The Girl Down the Street

Chapter 1

“Are you sure about this?” Taylor asked nervously. He’d only just met this girl - and now she was inviting him into her house when her folks were out, and asking him if he wanted to see her bedroom! A large part of him was thrilled – he was sixteen after all; but a small part of him, the part his parents had trained well, knew it was a very bad idea. At least for him. Maybe her folks wouldn’t care, but his definitely would.

“Sure,” she said, the withering look she threw him making him feel silly and immature for even asking. He definitely didn’t want to seem like either of those things at this critical juncture in their relationship. In fact he wanted the exact opposite – to appear to be the smooth operator; the experienced, famous, world-weary rock star that he liked to think he was. He didn’t feel like any of those at the moment, though. Far from it. He knew very well what his parents would do to him if they knew where he was right now, and it was anything but rock-star-like.

He shrugged in response though, hoping he would come off as nonchalant and carefree, and then followed her down the hall. His heart was beating wildly. He really liked this girl, and wanted to impress her. Her family had moved in down the street about a month before and she had immediately walked over and introduced herself; strode right up to Tay and his brothers as they were unloading recording equipment into their garage, stuck her hand out boldly and said, “Hi. My name’s Kristen. Kristen Jacobs.” And Tay had been instantly smitten. She was beautiful and confident and sexy, and not a little intimidating. Perfect.

He let her pull him inside her room and right over to her bed where she sat down and patted the covers next to her. She was looking at him provocatively and he could feel things stirring in him that were downright stimulating. Without another thought he plopped himself next to her, pulled her close and kissed her, praying he hadn’t misread her intentions but too eager to wait to find out. This was heaven.

She kissed him back and he melted into her with relief. Oh man, it felt so good. Soon they were lying side by side, limbs entangled, totally lost in the wild feelings. Time went by unnoticed and all that existed for either of them were the warm, wet, silky sensations.

Suddenly the door opened and the intoxicating spell was shattered. There stood Kristen’s mother. Tay immediately recognized her as the new secretary at their church and his stomach wrenched. He’d seen her for the first time last Sunday, and he remembered that she had mentioned that her husband and daughter were both home sick. “Oh god,” Tay groaned silently. If he had known who she was he would never have come here. Their church had strict rules about what kids were allowed to do or not do, and this would definitely fall into the latter category. Why had Kristen made it seem like it would be okay, he wondered? Her mother sure looked angry. He was confused … and scared.

Tay quickly pulled himself together and up onto his feet. He looked back at Kristen expecting her to be irritated at her mother for barging in on them considering how cavalier she’d been about it all earlier, but instead he saw a young girl who looked stricken and panicked. He knew then that her bravado had all been a façade. His stomach lurched again. She was in big trouble - it was pretty obvious - and that meant so was he.

“Wait here!” was all her mother said, and then she turned and left. Tay looked at Kristen once more, trying to read the situation in her face, but her expression showed nothing but blank fear. Suddenly her mother was back and Tay’s gut knotted at what he saw; she had a hairbrush in her hand and it looked very much like the one his mother had – the kind she never used to brush hair. He knew now exactly where this was headed.

“NO! Mom pleeeease,” Kristen cried. “Don’t do this. Pleeeease. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again!” Tay wanted to cover his ears and run screaming from their house. This was all too close for comfort.

He watched horrified as Mrs. Jacobs stormed over to the bed, pulled her daughter up, flipped the trembling girl over her knee, bared her backside, and spanked her hard with that brush. He winced sharply at each blow, way too familiar with exactly how that felt. He could only stand there, frozen in place, and pray that Mrs. Jacob’s wouldn’t report him to his folks for this. He’d be in for at least as much as she was giving her daughter, if not way more. He’d already been caught once in an eerily similar situation about a year ago and the punishment had been something he’d never want to repeat.

Watching the spanking was mesmerizing though. Tay had never seen another girl get spanked – at least not one who wasn’t related. And especially not one he was attracted to. It was titillating to put it mildly. He felt ashamed to be indulging such fantasies and sensations at her expense but was at a loss as to how to control them. They were overwhelmingly powerful. He could only hope it wasn’t too obvious. His cheeks bright red, he clasped his hands strategically in front of him.

When Mrs. Jacob’s finished spanking Kristen, she let her up and turned to Tay. He had a moment of panic when he thought he might be next in line for a trip over her knee, but instead she simply said, “I think you should go now, young man. And you need to tell your parents what happened here. I’m sure they wouldn’t approve now would they?” Tay had no idea if she knew who he was or who his parents were, and he didn’t want to find out either. He just wanted to get out of there. Still, he felt he had to answer in some way for the sake of politeness.

“Yes ma’am,” he mumbled obediently, intending to dash out as soon as his words were acknowledged, but she caught him off guard with her next series of rapid fire questions.

“What’s your name by the way? Where do you live? Do your parents know where you are - what you are doing? Do your parents spank you? I hope so because you deserve at least what Kristen got.”

