Taylor’s Candy, Part 1
Author: Amy

Isaac was watching his brothers curiously. “What the hell are they up to?” he wondered with big-brotherly concern. He was, after all, the oldest and, therefore, in charge by default when their parents weren’t around. The three of them were supposed to be practicing while the rest of the family was out for the day, but Zac and Tay were procrastinating. And the two of them kept giving each other knowing looks, and even giggling, too. They were clearly in cahoots about something and Ike didn’t like it.

Suddenly the door bell rang and Tay bolted for it, nearly knocking Zac over in his excitement to answer it. When Ike saw Tay’s overzealous reaction, and then saw who was at the door, the whole scheme became pitifully clear – and he was furious! Tay, apparently with Zac’s help, had plotted to invite Candy over, using him as an unwitting accomplice in the process. “Oh man, he is so dead,” Ike fumed to himself.

Candy was the make-up assistant from the Tonight Show that Taylor had a crush on. Evidently the feelings were mutual because she was standing in the doorway to their rented house right now lip-locked with Tay. In some families this might not have been that unusual, but in theirs it was against all rules – especially because their parents were out. Not to mention the fact that Tay was still grounded from another incident that had gone down on that very same day they had been on the Leno show – the last time Tay had seen Candy. Ike was stunned that Tay would risk getting in so much trouble again, after being punished so severely only a little more than a week ago. What was wrong with his brother anyway? How stupid could he be? There was no way he was going to get away with this. Their parents were sure to find out. But not from him, he decided. Ike was pissed, but he certainly wasn’t a tattle-tale.

Tay pulled Candy inside. He nodded a grateful thank-you to Zac, then threw Ike a sheepish grin, searching for acceptance from his big brother. Ike just rolled his eyes angrily, shrugged, then turned away. Tay, deciding that this was good enough, grabbed Candy’s hand, and quickly disappeared up the stairs with her.

Throwing a disapproving glance at Zac as well, Ike turned to go downstairs to the rehearsal space they had set up. He was disgusted with both of them. Zac quickly followed him, feeling guilty and hoping he could convince Ike not to turn them in. If he didn’t persuade him he and Tay were both gonna pay big time.

Once alone together in his bedroom, Tay and Candy fell into each other’s arms, mouths and hands ravenously groping. Candy had introduced Tay to some amazing things in the back area of the make-up room that memorable day. At fifteen, Taylor was still a virgin and had barely even kissed much before then. Candy was three years older and considerably more experienced. They had started with a passionate make-out session, her hands moving all over his body – to places he hadn’t known could feel so good when another person touched them. And she had helped him explore her body too - taught him where and how to touch her to make her feel good. He had been nearly overwhelmed with all the sensations, thinking nothing could ever possibly compare - until she undid his pants, dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. That had put him right over the top. The feeling was beyond anything in his wildest imagination. These unbelievable sensations, and the desperate desire to experience them again, had led him to devise the risky and rather hasty plan to see her today. Being grounded and, therefore, unable to use the phone, he had corralled Zac into making the necessary calls. Zac had been more than happy to help so it hadn’t taken much cajoling. Now he was once again in “Candy heaven”.

An hour or so later, clothes having been mostly re-situated, the two of them were sitting on the floor recovering. Tay was leaning up against Zac’s bed, his legs spread wide, with Candy sitting between them, her legs wrapped around him. They were gently nuzzling and kissing, basking in the afterglow.

Their blissful reverie was suddenly shattered when the door to his bedroom was flung open. There stood Tay’s mother, her arms full of clean, folded laundry she was delivering to her sons’ room, assuming they were all downstairs rehearsing. Her eyes grew as big as saucers and her jaw literally dropped as the shock of realization hit her.

Taylor gasped, his body jolted by an explosion of adrenalin. “MOM! I … I …,” he stuttered. He clumsily pulled himself up to standing as Candy backed away and rose to her feet as well. “Oh god, this is so bad,” she groaned silently. Taylor looked stricken. He was pale and shaky. The silence in the room was absolutely deafening.

