hanging, his palms sweating, his lower jaw beginning to tremble. “Come here!” his father demanded.

Taylor glanced quickly at his mother but felt too ashamed to actually meet her eyes. He wasn’t exactly sure how he managed to put one foot in front of the other, but he somehow got himself over to his father’s side. Without a moment’s pause his father grabbed the waistband of his pants, unfastened them with expert hands, and then, with a rough jerk, yanked them down nearly to his ankles.

One sharp wrench later and Taylor found himself face to face with that pile of spanking instruments. “Ohhhh,” he moaned, as his father practically tore his underpants off his backside. The first smack landed hard and Tay gasped. “Oh my god,” he thought. He was getting a hand spanking first! That meant he was going to be spanked four different ways. This was nearly unfathomable and he squeezed his eyes tight shut trying to obliterate the whole horrible scene.

His father laid into him like never before. The very first blow completely re-ignited the smoldering fire his mother had lit on his backside only a couple hours earlier. It took his breath away. Tay struggled hard to steady himself and to control his cries, but this spanking was going to be worse than anything he had ever imagined in his wildest dreams. He vowed then and there never to make his father this angry again – ever!

His father gave his bottom 40 harsh, stinging spanks with the hard flat of his palm without a single moment of relief. Tay was gasping and sobbing when his father finally stopped, but the reprieve lasted only long enough for him to angrily demand, “Taylor, hand me the paddle.” Tay was utterly humiliated. He was going to have to actually hand his father the next instrument of his punishment. With a trembling hand he reached out to the floor and picked up the hated paddle, then whimpering pitifully, handed it back to his father.

The paddle smacked his burning bottom with a load crack and Taylor nearly rose to his feet at the pain. His father quickly tightened his grip on his squirming son. The stinging paddle fell again and again and again, the sound so deafening to Taylor’s ears he could barely comprehend anything else but that, and the unbearable burning sensation he felt with each smack. His father gave him 40 merciless spanks with the paddle, all the while Taylor struggled and cried and pleaded desperately for him to stop. His father paused for a moment to allow the nerve endings in Taylor’s flaming bottom to fully swell to their most sensitive capacity, and to prevent any numb-out from occurring. Then, he ordered Taylor to hand him the hairbrush.

Taylor was beside himself with misery. How was he ever going to get through this? Nevertheless, he handed his father the hairbrush and the never-ending, agonizing spanking continued, the hard back of the brush smacking his backside with ever increasing intensity. The pain was exploding exponentially. And there was still the belt to endure.

Without even realizing he was doing it, Taylor reached his right hand back, desperately attempting to protect his blazing bottom from the unrelenting assault. His father promptly pinned his wrist to the back of his waist, thereby effectively disabling him from further interference. This left Tay not only completely defenseless but unable to use his hand to even help stabilize himself against the blows. And the spanking continued. Tay’s poor defenseless bottom had been stung 120 excruciating times when his father finally took his next break. He released Taylor’s hand, placing the hairbrush in it, and ordered, “Put this down and give me the belt!”

Six weeks ago, when he’d taken his dad’s car out for that ill-fated joyride, Taylor had been spanked hard by his father, first with his hand and then, for the first time ever, with the belt - and this was after being spanked with the paddle by the cop who’d picked him up. Only one month later, after his mother had discovered the journal he’d stolen and lied about, she’d given him a blistering hand spanking, and then later that night his father had spanked him again, first with the hairbrush and then, for the second time, with the belt – and this had been done in front of the whole family and several other people as well. After each of those spankings Taylor had been absolutely certain that was the worst it could ever get. He’d been dead wrong. He knew that now. Nothing – nothing – compared to the spanking his father was giving him now. Nothing like this spanking had ever been given to anyone else in the family, ever! - first, a full-out hand spanking, then the paddle, then the brush, now the belt – and with barely a break to catch his breath.

Tay placed the hairbrush on the floor as his father had ordered, then shakily, wearily, grasped the belt. There was nothing else to be done. He weakly reached behind himself and felt his father take the belt. He kept his hand back there protectively, instinctively, unable to do anything else at this point. As soon as his father had folded the belt, he pinned Tay’s wrist to his waist again. There was one of those interminable, god awful pauses and then Tay felt the first burning lash of the belt on his already scorched bottom. He screamed at the pain. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. “Daddy, noooooo,” he wailed. “Pleeease, nooooo. I… I… can’t….” His voice trailed off.

Taylor was shaking, crying uncontrollably across his father’s lap, his bottom fire-engine red, and burning and throbbing intolerably. By now Walker was nearly as exhausted as his sobbing son. He had fully intended to give Taylor 40 spanks with the belt too, but he knew now that there was no way either of them could handle that much. He continued to thrash his naughty son’s bottom a bit longer, but after about a dozen or so more spanks he decided they’d both had enough. For now, anyway. There would be plenty of time later if he felt Tay still needed it.

Suddenly the room was silent, save for Taylor’s whimpers and moans. No one moved. Taylor was so lost in his own misery that he was oblivious to everything else – including the fact that the spanking had stopped. After a few more moments passed, however, he became aware of the stillness and he shifted uncomfortably. That simple movement made him gasp, and caused his father to stir as well.

Walker carefully pulled Taylor’s underpants back up and then lifted his limp son off his lap, setting him back on his feet. Taylor just stood there, miserable and humiliated, knees shaking, one hand covering his face in shame, the other trying, pathetically, ineffectually, to soothe his poor throbbing bottom. Several more awkward moments passed. Finally Walker stood up and cleared his throat. “Pull your pants up Taylor,” he said, his voice still cold and tight, but oddly quivery. When Taylor didn’t budge, Walker bent down and pulled Taylor’s pants up himself. Taylor peered nervously up at his father from between his protective shield of fingers and was shocked. His father’s face was shiny with tears and he looked close to breaking down.

Tay let out a heart-wrenching groan and lunged forward into his father’s startled but welcoming arms. “I’m so sorry Daddy. I really am. I’m so sorry,” he sobbed. “Please don’t cry Daddy. I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I did it. Please Daddy.” Tay was utterly distraught. How could he have done this to his father? Or his mother? Or his brothers? His parents adored him, he knew that without a doubt. They loved him with all their hearts. They did so much for him, only did what they thought was right for him, and this was how he repaid them? He was mortified and horrified at his own selfish, insensitive behavior.

He held onto his father with all his might, silently trying to convey both his desperate plea for forgiveness and his sincerest, deepest, most heart-felt regret. His father’s strong, loving arms hugged him tightly, rocking him soothingly, assuring him that all would be all right. The powerful sensation of grateful relief Taylor felt was almost more than he could bear. He craved that overwhelming feeling of release – of having paid his dues; the possibility of a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start. He welcomed it like a warm wave washing over him. He wasn’t sure he really deserved it – not yet. He had so much to apologize and repent for. But he would make it up to everyone somehow, someway. He would earn back everyone’s trust and belief in him. And he would stay out of trouble. He would. He was absolutely sure of that. He also knew he’d see Candy again, but he wouldn’t do it under his parent’s noses, and he wouldn’t break any rules or involve anyone else to do it. And he’d be way more careful the next time.