Taylor groaned, squirming uneasily. He swallowed hard trying to figure out how he was going to get out of this situation without incriminating himself. He didn’t want to reveal any information that could enable her to turn him in – and he definitely had no intention of doing so himself. This was going to be his little secret, he’d already decided.

“Taylor,” he muttered, hoping that would suffice and he could get out of there. He almost added, “I live up the street,” but caught himself in time. Let her find that out for herself if she wants to, he thought. He didn’t need to hand himself over on a silver platter.

Mrs. Jacobs nodded, but added, “Well Taylor, I’m waiting,” none too patiently. “Do your parents know where you are? What you are doing? Do your parents spank you?”

Taylor didn’t want to answer any of those questions, especially the last one. He was feeling cornered, embarrassed, and extremely uncomfortable, especially since Kristen was standing there, her face buried in her hands, sobbing, probably praying desperately for him to leave so she could suffer in private. And he didn’t want to lose face in front of her either. He didn’t want to destroy his “rock star” image.

His skin prickled. “No ma’am,” he replied, almost indignantly.

The minute the words left his mouth he wanted to kick himself, but the damage was done now. He couldn’t very well retract the statement without looking like a total idiot so it had to stand. He just hoped that answering all those questions with a single “no” would camouflage the fact that he’d outright lied about the last one, but Mrs. Jacobs zeroed in on it right away.

“Well, that’s too bad young man, because it would do you a world of good, that’s for sure. If you were my son I’d blister your bottom but good. Now off with you. Kristen is grounded so I don’t think you’ll be seeing her again any time soon.” And with that she ushered Taylor out of the room, down the hall and out the front door.

The second he found himself alone on their front walk he was overcome with panic. Why, oh why had he lied, he berated himself? It was so stupid. And uncalled for. He just hadn’t wanted to seem immature and childish, and having Kristen know he still got spanked – even though she obviously still did - would have totally destroyed the impression he wanted to give. It was so foolish though, and he knew it, because the truth was bound to come out and then it would be so much worse for him. Sullenly he walked home, trying to rid himself of his fears and put on a good front.

Chapter 2

Days went by, however, and to Tay’s surprise, nothing came of it. He was a nervous wreck though and jumped frequently whenever the door bell or telephone rang, fearing he’d finally been found out. He knew it wasn’t really worth the constant dread but the knowledge of what he’d get if his folks ever found out kept his lips sealed. And the more time passed, the worse it got.

He even tried to plead sick on the following Sunday so he could get out of going to church; he didn’t want to run into the Jacobs’s there. His mother, who’d been watching him all week and was wondering what was up, would have none of it though. She knew him well and had a feeling he was hiding something; and his blatant attempt to snow her by feigning illness didn’t help his case at all.

She glared at him to see if he would break under her stare and when he looked away guiltily she knew she had him. So she simply pulled him up off his bed, gave him a powerful swat on his bottom, and said, “I don’t know what you’re up to, mister, but you’ll get dressed and join us for church this morning if you know what’s good for you.” Taylor yelped, his hand going back to comfort his stinging backside, but did as he was told. He didn’t want any more trouble. He just wanted to keep a low profile and stay out of the path of fire. Church loomed like a raging inferno though.

He lurked and skulked around during the service trying to stay as inconspicuous as possible. The Jacobs’s were all there though and he badly wanted to talk to Kristen to see how she was feeling - if he could only manage to do so without drawing any attention to himself. When he noticed her head out the side door he saw his chance and quickly followed. He had to make sure she wasn’t mad at him for having been witness to her humiliation, and also to assure her that he wanted to see her again if she would even still have him. It took some work on his part to get her over her embarrassment but he was able to create a little future for them at least – when her grounding was over. And somehow he did all that without revealing his little secret.

Church ended and the two families went home with no further damage done. Tay was astonished. He’d dodged another bullet and was beginning to feel a little less nervous. Maybe even a touch cocky. His mother had her eye on him though. She had no idea what he was up to, but was more than a little suspicious.

Nearly a week went by and still nothing, and Tay had calmed considerably. Then one day, while he was quietly and innocently lying on his bed reading, unsuspecting of any danger, his mother suddenly came storming in. He knew in an instant he was in serious trouble but at first he couldn’t figure out why - the Kristen incident had been so long ago already.

“Do you know a Mrs. Jacobs and her daughter, Kristen?” his mother hissed at him. She was clearly furious and not about to take any hemming or hawing on his part; it was obvious she already knew the answer.

“Um,” Taylor muttered, pulling himself to sitting so he wouldn’t be quite so vulnerable. His mother was hovering over him like a massive black storm cloud and it made him feel very small. “I … I …um … yes,” he admitted, wondering how on earth he’d been discovered; and what his mother really knew.

“I heard an interesting story today at the store when I ran into another woman from church there,” his mother began, wanting to set the entire trap so he would be cornered completely. “She told me that a Mrs. Jacobs, apparently our new neighbor, had come up to her after the service last Sunday, pointed you out, and asked who you were. She then went on to say that she’d caught you with her daughter in her bedroom in a very compromising position. Is this true?”