His mother swallowed slowly and gathered herself to speak. “Where are your brothers?” she asked, her voice as cold and hard as steel. Tay’s whole body shuddered. “Um …, um…, they’re in the basement,” he stammered, his heart pounding so loudly he could hardly hear anything else. “But they didn’t have anything to do with this, Mom. I swear,” he added quickly. Tay was hoping to at least save their butts. His was toast. There was zero doubt about that.

She threw him a look that basically said “don’t even try to say anything,” as she walked over to the wall and pushed the button on the intercom. “Zachary! Isaac! Get up here now!” “Oh shit,” Zac said very clearly just before Ike nervously responded, “Mom? What are you … Why are you home?”

“Zoe got sick so I brought her home. But that’s not the point. Get yourselves up here this instant,” she demanded. It was obvious she was furious. “Yes ma’am,” they both answered promptly, not wanting to anger her more.

Taylor’s palms were sticky and sweaty with fear, and he rubbed them on his pants legs as his mother turned back to face him. “Go get the hairbrush,” she said coldly. Tay moaned audibly. “Please Mom. Please don’t do this. I’m sorry. I …,” he begged. He knew how pathetic he sounded, but he had to at least try to stop this awful scene from happening. He couldn’t let her spank him in front of Candy. He would just die. “Now!” she yelled angrily. Tay flinched at her tone and, knowing any further delays on his part would only worsen matters, quickly started for the door. He was praying that she wouldn’t smack his bottom as he passed by her.

Thankfully, Diana turned back to Candy as her contrite son left the room. “I’m so sorry Mrs. Hanson. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have come here. Please don’t punish Taylor for this,” Candy pleaded. But Diana didn’t waver in her resolve one tiny bit. “There is no way this is all your fault Candy, so don’t even try to get Taylor out of the very serious trouble he is in right now. I don’t know exactly what went on here today, but I can assure you that Taylor had every ability to stop it if he so desired. He knows the rules in our house and the consequences for this kind of behavior. I am very disappointed in you, however, for not making better choices yourself. What you did is very wrong. And I think you knew that before you even came here.” Candy had tears rolling down her face by the time the lecture ended.

Taylor slowly made his way down the hall to his parent’s bedroom to get the despised hairbrush that was soon to be wreaking havoc on his backside. He was completely stunned by the sudden, awful turn of events. How could he have been so stupid as to not have thought through all the possible things that could go wrong with his plan? He’d been so self-absorbed and single-minded in his objective that he’d clearly lost all his common sense. No wonder Ike had looked at him that way earlier.

On his way back to his bedroom with the brush he met his brothers heading there too. Embarrassed, he quickly hid the brush behind his back, feeling silly even as he did it. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know exactly what he was about to get. Zac looked worried, yet sympathetic, but Ike was raving mad. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Ike,” Tay moaned, imploring his brother to forgive him. “I tried to tell her you didn’t have anything to do with it, but she wouldn’t listen.” “You are so dead,” was all Ike said. “I know,” Tay sighed under his breath as he followed his brothers into the room where his punishment awaited.

He could see by Candy’s face that his mother had put her through the wringer, but he was too embarrassed to look her in the eye. He just kept his gaze firmly on the floor. His mother turned to Ike first. “Did you know what was going on up here while you two were in the basement?” she demanded heatedly. Ike nervously licked his lips. “Yes Mom. I did,” he answered, honest as always. “But I had no idea about any of it until the doorbell rang and it was her,” he added, motioning towards Candy. “Tay knew I didn’t like it, but I didn’t know how to stop it either.” His mother nodded and then turned toward Zac. “And you?” she asked suspiciously, her third oldest son looking noticeably guilty.

“Mom, pleeease,” Tay started again, hoping to save Zac from his mother’s wrath. “It was all my fault, not theirs.” His mother put her hand up sharply to silence him and said “Zac? What did you know about this?”

