The Journal
Author: Amy
(dedicated to Vincent)

“Jordan Taylor Hanson!” his mother yelled furiously from down the hall. Taylor froze in panic, his mind quickly searching to remember what he could have done to make his mother so angry. He couldn’t come up with anything, but he somehow felt sure he was guilty anyway. He threw a quick questioning glance at his two brothers, but received only blank, confused shrugs back in return. Ike and Zac looked sympathetic, but mostly they were just relieved that it wasn’t their full name their mother had yelled in that tone that could mean only one thing.

The boys were in a rehearsal hall in LA, practicing for a performance on the Tonight Show that night. The rest of the back-up band had just left and the three of them were finishing any homework that had to be done before the limo came to pick them up. Earlier, Tay had asked his mother to go down the hall where he had left his backpack and look for a book he needed. He could not for the life of him imagine what bad thing he’d done that she could somehow have discovered in such a short period of time. But he had a sinking feeling all the same.

His mother appeared at the open doorway holding his backpack. Tay rose nervously. “Come here,” she demanded. Taylor swallowed the lump in his throat and made his way slowly across the room toward his angry mother.
He was trembling already, and silently praying that she wasn’t going to grab him and lay into him as soon as he got within her reach. He came to a stop in front of her and licked his lips worriedly. His mother reached inside his backpack and pulled out a journal. Tay’s stomach lurched. “Oh god” he thought as the whole sordid story came reeling back.

Tay had been in a really pissy mood one day, nearly a month ago now, and very unusually for him, had gotten into an argument with one of their back-up band members, Scott. Scott had been on his nerves and was teasing him about keeping a “diary”. Tay kept trying to say it wasn’t a diary, it was a journal, but Scott wasn’t buying it. Tay knew he was just teasing but for some reason he just couldn’t find a sense of humor about it. Later that day, he noticed Scott’s own precious journal lying around, and in a moment of weakness, he stole it. A few days later Tay had gotten into very serious trouble with his parents for taking his Dad’s car out for a drive when he was grounded – not to mention, underage – and getting stopped by a cop for speeding. Needlesstosay, he’d paid big for that (but that’s another story!). So when Scott started asking around if anyone had found his journal, Tay didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t get into more trouble so soon, so he just lied and said he had no idea what could have happened to it. He’d been lying about it with his silence for almost a month now. He’d nearly even convinced himself he wasn’t guilty – so much so that he’d forgotten he had put Scott’s journal in his backpack, and stupidly, he had just now asked his mother to search in it for something.

Now he was going to pay the piper big time. The look on his face when she pulled out the journal told his mother the whole story. She put the backpack down and grabbed Tay by the upper arm. Spinning him around roughly, she dragged him back across the room to the couch on the other side. Tay knew exactly what was about to happen and went into full out panic. “Noooo, please Mom. Pleeeease. I don’t want a spanking. Please Mom. Please, don’t spank me,” he begged pitifully. He tried to plant his feet to stop his mother from pulling him but she had the advantage of strength born out of fury.

When she reached the couch she sat down and immediately grabbed the waistband of his jeans, pulling him toward her. “Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ...” She silenced him with one look and readily undid his pants, yanking them down to his knees. Tay grabbed for the waistband of his underwear so they wouldn’t get dragged down too, although he knew quite well that they’d be down soon enough. In one swift movement, she pulled Tay across her lap. He landed on his elbows on the soft cushions of the couch and quickly buried his face in his hands. He froze as he felt her fingers reach inside the band of his underwear and then pull them down in the back, exposing his clenched, white bottom. “No, please,” he begged as he felt her take the upswing.

His mother wasn’t big, but she was strong, and very practiced at the art of keeping her boys in line. Tay wasn’t the only one in the room who cringed at what was happening. Ike and Zac had been on the receiving end of their mother’s wrath many times themselves. Right now, however, Ike and Zac were looking at each other in total confusion as to what Tay could possibly have done to warrant such a sudden and extreme reaction from their mother.

Tay howled as his mother’s hand smacked his bare bottom over and over and over. She was absolutely furious and wasn’t going to be satisfied until every inch of her beloved son’s backside was fire engine red and burning hot, and he was exhausted and limp over her lap from the pain. He struggled and squirmed in vain, trying to move his poor stinging bottom out of the line of fire. When he could stand it no longer, his right hand flew back in an effort to protect his flaming rear end from further scorching spanks. This only served to ignite more fury in his mother, who grabbed his wrist and pinned it to his waist, then unleashed another round of even harder smacks on his already severely punished bottom. “No pleeeease, Mom. Mommy, I’m so sorry, pleeease. Stop. It huuurts,” Taylor wailed. She simply ignored his cries and continued spanking his bottom until it glowed.

Finally, after several minutes of hard spanking, his mother slowed down and began to lecture him, punctuating each harsh, humiliating word with a stinging smack. “I (spank) am ashamed (spank) of you (spank). I (spank) would never (spank) have expected (spank) such behavior (spank) from you (spank). You (spank) are going (spank) to be (spank) one very (spank) sorry (spank) young (spank) man (spank). Just wait (spank) until your father (spank) finds out (spank) about this (spank).”

Taylor could do little more than moan in agony at this point. He hadn’t let his mind even consider the reality of his father - and everybody else too - finding out. He had no idea how he was going to face them. Right now, however, he had more pressing matters on his mind. The pain and shame of the spanking his mother was giving him were nearly overwhelming.

Finally his mother delivered the last devastating smack, then yanked the back of his underpants up over his scalding bottom, and hauled him to his feet. He stood there sobbing, not sure what to do next. His mother pulled his pants up, and with barely a moment’s hesitation, grabbed him by his upper arm and dragged him back across the room, depositing him unceremoniously in the corner. “You will stand there and think about what you have done,” she ordered. “And you will relive your spanking moment by moment to be sure you will never forget it. Then you will think about how you plan to make amends for your actions. Do you understand me, young man?” “Yes ma’am,” Taylor whimpered, his face buried in his hands. “And don’t even think about rubbing your bottom, got it?” “Yes ma’am” he muttered miserably, his voice choked with sobs. “I’m going to call your father right now. I’ll be back,” and with that she turned and left the room.

And suddenly Taylor was struck with the realization of something that made his entire body quake with fear. After the show the whole band was coming over to celebrate because this was the last show they would be doing together for awhile. He was going to have to face his father, admit his guilt and take his punishment in front of everyone!
(To be continued.)