Her eyes were like hot laser beams burning holes in Tay’s veneer, weakening it thoroughly before he could even attempt his own defense. He dropped his gaze and sat there, glaringly guilty, fidgeting furiously with his fingers. Just the thought of answering that question made him wince.

“Is this true!” she demanded again sharply, making Taylor jump. “Answer me now!”

Tay swallowed hard, his heart beating so fast he thought it might take off. He couldn’t look at his mother at all, and he knew very well that was sealing his fate even tighter. He stayed silent as long as he possibly could without making his mother take even more drastic steps to get him to answer, then mumbled, “yes ma’am” barely audibly – as if having the words be really quiet would somehow lessen their impact.

“Stand up!” she ordered. He looked up at her pleadingly. It was clear from her angry glower, however, that obeying her immediately was the only option if he wanted to continue to live. He stood up. “I don’t know what to say to you Taylor. I am more than disappointed. You know the rules about this,” she scolded angrily. “I think your father will have more than a little to say about this, don’t you? Now move!” And with a sharp smack to his behind she marshaled him out the door and down to the kitchen, her vice grip on his arm telling him more than he wanted to know about just how serious a mess he was in.

Chapter 3

Tay frantically tried to keep up with his mother so she wouldn’t pull him too hard. She finally let him go at the top of the stairs, forcefully ushering him in front of her instead, and it was all he could do to keep his bottom out of her reach. She was in spanking mode and his backside was her favorite target at times like that. Still, he knew he was already doomed and was only buying time at this point. His bottom was toast. Burnt toast. Crispy, hot, scorched toast. He shuddered at the thought, his stomach doing somersaults in his gut.

He instinctively balked as they neared the kitchen and received another angry smack on his behind for it, sending him forcefully through the swinging doors and nearly straight into his father. He pulled up sharp and waited for the next ax to fall. His heart was pounding like a jackhammer.

“Walker,” Diana barked, her voice so stern it made Tay’s skin tingle. “Taylor has something he’d like to tell you.”

Tay groaned. His stomach hurt and his bottom stung, and the thought of getting the words out that he knew his mother expected to hear him say made his throat wrench so tight it ached. He swallowed as best he could, then cleared his throat weakly.

“Um, well, I … um … met this girl a couple weeks ago …,” he stuttered, shifting nervously from foot to foot. “Kristen … um, Jacobs … her family just moved in down the street … and … um … well … we hung out some … um … and … um… this one day … she … ah … invited me into her house … when her folks weren’t there.” He paused there trying to gulp in enough air to continue. His father’s furious look was sucking the breath right out of him. “I asked her if it was really okay and she said sure so I … ah … went in.” He paused again, wondering if that might be enough information and praying he wouldn’t have to incriminate himself further, but his mother cleared her throat ominously and he knew he had to keep going.

“And then … um … she wanted to show me her bedroom.” He cringed, waiting for his father to come down on him, but there was only silence – and that angry glare. “She acted like it was no big deal. Really,” he said, his voice showing obvious signs of panic now. “So I went with her. And we were … um … sort of … um …” Taylor’s cheeks were blazing so hot by now he could feel the heat radiating up into his eyes. He looked desperately at his mother, hoping she would rescue him and tell the rest of the story herself, but she just glared back at him, and he knew he had no choice but to reveal the next piece of embarrassing information himself.

“So we were … um … sort of … um … making out on her bed a little … and her mom came home and caught us.” He stopped there, hoping that would finally be enough and he could stop digging his own grave now.

His father’s eyes grew huge, and then narrowed to slits. Tay knew he was sunk.

“You WHAT?” Walker exploded, and Tay shrunk several inches in size. He took a step back, nearly tripping over his mother who promptly pushed him forward again. His father then grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side of his chair. “You know the rules about this, young man. And you know what happened the last time you pulled something like this.” Tay wanted to disappear. If his father was bringing that episode up then he was a dead man for sure. “Is there anything else you need to tell us before you get what you know you deserve?”

“Please Dad,” Tay whimpered, both his hands reaching back to cover his butt in a subconscious attempt to protect it. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have gone there but I … I ….” His voice just trailed off then as he ran out of words that could possibly save him. All that was left for him to do was pray this wouldn’t be too bad, and that no one would come in here and witness his humiliation.

His mother piped up then. “The Jacobs’s go to our church so I found out about this through Sharon Stokes,” she said. “Apparently, Kristen’s mom is our new secretary. When she spotted Tay at church last Sunday she cornered Sharon and asked her about him, and then told her how she’d discovered them alone together in Kristen’s bedroom.”

“I didn’t know they went to our church until afterwards though Mom. I really didn’t,” Tay whined desperately. “I wouldn’t have gone inside if I had. It’s just that Kristen said it would be okay so I figured her family had different rules.” Tay was hoping to buy a little leniency but as soon as the words were out of his mouth he knew his reasoning was worse than nothing, and his father immediately confirmed it.