Zac swallowed hard. “I … um …I knew she was coming over,” he answered uneasily, head hanging, one foot tracing patterns on the floor. “I was the one who made the phone calls to help set it all up since Tay was grounded.” He said this all in one breath, his eyes glued to the floor, praying he’d win some points for coming clean right away. “Ohhh,” his mother groaned, the disappointment so obvious in her voice it made Zac cringe.

She turned back to Taylor, even angrier with him now than she was before, as it was becoming quite clear that he had taken advantage of everyone involved to pull off this selfish, deceitful stunt. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him roughly over to Zac’s bed. Taylor felt that old familiar panicky feeling overtaking him. He was at a loss as to what to do to stop his mother. How could he ever face Candy again after she saw what his mother was about to do to him? He was mortified. “Mom, pleeease,” he begged desperately. “Please don’t do this in front of Candy. I …, I can’t …” His voice just faded away as emotions swelled so powerfully in him they took all his remaining fight.

His mother reached out and pulled him closer by the waistband of his pants, wasting no time in unfastening them and pulling them down. She was so silent it was scaring him more than the tongue lashing she would normally be giving him. Tay shut his eyes and hoped with all his might that she might at least save him the ultimate embarrassment of spanking him on his bare bottom. She snatched the hairbrush out of his hand and with a sharp jerk, turned her disobedient son over her knee. Tay’s hands reached out to the floor to break his fall, his feet flying up behind him. Then his mother yanked the back of his underwear down. He felt utterly and horribly humiliated.

There was a moment’s pause as his mother regrouped and focused her anger sharply on the task at hand. She reached around Taylor’s waist and pinned him securely with her left arm. She didn’t want any distractions from his squirming. Then she lifted the hairbrush, bringing it painfully down on her naughty son’s bottom with such force that it took Taylor’s breath away. He gasped, trying to recover, but the second blow landed before he had a chance. It took nearly a dozen stinging spanks before he could manage a sound, and even then it was barely a whimper. A few more swats though, and he found his voice. He began to wail and beg. “Ohhh (spank), NO (spank), please (spank), please (spank), pleeease (spank), MOM (spank), don’t (spank), NO More (spank), Please (spank), Oh god (spank), It hurts (spank), it hurts so bad (spank), Momma pleeease (spank), I’m sorry (spank), I’m so sorry (spank), I … (spank), I … (spank), Ohhhh!”

He struggled and thrashed about, kicking and flailing, crying and pleading, trying frantically, desperately, to handle the pain. He couldn’t though, and he finally just dissolved into absolute despair. And his mother wasn’t even half through blistering his bottom yet! When she felt his resistance dissipate, she simply redoubled her efforts – able now, without his struggling, to focus her entire intention on spanking his bottom to an angry, burning, fire engine red he would never forget. Tay bawled uninhibitedly, unable to stop, unable to think, unable to do anything but lay there and suffer the full effect of the pain and humiliation he was experiencing.

His mother didn’t stop spanking her disobedient son’s scorched backside until she had completely exhausted herself. By that time she had smacked his bare bottom nearly a hundred times. After she delivered the final devastating spank she sat there for a few moments trying to catch her own breath while Taylor panted and sobbed over her knees. Then she pulled his underwear back up and stood him back on his feet. She was thoroughly disgusted with him and was going to need some time to calm down before she could speak to him civilly. Taylor’s bottom was on fire and his mother couldn’t bear to even look at him right now. He was completely miserable.

Then she pointed to Zac and motioned for him to come over. Zac went white with fear as he realized she was going to spank him too, and right in front of Candy. He tried to swallow the lump that formed in his throat but was unsuccessful. At least, he thought, she would be tired from spanking Taylor so hard. “Please, please don’t let her pull my underwear down,” he prayed silently.

“Mom, please don’t spank him,” Taylor begged, shocked out of his own distress by the realization of what was happening. “I’m the one who had him do it. Pleeease.” Taylor couldn’t bear the guilt of knowing Zac was getting punished for something he’d asked him to do.