“Taylor!” Walker scolded sharply. “Your mother and I don’t care what rules her family might have about this and you know that!” Taylor now knew all he’d succeeded in doing was making his father angrier. “You know OUR rules, and you know you are NOT allowed alone in ANY bedroom with a girl when there are no parents home, no matter whose house it is. And you know why too! I hope I don’t have to explain that one to you again.”

Tay winced and shook his head. He’d had way too many lectures already on the dangers of teenage hormones and how they aren’t to be trusted and so he had to be very sure never to put himself in situations that could lead to trouble. His parents had been EXTREMELY clear on that and he definitely did not want to have another embarrassing “discussion” about it.

“No sir,” he mumbled.

“Good!” his father stated emphatically. “Then you know why you are about to be punished too, don’t you?” And with that Walker rose, unbuckled his belt, pulled it from its loops and folded it in his hand, slapping his open palm with it.

“Yes, sir,” Taylor cringed. He wanted to crawl in a hole. The belt? He hadn’t really expected that. Of course, he hadn’t really let himself think about what to expect at all really. It had been too awful to consider. He felt trapped. His mother was right behind him, too close for comfort, and his father was right in front of him, towering over him, holding that dreaded belt.

Walker sat back down then and began to unfasten Taylor’s pants. Tay just stood there trembling, fighting tears and wishing he was anywhere but there. “Diana, please bring me the paddle,” he said next and that was the final straw. Tay knew then that this was going to be one of those truly severe spankings where his father pulled out all the stops. He put his face in his hands and let the sobs rise. A second later he felt his father take his wrist and over his knees he went. His boxers were pulled down next, and then his father took a moment to get him positioned just right for the best possible aim. Tay tightened every muscle in his body against what he knew was about to happen.

Chapter 4

*SMACK* His father’s hand slammed down hard on his bare bottom, making him gasp. He grabbed the edge of the chair and held on for dear life. The first dozen or so spanks were almost bearable, but then the pain began to really build. Soon enough he was bucking and kicking, and struggling frantically with himself not to fight his father too hard. That would only result in more pain; he knew that all too well. Another dozen smacks though and he simply couldn’t take it. Both his hands flew back grabbing his poor burning cheeks as he panted and sobbed, desperately trying to buy a few moments of relief so he could catch his breath.

His father paused briefly, giving Tay a chance to correct his mistake, but when he didn’t, Walker simply said, “Diana, please bring me a ruler.”

“NO Dad! Pleeaaase,” Tay wailed, trying to snatch his hands away as fast as possible now; the ruler could feel like a knife, it stung so sharply. But Walker was prepared for that reaction. He grabbed Tay’s wrists, turned them palms up, took the ruler his wife brought him and snapped it smartly across each one several times. Tay yowled. Deciding he liked the effect it was having, Walker then pinned Tay’s wrists to his back and set about cracking the ruler down hard across Tay’s bare behind as well, making him yelp and squirm wildly. “I think you know better than to interfere like that when you are being punished, young man,” he lectured. “I have a feeling a little more taste of this ruler will help ensure that you don’t do that again! Is that clear?” Taylor could only moan sorrowfully.

After a few more stinging smacks to punctuate his point, his father set the ruler aside and went back to his original plan, picking up the paddle now to make his effect even stronger. The paddle could cover more territory in less time. Walker pulled Taylor farther up over his knees and went to work on his lower cheeks and upper thighs some with it too. Tay was miserable. He didn’t even care if anyone was watching anymore. All he could do was pray this would all be over soon.

When Walker felt the spanking had been long and hard enough he slowed down to make his final statement. Grabbing his belt he folded it in half, tightened his grip on his squirming son, then gave him ten fierce licks to top it all off. Tay cried and cried. He felt simply wretched.

When the spanking stopped the room went suddenly silent, save for Taylor’s sobs. He just lay there whimpering and hiccupping as his father rested his hand on his back. A moment later Walker cleared his throat and said, “All right, Taylor. I think you’ve been spanked enough. You can get up now and go to the corner. And I hope you will think long and hard about this, and make sure you don’t make this same mistake again, because I promise you, the next time you do, you won’t just get a spanking! You will leave me with no choice; I will have to give you a real whipping. And believe me, you’ll wish it was only what you got today instead. Do you understand me?”

Taylor’s stomach lurched. A ‘real whipping’ he thought? What does that mean? And ‘ONLY what you got today’? Only? How much worse could it be? He’d gotten the belt bent over a couch or table a couple times and it had been truly awful; he could only assume his father must mean something like that. He swallowed hard. “Yes sir,” he sniffled, pulling up his pants gingerly and then shuffling over to the corner his father had indicated.

His mother landed the final blow then. “And when you’ve spent enough time in the corner to be sure you’ll make wiser choices in the future,” she said, “I suggest you start working on your apology because you and I are going to take a little walk down to the Jacobs’s house afterwards. I think you have something you need to tell Mrs. Jacobs, don’t you?”

Tay froze in his tracks. He was blindsided by that. He hadn’t expected it all. He looked desperately back at his mother hoping she would take pity and change her mind, but she just glared at him, almost daring him to even try to argue. He gulped hard and managed to force out a pained, “yes ma’am,” then turned and buried his sorrows in the corner. How was he going to face Mrs. Jacobs? And what if Kristen was there? His secret would be out and she’d never think of him the same again. He knew his mother not only intended to have him apologize, but she would make him tell how he’d been punished too. His cover would be officially and totally blown.

Chapter 5

A half an hour or so later, after having endured plenty of tsk tsks and a few sympathetic sighs from various siblings who’d wandered through the kitchen, Tay’s mother called him out of the corner and allowed him to wash his face and freshen up. Then she led him out of the house and down the street. Not a word was spoken; he knew what was expected. When they reached the house Diana stood back a bit as Tay knocked tentatively on the door. He was praying with all his might that no one would be home, but sadly, within a couple seconds Mrs. Jacobs opened the door. She was clearly surprised and confused to see them standing there. A moment later Kristen came running down the hall as well, curious to see who it was. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Taylor with his mother. Taylor looked more than nervous; he seemed downright dismal.

“Hello,” Mrs. Jacobs said. “Can I help you?”

“Hello Mrs. Jacobs,” Diana replied, stepping forward and offering her hand. “I’m Diana Hanson, Taylor’s mother. We live just up the street. It’s nice to meet you. I understand we had a bit of a situation awhile back. Taylor, here, has something he’d like to say to you.” And then she stepped back, nudging Taylor forward.

Taylor was blushing hard. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever felt more uncomfortable or embarrassed in his life. “Um … hi, Mrs. Jacobs. I … um … came down to apologize for what I did that day … coming in your house when you weren’t here … and um, into Kristen’s bedroom. Um … I’m not allowed to do that … and um, when my mom found out about it she … um … got really mad. My dad too.” He was stuttering and stammering and feeling like an absolute fool, wishing he could just disappear in a pouf of smoke. His mother cleared her throat behind him though and he knew he had to go on.

“Um, I got … um … punished really hard for it. I just wanted to let you know that.” He was desperately buying time for himself, doing anything he could possibly think of to put off the inevitable.

“Well, that’s good Taylor,” Mrs. Jacobs said. “I’m glad to hear it. Kristen got spanked hard, as you know, and grounded as well, so you certainly deserved something too. So how DID you get punished then?”

Suddenly she seemed to realize something and her eyes got wide. “Wait!” she cried. “Did this just happen now? Didn’t you tell your parents about it that day as I asked you to?”

Whatever grave he thought he’d dug for himself Tay knew had just gotten much deeper. Behind him he felt his mother bristle. “No ma’am,” he mumbled, barely able to keep his voice steady. The tears of shame were fighting hard to rise up and it took all he had to tamp them down. “I didn’t tell them that day. I … um …. She found out today through someone from church who said you’d told her what happened.”

Taylor hung his head then and waited for the guillotine to drop. His bottom was still burning badly from the spanking his father had just given him, but he was quite clear now that he was far from finished paying his debt on this one yet. The magnitude of his wrongdoing had just grown exponentially. His heart was pounding in his chest and his throat was so tight it was hard to swallow – or even breathe. He sneaked a nervous glance at Kristen. She was staring at him, clearly stunned and worried, and it didn’t help his anxiety one bit.

“I see,” Mrs. Jacobs said, her tone speaking volumes about her disgust and disappointment.

“I’m sorry,” Tay suddenly moaned, his jaw trembling now as he began to crack under the strain. “I know I should have told them that day but I just couldn’t. I knew … I’d be punished really hard and I …I …was just too scared. I’m … sorry.”

“So what DID you get then, young man?” Mrs. Jacobs asked sternly. “You said you don’t get spanked - you were even rather sassy about it in fact as I recall - so I’d like to know what ‘punished really hard’ means then.”

“WHAT!” Diana gasped, the force of her words hitting the back of Taylor’s head like a tidal wave. “You WHAT?”

Tay cringed as if he expected a bolt of lightening to strike him down. How much worse could this get, he wondered?

“You told her you don’t get spanked? And you were rude about it?” Diana cried, incredulous. “Oh, you are in sooooo much trouble young man. You have no idea! Tell her how you were punished Taylor! This minute! Tell her exactly what happened to you!”

Tay knew he was doomed now - completely and utterly doomed. He figured the only thing to do was to confess everything and lay himself on the mercy of the court. “I got … spanked … really hard,” he groaned. “By my dad. He took my pants down, put me over his knee and spanked me … with his hand, then a ruler, then a paddle, and finally his belt.” He blurted it all out really fast because he knew he couldn’t get it out any other way. “I lied. I’m sorry. I DO get spanked … all the time,” he continued. “Whenever I disobey. I was just embarrassed. It was stupid … and wrong. I know it. I didn’t mean it. Really! I don’t know why I said it. I was just scared. I’m really sorry.” The tears were brimming in his eyes now, threatening to overflow any second, but he couldn’t stop himself. He had to make amends. “I’m not usually a liar,” he moaned. “I don’t know what got into me. I hope you’ll forgive me.” He ran out of steam then. He simply couldn’t say anything more. His emotional state was just too shaky.