But his mother simply shook her head sadly. “Zac knew better. He could have said ‘no.’ And watching him get spanked for helping you disobey and break the rules is part of your punishment too.” She looked pointedly at Candy as she said this as well.

“Pants down!” was all she said when Zac reached her side. With shaky fingers he did as he was told. He had given up all resistance, so she easily pulled him down across her knees. Deciding that compared to what Taylor had done, Zac’s transgression was relatively minor, and also, because there was an unrelated girl in the room, she reluctantly granted what she new was his silent prayer, allowing him some dignity by not baring his bottom. However, since there was going to be a layer of cloth protecting his backside, (and there was that swear word to pay for), she determined to use the hairbrush and not just her hand to discipline him. Zac just squeezed his eyes tight shut and tightened every muscle he could. His mother’s spankings were always awful and he was expecting the worst, especially given the state she was in right now. And although it wasn’t the hardest or longest spanking he’d ever gotten from her, nonetheless, it was bad enough, and he was whimpering and struggling before she was half way done. By the end he was crying openly. When she pulled him back up to standing and helped him pull his pants back up, he buried his face in his hands and stood there trembling with the shame of it.

His mother took a deep breath, then sighed sadly and rose slowly to her feet. She turned to Taylor and spoke - as calmly as she could manage. “You have broken my trust. And your father’s. You lied to us. You deliberately disobeyed. You took advantage of all of us. You used our belief in you that you would follow certain rules, and turned it against us – turned it to your gain. You enticed your younger brother to follow your lead, and you put Ike in a terrible position. In addition, you were already grounded from a very recent episode of very bad behavior. Did nothing that happened to you last time teach you anything? Also, you brought a girl into the house when your father and I were out. This is strictly forbidden and you know it. Lastly, you brought a girl into your room. And that is simply unacceptable!” She paused a moment, then added, “Taylor, I… I am ashamed of you. When your father gets home… Well, I don’t know what else to say.” She was as worn out as her sons’ backsides.

Taylor just stood there dumbfounded. His mother’s listing of all his many transgressions left him stunned. He was having a hard time breathing and was beside himself, trembling from head to foot with guilt and shame. He hadn’t for a moment considered all the ramifications of his pathetic, selfish little plot to see Candy again.

His mother walked toward the door, then turned and added solemnly, “Say goodbye to Candy, then you are to stand in the corner and think about what you have done until I tell you otherwise. Zac, you are restricted to your room too. There will be no talking. Do you both understand me?” “Yes ma’am,” they replied in unison, Taylor’s voice decidedly more shaky.

Diana stood in the doorway and watched as Candy ran to Tay and hugged him, bursting into tears. “Oh Tay, I had no idea. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get you in so much trouble. If I had known I would never have come,” she sobbed. Tay, barely able to think past the pain and disgrace he was feeling, tried to soothe her and assure her it wasn’t her fault. They hugged, secretly promising to see each other again whenever Tay was finally allowed out. Then she gave Zac a quick hug too, and left. His mother closed the door behind her.

Taylor caught Zac’s eye and tried to apologize without words. He knew he would have to really make it up to him later. Zac just nodded sadly and went over to his bed, collapsing face down on it. Tay went to the corner his mother had indicated and stood there, silently reviewing the whole horrible episode. He was still shaking from head to foot and tears continued to fall for a long time. His bottom was on fire and his clothes were chafing and creating a thermal effect that only increased the heat. He put his face in his hands and succumbed to the weight of the whole awful event.

Nearly half an hour later, their mother returned. She told them she was going to take Zoe to the doctor. She allowed Taylor to come out of the corner but said they were both confined to their room till further notice. Ike was leaving as well to visit his girlfriend, but everyone would be back, including their father and the rest of the family, in about an hour. They were to work on their homework, and they were not to speak to each other until then. Lastly, she added the chilling words, “Taylor, I have spoken to your father and you can expect to be severely punished when he gets home.” He shivered, tears welling and threatening to spill over again, remembering what had happened the last time she had said those very words to him.

To be continued…