His mother stepped forward and grabbed his arm. “May we come in and borrow something to sit on please,” she asked.

Chapter 6

Taylor panicked. He knew exactly what that meant. “Noooo Mom, pleeeeease,” he begged, desperate to stop her. “Don’t do this. I’m sorry. I really am. Really. Pleeease. Pleeeease. Not here. Can’t we do this at home? I’ll do anything. Please Mom. Pleeeease.” But having acknowledged Mrs. Jacob’s nod she was already dragging him inside. He put up token resistance because he couldn’t just give in without a fight, but he knew better than to really defy her; that would only mean worse trouble and he was in plenty enough already.

Diana pulled Taylor straight over to a chair and sat down. “You should thank your lucky stars that Kristen is here, mister, otherwise you’d be getting this bare!” was all she said. But before Tay could even be grateful Mrs. Jacobs piped up. “Oh don’t worry about that. I spanked Kristen bare when Taylor was here that day. I was just careful not to let him see too much.”

Taylor groaned. He had nothing left to fight with. His mother nodded, undid his pants in record time, took him across her lap readily, and lowered his boxers. Mrs. Jacob’s had a dead-on view of his bared backside and was duly impressed with the punishment his father had already administered. Taylor’s bottom was red, raw and splotchy, and showed subtle signs of little bruises beginning to develop. She knew this spanking he was about to receive was going to hurt like the blazes on top of all that.

“I have a hairbrush you can use if you’d like,” Mrs. Jacobs offered helpfully. “That’s what I used on Kristen that day.”

Diana was taken aback by the woman’s suggestion at first, but then nodded. “Thank you. Good idea. Taylor needs to remember this one for a good long time to come,” she stated sharply as Taylor moaned over her knees.

Mrs. Jacob’s bobbed her head in agreement and sent Kristen off to get it, much to the girl’s dismay. Not one to waste time though, Diana set about lighting a fire on Tay’s bottom with her hand that more than revealed just how much of a lesson she intended to teach her naughty son. He’d disobeyed on so many levels she was shocked. And the lying and disrespect - that was simply over the top in her book. She outdid herself and Taylor’s howling clearly confirmed that.

By the time Kristen got back with the brush, Taylor was one very sorry boy. His mother had given him dozens of smacks already, and after what his father had done to him earlier, it was sheer agony. He was sobbing and flailing wildly over her knees, putting on what he knew was a truly pathetic display, but he couldn’t help it. It just hurt too much.

Kristen handed the brush to her mother, not wanting to get too close to the awful scene, nor be the one to give Mrs. Hanson the despised tool. She already felt terribly guilty about it all. She was also trying hard not to watch what was happening but found it impossible to stop herself. She had a bad crush on Tay – totally adored him in fact. More than she’d let herself realize until then.

Mrs. Jacobs had no such concerns though and strode right up to Diana holding the brush out purposefully, like a nurse handing a scalpel to a surgeon. Diana simply nodded, took it, and turned back to her task with renewed commitment. This boy was going to learn this lesson if it was the last thing she did.

“Taylor, I want you to tell Mrs. Jacobs what happens to you when you disobey,” she ordered, and she gave his bottom several sharp smacks with the brush to clue him in.

Tay was stunned. He could barely breathe let alone think so he was pretty sure speaking was simply beyond him. But he knew he had to. And he knew what she wanted him to say too. He searched inside himself for the strength needed.

“I … I …get a spanking,” he sobbed. And his mother gave him several more stinging swats with the paddle to confirm it. He moaned loudly.

“And what happens to you when you are disrespectful?” she asked next. Tay’s gut knotted. He knew where this was leading now; his mother was going to make him truly sorry, and very sure he never did anything like this ever again.

“I … get a spanking,” he whimpered defeated, bracing himself for the next onslaught of spanks. They came quick and hard and he hissed and bucked trying to handle it all. How many of these questions was she going to ask, he thought to himself with pure dread?

“And when you lie!” she demanded, clearly furious about that one most of all.

“I get a … spanking,” he blubbered automatically, not sure if his words were even understandable at this point, he was so distraught.

“And what else?” she demanded with another flurry of smacks. Tay had to work hard to clear his mind so he could follow her thought process. Then he realized what she meant.

“I get … my mouth … washed out with soap,” he whimpered, totally spent. There can’t be anything more, can there, he prayed? Please god, let this be over.

Then his mother asked the final question and it was a killer. “And what *spank* did your father tell you *spank* would happen *spank* if you ever *spank* go into a girl’s bedroom again *spank* without any parents around?” *spank* *spank* *spank*

Tay wailed at each smack, broken completely now. He wasn’t really crying anymore so much as making pained guttural sounds, gasping and hiccupping, trying desperately to catch his breath and get control.

“He said … I’d get … a real … whipping,” he managed somehow to force out of himself, knowing that the sooner he said it the sooner this torment would end. Pleease pleeeaase pllllleeeeeeaase let that be the last one, he moaned internally.

His silent pleas were finally answered. After another several harsh cracks with the brush across his poor blazing cheeks his mother brought the spanking to an end. Tay hung there limply, panting and heaving, doing everything he could to get himself back together, not sure how he could ever face anyone again. A few uncomfortably quiet moments passed with only the sounds of his struggle to fill the room.

Chapter 7

Then, suddenly, like a fever breaking - or maybe more like a toxic vapor being drained out of him, he thought – Taylor felt a strange weight being lifted off of him. It was an epiphany. A full-blown revelation. He realized something in that instant – something powerful and indisputable. He realized that he had to take responsibility for his own actions.

Of course he’d always known that on some level, but this … this was different. This was true understanding; profound acceptance. He had to be in charge of making the right choices himself. He suddenly knew, as if he were looking through clear glass, that he couldn’t continue indefinitely to operate as if everything would be okay as long as he didn’t get caught when he did something wrong; or, if he did get caught, his parents simply made him pay his debt and all was fixed. He couldn’t just let them be in charge of his choices and his life like that any more. It wasn’t fair to them. And it wasn’t right. He had to be the one to take on the responsibility himself. And not just the responsibility of paying his debts after the fact either – but the real one - the one where he actually made the right choice to begin with, and for his own right reasons instead of theirs. Not because someone told him to, not because someone made a rule he had to follow, not because he’d get punished if he got caught - but simply because it was the right way to behave. Because it was his moral obligation to be a decent, honorable person on this earth.

His mother shifted uncomfortably, noticing a curious change come over Taylor. In fact if she’d tried to describe it she would have said she’d felt something akin to a warm, almost sour or bitter-smelling breeze pass over her - as if a sickness was leaving Taylor’s body. Strange. She shook off the sensation thinking she’d just imagined it, and pulled Taylor’s boxers up, nudging him to rise. Taylor stirred as if waking from a dream, and slowly pushed himself to standing. He sniffled and wiped his face as he redressed, then took a deep breath and lifted his eyes to meet his mother’s.

When their gaze locked Diana could have sworn she saw a glow around him. Almost like a halo, she thought to herself, although she wouldn’t have dared admit it. She’d always called Taylor her angel and amazingly, that’s exactly what he looked like to her right then. He was radiating light. It was all around him. She was sure of it. And she noticed another thing about him too – something she was pretty certain she’d also seen once before but hadn’t believed it then either – his white t-shirt was damp with sweat and that dampness was a delicate shade of pink - like it was infused with his blood. She blinked several times trying to get her mind to focus on reality.

Taylor smiled down on his mother, knowing somehow deep inside him that she was seeing exactly what he was feeling. He nodded understandingly as she rose, and they both sighed with what could only be called deep contentment. Taylor could feel it even despite the fact that his bottom was stinging something awful.

The clock ticked loudly then, dissipating the spell, and the room returned to its natural light and temperature. Neither Kristen nor her mother had noticed anything peculiar, other than the undeniably powerful bond between mother and son. Kristen knew then that was one of the things that attracted her to Taylor. He had a way about him. Something special. And dear. And loving. And it must have something to do with the way his mother felt about him too, and vice versa, she thought. She wanted that in her life. She didn’t have that with her folks.

Diana cleared her throat then, bringing them all back to reality. “Do you have a clean dishcloth I could use?” she asked Mrs. Jacobs, taking Taylor firmly by the arm. He cringed with dread knowing what that meant, but didn’t resist. He let his mother take him to the kitchen sink. Diana accepted the cloth Mrs. Jacobs provided, then soaked it and poured dishwashing liquid on it, squishing it all up into a sudsy lather. Taylor’s stomach lurched. “Open,” she said, no longer angry, just business-like. He obeyed. He stood there, still trembling with emotion, ashamed and embarrassed but also compliant and contrite. He hated this but he understood.

“This is for the lying and deceitfulness, Taylor. You know that,” she said as she pushed the gag-inducing rag around in his mouth, taking great pains to reach every nook and cranny. “You lied to Mrs. Jacobs when you told her you don’t get spanked, and you lied to us with your silence when you didn’t tell us what had happened. I hope you have learned your lesson, young man. Lying is never worth it. It hurts your soul, and everyone else’s who’s involved too. It’s unfair and unkind and unhealthy. Do you understand?”

Taylor nodded, his mouth full of soapy cloth, his heart hurting fiercely. He was miserable but he knew he deserved it all and he wasn’t about to argue or deny that. He just wanted it all to be over now though so he could move on. His mother did too and she nodded subtly, acknowledging his feelings instinctively. She pulled the cloth out and gestured for him to spit and rinse which he did more than gratefully. When he stood back up Diana gathered him in her arms and held him tightly. She was overcome with a desire to pull him inside her somehow, and never let him go.

Finally she stood back and turned him to face Kristen and her mother. He knew what was expected. He was to apologize again – both for what he’d done originally and also for this entire unpleasant scene he’d just been the cause of. He swallowed hard, blushing hot and red from ear to ear and trying not to retch from the nauseating taste in his mouth, then took a deep breath and began.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I apologize … from the depths of my soul. I’m so sorry. I’m ashamed of myself. Completely.” He took another deep gulp of air, working hard to keep his emotions in check. “There is no excuse for what I did. None whatsoever. And I know that. And I deserved all the punishments I got. I know that too. I have learned my lessons though. I promise you that. I know you have no reason to believe me, and I don’t expect you to, but I hope you will forgive me and let me prove to you that I can behave myself. That I can be a decent, honorable, good person.” He was practically panting by then and couldn’t speak anymore without choking up so he stopped, hoping he’d said enough. Both Kristen and her mom were staring at him as if they’d never seen anything like him before. Diana knew in her heart that in fact that was actually true; Taylor was special - one of a kind.

Taylor held his breath waiting for someone to say something. The silence was deafening.

“Well,” Mrs. Jacob’s started, trying to clear her brain and decide what to say. She was more than a little amazed by Taylor, and profoundly impressed by his heartfelt, soul-baring humility and integrity. “Apology accepted Taylor. I can see that you truly mean it. And that you know you were way out of line. And that you were severely punished for it as well.” She paused for a second, considering whether to tell the whole truth or not. In keeping with the powerful example Taylor had set with his genuine, honest apology she decided to reveal all that she really felt. “I can also say, without a doubt, that I had you pegged all wrong. I totally underestimated you. You have redeemed yourself one hundred and ten percent, young man. You are forgiven. You are an extraordinary person. I can see that your mother is extremely proud of you and she has every right to be. That was a remarkable thing for you to say. And very brave. I applaud you.”

Diana had tears in her eyes. She couldn’t help herself. She moved closer to her son and slipped her arm around his waist. He was her pride and joy; there was no doubt about that. Taylor smiled shyly at his mother, his cheeks blushing a beautiful rosy shade that somehow only his could achieve, and then looked back at Mrs. Jacob’s, nodding his acknowledgement of her words. He didn’t feel he deserved them, but he was pleased that she’d said them.

Suddenly everyone realized that Kristen was quietly crying, her face buried in her hands, her shoulders wracked with sobs. Without hesitation Taylor pulled free of his mother’s hug and ran to her, gathering her in his arms and rocking her. “Sssshhhh,” he murmured. “Don’t cry. What’s wrong?”

Her sobs intensified for a moment, Taylor’s gentle comforting almost too much to bear. She wasn’t used to that; her parents never did it. Sinking gratefully into his loving support she calmed some and tried to catch her breath. A moment or two passed while she collected herself, then she pulled back and looked up. The caring look in Taylor’s eyes gave her all the courage she needed. “It’s all my fault,” she stated. “All of it,” she told both startled parents. “Taylor didn’t even want to come in here that day. He asked me if it was really okay. He tried to stop me. I could tell he knew it wasn’t a good idea. But I made him feel stupid and bad for even asking so he said okay. I knew he was really struggling with the idea though. I just wanted him to like me … and I thought … I thought ….” She couldn’t say what she thought though. It was too awful to put into words. She’d thought he’d only like her if she let him touch her. Her chin began to quaver. “It’s all my fault,” she whimpered. “I didn’t know he’d get in so much trouble for it though. I had no idea. I’m so sorry. I’m … so … sorry.” As the tears rose again, Taylor gathered her into his arms and hugged her tenderly, letting her know it was all going to be okay.

“That’s not true,” he said gently, cupping her chin in his hand and raising her eyes. He had a feeling he knew what she hadn’t been able to say and it made him feel weak and dirty to have played into that. “It wasn’t your fault. I knew exactly what I was doing. And I knew what my folks would do to me if I got caught too. I could have said no. I could have left. I didn’t … because I didn’t want to. I wanted you to like me too. And … I didn’t want to ruin my reputation.” He shook his head sadly. He was disgusted with himself now and the look on his face clearly revealed that. “I wanted you to think of me as the cool, mature rock-star. I was afraid you wouldn’t like me if the truth came out. I’m so sorry. I really am.” He looked deeply into her eyes and she smiled gratefully back up at him through her tears.

Suddenly he had an inspiration. “Hey. How about if we just start again?” he asked. “Fresh. I mean … I like you. A lot. And I guess, … um … you like me too.” He was blushing again now. “Maybe we could just pretend this was all a sort of weird premonition - a prophetic bad dream to teach us something before it was too late. Before we got in too deep, went too far. So now we can just be thankful for the lesson and begin more wisely. What do you say?” He was smiling down on her, the light from the window behind him making him radiant once more. She blinked at the vision she saw, then nodded.

“Good!” Taylor stated. He pulled back from her and stuck out his hand. “Hi,” he said. “I’m Taylor. Aren’t you the girl from down the street?”